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  1. Replying to 2nd photo! I cant see this snakes head very clearly, However, it is NOT a cobra, nor a python. It looks like a banded kukri snake which is harmless. It is NOT a venomous snake. I just wish people would not kill snakes. So sad to see this happening all the time.
  2. It is a King Cobra. These snakes are a PROTECTED SPECIES.
  3. It is a reticulated python
  4. Some people do eat them, often "certain country" poor workers. Thai's generally do not eat these as the monitor lizards eat carrion.
  5. Sorry, you are wrong. Snakes DO NOT swallow their prey live. They also DO NOT asphyxiate them. Their constriction cuts off blood flow throughout the body. Death is very quick.
  6. At first he thought she had a respiratory infection as her breathing was laboured. He took her to the vet but her lungs were clear, so they did more tests and found the tumor. As you have probably read, she passed away 72 hours after the op. Very sad, he had her for 10 years and was one of the family, a very gentle giant.
  7. Anyone else think this looks like Jenga?
  8. This is my friends snake. Her name is Green! She is doing well.
  9. I looked at a google image guess they labelled it wrong whats the main difference as i wasnt 100% sure, the reticulated has different markings now i look at the correct photos. Beautiful thing though, we mainly get the Malay Pit Viper here as the terrain is sandy rocky the odd ratsnake, a fair few Kukri snakes and one or two of the fast goden tree snakes. Burmese pythons have a rather uniform pattern with black edged brown markings on a lighter brown/golden background. The head also has an arrow shaped mark extending from the tip of the nose to the back of their head. Burmese pythons have a heavy body. Reticulated pythons have a reticulated (broken) pattern. Their head ranges from pale grey to tan to yellow. Their head is also longer. Reticulated pythons have a black line that runs from just below their eye, along their cheek to the back of their head. They are also iridescent in sunlight (beautiful!). Reticulated pythons are generally long and slim. I also get a lot of snakes where I live, including Malayan Pit Vipers (had one next to the car 2 days ago - I take a lot to the Red Cross Venom Laboratory in Bangkok as these have venom that is locale specific), kukri's, rat snakes, golden tree snakes, bronze backs, cat snakes, slug eating snakes, Burmese pythons, spitting cobras and I also have a king cobra living behind my car garage! I LOVE it here and am in my element ​
  10. Actually, snakes make GREAT pets. Believe it or not they are affectionate, they don't shed any fur (great for people will allergies), they don't make a noise, they only eat every 10 days, can go for a year without food (if healthy to begin with - they just need access to fresh water), cheap to feed and they only poop about every 2 weeks!
  11. The snake is a burmese python (not reticulated python as stated above). Baby pythons hatch April/May/June. Sad to see that it was dead, but that is nature, some just don't make it. Burmese pythons can lay up to 50 eggs. The larger one you saw, and as it is wild, is big enough in size to breed and at that size would lay about 15 eggs.
  12. Absolutely correct, the king Cobra's scientific name is 'Ophiophagus Hanna', and Ophiophagus is derived from Greek meaning 'Snake Eater'. However, you have to accept that the level of research by Thai news sources is somewhere between low to none existent, I have even read news reports of Anacondas which are native to South America being caught in Thailand, even though the accompanying pictures showed a Reticulation Python. There are a lot of Anacondas in Thailand (seriously!) I know quite a few people who own and breed them. Very possible that some have escaped.
  13. A King Cobra only eats other snakes.( mostly other cobras) If she (females are normally the large ones) wasn't there looking for the python then there are other cobras in the area that she is hunting Actually, King Cobra males are much larger than females.