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  1. Here’s how you know when you are losing an argument: when you keep attacking the messenger instead of addressing the message.
  2. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    On a lighter note??
  3. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Please look up what anecdotal means.
  4. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    My point was: look at the stats, see what they tell you. You seem to be relying on anecdotal evidence and suppositions.
  5. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    Let me guess your other presumptions: “Ethnics” are stupider, have smaller dicks, are sexually aggressive with rapey tendencies, lazy, prone to drunkenness and messy eaters. Oh, Lordy, you know them so well, in your presumptuousness.
  6. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    The orgasm comes after you shoot, then place the warm gun next to your genitals, preferably with the safety off.
  7. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    The OP is based on a spike in murders in the last few months, very likely on a statistical basis to go back to 'normal'. Hence the rush to blame it on the colored folks before the numbers inevitably flatten out, thus deflating their so-called arguments. A legendary bank robber, when asked why he robbed banks, replied, “because that’s where the money is.” But that isn’t the story of crime. Crime is more prevalent in low income areas than high income areas. Poor people are more likely to be victims than rich people. Criminality is not race-based, but socio-economically based. It’s not that rich people don’t become criminals (or victims), but that their criminality is more genteel. Like Bernie Maddof (and his victims).
  8. Hey, I’ll have you know, that’s my teenage face when I discovered masturbation.
  9. You’re right. We are all losing sight of what is “normal” and that isn’t a good thing. We are relatively nonplussed by payoffs to porn stars, blatantly profiling off the presidency, policy by tweet, bold faced lying on a daily basis, casual talk of thermonuclear war, an unfolding trade war, reports of The President’s sexual fantasies of his daughter, blatant nepotism in the WH, and people continuing to work in the top echelons without a security clearance. Not to mention our tolerance for ridiculously long ties stuck with cellphone tape. I’m all for tolerance, but this kind of normalization can’t be good for a country. Trump’s corrupting influence extends to immunizing all of us from things that should shock us. In that sense, we too have been corrupted. You are also right that attacks on trump galvanizes his supporters. This is a feature of the mindless Republican base. They are never more energized than when they are either in attack mode, (as with Obama) or, circle-the-wagons defense mode (as with Trump). They don’t do nuance or policy debates. Liberals, while they are fairly united on the overall goals, are hopelessly divided over the nitty gritty of how to achieve those goals. This is an inescapable weakness of wonkishness, and it is a weakness relentlessly exploited by corporatist demagogic Republicans who can rally their mindless base over wedge issues, racism and fear—things they themselves may actually care little about. While Democrat leaders tiredly try to heard cats, GOP leaders effortlessly heard sheep. That’s why they keep winning even as a majority of Americans lean more left than right. But your last sentence offers hope as we hear more and more Trump supporters sheepishly identify as “independents”
  10. The idiom is “nail on the head” I say this not to nitpick, but to illustrate a point. It’s just a little detail. But details and wonkishness aren’t Trump supporters’ strong suits. That explains their susceptibility to broad brush empty promises encapsulated in MAGA. That they also get to reject a smart, accomplished woman is just icing on the cake. The shallowness of their curiosity matches that of Trump. I guess the nail doesn’t fall far from the hammer, or something like that—don’t worry your little head over the correct proverb.
  11. Women weren’t allowed to be knights. I guess those medieval days your ilk hanker for. Good luck with that.
  12. Show us on this doll where the smart, accomplished woman castrated you.
  13. In Trump’s conman circles, the correct term is “marks”
  14. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    I’d say the “wimps” are those who can’t bear being called out. If their comment has merit, defend it on its merits instead of whining on about “PC culture”
  15. London murder rate overtakes New York's

    ...and that’s her story, and she’s sticking by it!