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  1. richard_smith237

    Lucky escape as truck wheel crashes into 7-Eleven in Chon Buri

    Not only are the barriers preventing poor drivers from accidentally ramming the shop frontage not enough, we now need protection from projectile falling off vehicles in Thailand. OK, a uncommon event, but not a so uncommon not to have seen a few more similar event the Thai news this year.... This highlights the level of neglect and lack of maintenance of many vehicles on Thailands roads. I'd like to point out that its lucky there are not more incidents, but the RTA stats suggest otherwise.
  2. Neither did she apparently... wasn't it alleged that the attack took place on the beach? Having followed this story, I have not read of surveillance footage being available (but could easily have missed that fact) which reputable news outlet or source stated this?
  3. well nobody with all faculties about them would deliberately drive into a person pushing his rubbish cart. equally so, nobody with all their faculties would deliberately cross a 3 lane highway in the dark with a car approaching. Looking at the photos it would appear that the Merc was being driven down the middle lane (of the 3 lane highway - of course, this may not be so), but this accident may have been pretty much unavoidable in the dark unless the Merc driver chose to drive at 10kmh)...
  4. A handful of posters have assumed that because the incident happened at 5am the British driver must have been drinking.... There is no comment on this in any of the reports. Being the CEO of a hotel he could have been getting to work early... there is no comment on this in the report either. Incidents like this definitely require BAC of the driver to be checked. What isn't mentioned is whether or not the homeless man was in the road and unlit. It is reported that the body was dragged 40m or more accurately it took the driver 40m to stop the car which doesn't seem excessive when considering reaction time then breaking distance. However, the 'gore' and 'splatter' apparent inside the car implied fairly significant impact also implied by the reports of dismemberment. I hope the truth comes out.
  5. Your point being that the Mother and Child were not lucky and that they did not escape anything because the truck stopped in time ?????
  6. Would that be because your only exposure to Thai women is with the sort of women who 'talks with punters' ?... you've only been exposed to hookers in Thailand so can only understand a situation if you judge it within your own boundaries of experience.... thus all Thai girls are hookers? and any girl dating a foreigner must also be a hooker??? Doesn't your comment simply imply that you lack any of even the most basic of human skills to have any interaction with a female unless she is paid for?
  7. I don't think it sensationalist to suggest they escaped a life changing incident.... The truck driver didn't see them. The article implied that the truck stopped in response to the black pickup sounding its horn. Had the truck not stopped there may not have been enough time to escape injury. It is interesting how we see things so differently, which is one of the attractions of ThaiVisa.com.... in that the very same video, article, picture, event can be interpreted in so many different ways. It would appear that see this as a minor bump, nothing to be too concerned about or sensationalize, the mother and child were in no imminent danger of being run over by the truck. I, on the other hand thought they were extremely lucky not to have been run over.
  8. richard_smith237

    Father Faces “Social Boycott” for Dropping Son to School in Ferrari Sports Car

    Isn't it every kids dream to be to get dropped off at school in a Ferrari (or any car worthy of being on a poster') I tend to agree with the response the 'Ferrari driver' gives to the petty parents of the WeChat group. .... this just stinks of jealousy... I bet the kids friends also love that he's dropped off in the Ferrari.
  9. You don't think they were ever at risk of being crushed by the wheels of the truck? In which case 'a Mother and child were knocked off their bike' is as unsensational as it could get... however, had the truck not stopped they were facing the very real threat of being crushed if they didn't get out of the way quickly enough, particularly the mother whose legs it would appear are inline with the trucks wheels. You may not think so... but, escaping being crushed by the truck would be a fairly accurate description.
  10. I see... Correction then... 'Except for you and one other poster' its pretty obvious what the headline meant without the need to argue petty semantics of whether or not they escaped from under a wheel as opposed to having escaped the imminence of being crushed by a wheel... Having a petty argument about arguing about petty semantics is much more fun !...
  11. Your 'barb'.... you took offense???? offense at the suggestion that instead of seeing a bigger picture you concentrated on semantics of whether or not they were stuck under the wheels... with no further intelligent response than 'DICK'... (thats some rather thin skin)..... lets face it, the response (DICK) lacks both originality and intelligence and help us [the reader] understand the character of a person who concentrates on pettiness... Its clear for anyone what the headline meant, except for you... Of course, you can say what you want about the headline, you did, and in doing so presented certain degree of pettiness... Moving on... The only way to avoid such incidents is of course through education... Its much the same as teaching people that the headlight on their motorcycle is primarily not for better road illumination but so they [the rider] may be more visible in the dark... I think this point is lost on many here where there exists a significant failure in the identification of risk people tend to place themselves in... In the case of this accident the motorcyclist placing themselve unnecessarily at significant risk in the line of fire between two trucks.
  12. Typical TV semantics... The Mother and Child did have a very lucky escape from being run over by a truck... instead of being petty and arguing only about how precise the headline is, can't you just accept that they were lucking from being run over? (it doesn't really matter how close to the wheels they came does it? the result would still have been catastrophic had the truck not stopped) ------- As with the majority of incidents on Thailands roads - its takes two.... In this case, the Windshield of the lorry is full of 'stuff' potentially obstructing his view. The mother crossed between two huge vehicles without paying any real attention to how visible she was and placed herself in significant danger... Both mother and child are extremely lucky, this could so easily have result in a tragedy.
  13. richard_smith237

    Pickup falls from six-floor carpark

    Are the car park walls made of cardboard ?... astonishing that something can go through them so easily...
  14. richard_smith237

    Balcony safety products - are they available here?

    Good ideas... Before accepting a room I've had a hotel 'screw' the windows shut in the second bedroom of a hotel suite here in Bangkok. The bed was next to the window which opened with a simple push !... very dangerous for my 3 year old nephews who could stand up on the bed and be waist height. I've 'screwed' the windows shut in my Sons bedroom in our current apartment as there is a latch, but no lock. Now now one can open the window without a screw driver. But, our sliding balcony door remains a problem, it latches such with a switch lock, but there is no lock (as in lock and key) with it. My son can reach the switch lock. We have a very strict rule - our son is not allowed on the balcony unless we take him out. Its an imperfect solution - I'd like to find a better way of securing a lock which my son would be unable to open... (even if its just an latch out of reach).
  15. For many who live down Sub-Soi's ordering a grab is much better than the option of walking down to the main road and flagging a taxi (especially in inclement weather). Whats better than walking out of your home, pub, restaurant etc straight into a car which is waiting for you?... it beats the uncertainty of dealing with the repeated refusals, overcharging and no meter games etc attempted by a number of the chancing taxi drivers. Grab ring you up and double check your location because so many people put the wrong location pin on their ride request or book by accident - the drivers are being smart. Grab has always been slightly more expensive than a regular taxi - its a better safer service with a level of recourse and driver (and passenger) ID should something go wrong - a little extra for a more reliable, safer, more polite service is something it seems people are happy to pay.