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  1. You have a tendency to make blanket statements with no anchor in reality. When you get exposed, you move on, but only seemingly. You double back and repeat the unsubstantiated thing again and again. Where is this "rising far-left"? Communism is dead. The Antifa are a small fringe group whose sole purpose is to confront racists. Their tactics are questionable, but at least their hearts are in the right place. The white supremacists on the other hand have no redeeming value. The only "riots" we've been discussing is the Nazi march designed to intimidate minorities. The huge Boston counter protest was a peaceful show of solidarity against white supremacists whose idea of "freedom" is to be allowed to openly practice their racism. Well, sorry—the majority of Americans are telling them that they can't do that.
  2. Life is short and the world is at least half terrible, and for every kind stranger, there is one who would break you, though I keep this from my children. I am trying to sell them the world. Any decent realtor, walking you through a real sh!thole, chirps on about good bones: This place could be beautiful, right? You could make this place beautiful. http://waxwingmag.org/items/Issue9/28_Smith-Good-Bones.php
  3. There is no doubt that Gandhi considered Africans to be inferior. But that's where it ended.* Unlike the Confederate leaders, he did not advocate slavery, did not fight to perpetuate slavery and subjugation by any means. Gandhi's struggles began and ended with equal rights for Indians. It is completely inappropriate to mount any defense of confederate statues on the basis of protests against Gandhi statues. It is understandable if people in Ghana and South Africa do not wish to commemorate the man. However, while he did not directly fight for Africans, or presumably even care about their freedoms, it must be noted that his success in India, did set a precedent and weakened the British Empire and THAT contributed to a more accelerated decolonization in Africa. Africans have countless true and heroic freedom fighters of their own to commemorate and it's OK for them to reject Gandhi as irrelevant, because, for the most part, he was. *To be clear, that is an unequivocally racist stance.
  4. Given your history of misrepresentation, I cannot take this assertion of yours as true till you prove otherwise.
  5. It's Soros financing, I tell you. Antifa used some of that Soros cash to buy themselves OUT of that classification. If only Trumpsters had some of that sweet Soros money, they could buy themselves a clue. Alas, their mentor Alex Jones just dishes out BS instead of cash.
  6. Nobody but you and your ilk have designated Antifa as terrorists. Your say-so doesn't make them so. I never said they were "peaceful protesters" I would ask you to please have the integrity to stop putting words in my mouth. I said I support their anti racist stance without supporting their violent means. Back to your link that you imply "proves" they are terrorists. It is a petition. How does a petition prove anything? How does a mention of Antifa on a Homeland security website prove they are terrorists? Gov Chris Christie is also mentioned. Is he a terrorist? The facade and lies are all on Trump's side. And he has now, by his own words, been exposed as white supremacist sympathizer.
  7. What is this supposed to prove? You earlier stated that Antifa are a terrorist organization. The link you provided at the time showed NOTHING of the sort. You lied. The link you now provide is merely a petition. Proves zilch. Go back to the drawing board. Do you know what other petition is at that site, one with SEVEN times as many signatures? It's a petition asking Trump to release his tax returns. Dated February. Has he got around to releasing his tax returns? Will he ever?
  8. We have to remember the glorious history of the Trumptanic. Quick! Erect a statue of the Iceberg, lest the history of the glorious iceberg be forgot.
  9. Speaking of Ivanka's dad's love rival, Kushner (a Jew) : won't he be replacing Bannon (a white supremacist) on some of Bannon's duties? what was that catchy slogan Trump's "nice people" Nazi marchers were chanting again?
  10. Season One : Introduce characters and plot lines Season Two: kill off least popular characters as well as some colorful ones for dramatic effect. Season three: Rob Mueller! [quue dramatic music—Dhan-dhan DHAAN, dhan]
  11. "The True Face of Donald Trump" i'm I'm detecting a theme here... T
  12. Did Art Buchwald write about Trump in 1973?
  13. Great idea. But, see there's a serious flaw in that idea. The flaw is in the letting them coming back part. 😏
  14. Oh Noooo!! The mental castration has already begun!!