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  1. So did the judges in the final judgement in appeal, as they did not convict him or anyone for irregularities in the bidding process. Only for conflict of interest.
  2. It is not a new slope. They did it already against the "reds" after the 2006 coup.
  3. My bet is that this law will not be applied retroactively to cases involving "good people" that the NACC has already swept under the carpet.
  4. It gives a first taste of how free next elections will be (in case there will be any)
  5. There can be variations in the quality of wiki pages so it is necessary (1) to make sure that assertions are backed by reliable references and (2) that the page is not contradicted by other sources. In this particular page, all information is backed by relevant sources (it has been widely covered by the press and judgements have been published), and it is not contradicted by other reliable sources. Now, of course, if you have another reliable source that provides a detailed account of the land sale case, for which Thaksin was convicted, that contradicts the facts exposed in the wiki page, pleas emlight us!
  6. Actually he did not even negotiate anything as it was a blind bid and his wife did bid more than other bidders. Additionally, despite the fact that there was an official text stating that the selling organisation was not under the PM's office authority, the court overrode it by declaring that he was de facto supervising it as PM. It's all detailed in the wikipedia page on his wife.
  7. Agree with you in principle, but you should read more about the whole story. This case is fishy, involving an attempt by a well-connected Thai tycoon to take control of the company. No information can be trusted here. Therefore, the various comments in this thread, from people who don't particularly favour pollution. https://thewest.com.au/business/finance/thai-tycoon-launches-bid-for-kingsgate-ng-ya-118478
  8. I guess these "activists" will not be arrested for causing unrest nor charged with defamation....
  9. I hate his regime but I don't agree the NK leader is crazy (well, not completely). He has drawn his conclusions from what happened to Sadam Husseyn. From his perspective, the nuclear option was the best way to avoid an invasion. Internally, claiming the existence of foreign threats is also a proven way to justify a dictatorial regime. Inhuman and crooked, but quite rational from his dictatorial perspective.
  10. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Actually it should start with deciding which criteria to choose in order to define the panel. To have a proper debate on this issue would be very time consuming. That's why the figures from the IMF I showed are interesting. As all Asian developping countries (as selected by the IMF) perform significantly better than Thailand on GDP growth, it is unecessary to spend time to choose among them. Other indicators may be useful (debt, investissement, etc...), but to be frank, I have no time to collect them. Feel free to do it, I will be happy to comment them.
  11. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    My conclusion was only valid for the indicator used: GDP growth, of course. As for the foreign currency reserves, it is structural characteristic of Thailand due to the high share of tourism in the economy.
  12. The OP may not show a good translation of the original statement in Thai. But as far as I know, when people don't go to vote, it's called abstention. Otherwise it should be called blank vote. But you may be right if the statement was badly translated.
  13. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    They are in Asia (some in Asean), and some of them are quite comparable in terms of level of economic development. And they ALL perform better than Thailand. I did not choose to compare them, that's the IMF which did it ( for some reason, I guess). I just took off the too small countries.