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  1. Listen to yourself. You are saying the voices in your head align with ZH. You may need to dilute your Jack Daniel a lot more.
  2. Thanks. Great writing, and an incredible piece of journalism. I highly recommend others read it.
  3. Wait, there’s an off switch?? It must must be next to the G-spot, which I also can’t find.
  4. It’s not as innocent as them just being dupes. As a non white person who grew up around racists, I *felt* I knew why Trump won. But everyone kept telling me I was wrong—that it was really economic anxiety. Well, turns out my spidey sense was right: On July 3 researchers released the most comprehensive survey data yet aimed at understanding what actually went down in Election 2016. The group includes academics but also right-leaning outlets such The Heritage Foundation and left-leaners like the Center for American Progress. They [voters] did flock to Trump. But the reason they did so in enough numbers for Trump to win wasn’t anxiety about the economy. It was anxiety about Mexicans, Muslims and blacks. Here’s how they put it in academese: “What stands out most, however, is the attitudes that became more strongly related to the vote in 2016: attitudes about immigration, feelings toward black people, and feelings toward Muslims,” writes George Washington University professor John Sides. He notes that the media focused on less-educated whites, but negative racial attitudes fueled by Trump were a big motivator for college-educated whites, too. A substantial share of Trump voters “appeared to embrace a conception of American identity predicated on birthplace and especially Christian faith,” Sides found. It makes sense, considering the candidate himself was maligning Mexicans and openly calling for banning Muslims. “I’ve got three words for you: scared white people,” “I get it, nobody wants to be told what they don’t want to hear,” Parker says. “People want there to be a more innocent explanation, about jobs or trade or something. But sorry, everyone — it just isn’t there. My plea to people is we ought to start focusing on what’s real.” http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/uw-professor-got-it-right-on-trump-so-why-is-he-being-ignored/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=article_left_1.1
  5. To a Thai hooker, all western men are sexpats, because those are the only western men she meets. If the only women I ever meet are naggy ones, I have to wonder if *I’m* the problem.
  6. After nine months of Trump, If only we were so fortunate as to now have a choice between scurvy or Trump! I know what I’d choose.
  7. Well explain me this: why is it that ThaiVisa (clearly a branch of The Deep State since they allow links from CNN but not InfoWars) allows your post to remain? I’ll tell you why: YOU are part of The Deep State—it is so Deep, it is turning in on itself and sucking it’s own farts! Wake up sheeple! They’re everywhere, even here, criticizing the very thing that they are part of! Plots within plots, within plots, my friend.
  8. He was seeking the answer to the age-old question: ”If a man, alone in the woods, speaks, and there’s no wife around to hear, is he still wrong?”
  9. Hey, experience face reader, read this face: 🤦‍♂️
  10. https://www.thenation.com/article/a-soulless-coward-coach-gregg-popovich-responds-to-trump/ ‘A Soulless Coward’: Coach Gregg Popovich Responds to Trump | The Nation - - To Trump supporters, “Soulless coward” doesn’t have the same catchiness as “lyin’ Ted” or “crooked Hillary” that eight year olds love.
  11. To take the car analogy further, this rusted car has a stick shift too small to be handled by normal hands and needs to be operated delicately with just thumb and index finger!
  12. “Man rescued from Taliban: I thought my captors were kidding when they said Trump was president” http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/355603-man-rescued-from-taliban-i-thought-my-captors-were-kidding-when
  13. 12 days after it was announced soldiers were killed in Niger, Trump says "I will at some point during the period of time call the parents." https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/919990669107777536/video/1 Judd Legum (‪@JuddLegum‬) 17/10/17, 05:42 He's played golf 5 times in the last 9 days twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s… - - He has time to play golf 5 times in the preceding 9 days. He likes soldiers that don’t get themselves fallen. Meanwhile, people taking the knee over an issue entirely unrelated to veterans or the military are the ones really disrespecting The Fallen.