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  1. richard_smith237

    When did a Thai give you the thumbs up and say 'verry good'

    My FiL gave me the thumbs up on the day I married his daughter... Unfortunately, the message was clear as his index finger was also extended... 'Screw this up and you're toast'!!! Kidding of course... But I do get a regular thumbs up when we both witness something amusing.
  2. richard_smith237

    Motorbike insurance question

    In most cases it is the bike which is insured. There are a couple of types of insurance: The first which is the most basic and covers 3rd party. The second which is more comprehensive and will cover your bike in the event of an accident. There is also theft insurance for bikes. Also note: You may not be insured if you are here for more than 3 months and don't have a Thai licence. Additionally: Technically the bike belongs to your ex GF. There could be complications, should could 'claim' the bike. It would be in your best interests to sort this out ASAP.
  3. richard_smith237

    bikes for adults ?

    Lots of guys I know ride regular bikes without issue.. How tall are you??? I use a Yamaha Trinity (155cc ABS) I'm 183cm - splitting traffic in BKK along with all the other bikes, it has excellent breaking, perfectly normal motorcycle handling (slightly heavier on the front though) measurably safer in wet and greasy conditions...
  4. richard_smith237

    How can schools keep farangs from leaving?

    I get your point. I play football with an eclectic mix of characters ranging from those on the breadline scraping out a hand to mouth living teaching English to Lawyers, CEO's... (football really is the great leveler)... In this wide ranging group of men there are a number of teachers.... Many from well known and highly respected international schools and some from less know schools, others simply teaching English wherever they pick up work.... It's often quite interesting to see how some carry's themselves, how they behave, how they speak etc... and then find out their position. Of course, generalising would be unfair, but in this case not too far off the mark... Those teaching at the well known international schools are not the ones out on the beer after our mid-week game or openly discussing their latest carnal escapades with cheap women, neither are those in other well respected professions. Perhaps this doesn't have bearing on the quality of the individual as a teacher, or perhaps it does for there appears to be a definite correlation between 'quality' of the individual and their position. That said: At a Good international (and Bilingual) School I'd expect exemplary standards and if those standards are not met I'd expect an immediate and professional explanation, response and solution. Without this I wouldn't hesitate to remove my son from a school as soon as a viable alternative is found. This may be more difficult outside of Bangkok, but one of the primary reasons I remain in Bangkok is for the quality of choice. Ultimately schools will get what they pay for and when they pay well they will attract professionals and work them in a professional manner. Sadly though, its very apparent that there are schools who don't pay well, overwork their teachers who more than often become disillusioned, tired or move on to a better position elsewhere - I can't say I blame them and hope I'm never in a situation where I have to send my children to a school such as this, or rather, if I were, I'd move back to the UK.
  5. richard_smith237

    How can schools keep farangs from leaving?

    Thats quite a statement... well not really, its more a comment of a bottom feeder who fails to see beyond their own flawed horizons and judges the world by the same standards they themselves expect to be judged... I'm sure the professional foreign men and women at my son's school and many other good schools may disagree, as a parent I certainly do.
  6. Thats fair enough if someone is moaning for the sake of moaning... but is that any different from expressing an opinion? It seems we can express a positive opinion until someone accuses us of wearing 'rose tinted glasses'... It seems we can't express a negative opinion without some suggesting 'if you don't like it go home'... By 'default' it is human nature to develop an opinion on anything, we would be wooden, brainless, personality-less morons without the ability to develop any opinion.... but, it's where and how we express the opinion... to find common ground or as with this forum sometimes - simply to vent. If I have learned anything in Thailand its that Thai's too have very similar opinions of the issues we westerners also find irritating, negative or just downright wrong. Thus, I fail to recognize that a westerner having the same opinion and discussing it with his friends, many of whom would be Thai is in the wrong? I suspect the real issue is the timing, location and audience we chose and how expressive we are. BUT, the 'if you don't like it go home response' or as you put it 'get gone' is fundamentally flawed in that it suggests we as visitors have no rights to an opinion, no right to discuss our opinions with our friends (Thai or otherwise) and are not permitted to vent now and again... As an example, the suggestion ["If you are in a foreign country and moan about how it is done there, then you are by default wrong"] could also imply that we [foreigners / Westerners] are wrong if we discuss the dangerous driving in Thailand when in fact we are not wrong and most Thai's would be in agreement with any opinions we may develop on this subject. Of course, there are some who can never be pleased and it's these people upon whose shoulders this topic rests. But, these people are few and far between and it's unfair for someone who holds a valid opinion no matter how negative to be tarred with the same brush as the 'un-pleaseable-foreigner' or commonly referred to as the GOM (Grumpy old man - referencing an entertaining thread from a few years ago)
  7. richard_smith237

    Witnessed another accident at Rama 4

    It just shows how an accident can happen from nothing... No one else involved in causing the incident... It looks like the motorcyclist applied too much rear brake on the corner, skidded a little and the correction took him into the central reservation and total loss of control. Carelessness... hope the rider is ok, glad no one else was hurt.
  8. richard_smith237

    FINE for no helmet

    Not sure on the fine, but I think its less than 1000 baht. In future... No helmet, no passenger - it really only needs to be that simple. I have the same policy in my car... No seatbelt, get out and walk or do your seatbelt up. The simple reason is a selfish one: In the event of an accident I don't want to be responsible for the injuries of someone else which would otherwise could be avoided when wearing a helmet or seatbelt.
  9. richard_smith237

    Video: Truck driver flies through the air to his death

    I too have driven in plenty of places.... In Thailand I prefer that I'm the one doing the driving and feel uncomfortable when I'm not...
  10. richard_smith237

    Visas for a cruise

    Does the settlement visa permit travel into Europe (i.e. France / Schengen countries) ? If not, your wife may require a Schengen Visa, and any visa for the countries which may not be included in the Schengen agreement.
  11. richard_smith237

    A few questions about buying a new BMW in Thailand

    Thats the wrong sketch....
  12. You forgot to quote: “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein, in an interview with Alfred Werner, Liberal Judaism 16 (April-May 1949), Einstein Archive 30-1104, as sourced in The New Quotable Einstein by Alice Calaprice (2005), p. 173
  13. Forum members have often commented that Thai's will comment 'Farang think too much' in various situations... .... I kind of understanding the sentiment... We (foreigners) do tend to get hung up on non-issues...
  14. richard_smith237

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    But but but. Another attempt to defray responsibility. The silly old fool was drunk and he drove. He killed an innocent little girl and destroyed her parents lives. No excuses. He should be thrown in clink and prisoners informed who he is and what he has done. Your attempting to mitigate is abhorrent quite frankly. Its quite cut and dried. If this had happened back in good old back home i suspect you would say nothing Then you must have a remarkably poor reading age. [ "This comment in no way absolves the brit from driving drunk or driving without a licence - Instead it highlights the necessity of ensuring we are riding / driving legally at all times because the chance of being involved in an accident here in Thailand is far greater than we are familiar with in our home countries" ]
  15. richard_smith237

    DLT introduces electronic driving test

    Astonishing..... the lengths that those in Thailand of decision making positions will go to to avoid the simply doing things the right way. In this case and many others all Thailand needs to do is copy many other 'more' developed nations. Thailand is no different from other countries, so why they have to do things so differently is astounding. A video game will not improve road safety, every kid can play video games already... Real training, real tests, real enforcement are the only effective measures which can be taken... In short... REAL EFFORT is required.... I sometimes wonder if this is all too much to overcome the overwhelmingly apathetic approach to pretty much everything...