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  1. Which is why confiscation of the vehicle (he won’t have money to buy another and drive again) is the only remedy.
  2. I use PTT and esso but I’ve never seen a whiff of black smoke. My pickup is 3 years old. Strange,I’d thought you might get BETTER economy/performance from premium grade or I thought the odd tank of premium might perform a cleaning function.?
  3. And you still won’t be able to get more than 1 case in the boot ,especially if LPG. Why on earth aren’t there more 5 door/hatchback taxis ? In most countries there’s no cost premium.
  4. Is there any tangible benefit to using the premium diesel?. I’ve occasionally bought it (esso version) without really understanding why. From my uk experience I understood that buying super unleaded (99 octane) was only a benefit to vehicles designed to run on it like my M3 . 2/3rds of uk fuel price is tax.!
  5. I’m sure you’ll correct me if necessary,but pulling up an an aquatic animal of that size by the tail ,used to having it’s weight supported in the water is surely bound to cause serious,probably fatal internal injuries?
  6. nchuckle

    Huawei Y9 purchase concerns

    The instructions specifically say not to do this as it may not work/cause damage. That said,I have successfully had that done some time ago although they did warn me it might break and I’d have no sim.
  7. The actual legal requirement is to have an IDP here. You may well get away with it as far as the police are concerned but if you have an accident it will be a whole other ballgame. £5.50...GET IT!
  8. nchuckle

    Huawei Y9 purchase concerns

    Got a Y9 for missus,the AIS store did all the data transfer from her old phone,keeping existing AIS number but not sure how they adapted her old normal sim to fit the nano sim slot (would they have programmed a new sim with her old number?). Going to uk next month and have an old uk EE sim which is still live. How can I get it to fit/function in the nano slot on the Y9?
  9. nchuckle

    Coming back

    60 kilometers east of Korat. It’s actually most unpleasant,there’s a bit of relief after the rain but it’s back to high 30's and my app which takes into account the humidity indicates it 'feels' like 44 and it does. Very little wind to provide relief.Tell her to meet you in Bangkok and fly somewhere more pleasant (both from a weather and interest perspective)
  10. So you think 500 baht is more important than serious injury or your life? Amazing!
  11. It certainly does make you,or anyone else,stupid not to wear a seatbelt in ANY vehicle. Do you think taxis are immune from or even less likely to have accidents? Where do you get the 90% figure from,or did you just make that up? i agree the other poster is simply speculating on the matter as you point out.
  12. Try looking at the world rankings of Thai 'universities ' and even more damning,the county’s performance in the PISA tables for evidence of the joke that is the education system.
  13. nchuckle

    Mid-range smartphone recommendations

    Just bought the newly launched Huawei Y9 for the missus 6990 baht ,there is a cheaper but same size Y7 5000 baht but the 4000m/ah battery on the Y9 was the main clincher. Better display also apparently.
  14. "Moron dies" is the only relevant news
  15. nchuckle

    Motorcycle helmets crackdown in Hua Hin

    May the 4th be with you....