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  1. Use last page of passport?

    Sorry for the bad quality, my camera is broken. Thanks for your opinion, I guess I will just wait for my new passport to arrive before I go on visa run Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 3 mit Tapatalk
  2. Hi, Is it possible to use the last page of my passport for a Thai visa? The description on the top of the page says it's for visa purpuses, but technically it's just a half page (see picture below)
  3. You can bypass the paywalls of most newspapers by just doing a simple google search. Just copy the articles headline and search for it on Google: https://www.google.co.th/search?q=Thailand+again+listed+as+deadliest+spot+for+Australians+abroad+last+year&oq=Thailand+again+listed+as+deadliest+spot+for+Australians+abroad+last+year&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3.3975j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. Coffee

    Hello, I heard many good things about Doi Cha(a)ng coffee from Chiang Mai. Unfortunately it seems that there are two different Doi Chaang brands: http://www.lazada.co.th/doi-chaang-coffee-premium-500g-7155111.html http://www.lazada.co.th/doi-chang-professional-french-roast-4-1000g-331668.html I would give the Doi Chang one a try first (for ~500 THB per kilo). What do you think?
  5. Who should keep the work permit?

    Thank you for your comments,everyone. I appreciate that. I talked to one of my colleagues this morning. They said they want to keep the original work permit, because they fear that foreigner teachers could make a runner and use the work permit to work at another school. I think that's nonsense though, cause the name of the school is mentioned in the work permit. Anyway, I will ask them tomorrow to give me the work permit. Just hope that won't be a problem.
  6. Hello, I have a question regarding my work permit. I have just started another teaching job, and it seems that the school wants to keep my work permit. They said, they will keep it for me and I don't have to worry about that. Actually I find this quite surprising and a bit weird. My previous employers never wanted to keep the original work permit, they just needed a copy and that's it. Anyone of you guys made similar experiences?
  7. 365 sport coverage

    What about the German Bundesliga? According to their website they cover the Bundesliga, but they don't give any further details. Do they show every match?
  8. Hello, What do you think about this one? http://www.lazada.co.th/duchess-espresso-cm5000-1555681.html I know its probably bad quality, but I only need it for my apartment, where I stay 1 or 2 times per month. Is it any good?
  9. Thanks for the advice, Ubonjoe. Finally I will go to immigration in BKK, cause I have to go there for another case anyway. Can I apply for the extension at the following address?: Immigration Division 1 Office, Chalermprakiat Government Complex, Chaengwattana Rd (soi 7), Laksi, Bangkok. EDIT: Do I have to bring any documents for the extension, apart from my passport and photographs?
  10. You did not get a VOA you got a visa exempt entry. In order to do a conversion to a non immigrant visa you would need a letter of approval for a work permit application. Since immigration has now established regional offices for conversions based upon working you would need to go to the Chiang Saen immigration office in Chiang Rai to do it. See:http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/772236-new-locations-for-obtaining-non-immigrant-visas-based-upon-working-and-etc/ To do a conversion you would need to have 15 daya remaining on your entry to apply. But you could apply for a 30 day extension of your visa exempt entry and then do it. In the meanwhile I already signed the contract with the school. Actually my plan was to apply for the NON B visa next monday, but unfortunately they need one or two more weeks to get the paperwork ready. My visa exept entry will run out on 2nd December, too. So could I go to an immigration office to apply for a 30 days extension, like you told me? The school officer was calling to the immigration bureau in Nakhon Sawan, and they told him, that I have to apply for the visa extension at an embassy or consulate outside of Thailand, Savannaketh for example. That makes me feel quite confused.. I attached a picture of the stamps in my passport.
  11. I am back in Thailand now with a valid visa. In conclusion everything went very well. On Sunday I took a local bus from Kamphaeng Phet to Phitsanulok. In Phitsanoluk then I booked a trip with a long distance bus to Mukdahan. In Mukdahan I went directly to the immigration office next to the border control counters in order to pay my fine. But the officers there send me to the main immigration office at the border, cause the Visa stamps from my old passport were still missing. This office is located next to the detention center not very far from the immigration office where you can pay the overstay fine. There I had a conversation with the senior officer. So I explained her my case and handed over my passport, the police report and some documents that my embassy gave me. She was asking me some questions, like why did I overstay for such a long time, where I am currently staying and what I want to do next. She was also calling to another person (maybe to her direct principal) to discuss my case. To be honest she was really not amused and she told me as well that she has to blacklist me according to the law. After also had to sign a paper about the understanding of the new law. After that she send me back to the another Immigration building to pay the fine. At this moment I was quite unsure if they will ban me or not. After I paid the 20k THB and took pictures the officer there clarify, that I will not get a blacklist. Like some users here already mentioned, the law is approved, but the immigration dont execute it. Moreover she told me, that till now, nobody ever got a blacklist. At least not for overstaying. Next I received the leaving stamp into my passport and crossed the border. Actually my plan after that was to go to the consulate to apply for a tourist visa, but due to an urgent and unscheduled private case I had to hurry up to return to Kamphaeng Phet. So I decided to just try to apply for a tourist visa on arrival. This was no problem, I return to the Thai border and they just took the mandatory pictures and give me the VOA for 30 days (I am German). And finally tomorrow I will have a meeting with the principal of the school to receive the required documents for the NON B visa. But I dont know yet if I have to go to a border again to apply for it, or if a VOA tourist visa can be converted inside the country too.
  12. You don't go to immigration, where you could be arrested if they they wanted. You pay the fine at the border or airport, where there is an office always open for purpose. I recommend you don't go to Phnom Pehn also because the consulate will be closed all next week. I just forgot to mention, that I have a new, blank passport, because my last one was stolen. I suppose that I have to get the old Visa stamps copied, right? Can I do this as well at the office that you mentioned? Or will there be any problem?
  13. Again, I do not recommend to go get a visa in Cambodia. Okay, I got it. Then I think I would go to Laos, Savannaketh. On my own maybe. Could you give me an advice how to go there? Currently I am living in Kamphaeng Phet.
  14. You don't go to immigration, where you could be arrested if they they wanted. You pay the fine at the border or airport, where there is an office always open for purpose. I recommend you don't go to Phnom Pehn also because the consulate will be closed all next week. Alright. Thank you again So what if I would go to Cambodia via this Visa run company? Are they reliable?
  15. Uff, thank you very much. This takes a heavy burden from my shoulders. So if I go to an Immigration with the 20k THB ready, I dont have to be afraid that they will ban me, right? Do I have to show them a confirmed bus ticket or sth to prove them that I will really leave the country? Actually my plan is to go to Laos or Cambodia on Monday in order to pay the fine and to obtain a new Visa.