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  1. like to know where they get the extra tourist from .i was in pattaya last week so quite all the shops are complaining never seen so many girls in the coconut bar ,in the daytime .spoke to a lot of people that make their living from tourism the answer was the same no people no money.also got friends all over and the feed back is the same.even in my town Tak its gone quiet ,love to see the real figures .
  2. tigerfeet

    Foreign media slammed for pursuit of Wild Boars boys

    obviously not paid the correct amount to the correct people
  3. just think if it was my daughter i would be happy they let him out .just so i can do what they will not .i think that goes for every father on hear eh?
  4. what has this got to do with a international rescue operation .which hopefully will bring us all closer together
  5. unfortunately that would be like reading the beano
  6. the dummies are called key stone
  7. i for one will not be holding my breath on a election next year .they are recruiting for the armed forces all over , a 15% increase last year? why?
  8. tigerfeet


    How long by bus from Bangkok to phetchabun?
  9. tigerfeet

    Looking for a fishing buddy

    hi i see this is a old topic hope you are still hear in thailand i have been hear for 7 years and i use a 4 weight fly rod on the local river Ping catch small fish but its fun.i am hopefully coming to loei on the 16th may for 4 days would like to take you up on your offer if it still is ok my name is Tony ok [email protected]