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  1. Aaaaah...I was waiting for the good old "if you don't like it..."! The absolute best point ever made, in any discussion! "You are here, so leave your brain at the immigration and eat up BS with a spoon!"
  2. ...or as the great American philosopher Jon Bon Jovi said: "If you don't love me...lie to me..." Such a positive message, right?!
  3. Sorry, but...they look like they are wearing gift-wrappers!
  4. Nooooooo...it's only political and campaigning, if THE OTHER SIDE does it! 1984 ...and all that...
  5. ...I didn't mention that, because that is a given!
  6. He is no Christian (the part I care least about) and he doesn't know scripture! He has no manners and no moral code! ...or he can't read!
  7. What has that got to do with anything? And by the way: why are you staying here? Because you especially like the (white) lies, you get spoonfed everyday?>
  8. ...that time of the month, already? "Taxi- driver returns chest of gold, forgotten by absent minded farang..." I think, they went a bit overboard with the "now I stay here forever"- part, but it is a nice, fresh and adventurous touch to the storyline!
  9. Didn't Trump brag, that he sued everybody's @$$ for this and that? So...if that Cohen-guy is just lying about him in such a blatant way, wouldn't a law-suite fit nicely? Unless of course, the POtuS knows, that he would stand the same chance as a snowball in hell...
  10. You are great! Ever considered a career in comedy! ...wait...what...?!
  11. Okay! I will accept this drivel, when you show me ONE clip, where I can see and hear, some overseas leader expresses ...well...anything positive about Thailand and the dear leader! JUST ONE!