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  1. Delusional twaddle.
  2. Honda HRV

    My main bugbear with Hondas in Thailand is the old technology ancient 1.8 and 2.0,2.4 engines they fob you off with in various models including HRV,although I believe the Civic has new 1.5 turbo engine which would be better if it were available in HRV(its not). That said,reliability etc is good so probably still the best option of you overlooked my initial point.
  3. DON'T do it! No licence and yoir travel insurance is invalidated and you could face a massive medical bill for some moron (and Samui is full of them) running into you. Frankly ,I think the place is a cesspit with mostly lousy beaches . Ko Lanta is far more pleasant but if it’s that sort of nightlife you’re after....
  4. No,he’d just returned from a holiday in Thailand 😂...
  5. What?! I did my BSAC training 30 years ago and subsequently dived in Thailand and elsewhere shortly afterwards. Spear guns even then were an absolute no no and thought that was the case worldwide- a kind of code.
  6. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    Ah,that would be the world of fantasy internet medium that you are here using yourself? I guess irony is a lost cause for you.
  7. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    Thus confirming my suspicions about your lack of IQ when the best counter argument you can conjure up is a childish paraphrase of "No,you are!". Perhaps the loud exhausts you're so keen on has taken its toll on what remains of the grey matter?
  8. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    Who did the reading,or are you confusing it with that from the decibel meter? What people with ostentatiously loud exhausts imagine people think...."Look at that cool dude on his cool machine". What they are in fact thinking...." What an attention seeking prick !" Remember the adage "Empty vessels make most noise".
  9. Noisy Motorbike Exhausts

    62? Reading your post I can’t help concluding that’s your IQ .
  10. Are the free VPN's any good?

    bestvpn.com has reviews and offers (Express vpn comes out top) and specifically mention bbciplayer.
  11. I recall watching this programme in full. This crocodile was originally shot in the head and rescued by this Philippino who nursed it back to health. The speculation is that although he has developed a relationship with it that wouldn’t normally overcome its instinct to prey on him and that the damage to its brain from being shot may well have effected that instinct. He even took the reporter making the programme in with him. Impressive stuff nonetheless.
  12. Caption competition: "Hooray,I’ve still passed!"
  13. You’d think they’d take the time to find out it was 'Grift' they meant,but as that means only small scale swindling even that is inaccurate. I know the education system lets them down but I sometimes wonder if the raw material is also lacking when I see some of the appalling lack of common sense shown in so many aspects.
  14. For their education you couldn’t have made a better choice. Not only the universities but they consistently top the PISA education tables in all 3 categories. 14 years ago I took my 9 year old Thai stepdaughter to uk where she received a good state education and went to a good middle ranking traditional university there. She took advantage of a one year student exchange (free) in her 3rd year at NTU university in Singapore which transformed her. Now with a first class honours degree in business economics she walked straight into a good graduate job in UK. Be advised though that the pressure and workload coupled with the competitive nature of Singapore's students are the polar opposite of Thailand’s laissez faire approach. It will be a culture shock but as long as they are able to adapt to that the opportunities will be second to none. Good luck.
  15. A reminder,if needed,of the essential need for farangs of a dashcam. While sympathetic to the boy I’ve no doubt the opportunities for gouging the farang will be being exploited despite his innocence. My dual facing camera I brought from uk keeps a constant record in real-time of my speed gps position and g forces . I’m not complacent though and would be interested for any knowledge or experience of those who have had this type of irrefutable evidence and how it plays with the authorities vs lying witnesses.