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  1. i was in chiang mai last weekend there was nobody there .the night market was dead the daytime was like a ghost town bars shops girls all say the same thing worst year ever.i can only go back 7 years as i have only lived hear that long but it will get worse as the tourist dwindle .even the expat scene ws quiet .think they need to devalue the baht ange he europeans back as they are the ones that spend money in the right areas o keep everybody happy
  2. spot on i cannot get insurance but have money in the bank to cover me just in case.sorry to hear about you friend my condolences to you and his family
  3. how do we know he had got past the truck on the inside?we have all seen it you go past them and they go past you on the left,the truck could of accelerated .only the driver will know .if you look in your mirror put your indicator on look again that takes 6/8 sec.if you do it safely no the kiwi is not to blame and and when in thailand hold your lane as you never know whats coming on the inside .
  4. tigerfeet

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    a man after my own heart live life to the full enjoy but take care and keep a stiffy
  5. the easy way around all this and for the police to make more money is to put governors on all public transport and hgv s make it part of the mot and bring them in each 6 months for the test.give the police the power to administer it and he ho if they are happy then who knows may save a few lives
  6. like to know where they get the extra tourist from .i was in pattaya last week so quite all the shops are complaining never seen so many girls in the coconut bar ,in the daytime .spoke to a lot of people that make their living from tourism the answer was the same no people no money.also got friends all over and the feed back is the same.even in my town Tak its gone quiet ,love to see the real figures .
  7. tigerfeet

    Foreign media slammed for pursuit of Wild Boars boys

    obviously not paid the correct amount to the correct people
  8. just think if it was my daughter i would be happy they let him out .just so i can do what they will not .i think that goes for every father on hear eh?
  9. what has this got to do with a international rescue operation .which hopefully will bring us all closer together
  10. unfortunately that would be like reading the beano
  11. the dummies are called key stone
  12. i for one will not be holding my breath on a election next year .they are recruiting for the armed forces all over , a 15% increase last year? why?
  13. tigerfeet


    How long by bus from Bangkok to phetchabun?