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  1. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    In the uk I would not buy new. Get a 3 year old car often still with 2 years warranty left and pay less than half the new price. So for the price of a shitty new Mazda here I could be driving a BMW M3....which is exactly what I did in uk.
  2. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    Because as I said, to gain perspective . I’m well aware of Thailand’s overpricing of cars and that was an additional perspective. The higher resale is not good news either when as in the uk you could buy a very good 2/3 year old much better car than this for a fraction of that price . That’s not a realistic option here. As I said putting it into a wider perspective.
  3. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    Just to put that into perspective that’s over £40,000 for an unremarkable,oil burning family hack.No thanks.
  4. Making a will to cover UK assets

    Give very careful consideration to whom you appoint as executor. There was an article in Times money section about the enormous fees for relatively simple work that solicitors or banks can charge - it can be tens of thousands of pounds and you have little recourse to complain given the authority an executor has over the estate. I doubt your Thai wife could do it but if you have a family member who is a reasonably competent administrator it’s not that difficult for a fairly uncomplicated will ( I acted as executor for both my mothers and sisters wills ) and there is lots of help both on line and from the uk probate office. Firms offer free or cheap wills but that’s not where they make their money,it’s getting you to appoint them as executor.
  5. Quiet island for five young girls.

    Yes,Ko Chang is quite good although the beaches and sea are much nicer on Ko Lanta. A bit quieter too.
  6. In South Africa a tough Boer anti poaching commander marched a captured poacher over to a boma holding a particularly pissed off black rhino,handed him back his machete telling him he could take its horn and instructed his men to drop him into it. After the terrified hysterical screaming poacher begged for his life the commander revealed he was only kidding,much to the disappointment of his black fellow rangers.
  7. Venus and jupiter conjunction

    Meanwhile,over here most officials continue to talk from Uranus..... sorry,couldn’t resist...
  8. Where to go, special occassion

    I wholeheartedly endorse this comment on Ko Lanta having gone last February. We had own transport so able to explore really nice beaches and island trips (I’m a keen snorkeller) and it has a much nicer atmosphere than Phuket if you’re not after thumping nightlife. If it had a bit more infrastructure (like even a decent size supermarket or Makro ) I’d seriously consider moving there. I'm going to drive down there again with the wife end of Jan so if your Appartments are on West coast let me have details. I stayed at Ananda Lanta hotel last time which wasn’t bad . Koh Chang was ok but beaches not a patch on Lanta and Samui is horrible!
  9. Football and how are you watching it?

    No and I had a reply from them saying they don’t have that facility yet...despite it all being on the website with uk cards on drop down menu!!! Tit.
  10. Encasing them in tin....yes a bit barbaric but guess it would solve the problem? ;-)
  11. No alcohol,no tobacco? You do understand these are drugs,and more insidious?
  12. Football and how are you watching it?

    Indeed it would be a pain as it could lose me my uk apps. I solved the issue by logging in on my Mac desktop in the bedroom and chromecast to the tv although strangely the site wouldn’t work on safari,only chrome... But my experience may be useful to others. The site kept rejecting any number of uk credit cards despite having the facility. it does work really well in the end but could have done without the hassle!
  13. Football and how are you watching it?

    I’ve subscribed but when I’m logged on and try to select a match on my iPad either through chrome or safari it warns me it’s best to view through the app but when I opt for that via the link the App Store says it isn’t available on uk iTunes Store. When I decline(cancel) trying to watch via the browser Safari then says it cannot open the page because address invalid even though I’m logged onto the home page. Chrome just sends me round in circles when I decline the app and keeps telling me to watch via the app I can’t get! So now I’ve paid and still can’t watch! I’ve tried doing it also with the vpn switched on selecting either thailand or uk server but no difference. Any suggestions or others having issues through iPad or Mac?
  14. Earl grey is the ultimate marketing con. I worked for a tea company who were not alone in using poor quality teas because it was disguised by the strength of the bergamot oil . But hey it’s worked on you!
  15. Consumer Reports - Least Reliable Cars

    All modern cars are far more reliable than their 30 year old counterparts and mechanically need less maintenance. They are vastly more sophisticated having electronic driver aids and comfort accessories that weren’t dreamed about 30 years ago. Sometimes that electronic wizardry goes wrong but basically a far superior car .