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  1. a ) okay, fine! b ) how do the stateless go to Argentina? c ) havent had a wild boar - story in a few hours! Desperately needed one! d ) remind me again, why they get rewarded?
  2. Prepare for utter chaos: since there are not nearly enough beds in all of Isan to hold that many Moto-GP-fans (and teams and crews and drivers...), they will stay in Bangkok and start their journey North-East in the morning and return in the evening...roads will be blocked, accidents will happen, people will die...
  3. DM07

    PM Prayut urges people to cope with rain

    Thank you three times!
  4. I have played spin the bottle and truth or dare many times! Not ONCE has anybody being raped! That is the outcome, everybody should and can expect!
  5. I hope, there is more for her! But loosing her job, is a start!
  6. DM07

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    "I have lived here long enough to know that politeness and respect get you a long way. Rudeness and arrogance get you nowhere." ...as clearly indicated by the 2 rude and arrogant [email protected]#%$ who did not let you buy what you wanted and came to buy in due time! I am living here for 11 years now and I am not giving 2 hot $4!t$ about the Thai- politeness anymore, as they use and abuse their own "rules" as they please! If you are an @$$4)le, be ready to be called one!
  7. DM07

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    No ...I am sure a number of posters is happy for you! You are such a nice guy and sure made a lot of friends!
  8. DM07

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    Ooooooh...we are so happy for you! You must be one of the good ones and because $4!t never happens to you, clearly it never does to anybody else!
  9. DM07

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    I got a better one: I was trying to buy ALCOHOL FREE BEER at Tops Daily. It was 3 pm, but since the sale of ALCOHOL is prohibited and I wanted to buy NO ALCOHOL, I didn't think much of it! First the register wouldn't open. Second the cashier told me "Can not sell alcohol before 5" Third, I said "That is great! Since this is alcohol -free,we don't have a problem!" Fourth he called his superior and she looked at the can and triumphantly held it towards me, pointing at the "0,00%" sign! Fifth, I told her, that this means, that there is NO ALCOHOL in the beverage! That is what 0,00% indicates! Sixth...sorry sir, can not sell! And before I get answers like "Why would you even buy alcohol free beer?"(None of your business!) or tell me, that the selling of BEER is prohibited (no, it's not! The sale of alcohol is prohibited...otherwise, I would please like to see a list of all the specific kinds of alcohol, that are not to be sold and buy the one, not on the list...) Here is what happened: one clever chap saw the word "beer" on the can, shut down his/her 5 active brain cells, registered the stuff under "not to be sold between 2 and 5 pm)...and here we go!
  10. ...and where would that "sexual assault" have gone?
  11. Lindsey Graham already announced, that he is not interested in any witness- account! He will still vote for Kavanaugh! ...all you need to know about Republicans!
  12. In a poll, conducted by me, it turned out, I am the most favorite inhabitant of my apartment! By a mile! ...about 89,7 %...
  13. Trollolllolloolloolloooooooo....
  14. DM07

    PM confident no massive flooding this year

    I hope, he will have a nice discussion...one day...with all the folks, who's houses have been washed away, during the last 4 month...
  15. Sometimes this really goes lightning fast! Not if hi-so's are included in raping a kid, live on LINE, though! Makes you wonder...