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  1. Why didn't he just go home and live off the generous welfare Britons are so fond of bragging about? Even in the States after age 66 you get up to $2000-2500 a month in social security (if you've paid into the system long enough) plus full medical care at private hospitals and doc visits for a nominal premium of $180/mo or so. Need to be a petty robber in Thailand?
  2. The term "Ugly American" does not denote a blanket denigration of 330 million people. It was a book and movie title referring to American diplomatic failures in Southeast Asia in the 1960s.
  3. Maybe, but discretionary income varies greatly in the U.S. from state to state and city to city. I'd love to use my discretionary funds in Miami Beach, Key West or Seattle, but I have to make do with Boise (which is quite a pleasant and easy place to retire, at least).
  4. The archetypal middle-class Americans spend too much and whenever they get a windfall they spend it on some stupid Bahamas vacation or a new set of wheels for the car or a wardrobe upgrade instead of saving and investing.
  5. True Vision in Hua Hin

    Great, thanks for that. Guess I was lazy.
  6. But U.S. disposable income after taxes is the highest in the western world (sources: investopedia, statistica.com, etc.)
  7. True Vision in Hua Hin

    Unfortunately a perusal of the front page reveals no prestige shows such as Ray Donovan or Berlin Station from the premium channels and streaming services. The shows are all commercial network type
  8. It's true that Americans as a whole have lost face by electing a Neanderthal president. What a change from when Obama was elected. By the way, how many self-righteous Europeans or Commonwealth citizens can claim they've elected an ethnic minority as head of state? Trump, too, shall pass, perhaps sooner than we think or dare hope. Anyway, Chiang Mai is my favorite Asian city and I find it as pleasant as it was five years ago except for the vast crowds of nouveau riche mainland Chinese. Have you heard how they loud they are esp in Dong Mueang Airport? I've been traveling internationally since 1960 (on my own since '69) and I've never seen or heard anything like it. You could hear them from 200 yards down the passageway and all the other passengers, Russians, Thais, whatever, were astonished. Anyway I'm in Ho Chi Minh City now with my gf, who likes to remind me that the Vietnamese have Chinese blood and that soon China will be the world's most powerful country, not my home country of the USA. But the Vietnamese have all been very nice to me in any case. Perhaps Thais share some of that Asian pride. I told her I don't mind about China as long as I don't have to live there (been there many times) and as long as we stand up to their meddling in our freedom of speech in the West.
  9. I recommend metacritic.com as well. As for TV, I personally limit myself to scripted shows from the prestige channels as well as the U.S.-based streaming services. It was The Sopranos (1999-2007) that heralded the current Golden Age or "prestige TV" IMHO. As for Hollywood movies, you just need to know where to look. There are also art-house or realistic films such as "Princess Cyd." I know sci-fi can be silly but not "Blade Runner 2049," a worthy successor to the original (1982 but 2007 final cut) masterpiece.
  10. I've seen this kind of thing in a horrible video of a young woman set on fire by a mob in El Salvador and she died on the spot screaming. Apparently she'd been some Cartel moll but ...my God it was awful, worse than you can imagine if you've never seen the like. Especially hard to see it happen to a girl or woman.
  11. Interested specifically in getting access to US-based versions of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Is Buffered still the best choice?
  12. Uhm, the terms are four years with a maximum of two terms. And Nixon didn't make it through the second. We hope Trump flames out for good soon.
  13. Besides, it was scripted American TV (The Sopranos, 1999-2007) that brought us out of the stupid reality shows--which originally came from Holland with that egregious "Brother" show) and into the light, and soon TV fans from Commonwealth countries were worried they couldn't match The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, Chance, and I could go on and on...and today it's the enthralling "The Handmaid's Tale."
  14. NYC's a better place than Pattaya any day of the week, all day long.
  15. Men get their karma, but sometimes then become serial killers. "Forensic Files" showed the case of a man who was regularly beaten and treated similarly by his physically dominant girlfriend. He couldn't stand up to her so he became a serial killer of prostitutes (always the most vulnerable).
  16. The worst business class is Turkish airlines although they do have lie-flat seats etc. Just tell them NOT to wake you for dinner. Their dinner is about 6 courses and takes them at least 40 minutes between each course; you're stuck with that damned table in front of you for more than three hours (Dubai to Houston, I think). I told them not to wake me the second time I flew Turkish and they woke me anyway. Thanks to Xanax it's no problem getting right back to sleep. By the way, to each his/her own, but they only serve Turkish food and I found it awful. To sit there for 3+ hours for hog food is torture.
  17. Agreed. I've flown them trans-Pacific. But even United is just fine in terms of lie-flat cocoon seats; it's just that their flights are overpriced.
  18. The best business class airliners for those 11 to 15-hour flights are always the ones with the lie-flat seats in a cocoon-like setting. Go to seatguru.com to make sure. I always have a sandwich before boarding and then pop some Xanax (in your case, whatever helps you sleep) and tell them not to wake me for dinner, only for the final meal before landing. Believe me, you're not missing any superb meal just because it's in business class; I would say that the sleep is more important. I sleep for 7 to 9 hours and have an onboard breakfast and never get jet lag. The 21-inch TV screens are redundant to me because airlines censor everything to appease the grandmothers and Muslims; nowadays everybody has their own devices anyway. I just love that lie-flat seat with the blanket and extra pillow. I'm 5'11" (180cm), by the way, and I don't run out of legroom, but you might if you're over 6' (182 cm).
  19. Even in Saudi Arabia, land of crazy Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hilux drivers, and where roads are also slaughterhouses, you don't often see pickups crammed with workers.
  20. Netflix is now available in Thailand

    Yes. Where else but Amazon Prime Video can you watch The Sopranos or Netflix's original show "Bosch." (I imagine the latter is included internationally?
  21. Twelve dead in New York City apartment fire - mayor

    That many dead is very unusual for a New York fire. You can see the fire escapes in front. Obviously they were for some reason not accessible this time.
  22. Us 100's to Thai Baht

    That's weird. Crisp notes can mean laundered money. Money is money, although accountants and money changers know that well-used notes can come with germs best left alone.
  23. Actually you've got it backwards: with the preference for boy babies, the Chinese tended to abort girls, so there's a serious imbalance--more boys and men than girls and young women. So the average Joe without looks or money is a very lonely Joe in China.
  24. I like Miami Beach and the Keys, so we have our own beaches too, and not so crowded.
  25. The average subcontinentals are not familiar with lining up. At Dubai's international airport they have to be scolded and redirected by the Arab ground staff. The Pashtuns from Afghanistan are still in the dark ages. I was on a Fly Dubai flight from Qassim to Dubai and the flight attendant, an Arab woman, had to tell the guy to flush the toilet!