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  1. You will have exactly the same feelings as everyone else when you're dead......None.
  2. Yield way to ambulances or be fined

    That there is not an inherent desire to want to get out of the way to save someone's life ,or that the authorities consider a measly 500 baht fine proportional tells you as much as you need to know about the culture.
  3. You have to be numerate enough...well count up to three,re pelvic thrusts.
  4. What search and rescue qualifications do you have to support that opinion- or did it just pop out of that stupid (likely beer ridden) head of yours?
  5. Where is the bitterness in his comments? It was an in insightful and pretty accurate observation of his time spent in Thailand reporting no bad experiences with Thai women,just an educated assessment of their limitations that he chose not to try to get seriously involved with. He's happy with his choices and current retirement option in Spain. The only bitterness emanates from your own ill informed assessment.
  6. It's £5.50 at post office AA or RAC
  7. Funny that,they say the same about us.
  8. Shopping malls- yet another one,yeah really great entertainment and interesting cultural development. The city is a hot ,traffic infested dump. Apart from a tired zoo and a water park what else has it really got to offer? No natural beauty . Yes I live 70 kilometres from there and apart from going to stock up with commodity shopping it's got nothing to offer.
  9. Just don't bother with anything. Neither the will,the culture or the intelligence exists to address the issue- they are quite happy to continue with what they regard as acceptable carnage. Proof? If they can't be arsed to replace a 50 baht bulb in the rear light that is their evaluation of their own worth.
  10. VPN service Thailand

    Anyone have a recommendation for a vpn to access BBC iplayer? According to their site it blocks access when it thinks/ detects a vpn. Also if it is good as a general purpose vpn simply to gain access to sites rather than an anonymity aspect. Express vpn has been mentioned in a previous thread but think relating to Netflix rather than anything else.
  11. An oxymoron,with the emphasis on the second syllable. The conundrum then remains as to who would devise the test.
  12. That says more about the company you keep.... ;-)
  13. So a poll sample of two produces reliable statistics?
  14. But that gentleman,for whom I have the utmost respect,would never contextualise it in such a crass comment which was the only reason for being a grammar pedant in this instance.