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  1. Bipolar, hhaha right. Quit the drugs and he'll be fine.
  2. Does a counterfeit license at least give a discount? After all, those licenses are quite expensive now days, after the crackdowns.
  3. chopin2

    Complaint over breast implant gone badly wrong

    No wonder they need defamation laws...
  4. chopin2

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    Were there any math questions about interest rates on loans?
  5. chopin2

    Nonsense English exam answers

    0/100 would impress me more.
  6. What is the penalty, driving motorcycle with a 4-5 year old child, unprotected, on the streets in Thailand, at night? 100 Bath?
  7. The right measure is to ban sales of amulets. Without those, the drivers will be more careful.
  8. Obviously not the first time he done this. More like every day for a few years, getting more and more sophisticated..
  9. Game over, thief. You will not be able to perform any heart surgery wearing them.
  10. Ok, then i'll hope for santa claus.
  11. chopin2

    Another day on Thai roads - another 58 corpses

    Inscription: My Benz won the Race
  12. They are an optional extra on thai model.?
  13. Yes, the super car park at Emporium is almost empty, while the wrecking yard is overcrowded. After a rainy day.
  14. No McLaren pick-up in the pipeline? Something for the Udon Hi-so .