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  1. the dummies are called key stone
  2. i for one will not be holding my breath on a election next year .they are recruiting for the armed forces all over , a 15% increase last year? why?
  3. tigerfeet


    How long by bus from Bangkok to phetchabun?
  4. tigerfeet

    Looking for a fishing buddy

    hi i see this is a old topic hope you are still hear in thailand i have been hear for 7 years and i use a 4 weight fly rod on the local river Ping catch small fish but its fun.i am hopefully coming to loei on the 16th may for 4 days would like to take you up on your offer if it still is ok my name is Tony ok [email protected]
  5. tigerfeet

    dna test

    just read this http://intrensic.blogspot.com/2009/06/why-does-dna-testing-take-so-long.html.can anybody tell me why it takes the thai police only 24 hrs to get a result.