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  1. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    It's just that in one case, people have the options to accept or not. In the other case, there are no options.
  2. Protests planned to demand poll in 2018

    I agree with you. Here's the way I see it happening. Phase 1 elected PM: it will not happen because the system is designed to prevent it (I don't think the Dems and PT P will make an alliance) Phase 2 unelected PM: there are two scenario (1) the Junta makes an alliance with the Dems to elect Prayuth (2) the Dems don't want to make an alliance, there is no 2/3 majority for an unelected PM. The Junta declares that political parties lack any sense of responsibility and are ill-intentioned. It remains in power to save the nation from chaos.
  3. Divisions inside the yellow camp, in particular the power struggle between the Junta and the Dem party. They were all united against the Shins but It's over. The Dems are furious about the Junta's will to reduce the influence of big established parties. My guess is they are still influent in the yellow network, i.e. among agencies, media, judiciary, universities, etc....
  4. He did not yet. But he did a few good ones
  5. PM rolls out ‘Thai Niyom’ scheme

    If you want to know from when there may be elections, look at the campaign schedule. It will not be before May 20th.
  6. Prayuth will never do anything against Prawit because he was his boss (still is?). They probably decided to put Prayuth forward because he was more photogenic. Ahem! Ok I said nothing.
  7. You are right, but I am not sure Thai people are so candid (except maybe the young ones). On the red side, I tend to think they perfectly knew Thaksin was a crook, but it was their side. Similarly, on the yellow side, they were quite aware that the people we talked about were crooks too, but it was their camp.
  8. If they saw them as less corrupt, That's equally amusing. In order to prove that YL was more corrupt than Suthep of the Junta, there first needs to be investigations carried on them.
  9. First, I never said policies or political programs have no impact. And the difference between vote buying and attractive policies can be endlessly discussed. Then, who worries? There is no worry when there is no hope. Even if the current PM does not succeed in becoming the unelected PM, the democratic governance will still be rigged by the Junta through all its puppets appointed to the Senate, independent organisations, agencies, strategic committee, etc.... A non Junta friendly government has no chance to survive.
  10. Well, you can imagine whatever you want about what other people think, for the sake of debating. As far as I am concerned (as you may classify me as a red supporter): - I am not angry, I am sarcastic for the reasons I gave in my post - I am angry at the way the Junta riggs the democratic process for the next elections. Frankly, in case these populist policies have an impact, it will be peanuts compared to the rigging by the Junta through various ways (blocking political activities, appointing senators, etc....)
  11. You cannot help but twist other's words. The so called red posters (who for most of them don't mind any party being in power, as long as the are democratically elected) are not upset because the Junta invests in popular policies for the poor (that you qualify as vote buying). They are upset (so to say, they are more sarcastic than upset) because: - the PM is pretending not to campaign but actually campaigns (as you rightly notice), while at the same time trying to rigg elections by various means - preventing so called populist policies has been one of the (fake) justifications given for the sedition protests and the coup, and they are doing exactly the contrary of what they claimed they would do. (It is the same for the other "fake" justifications, such as governing without corruption or reforms).
  12. They protested against corruption, right, with the aim of ...... puting corrupt Suthep or the army into power!
  13. I think they are quite afraid of them because they cannot use the usual boggeyman argument against them, and they may well be able to attract part of the Bangkok middle class.
  14. "On Monday, an aide to junta deputy Prawit Wongsuwan, said the pro-democracy campaign was orchestrated by foreign powers." The usual obvious comment made since decades by any autocratic government in the world.....