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  1. The individual you quote here wouldn't be covered by his travel insurance even if sober and wearing a helmet. Most policies exclude motorcycles.
  2. Most occurrences like this including their driving can be explained thus: They are badly educated/ trained, they selfishly don't care about their deficiencies or the consequences to others and there is no incentive to improve by virtue of a lack of severe penalties . It's a damning cultural trait which I despise.
  3. This one I got brought out from uk and can confirm it's as good as the reviews say. Forward and rear facing. Not cheap circa £135 on eBay but may one day pay for itself vs a cheapie.
  4. What would be the suggested protocol in the event of an accident not your fault but captured on dashcam. Point out to everyone including police that you have recorded the incident to prevent lies and false witnesses,or let everyone make up their bullshit which you can later prove to be such.Say or reveal nothing until the insurance company arrives,having perhaps concealed and safeguarded your camera/SD card and reveal your trump card to them? I would be concerned a corrupt policeman would demand the camera(could I refuse?) to conceal the evidence,although I could quietly remove the SD card before.
  5. A cheap helmet for a cheap head.
  6. Had that been from a Thai driver it would have robbed him of the majority of his IQ.
  7. I got this one brought out to me from uk. One of the best according to reviews and I can certainly endorse that. Look on eBay
  8. I suggest going forward that brakes on all vehicles are removed and replaced with amulets.
  9. As they're already comfortable with the principle of discrimination via the dual pricing for national parks reciprocation is surely justified in recognising that getting a farang licence requires 10 times more ability and thus should be awarded a Thai licence without further ado?
  10. It's so hot and dry here that the villagers rely on government officials spitting on them for moisture!
  11. Okay,so show us your statistics backing up your claim that both countries have the same amount of collisions. Why hasn't it occurred to your 'analytical' brain to quote the difference in the number of motorcycle accidents between the two countries which would explain a lot of it. How about the difference in the level of preventive measures taken,like the wearing of proper crash helmets (or any helmet at all) ,the inability in the uk to continue your journey if caught without insurance or the car unroadworthy,the severe penalties for leaving the scene of an accident . You admit Thailand has the second worst road fatalities in the world but you simply put that down to the standard of the emergency services. That implies every virtually every other third world state (think of Africa) has better emergency services. How's your analytical thinking coping with that?
  12. He wouldn't have to wait to lose it,he would most likely be relieved of it,tortured into revealing the PIN numbers and held captive for several days while his account was emptied and then his body would be dumped. But hey,they've got rid of apartheid and the economy storming ahead to catch up with Zimbabwe ,so relief all round.
  13. I'm going to hazard a wild guess based on my observations that the death toll might have more to do with the the moronic driving skills and attitude,but hey you focus on the symptoms rather than the cause. So you think that in any kind of accident or emergency, unless medically qualified,one should just walk on by,nothing one could do to help? Your deductive reasoning certainly qualifies you as an honorary Thai driver.
  14. They should be able to implement your suggestion....they're certainly not short of 'retards' here.
  15. Why is it never amulet,rather than brake failure ? They need a catchy slogan to cover this,something like 'Because saving face is more important than saving lives'.