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  1. Maybe get them sent to the head coach he can then get them out to the lads. If anyone .can get the address
  2. Many Thanks enjoy the rest. Cheers
  3. Well done lads. And all the other international and Thai teams involved in this great operation.
  4. Reason they were closed so easier for everyone to follow this thread. We're some great updates from Sheryl and others on here.
  5. That is fantastic news!!!
  6. Yes I want to thank Sheryl and all at TVF for keeping us up to date Cheers
  7. Keep them coming. What a day thus is
  8. All I have read about it is 7 of the British cave rescue team and Aussies are leading the rescue The two bits who foubd the boys are the architect's of the rescue plan
  9. In London for few months been glued to this rescue since day 1. Will definitely feel better when all out and safe. Well done to All rescuers and volunteers. And thanks to TVF for keeping us all up-to-date. Cheers