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  1. You implicitly assume that other members of the national security will not share the same political stance as the army members. Actually, out of 17 members, only three can stem from elections (PM, Deputy PM, House Speaker), the others are appointed. And in Thailand, we know what is the usual political colour of appointed people. So 5 army representative, you can add the speaker of the puppet Senate, that's 6, you can add the national police chief which has been appointed by the Junta, that's 7, the secretary general of the national security council, hmmm... and then representatives of different professional associations, just to say that they often sided with Suthep in 2014.... About the application of the startegy, Wissanu was very clear: "if state agencies fail to comply despite warnings, the National Anti-Corruption Commission will be asked to take action against the chiefs of those agencies" "This plan is deemed to take precedence over all others. It is binding on all agencies"
  2. Unfortunately it is not only an idea, it is exactly what they are going to implement with the new constitution, the super strategy committee, etc....
  3. "New charter is a work of compromise". Come on! It has been drafted by a CDC appointed by the Junta and screened and approved by an NLA appointed by the Junta. The word "compromise" is surely not adequate in this case!
  4. This story is well put into perspective on abcnews website.
  5. "Firstly, he said many people shared the same impression that the law made setting up a new party difficult, while it was very easy to get dissolved." That's exactly the objective: make it easy for the ruling elite to dissolve a party (you know which one), and then make it difficult for this party to resurrect under another name.
  6. Army to be part of the National strategy committee, and the others appointed by the Junta anyway.....
  7. It seems the police has also been instructed to look the other way during this time!
  8. I think the good general is just starting to be in trouble......
  9. Your argument of Thaksin's policy resulting in heavy debt is not confirmed by available statistics, which show the contrary. The debts increased but the GDP too, so Thailand did not get more indebted.
  10. I am surprised that, as a former military, he did not ask the government to lead by example on this matter. Err....
  11. Actually he rather gambled on that: "Section 29 of the Bank of Thailand Act of 1942 stated that the Prime Minister did not have jurisdiction to oversee the FIDF, because those managing the fund had sole authority for policies, control, oversight and regulations governing the agency" A different interpretation has been chosen......
  12. Actually the source I found only provides figures for the SET50 (see figure) and states a peak in 2013, that's why we have different figures. I just checked in the SET website, the set50 was 462/512 in 2005, reached a peak at 1057 in 2013 (It makes an average growth rate of 7.52% p.y.) and a similar peak end of 2014 and below 1000 since May 2015. The total set index was 658/723 in 2005, and followed a similar evolution: peak at 1597 (8.25% p.y.) in 2013, and below that level since). So it means that on average, Thai stock value has not increased since he got his position. It may even look suspect that his assets ever increased under these conditions Anyway there is nothing new or surprising, all economic indicators (i.e. GDP growth, exports, etc...) were better before the recent period. People usually make more money when the economic situation is better. Sorry to disturb your favorite explanation.....
  13. Well, I think I guess what you implicitly mean Now about this implicit explanation, it can be objected that the economic situation was better before. For example the SEC index is still below its 2013 level, to compare with a raise from around 700 in 2013 to around 1000 in 2013.
  14. If it is not, it will be quickly forbidden..... Another issue is will the links indicated by users be communicated to a third party....