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  1. "Right now, Thailand respects human rights no less than any other country," Sansern told Reuters. Please, Khun Sansern, khrup...tell us, what you think, human rights are?! Because if they are the same human rights that I know, you damn well do a lot of things - "protecting them" is not one of them!
  2. ....ah...16 posts until "It happens everywhere...bashing Thailand is not nice!"
  3. The one who looks, like she would play in the pron- version of "Interview with the vampire"? (Intercourse with the vampire??!!)
  4. ...and sometimes I can't escape the feeling, that you should at least wait until Happy Hour...
  5. Ahm...nope! But I can assure you: all natural!
  6. Top models? As in bleached, nose-, chin- and eye operated, silicon- boobed, alien- looking quasi humanoids?
  7. Grrrrrrrrreat! The man- baby follows his instincts again (great negotiator...making America great again...and all that crap!) and puts some major BS out there, without even consulting experts or allies! And all for some vague "notice of intend"! But yeah...all the Trumpistas will wet themselves with delight, because....'Muuuuurica!
  8. Invent a time- machine and go back 100 years?!
  9. As much as I understand what you are saying, I guess that these 3 nationalities are by far the best suited for these kind of "low paying jobs", as they might be able to speak the language.
  10. Wow...you can not possibly be so thick! That Trumsters like you keep finding this bumbling fool "entertaining" and "straight forward" is one of the greatest mysteries to me! Okay...enjoy your chuckle about the brilliant jokes, Trump makes! Good day!
  11. Yes...I am really laughing myself to death, now! I somehow overlooked the humor in Nuclear Missiles, Concentration Camps and a starving population! I am so sorry...thanks for bringing the humorous side of all that to light for me! This is so very amusing!
  12. Answer from Interpol: "Dear Thailand please stop sending us these requests! You are wasting your time! We don't care for your stupid laws! Thanks a lot Yours Interpol"