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  1. Well I never!

    Thanks for the info. I'll see if i can find that indicator tomorrow..
  2. Honda HRV

    The MG ZS looks nice, top model 789 000. http://www.mgcars.com/en/mg-models/mgzs/detail/price
  3. I wild guess is that the driver's nickname was "Mitsubishi-racing".
  4. The girls They're not what they seem They all have a scheme They call it a dream
  5. Not up to date on kids vaccinations

  6. English progam vs bilingual

    I do belive that many of the Filipino teachers are able to teach decent English, their accent is often significant though. But most kids learning English in Thailand will probably develop a funny accent anyway, unless they have nativ speaking parents of couse. BP obviously use both English and Thai, but what about the proportion of each language, is it generally 50/50? And for EP it should be 100% English?
  7. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    Sounds like the Boss story, sooooo much effort to find him, yet.......
  8. Clampdown on bad driving made roads safer: NCPO

    Don't expect those people will take the buss for all future time. They will probably be forced to watch a movie about road safety and then they'll have their licence back.
  9. So many nasty plastic surgery faces in Bangkok, travelling on BTS/MRT is a halloween experience.
  10. What is the definition of a supercar anyway? Have you been to the new Emporium complex in Thonglor, there is a designated parkingspace on the ground floor, supercars only it says. Seen Ferraris and Porches parked there, but , what about all the Benz owners, are they supposed to park on a regular parkinglots??? That's humiliation!
  11. A cool thing is a completely silent car. Rolls Royce phantom 2018? Tesla? Trying to be cool with a pimped Vios with "racing noice".... makes me laugh my tears out
  12. What is the difference between schools referring to themselves as EP vs bilingual?
  13. Traffic death toll jumps to 317

    The reason why the thais won't fix their traffic problem is because a farang told them what they are doing wrong.
  14. Traffic death toll jumps to 317

    The things that needs to be done are so obvious yet completely impossible.
  15. Current Fast track immigration options?

    No date and no bar code. Just a serial number and the airline stamp, and they are exactly the same as those Qatar airways provides on departure. The immigration officers just collects the vouchures, doesn't seem to pay to much attention to what's printed on them.