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  1. But they’re not proper helmets,just plastic bucket equivalents. Cheap helmets for cheap heads.
  2. No,they haven’t sufficient IQ for that perception.
  3. There’s no reason for it not to be on the road. It would stop ,corner and handle far better than your vehicle. A moron in a pickup will do far more damage.
  4. nchuckle

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    The road accident/death statistics,especially on motorbikes in Thailand are THE most specific and relevant information available. Anecdotal evidence counts for little- the ones that didn’t survive can’t write their versions.
  5. nchuckle

    Thai students shine in China math competition

    Usually the technology is there so they don’t have to but if it fails they would unlikely struggle with such simple arithmetic. See Thailand’s performance on PISA educational tables for confirmation of that.
  6. nchuckle


    You can never spend too much ......
  7. nchuckle

    Honda HRV or Toyota CHR?

    The old technology 1.8 engine in the Honda if now replaced in the RS by the new 1.5 turbo (as per Civic RS )would be a significant improvement. You seem to be saying you have the Toyota CHR but saying you like the 1.8 and cvt in it ....which is the drivetrain of the Honda...???
  8. There are plenty of lawyers offering their services on a no win no fee such is the strength of his case (unsubstantiated allegation of being a paedophile) . Musk's lawyers would settle out of court.
  9. He will still be respected and certainly a lot richer too if he sues.
  10. To understand the legal standpoint there is no case to bring against someone who disagrees with your opinion and tells you ,even in an offensive manner,to go away. However to make an unsubstantiated allegation that someone is a paedophile (or other criminal ) most certainly is . Musk may have deep pockets but Unsworth, in a case as strong as his, would certainly have no shortage of no win no fee lawyers willing to take on his case . He would bring the case,not in Thailand,but in USA which Musk could not ignore and the damages would be substantial.
  11. You have chosen an education which will determine the rest of your child’s life based upon the ease of babysitters. The best thing I ever did was remove my stepdaughter from Thai education to the U.K. She has a first class honours degree in economics from a U.K. university and a job reflecting that. A degree from a Thai university is worthless outside of Thailand.
  12. Forecasting that there’ll be many more of these accidents due to negligence and greed certainly will be 100% accurate.
  13. Someone thankfully has realised that calling in foreign expertise ,achieving a positive result and publicly thanking them with Thai hospitality doesn’t make them lose face but endears the nation to the world. Worth any number of tourist encouraging initiatives.