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  1. Trump has already had a chilling effect on foreign students. In Obama's last year there were 1 million+ nonimmigrant foreign university students in the U.S., with the Chinese being the largest group. Now Trump has everybody scared Americans are going to come gunning for them and the latest batch of undergraduate applications from China and India have dropped about 25%.
  2. Kim Jong Mentally iL has six or seven now. As I said, I think he just wants a deterrent. But he's unpredictable.
  3. Tactical warships are one thing, and China's navy now has more ships than the United States. Of course that includes all types such as patrol boats. In any catastrophic scenario, and in current deterrence doctrine, the real power lies with the Trident-type submarines with MIRV missiles. The US Navy operates 18 Tridents, 14 of which are armed with 192 nuclear warheads atop 24 ICBMs. Each warhead is individually targetable and is anywhere from 100 to 495 kilotons. (Hiroshima's was 14 kilotons). So you can see that a mere 16 or so Trident warheads would totally obliterate North Korea. I believe the latter simply wants a deterrent, not to be so stupid as to launch a nuclear attack on the US mainland. You can be sure there's always a Trident somewhere near Korea and around China and Russia. They are not so easily found, as they were designed to be permanently "rigged for silent running." Of course, Russia and China have a few nuclear-armed subs as well, but not in the scope of the Trident fleet, and China's missiles are not multiple warheads as far as I know.
  4. Even I as an American was exempted from the US military draft in 1968-on, when I was 18+, because I was living in Europe at the time. Not to evade the draft--my parents took me over there when I was ten. Besides, I had a draft number of 300. Some of you will know what that means.
  5. "It's only fair you all pay for it"?? Sounds like a lame attempt at humor to me.
  6. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." The man possibly think he's Christ on the way to crucifixion and smiling about it. Has he had a psychiatric evaluation?
  7. Next we'll find out the couple is Latino and the world will accuse UA of racism again.
  8. Oldest spook trick in the book. The sexier the recruiter the better. Remember Mata Hari?
  9. You've heard of Snakes on a Plane.
  10. OK now, outsourcing the assaults on passengers--that's going too far! And we can see through it all!
  11. The lone wolves are mostly mentally ill. So were the one or two most recent Muslim attackers in the U.S.
  12. Because the site is in the middle of nowhere in rocky mountains, on top of ISIS tunnels. Either you wage a war seriously or withdraw. It's not a game or a drawing room discussion by armchair apologists for caliphate savages.
  13. The US doesn't need more accredited tertiary institutions that offer at least the bachelor's degree. There are already about 1500 of them.
  14. Wow--in the photo that beach looks incredibly ugly. It's more like what I envision some Russian beach on the Black Sea. I'm not a beach person but when I do select a tropical beach, it should reflect my notion of unspoiled tropical paradise as much as possible--something like Bora Bora without the hotel cabins, or the many uninhabited coves you can find anywhere from Hawaii to the Virgin Islands and beyond.
  15. Book me! Book me! No, not at the police station. On this airline.