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  1. The names of the public members consulted were Prayuth, Prawit and Suthep....
  2. They stole 2 expensive watches that she was about to lend her neighbour!
  3. candide

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    The fact that 50% do not vote is a minorbpoint compared to the fact that 100% have the right to vote. Ok let's talk about Thailand. The system you gave as example relies on several points, such as the domination of a meritocracy and a system of ethics. There is no system of ethics accepted by all, actually there seem to be little ethics at all. There is also no meritocracy, as the so-called elite are not an elite based on merits, they are elite by connections, corruption, and not particularly competent. So why should this flawed elite impose itself to the others? You often cite the case of Singapore. But Singapore is exceptional on several aspects, not just its political system. And its characteristics are significantly different from Thailand. For example, the army does not make coups and dominates part of the system, there is no outsider PM, the elite is competent, there are ethics, and most of all (as mentioned in the other reference you provide) the majority is rather happy with the system and goes on voting for the dominant party. Until they change their mind,nif they do.
  4. candide

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    Quote from your quite interesting article: " One problem with this model is that it relies on a single system of ethics that must be accepted by all members of the community."
  5. The relation is not symmetrical. A country belonging to the EU has to be in the SM and CU. However, not being part of the EU does not prevent participating in the SM and CU. Norway is in the SM and also quasi-integrated in the CU.
  6. Anyway, in a negotiation, showing or not goodwill is not as important as the respective negotiating power of the two entities involved.
  7. Actually, that's part of the explanation for the Brexit vote. British politicians have been bashing EU for years, in order to put the blame on someone else and also to put pressure on various decisions in the EU.
  8. Actually, what is highly suspect is that there are seven offices that don't seem to be corrupt....
  9. candide

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    It seem to get rotten for the Junta when Superpoll, formerly known as association of researchers for community hapiness, is not providing any more polls with 90+% satisfaction rate and is even critical to the Junta's policy.
  10. For once, I think that Trump has a real point. However, as mentioned by other posters, there is a lack of coherence with other initiatives which lowers the odds of success.
  11. "In 1994, faced with North Korea’s announced intent to withdraw from the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), which requires non-nuclear weapon states to forswear the development and acquisition of nuclear weapons, the United States and North Korea signed the Agreed Framework. Under this agreement, Pyongyang committed to freezing its illicit plutonium weapons program in exchange for aid." "The second major diplomatic effort were the Six-Party Talks initiated in August of 2003 which involved China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and the United States. In between periods of stalemate and crisis, those talks arrived at critical breakthroughs in 2005, when North Korea pledged to abandon “all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs” and return to the NPT, and in 2007, when the parties agreed on a series of steps to implement that 2005 agreement." https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/dprkchron
  12. Ahem. They already have nukes and have apparently completed their program.
  13. NK does not commit more (if not less) than it did before, I.e. in 1993 or 2005. https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/dprkchron
  14. Ahem...Are you sure there are no good and unbiased reasons to change this constitution?