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  1. Print shop in Bangkok

    Thanks. I'll check that out.
  2. Print shop in Bangkok

    Need one or two t-shirts with custom prints on it. Can you recommend any shops in Bangkok that can do that? Thank you.
  3. Car Finance without Work Permit

    How did it work? Did you go to the bank first or the dealership? People here mention tisco bank as a farang friendly in terms of car loans. Wondering if it would be ok if i just show up at one of their offices, ask for a car loan and show them my bank book from another bank.
  4. Helmet shops

    Any descent motorbike shops recommendation where i can find a nice helmet? My budget is around 3k so i'm not talking about ducati brand shops, something more simple. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Car Finance without Work Permit

    What dealership was it? Will it work if i show them my kasikorn bank statements with an approx of 200k thb monthly income for the last year without work permit?
  6. Best web hosting company in Thailand (or Asia)

    Digital Ocean FTW. They have data centres all over the world. PM if you need help with setting it up.
  7. Why have no one mentioned investing those funds in crypto instead?
  8. Love my New Mazda CX3

    People say cx-3 is better than hr-v performance wise so no wonder :) It's just that one thing that i wanted this car to do better. Oh and also power seats would be nice.
  9. Love my New Mazda CX3

    I don't even think i will need to drive faster than 140 but i want to be able to accelerate quicker. Just wondering if the diesel version does it much better than the petrol one. The diesel one may also be harder to sell later.
  10. Love my New Mazda CX3

    Is there an option to buy it in the neighbouring country (indonesia) and import to thailand? If so, is it worth it? If not - is diesel much faster than petrol version? I just had a test drive of 2.0HP model last week and overall i'm happy with the car and actually considering to buy one but would prefer something quicker. Just wondering if diesel worth extra 100k thb.
  11. Get a car loan (THAI)

    Can you please share it here or send me a pm? Thanks in advance.
  12. Real estate question

    This is interesting how most of the advices are "don't buy" and i was thinking i would get all sorts of detailed guides on location and types of condos instead :) A friend of mine told me about the low liquidity as well but i never took it serious and now i have changed my mind. Thanks everyone for all the replies, i'll keep looking for another options.
  13. Real estate question

    Long term of course.
  14. Real estate question

    Who will ever want to have half of the profits they might have? I was saying that i'm ok with half a year when i won't find tenants for 1 year contract. The advice i'm looking for is where to buy to have max chances of renting out for full year.
  15. Real estate question

    No i'm looking for full 1 year rental returns :) But there obviously will be years when this won't happen.