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  1. Or, Franken could just switch parties. The GOP would welcome him, just as they’ve welcomed Trump and are preparing to welcome Moore.
  2. Sad times when people actually applaud BS like this. Incredible. You should have higher standards. His supporters, unable to deny all the facts comming out from all sides, still cling to the illusion that Trump is somehow playing some kind of superhuman level eleventieth dimensional chess that everyone else (EVERYONE ELSE!) fails to see. Scientists will be studying this phenomenon for years: how dumb do you have to be to see delicious, ice cold chocolate pudding when presented with a bowl of steaming hot turd?
  3. From the link: " “On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke,” the book claims. And one dinner for Trump by itself consisted of “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.” " He may cause his own removal before he can be impeached A doctor friend had sent me that piece and I didn’t read it—till I saw the link from Lannarebirth (thanks) and went back and read it. My friend remarked that anyone who eats like that even semi-regularly and exercises as little as Trump is know to exercise, should be a lot fatter than Trump is. He speculated that Trump might be on some kind of diet pills. If so, those pills are known to screw with your mind. However you slice it, that article (by a Trump supporter! And former campaign manager!) paints a disturbing picture.
  4. Latest count as per CNN article from two days ago: At least 12 Trump associates had contacts with the Russians during the campaign. At least 19 Trump officials had face to face interactions with Russians or Kremlin-linked figures. A total of at least 51 communications in all that we know of, so far. All of them unreported, then denied, then lied about, then lied about the substance of, then downplayed and now being touted as normal. So normal that they had to be denied, lied about and downplayed.
  5. I’m partial to dark Lao beer. It’s one of the few beers here that don’t give me a headache. youre not wrong in that my attitude (as displayed above) is not helpful if what we are looking for (and, surely we are?) is some kinds of compromised solutions to the myriad of contentious issues. That isn’t possible till every one can base their arguments on facts and agree to have honest debates. People should also be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Sadly, there is no agreement on facts, there is no honesty on what the actual contentions are, and there is no civility. I’d love to be able to say that the blame is on both sides, but on issues like guns, abortion, healthcare, taxes, gender equality, LGBTQ rights and a host of other issues, the blame is disproportionately on one side. I’m off to knock on the door of a friend rumored to keep stocks of Lao.
  6. If there were genuine partisan discourse, I’d agree with you because I don’t like ideology—I go where the facts take me. There is no discourse of ANY kind even possible when one side adheres to (or pretends to adhere to) magical thinking. The completely debunked trickle down theory is a case in point. Maths, data and three decades of experience have conclusively shown that it doesn’t work, yet, with the new tax bill, the GOP have doubled down on the same BS. It’s clear from the way this bill has worked it’s way through Congress that they don’t believe their BS any more than the Democrats do, though publicly they continue to spout it. What kind of non-partisan discourse is even possible under such conditions? “Respect for life” is another GOP inconsistency. They want to force women to have unwanted children but refuse to fund health, nutrition, safe drinking water and education for the child after it is born. They refuse to allow sex education, which is proven to drastically reduce unwanted pregnancies. They refuse to fund or even allow the promotion of contraception even though it definitely prevents unwanted pregnancies. They promote abstinence which is a *proven* failure. They loudly and sanctimoniously talk of respecting life while calling for the death penalty. They speak of forgiveness and the saving grace of Jesus while defunding training and other programs *proven* to reduce recidivism among criminals. Do they even believe what they are spouting against all available evidence, or are they merely using these emotional wedge issues to gain power and money? Either way, where to even begin any kind of rational, good-faith, non-partisan discourse? They talk about freedom and the constitution while actively, and with precision, disenfranchising specific class of voters who they know are unlikely to vote for them—all in the name of non-existent voter fraud. The evidence shows there is no appreciable voter fraud, but against all evidence they insist there is. What meaningful discourse can be had when facts are thrown out the window? The partisanship is entirely one-sided. They are Alice, going down the rabbit hole and want all of us to follow. If we don’t, *we* are being partisan. Sorry for the tirade. I’m in a mood and I’ve run out of my favorite beer.
  7. This is a depressing but necessary read: “Democrats don’t like giving up on their institutions easily, and the Mueller investigation has served as both the best and the worst manifestation of that alluring Democratic reasonableness. So long as he is working away, filing documents and convening grand juries, nobody needs to take to the streets. But as the year has progressed, it’s become clear that absolutely nothing will persuade Trump supporters and Republicans in Congress that it’s time to disavow the president—not lying, not spilling state secrets, not abject failure in crisis management, and not openly performed corruption. Given that reality, it often feels like it wouldn’t be enough for Mueller to hand us a smoking gun and an indictment. What if they threw a conviction and nobody came?” http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2017/12/is_it_too_late_for_robert_mueller_to_save_us.html
  8. They are saying “Flynn was a former Obama official” While true, it’s like saying Charles Manson was a former musciaion, skipping over the whole murdery cult part.
  9. The largest group among the above are evangelicals. Let’s not forget why they want this: They sincerely believe such a move will be a step closer to Armageddon, the second comming of Christ and the annihilation of all non Christians, as well as all the wrong kinds of Christians. Such a lovely, godly bunch, these evangelicals.
  10. From: “nothing to do with Russia” to: (at least) 30 KNOWN contacts by (at least) 8 high high level Trump Campaign operatives. ALL of which they first failed to report as required, then denied, then lied about, then lied about the substance of, then down played the importance of, then finally admitted to. Nothing suspicious there! So this is now the latest defense: “Flynn didn’t collude wi5 the Russians to rig the election, he colluded with them *after* the election! That’s not so bad, is it?” Yes it is, because by now the intelligence agencies had already informed Trump and his top aides that Russia had interfered in the elections. The sanctions were a direct response to that interference. For the third highest ranking member of the winning team to tell the head of the Russian spy network that interfered on their behalf not to worry about sanctions related to that interference—to give this assurance on behalf of the incoming administration, secretly and then lie about it—yeah, that’s a <deleted>ing big deal.
  11. GOP’s List of Economists Backing Tax Cut Includes Ghosts, Office Assistants, Ex-Felons, and a Sprinkling of Real Economists https://theintercept.com/2017/12/01/gops-list-of-economists-backing-tax-cut-includes-ghosts-office-assistants-ex-felons-and-a-sprinkling-of-real-economists/ Touting support for their tax cut legislation, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the Senate Finance Committee, and Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, released a letter this week signed by 137 economists who say they strongly endorse the Republican legislation before Congress. President Donald Trump on Friday afternoontweeted a short video featuring the list of 137 economists.
  12. Scaramucci and the NY Post in June of 2017: Anthony Scaramucci (‪@Scaramucci‬) 27/6/17, 04:34 FBI clears Flynn in probe linking him to Russia | New York Post A Patriot cleared. Hopefully nonsense will end. nypost.com/2017/01/24/fbi…
  13. Because “brown-skinned” is too many letters? A curious side note: in the ‘80s, “Sophia Gandhi” was invariably preceded by “Italian-born” both in the Indian and International Press. As far as I can recall, the Indian press have stopped using that prefix, but the international press still often does.
  14. Maybe he’ll be consoled by the fact that he’s made on to the cover of Newsweek? They got his skin tone just right.