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  1. You could live on a sewage farm- that would be different. Korat is horrible.
  2. But... but..there are already plenty of barriers...barriers to addressing the real problems,barriers to driver training,barriers to education,barriers to enforcing road safety...add any you feel noteworthy.
  3. So just one dimensional? No consideration for the issues of cultural,educational,driver training shortcomings,corruption,lack of political will/competence, nor road engineering? Just 'end of' fingers in the ears ,no other views to be listened to or considered.....?
  4. Which bit of not being able to overcome the laws of physics were you struggling to understand?
  5. Merc or any other modern car would have crumple zones designed to minimise injuries to pedestrians ,although the laws of physics can’t be ultimately overruled. So significant damage is a sign of that working.
  6. No,I haven’t asked because I’ve not needed it so that could be the case. However I recently registered for online banking and since my post looked at the online statements and rather oddly (and perhaps worryingly) it posts against the deposit 'Domestic Transfer' which it really isn’t. I’m wondering if the transfer from the point I instruct it on the website first goes to another bank within Thailand and thence to my account...but this is not an unusual method with FX transfers. I may have to do further investigations with the bank to clarify this. World first charges no transfer fees and their rates are around 1/2 baht less per £ than the full interbank rate (so around 1%) which is pretty good. I notice Kasikorn doesn’t credit the full amount in baht that the fx company advises it is sending nor does it indicate a separate deduction fee but the difference amounts to around 0.1% of amount sent,again I understand this is normal with banks here. I transfer at least £1000 per transaction and don’t think it’s designed for amounts as tiny as $25,if that’s indeed what you meant? Hope that helps?
  7. As ever you are the voice of reason amongst the panic and speculation. It’s actually beneficial (and it was very predictable)that more embassies would follow suit because it adds to the momentum and pressure for Immigration to propose a solution and define the parameters. The nuclear option for them is to insist that without income letters (which will I believe in all cases become a thing of the past unless ) only bank deposits are acceptable with all the associated ramifications for many. There is a lot more to be played out in this scenario and there is effectively over 6 months for that to happen.
  8. Exactly what are the country’s rules and procedures here in this respect. I mean it’s not as though it might vary from office to office, IO to IO and day to day ,is it..?
  9. So,in practical terms still taking a greater risk than diving and traveling in a helicopter......
  10. Do you avoid travelling on Thai roads where the statistics are even worse?
  11. What actual code does it show? See my post re BNT above .
  12. I use an FX company (World first) not an expensive bank to send money to my Kasikorn bank. No paperwork of the sort you show is routinely generated,just an entry in my bank book with a 'BNT' and some numbers shown in the right hand column headed 'Teller number '. Does this signify (and would immigration understand) that this relates to overseas transfers? If not, could Kasikorn retrospectively produce documentation for either this purpose or for the purposes of proving I’d brought the money in should I ever wish to repatriate funds? On a separate note,all this uncertainty about income letters is simply giving self important IOs the opportunity to grandstand,flex their muscles and put their own interpretation on things.
  13. nchuckle

    Srivara makes U-turn on rap group

    'You talking to me....?'
  14. That’s because this is a comments forum not an online condolences book. You prefer not to be informed..?