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  1. Yes, and the TV tax is the only reason BBC was able to follow CNN's lead as a 24-hour news service.
  2. A lot of owners, and people in general, are really STUPID about their mutts. There was an unfortunate case in the States, shown on Forensic Files, in which a husband and wife were convicted of murdering their own nine-year-old daughter...because both they and everyone believed the three "playful" dogs in their back yard were harmless. In fact, one of the dogs had ripped the poor little girl shreds. But the jury said the couple did it. A principal reason was, the critical wound in the leg looked like a clean cut, so it must have been done by a person. While the couple languished in prison, a new lawyer and detective went back through the evidence and found that the only reason the fatal cut was clean was because the ER surgeons had cut it cleanly in attempt to save the girl's life. That vital fact was missed in the trial because the lawyers were court-appointed (thus free of charge to the defendants) and the judge denied them funds for an independent forensic investigation. Morals of story. (1) Personally I hate dogs. I grew up with cats, which are subject to idiotic stereotypes, and (2) in the U.S., if you're on a murder trial, pay the money for a good lawyer.
  3. Bet you didn't know that Jay Leno's starting salary for the Tonight Show 20 years ago was around $14 million, and that's also what (I read) Drew Carey makes on the daytime quiz show The Price is Right. That's a 9 am (Pacific and Mountain zones) quiz show!
  4. Not surprised if a British former tv star is broke. They have traditionally not been well-paid, which is the main reason so many wind up on US television. They do an excellent job on American accents, by the way. Tom Wilkinson and Hugh Laurie are but two of many examples. Don't miss Laurie in Hulu's "Chance" series.
  5. He looks like what the FBI's behavioral sciences unit would call a "disorganized" serial rapist. One more murder following a cooling-off period would also have classified him as a serial killer. I have no doubt he would have killed some future rape victim had he not been caught.
  6. A shortage of labor means the economy is in great shape overall. But there is also a shortage of skilled labor. It is not because not enough Americans go to university. It's because American society reached a developed and comfortable level so long ago that young people are spoiled and still think they can take out loans to study philosophy, Spanish, music, gender politics, etc. etc. My ex-wife had the presence of mind to talk our son's friend out of majoring in German to switch to something lucrative. I believe it was computer science or engineering and he did fine. What the heck are you going to do with a BA in German? You need full immersion in it anyway--which means living in Germany for a year or two after the degree. After that, guess how many interpreter/translator jobs there are available in German/English in North America (he'd never get an EU work visa).
  7. I've read a few female celebrity memoirs lately. They all chug down the pills and it never kills them. They always wind up with a stomach pump. Cry for help and all that rot.
  8. How about some demeaning community service instead of some cushy PR job?
  9. I want to organize a fight between him and three or four deadly scorpions in his bed. No weapons allowed, as the cat didn't have any except its own claws (unless the Hateful Nate had declawed it). Guards posted so he cant escape the bed. Who's in? Two-to-one odds in the scorpions' favor?
  10. Oh really? How do you " know" that? SE Asia and especially China is where you get sick from food. tHe FDA simply doesn't act like Brussels bureaucrats and regulate brand names. One example, European fruit juice makers falsely state on labels there's no sugar added when in fact there is. I think you should live in the U.S. for a while and appreciate good and varied food. Oh--and you can shop 24 hours a day, too, rather than rushing home before the so-called "supermarkets" close at 7 pm.
  11. At age 62 I was very pudgy at 86kg 180 cm in 2012. With me, any excess goes straight to my face and belly so that my face looked like a pumpkin in a photo. That did it. I continued normal exercise but my. new diet consists of three sandwiches a day--modest ones. If I'm famished near bedtime, a plain piece of bread will do. Lost 9 kg and kept it off and now I get respect and attention from the ladies. I do take supplements. I am healthy and slim. Yes it's a boring diet a nd occasionally I deviate from it, but the rewards outweigh any food obsession. Others can take photos of their food all day and get fat; their choice.
  12. How many times do I have to inform people that some of the US nuclear arsenal is just offshore Korea. Ever heard of Trident subs? They can launch 192 nuclear warheads, the smallest of which is 100 kilotons, compared to the one at Hiroshima of 15 kilotons.
  13. They are not 5,000 miles away. See my post above about Trident subs.
  14. We don't expect military hostilities. For purely academic discussion, the US aircraft carriers are useful tactically, but the real power lies in the Trident subs. You can be sure there are one or two lurking very silently near N. Korea and China. Tridents carry 192 nuclear warheads atop 24 missiles. The warheads range from 100 kilotons to 495. (Hiroshima's was 14 kilotons). Two missiles with 16 individually targetable warheads could wipe N. Korea off the map in about 5 minutes. The rest could be saved for China in case they go nuts. And that's just one submarine. Surely Fatboy knows this; therefore he would never send his paltry ICBM fleet to destroy LA and San Francisco. I believe his ICBMs are strictly for deterrence and thus overhyped.
  15. That's not even a battleship. The battleship was a WWII-era vessel, the largest type except for fleet carriers.