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  1. Ex-PAD leaders slapped with Bt522m siege bill

  2. Which law states it? You may argue that it is unethical but I don't know of a law about it.
  3. If it's against the law, why hasn't anyone been indicted?
  4. This statement is misleading. In order to "reinvestigate", there must have been a first investigation before! The DSI has been forbidden to investigate and the NACC has refused to investigate. It should be "no need to investigate"
  5. Framework laid for reform plans

    Another puppet committee......
  6. Sonthi has been a controversial figure who also pissed off influential people (not red). There has been an assassination attempt and Sondhi's son, Jittanart Limthongkul, blamed factions within the military and the Abhisit government of being behind the assassination attempt. Tell me: which army faction was close to Abhisit?
  7. Sedition law ‘harms rights’

    It is not a new law, so they apply it when they want (I.e. the Khaosod's journalist), and don't apply it when they don't want (I.e. PAD).
  8. No. Polls published under authoritarian regime are more likely to be biased.
  9. Yingluck flight will not impede NACC probe

    We can trust the NACC for that. Of course, when the other side of the political divide is suspected, a totally different behaviour can be expected.
  10. "The junta's policies have been far better than anything achieved under Yingluk." I'd like to know more about your arguments on this particular point.
  11. To my eyes, the problem is not to criticise the Shins per se. The problem is that the so-called Junta lovers use these critics to justify PDRC actions and to justify the coup and further Junta's behaviour. And usually by making it worse as it really was, or distorting facts.
  12. It may be that she prefers to remain silent while she applies fot asylum somewhere. Or worse....
  13. Meanwhile no trial for sedition against PAD and PDRC leaders who did much more than giving a talk at the FCC...
  14. If I would receive a PM award I would surely frame it and hang it in my dining room!
  15. You are right. The agency who launched an investigation has been denied the right to do so, and the committee which is entitled to do it (NAAC) refused to launch an investigation. At the end the outcome is the same: double standard.