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  1. I was informed by friends that this guy got fired after this 'big trouble' series aired....
  2. People need to know which *Insurance firm this is who considers diving into a pool a reckless act... yes, ok, she misjudged the depth, but thats exactly what insurance is for - cover for mistakes. It seems extremely strange that an insurance company could escape such a claim. Edit: it seems its this company https://www.insureandgo.com and lots of complaints of refusal to pay....https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1381601
  3. Its very common for Thai’s to use the work ‘Passport’ with foreigner’s when they really mean ID. manarak’s ‘wild guess’ isn’t really all that wild... Just because this is your thread it doesn’t mean you aren’t guilting of falling into an assumption. Our DL also has our passport number & may well have sufficed, we’ll never know unless another member was permitted access without passport ID.
  4. I recall how a couple of years ago I was reading a post in which one of ThaiVisa members recalled his horror of being caught in the cross-fire outside a Big-C (or a similar supermarket) in Pattaya.... A bullet penetrated his car door and hit his child strapped up in a car seat.... the metal buckle on shoulder/chest harness saved his child's life. Photo's were posted...
  5. richard_smith237

    BMW releases two bikes

    The BMW F800/850 GS Thailand Facebook page shows the TFT model... But, these were taken in October... they could be 'Press' models for reviews etc... Sadly, however, I think you may be right... the BMW Motorrad webpage has the TFT part edited out in the 'about the bike' spiel... https://www.bmw-motorrad.ca/en/models/adventure/f850gs.html https://www.bmw-motorrad.co.th/en/models/adventure/f850gs.html
  6. richard_smith237

    BMW releases two bikes

    Agreed... the BMW Motorrad page has clearly not been tested by those who made it... ... its highly confusing, or more accurately, the configurator is not working... This Video from BKK Motorcycle shows the G850GS Adventure being delivered to the showroom... when looking carefully it would appear that it comes with the TFT display. But the info is still unclear.... as is often the case, it takes a little extra effort and a personal visit to find out the facts (which I'd much prefer to know so that I'm fully informed when I go and check the machine out in person)...
  7. richard_smith237

    BMW releases two bikes

    BUMP - Anyone know yet ? I'm taking an interest in the F850GS - but would want the TFT screen and keyless packages...
  8. You mean... in light of someones foul language and poor behavior you would escalate and start a fight.... 'beat him down'..... ...It's this mentality where the problem lies... becoming so readily prepared to become violently involved in an issue you are not part of.... ...unless of course this is just a little barstool/keyboard bravado and instead you are someone smart enough to recognize that escalation of a situation like this into violence you are becoming a part of the problem not the solution...
  9. richard_smith237

    Best automatic scooter ?

    Because its 98,500 baht... .... but to answer your question more directly.... IMO the TriCity is safer.. not superior.... with regards to the rest of the bike its as good as any other similarly styled bike out there... but the two front wheels with ABS make the big difference for me, so its specially that aspect which make it a better bike from my view point. .... others may not place the same value on safety with such a planted and secure front end... But for my first bike, I, however, did and the additional cost was not a concern...
  10. richard_smith237

    Elderly Benz driver charged for fatal expressway wreck

    Upon reading this headline I thought this was about my FIL.... Poor eyesight... terrible driving skills... often inebriated... We've managed to get him drinking and driving less... but he won't get his eyes sorted and he'll never become a better driver..... His amulets and Merc are all he requires to drive around with the confidence that he'll never be held responsible for the 'bumps' he's had and will continue to have... oh.. and the obligatory yellow shirt which seems to make some wearers believe they are of an elevated untouchable class... While tragic the message here is that those who may have been untouchable a decade or so ago are no longer afforded the gratuitous freedoms from legal oversight they once enjoyed...
  11. richard_smith237

    Best automatic scooter ?

    Sure... enjoy your honda click... Yawn... its better value for the money... but so is a second hand bike... The two front wheels with ABS add and exponentially elevated level of safety, particularly for new riders, especially in the wet... I've seen so many bikes get dropped in wet when the front wheel breaks away under braking... two wheels with ABS add an unparalleled level of front end grip - how much value would you place on your safety? It may not make much difference for an experienced rider... but as newbie (as I was when I purchased the Tricity) I researched a huge amount, the TriCity was the clear winner.... (when not overly concerned about 50k or 100k)...
  12. I'm not so sure... Fortunately the majority of Thai's are astute enough to judge us based on merit and as a foreigner in Thailand I receive either the same general indifference afforded to other Thai's or more favorable treatment afforded to someone who is generally polite and smiling... Unfortunately, someone cannot be deported for 'swearing' and acting like a drunk tit.. but it would be nice to be able to go out and know we'll not have to run into tools such as this.
  13. richard_smith237

    Parking at Chaengwattana immigration centre

    Multi-story car park ??? I never saw that... I always abandon my car where everyone else is parked at the front... OP: There is plenty of space to park... nothing to worry about.
  14. richard_smith237

    How much would you pay for this Honda Wave 125i 2016?

    Thai's love selling stuff on Facebook... Thus.. have a look on Facebook Market Place for Bangkok and search for similar bikes, you'll get a feel for the price... It looks like about 27-30k should be your asking price and accept about 25-27k https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/bangkok/search?query=honda wave 125i 2016&categoryID=vehicles&radiusKM=100&vertical=C2C
  15. richard_smith237

    Best automatic scooter ?

    IMO - the best Scooter for 'everything' is the Yamaha TriCity 155cc ABS They are 98,500 baht (new). It has: - Good Storage (can easily fit helmet under seat) - 155cc Engine (not fast - but as fast as any other scooter) - ABS excellent for safety - 2 front wheels - best possible safety you can get on a bike, especially in the wet when emergency braking. - Hand Controls only (Dual brakes on right side, front only on left). - Step through design (extremely easy to use) - Extremely reliable