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  1. Not necessarily so.. and why should he? thats what he has insurance for. That said, why should insurance premiums for the many be elevated by someone who who wants an expensive car?... there has to be a balance... Because the McLaren is so expensive; above xxxx value, perhaps the Pickup drivers insurance covers the damage to the McLaren up to its limit and the insurance on the McLaren covers the rest. Either way - its not quite as black and white as the issue would initially seem, the pickup driver made a mistake, albeit a stupid one and there is no doubt that the accident is his fault. But it is not the Pickup drivers fault that another vehicle on the road is so expensive. I think it would be extremely unfair to be personally penalized by a significantly greater amount because I had an accident with a 30MB super-car than a 700k Toyota - But, thats why I have insurance and I don't expect there to be any limit on 3rd party payout for repairs (I'll have to check my policy).
  2. richard_smith237

    Asking a Thai girl out

    Step #4 seems a bit like date rape!! You have to get a girl drunk before she allows you to next base?
  3. Best position from which to negotiate is to have another place ready to move into. Have reasonable expectations, if the landlord is not prepared to meet these expectations move to the other place. If you don’t want to move you have no bargaining power. That said, the law recently changed on the cost of electricity for places renting out 5 rooms or more.. by law the cost of electricity should be at the rate charged by the metropolitan electricity authority...
  4. How would you travel around Bangkok with an infant? How would you get your 4 year old to school? especially when its raining. For families who want some semblance of safety a car is essential. And... to place Bangkok's traffic woes in to perspective... a 3 hour journey took me 7 hours in the UK last month.... Each and every time I visit Pattaya, Hua Hin or Chiang Mai I get caught up in traffic jam's similar to those experienced in Bangkok. Additionally - Bangkok's traffic can be avoided when choosing the right time to travel. It takes 20-25 mins to take my son to school at 8am... (The petchaburi rd end of Ekammai to Sukhimvi Soi 20 - it takes me 10-15mins on a motorbike) - It takes 30mins to come back at 3pm. However, the same journey takes more than an hour after 5pm and after 6pm its not worth considering. Given the issues with crowding on the MRT at peak times, chilling out in your own car sometimes seems like the better option - Bangkok is simply suffering the curse of all busy and popular cities - over population & crowding, its unavoidable... Tokyo was used an an example earlier on in this thread... but people have forgotten (or do not know) how awful taking the subway is there at 6pm. Public transport definitely needs improving in Bangkok, drastically so. Pavements need to be made navigable and safe for wheelchairs and pushchairs... they need to be safe for kids to walk along without boiling oil at face height etc.... traveling on foot needs to be as safe and as convenient as taking the car... only then will we see the numbers of vehicles diminishing and only then would a congestion charge start to work. An extra carriage on the BTS and MRT and free and widely available parking at the stations (i.e. stores next to the stations) especially terminus stations would make some inroads towards solving these issues...
  5. richard_smith237

    Could Idris Elba be a step closer to being the next Bond?

    Choose the best Bond for the job... its that simple... If they think Idris personifies Bond in the best possible light for the cinema audience then go for it. But, I would hate to think they would chose him over someone better just because of his race or because they are scared not to because of his race. Of course there is concern that we are deliberately departing from the 'white-hetrosexual-alpha-male' character and have stepped onto the 'thin end of the wedge' where ultimately we may end up with a 'Black-Lesbian-female-Bond' which of course is not and will not be the case. This is about whether or not a Black Bond can carry of the role with equal aplomb... Idris is sufficiently suave to be more than convincing in this role - I think he would make an excellent Bond.
  6. richard_smith237

    Where to buy ready-made Thai wedding jackets for men?

    Surely a Thai Tailors would be able to make one of these, but if you want 'ready made' they may have stock or know which direction to point you in. Also, have a look on Instagram... many smaller local shops of this nature advertise on Instagram and Facebook instead of paying for a website. ------- Or, if you are the right size... go up to the doorman or porter staff of a decent hotel and ask them if you can buy their uniform off them !!! Try this place: https://www.facebook.com/pg/phahuratdotcom/shop/?ref=page_internal http://www.phahurat.com
  7. All involved seem to be somewhat at fault. 1) The Black Car (waiting to U-Turn) was impatient and edged out into the lane of on-coming traffic - placing himself in the 'line of fire'.... Ultimately the victim of his own impatience. 2) The Pickup was traveling way too fast and approached the intersection / junction without caution with nothing more than the assumption / hope that no one will do anything silly. 3) The bike pulled out into oncoming traffic, perhaps misjudging the speed of the on-coming pickup, however, none of the other bike riders pulled out which would imply that the approaching speed of the pickup was easy to judge. Immediate cause - the bike. Contributing factors - poor driving standards all round making both the pickup and the black car complicit in the accident. Root cause - poor driver education and extremely poor attitude to road safety all round.
  8. richard_smith237

    Illogical pricing

    I'm not sure it falls into illogical pricing, however, this was on an offer... (a popular sandwich shop - ABP)... The offer.. Sandwich & Iced coffee... I wanted a sandwich + Hot coffee - "cannot !"... The cost for the 'Sandwich + hot coffee' was greater than the 'Sandwich & Iced coffee' promotion... Ah ha !!!... we have a situation... the skullduggerous being that I am I was in just the right frame of mind for an entertaining bit of confrontation combined with a dollop of expat righteousness and one-up-manship.... Arise the 'coffee-shop-warrior'... Oh, but I can !!!... Oh, but alas you cannot, but alas I can... well, not quite, but a version of that in broken Thai and pidgin English... (these situations are always played back in a much more favorable manner in my mind)... "oh princess barista... do tell, How do you make your coffee iced?" I ask.... "Make the coffee, then add Ice!" responded the countess at the counter... "Great !!!!.... I'll have one 'Sandwich & Iced coffee' promotion, Please".... and the sandwich and 'iced' coffee making commences... "Stop right there !!!" I exclaim... "thats fine, perfect, perfezionare".... "no need to add the ice !!"... "I'll take that Iced coffee without Ice !!!"..... My moment of serendipitous genius evaporated as the '<deleted> cow charged me for a coffee and sandwich separately !!!... Not all was lost though, the encounter was well worth the 2 baht difference purely to exercise my 'god-given-expat-right' to be a 'stuck-up-thumb-in-my-bum-pain-in-the-arse' when it really shouldn't have mattered !!!!....
  9. richard_smith237

    Illogical pricing

    Then it would seem that 7-11 are admitting knowledge of the faulty packaging and expecting customers to pay for the consequential breakage as a result of this error.... i.e. expecting customers to pay for damage because they haven't picked up a package in precisely the way 7-11 wants them to... I think anyone would be well within their rights not to have to pay under such circumstances.... (and really, apart from yourself of course, who reads the signs in a 7-11 ??) But, fear not, there is a simple solution solution at hand !!!... 7-11 could sell the bottles separately so that people are not led into a false sense of security by the poorly designed packaging.... its all too simple. This of course is all a little off topic, but could perhaps be shoehorned in when making the point against illogical pricing... in this case charing the customer for the consequences of poor management (in accepting poorly packaged products).
  10. richard_smith237

    Illogical pricing

    Or, it wasn't his fault and the bottles were packaged incorrectly or the package was damaged by the 7-11 staff when loading the fridge... who knows? who really cares?... Business such as 7-11 have 'breakage' built in to their business model & its fairly standard practice globally that when damage occurs before the checkout the store foots the bill under this breakage model. With regards to the rest of the point the op makes - he was simply responding to the unreasonable negativity from the 7-11 store manager.
  11. richard_smith237

    Woman injured as 4-tonne steel pipe falls on car in Bangkok

    A few years ago they were widening the Eastbound Highway 12 from Phitsanulok. During the construction phase, the widened part / newly constructed parts of the road would just 'end' with a 1m drop onto the dirt road foundation. Each morning there would be a news section of vehicles crashed on this road, most of them simply drove off the edge of the road down the 1m drop - the areas where the road terminated were not marked with lights at night, just a branch or in others areas of construction a red and white painted piece of wood. The take away here is to never drive through rural highways at night.
  12. richard_smith237

    Woman injured as 4-tonne steel pipe falls on car in Bangkok

    Very scary... in addition to the daily safety risks in Thailand we are exposed to but ultimately manage it is the catastrophic incidents such as this which frighten me most. A lack of accountability appears to be the route cause in so many of these extreme events. It could be argued ‘bad luck’ or ‘luck of the draw’ etc... but carelessness plays a major factor and there is no accountability for so many careless actions and abhorrent lack attention to basic safety... Someone is directly to blame for not doing their job properly and nearly killing two women. It is likely this person is still doing his job today without any accountability or implementation of measures to prevent similar reoccurrence.
  13. richard_smith237

    Chaos and Khao San Road: LET IT BE

    My god - you are forced to walk all the way around it? That vendor certainly should be deprived of earning a living so that you are not inconvenienced... You think he's the only one inconvenienced?.... In your attempt to 'defend' the poor vendor you have outed your own imbalanced bias... The issue is simply that through a historical lack of enforcement the vendors have encroached on public footpaths for decades. While this may have its charms and certainly creates character and definite 'areas of character' such as Khao Sarn road, there seems to be a growing sense of entitlement in these vendors who care little of the inconvenience they cause to both foot and vehicular traffic. Controlling these street stalls to manageable numbers so that footpaths are still easily navigable is a solution, however, the 'discretional policing' required may not work given the flawed policing and corruption which takes place in Thailand - thus, the consequence is this blanket ban, unfortunately white washing out the character of some areas.... This is a shame, as all thats required is a little intelligent balance and discretion in intelligently controlling the vendors...i.e. effort !
  14. richard_smith237

    Grab Taxi 410 baht for 800 meters?

    So, what do you pay when hailing a taxi to your glorified brothel of choice?