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  1. Frank Lesser (@sadmonsters) 8/17/18, 11:09 AM If Trump wants a big parade in his honor all he has to do is resign
  2. Irony died when a race-baiting, six times bankrupt, thrice married famously philandering adulterer said, “I’m the least racist person you’ve ever met” and when “family values” evangelicals and business-worshipping republicans voted for him in overwhelming numbers.
  3. Indeed, but only if they were actual snakes. Metaphorical snakes would vote for him, then join his cabinet.
  4. A lot of the red areas are uninhabited by humans. The entire state of very red Alaska at 660,000 Sq Miles has a smaller population than the 230 Sq miles of the very blue city of San Francisco. That map above would make sense if rattle snakes and coyotes and moose could vote. And, even then, only if they voted for Trump, which being snakes and Coyotes, maybe they would.
  5. Even his parades get deferments.
  6. Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) 8/17/18, 8:44 AM These people with unique and important perspectives on the Trump campaign's relationship to Russia, what would revoking their security clearance do to their ability to prepare testimony and to testify? pic.twitter.com/j1ZBF9PlUv
  7. What this means is that the haul will be auction/sold for “500,000” and that is the amount that will be returned to government coffers.
  8. While Brennen has been cut lose, Lavrov and Kisliyak still have their security clearance.
  9. Daniel Dale (@ddale8) 8/16/18, 2:05 AM Donald Trump's list of accusations about John Brennan today: - "Erratic conduct and behaviour" - "Frenzied commentary" - "Wild outbursts on the internet and television" - Monetizing his official position - Told lies —x— Good god, the man doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror; Who’s the Dog now? T
  10. “More White people have been to the moon than attended this rally” Jim Jefferies.
  11. Mrs T loved it. So much so, that she dragged one of our visiting kids (who reads, and re-reads Shakespeare in her spare time) to watch it a second time. I am almost ashamed to admit this, but my spawn kinda enjoyed the cursed film too. There’s no accounting for taste.
  12. This happened to a guy I know. It was at the Ritz, Moscow. Now he’s president.
  13. “We found no sign, no sign at all of prostitution” said the police spokesman at a press conference outside the fine dining establishment named “No Money, No Honey” and across the street from a drive through STD clinic.
  14. I’m a film buff. I try and catch most movies at their cinema screenings, where they’re meant to be watched. I watched this film in 3D. Here’s my review: The only actor in this film that could act was the shark. The water was a decent supporting actor. The shark also had the best dialogue. Save your money. The end. p.s. Also, the 3D game me a headache.