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  2. Tbh I hardly ever go to gogobars. The point is i would rather choose farang place over isaan province.
  3. Are there gogo bars in isaan? :D
  4. yeah i should definitely try that. ~15k near benjakiti park for 1br would be an ideal option for me.
  5. Nana is what i'm looking for but 15k for studio is kinda expensive. Although all the descent listings (1br 35sqm+) on hipflat in that area start with 18k+ I guess i will need to reconsider my budget or look for condos in Jatujak area.
  6. 1br rates are 20k+ Although the location is nice.
  7. Thanks i'll do some research on those. There are some options for 15k on hipflat and for 20k there are decent condos already but i assume i'm missing a lot of alternatives while using only one website. Any real estate agencies you could recommend?
  8. This is the first place i search when i'm looking for condos and actually there are options for 15k/m but, as mentioned here, they are in the old buildings with old furniture. Are there good gyms around?
  9. Parks around? Doesn't look like that.
  10. Ideally it should be 1br. At the moment i am unable to increase the budget.
  11. Hi, i am planning to move to Bangkok in a few months. At the moment i have not decided which area to choose for long term rental so i hope i can get some decent advice here. What i'm looking for is a condo close to public parks. Lumpini or Benjakiti will work i guess, basically any park that is ok for jogging will be fine. Although i did not enjoy jatujak park but maybe i should reconsider. It should be close to the gym as well and what is very important - the gym should not be busy lol. A few years ago i was staying in huai khwang area and was hitting fitness7 gym at ratchada. It was pretty crowded all the time and i am trying to find areas where this could be avoided. My budget is 15000/m. I know i have specified lumpini/benjakiti parks but if there are other options close to public parks and gyms i can consider those as well. Btw by "close" i mean it can also be 5-10 mins by bike, since i have my own. For all the useful comments - thanks in advance.
  12. Maybe. I didn't know combi brake is such an inconvenient feature :) I also really like smart key and at the moment of purchase only honda was offering this.
  13. I was also wondering if it's possible to turn off combi brake. I really hate that it applies brake to my front wheel in unnecessary situations. Almost fell off the bike once when was breaking on the dusty road.
  14. Tried to adjust the breaking cord tension (the one on the left side of the rear wheel's axis) and it worked. But still i need to press the lever with force in order to lock the wheel. I mean at least 3 fingers will do the job unlike 1 on the front disk brake. Would be much more convenient to have both brakes disk. Will try to contact local bike shops to check if they can offer some options.
  15. Hello, I have bought new PCX a few months ago and i am satisfied with the bike overall but the one thing that i don't really like about this bike is rear brakes. It's pretty weak and useless on high speeds. I was wondering if there are options to install rear disk brakes, same as the ones in front. If so, any recommendations on the certain shops that do quality work will be appretiated. Area - Bangkok, Pattaya. Thank you in advance.