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  1. Yes. There was a lunatic from Afghanistan on my plane on the tarmac at Dubai Int'l Airport. The cops arrived in about 15 minutes and cuffed him. End of story.
  2. Same here. I worked there 1992-96 and again 2009-2015. Glad to say goodbye to all that.
  3. Saudi Arabia exports the most oppressive piety in the world, leaving aside the Taliban and ISIS. Those who go along with it (not all of them do) are hypocrites who go for weekend jaunts in freewheeling Dubai and Bahrain for wine, women and song, all of which are forbidden at home, in great excess, to say the least.
  4. Like others have said, naive old bugger. As an American I got irritated by an episode of the TV show "Househunting International" when this fairly young couple goes to Chiang Mai and are starry-eyed telling everybody their apartment was "only" $550 a month. Come on, for God's sake, they're spoiling it for everybody. In CM you can get a nice one in a good area such near the university for $200-250. Brag to the world your place is "only" $550 and you're not only silly but you'll drive prices up.
  5. Interested specifically in getting access to US-based versions of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Is Buffered still the best choice?
  6. Dustdevil

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    A lot of hack journalists confuse "warship" with "battleship" because they don't know anything about ships. Some CNN silly woman kept referring to a crashed 737 as a "jumbo jet."
  7. Never mind politics; I think I'm in love with your avatar girl.
  8. Dustdevil

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    And here I thought it was to make West Virginia great again.
  9. The U.S. is more complex than that. The Pacific Coast, New Engand, southern Florida and other oases are probably more left than Manchester in England.
  10. Dustdevil

    Thai Navy denies plan to sink ageing battleship

    Another example of some writers being careless with nouns related to ships and planes. Some of them conflate battleships with warships. Naturally, even a minesweep is a warship. I've seen silly <deleted> on cable news refer to a 737 as a "jumbo jet."
  11. What's the problem? CSI simply means Crime Scene Investigation. You don't know for sure that CSI won't be needed just because the news story says it was suicide.
  12. Ha ha, "a damn good thrashing" reminds me of the Beatles' White Album. Also of T.E. Lawrence, who had some wonky predilections. It's noted in several texts that post-Arabia he paid soldiers to give him a damn good thrashing, most whipping on the back, I believe.
  13. Maybe it's not so bad being over 65 from the USA. My Medicare pays 80% of foreign medical costs when I'm on vacation abroad. I can always get supplemental insurance. In the US I already have 100% coverage, no co-pays and no deductibles and I can go directly to any specialist or hospital I want, even Johns Hopkins if I so desired. (I pay a monthly premium of about $180 for that)
  14. There's an aspiring wannabe model in the Philippines somewhere on Facebook who apparently thinks an 80% body tat coverage, including all of her breasts, has transformed her into a Bond girl. Sad.
  15. Joan Crawford eyebrows are out of style now anyway. The news has yet to reach Thailand and Vietnam.
  16. He might try and groom his hair like an adult. Part of any professional job is looking like an adult. You wouldn't wear jeans and a t-shirt for the job and you can't wear your hair like a hippie when you occupy such a high-level international position. Yes, yes, Trump's hair is a weird "disaster," but at least it's minimally quaffed, and besides, Trump is insane. This official presumably isn't.
  17. That's weird. In the States all the supermarkets sell medium and large-sized shopping bags. They're so much more convenient--you can carry three plastic bags' worth of stuff in one reusable bag. What's not to like? I keep one or two in my trunk (boot, most of you call it) all the time.
  18. We sorely need alternatives, starting with supermarkets and restaurants. I remember many years ago when the burger joints did away with styrofoam burger containers and replaced them with thin cardboard. Now that wasn't so hard, was it? The burgers taste the same. Supermarkets in the 1950s through about 1978 or so packed your groceries in paper bags. Now that wasn't so horrible, was it? It's actually easier to carry the paper bags. In Houston I always asked for paper bags. Just do away with the plastic ones. That's not so hard now, is it? These are the easiest and most obvious places to start. Hard plastic on devices and objects--well, what can I say--replace wherever possible with something else. But the retail industry is the place to start. Those plastic islands would probably reduce in size tremendously.
  19. Britain's all about the past, and the sun has set on your empire. Deal with it, I'd suggest. And we all need to deal with the emerging great empire of China, because their SOP is to interfere in our freedom of speech even in the West. The more they can censor, the happier they are. I don't know which is worse, Russia's fake news or China's censorship. At least we in the West know how to identify our faults, try to correct them, and can say anything we want. And in the U.S. it's very difficult for a public figure to win a defamation suit, thanks to First Amendment protections of the "little guy" from the rich and powerful.
  20. A lot of self-appointed Sharia patrols, right? At least recently; don't know about now.
  21. I think it must be the newly middle-class Chinese.
  22. With a surname like South and mother's maiden name like Steed, my family doesn't have much trouble tracing its roots. As for "geneology footprint," that sounds a lot like bigotry. Got news for you-- first, the English came over in 1620, not 1776. Second, Britain is all about the past. P.S. Don't bother searching Facebook--there's another South, with a Thai wife. That's not me.
  23. Romantically I'm starting over with a beautiful young woman of 45, and I'm also 68. (She's from Saigon.) There are plenty of beauties in their mid-40s who don't mind attaching themselves to a presentable and respectable farang. And I'm not wealthy at all. About four-five years ago I had a Thai gf of 36, a registered nurse in plastic surgery. Of course, it helps that I'm not fat and bald. Sorry if this all sounds conceited. I'm not Brad Pitt but it just helps if you don't let yourself go. Honestly, though, a great Thai girl I know online is only about 42 or so and she married one of those retired fat and bald guys in Germany, and she lives a good international travel life, since he seems to be quite wealthy. She's not very pretty, but shapely. I think they both made out all right.
  24. I've seen this report before here. Must be an annual one. Sounds like as an American I wouldn't want to vacation in Spain, what with 18 million Brits assuming colonial airs over the 2.6 million American arrivals in Spain. I put up with that a lot when I lived in Luxembourg, but that was back in the mid-'70s. It was always bloody Yank this, bloody Yank that. Or, as some Guardian writer wrote, the Stones' "Satisfaction" was written "to register disgust with America" when in fact, if you read Keith Richard's 600-page memoir, nothing was further from the truth. (source of stats: https://www.statista.com/statistics/447683/foreign-tourists-visiting-spain-by-country-of-residence/)