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  1. But people could have more brain to drive with more attention and smoothly on accelerator and brakes. It's well known that first rain brings up grease and oil from asphalt and should apply different driving Instead of usual crazy attitude
  2. .....but If during a check or arrested for other reasons Is discovered a delay of 90d rep. then there Is a fine to pay not exeeding 5,000baht
  3. The first time I made the extention from non o visa to retirement stay permit in Phuket, they asked to make 90days report before giving me the stay permit (illegal cause 1st extention already a 90days report itself) and so the officer called by phone the place I used to stay and they told I checked out without saying that I was a permanent guest there and they oblidged me to check beeing fully booked for few days. So the officer accused me to be a lier but I had booking at hotel just beside, they didn't accept any reason and shouting like an eagle kicked me out like a criminal in front of everybody there. A real abuse of power. Flew immediately to Bkk and just 2 days b4 expire date got extention without any request or bewise of adress.......
  4. Suggestion of Old Croc could be wise and announce to where you told (Myanmar Embassy?) your passport was lost that you found It. They can cancel the note, give you a revalidation paper and you can leave Thailand Safely. In America you can use the one connected to green card If there Is the number on It. I have used 2 passports In USA cause had the Indefenitely multiple entry visa on the old expired one and they accepted the first to put stamp on the new one.
  5. If you didn't report it lost to thai police and if you received a new while staying in Thailand and has no stamp on it, from my point of view you can exit the country using the old without showing the new. If instead you have an entry stamp on the new, but I don't think so, how did you exit before? I suppose you have an old with visa and entry stamp and a new without any stamp received while you already in Thailand. You should explain with more details.......
  6. Thais have done like in Brazil, not developing trains in the past centuries they have given boost to private bus connections cause no car traffic before, now that cars are to many trains would come useful but need rebuild completely the railroads to sustain even the intercity vagons and electrified to avoid diesel engines. Will be a long road....sorry a long "rail"road....
  7. Even if thai people don't study the driving rules but it seems they interpretate everything upsidedown. Ambulance arrives and no one stepss aside rights Mototaxis drive on pedestrian walkway with arrogance When thais come from behind they never keep safety distance and for them who is in front must take care on those behind Motorbikes noisy and driving dangerously....and so on. The list is long. They realy don't know. Ignorancy at maximum level.
  8. In Europe I saw a fix amount...but never know, things can change or be In many ways....up to local constructor to enter market or to branch director. If a branch director approves then can give any loan. In bank's rules any bank's employee can be usefull
  9. Dealers get something for the service they do. Maybe not monyhly comission but a fix s amount
  10. When you buy a car or a property, those goods are the garanty, if you don't pay even the last month they can take back the property and the bank get a big advantage. Specialy if having account with cash in same bank they can grow their business and including an insurance in case of problems and each bank has own insurance company. So double business..... Sometimes not so business oriented
  11. Yes sure I agree! But same story with Brazil, Caraibians, Mexico or others, where violence Is at higher levels. My countries 24news Is reporting a lot murdered In that part of the world rather ythan here.... But a statistic would be welcome Embassies or FAM have It for sure
  12. I agree. They can live together happy and without all this buro..crazy requirements
  13. They don't care about genuine or not. They want know personal financial Informations about accounts or hiding money/incomes after a huge nr of people expatriated. The nr of Italians that left Italy has abundantly overcome the Immigrants......can you Immagine...???
  14. Yes u r right. Can be done the other way round with Apostille stamp In the country of origin. Italian government Is since long time In a diabolic way of thinking. They could do this to discover Italian people that lives or want to live abroad and have foreign bank accounts. For Italian tax low each citizen should declear any account or property or Income abroad and pay tax there, of course combined with the eventual Italian Income to apply the progressive growing %. In this way they can obtain Individual Info and prosecute by low with hard fines. In the past they have been canceled the Italians Inscribed In the foreign resident list of each municipality In this way they couldn't even vote at election and had to show up for the readmit procedures. The mafia mentality Is In the Italian politicians mind, Italian people are under a dirty criminal regime covered by democratic smiling face....
  15. Many have decided to make traditional xmas holiday in own countries in ski resorts or stay home cause economic crises and save money