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  1. I am really, REALLY tired of hearing the same BS again and again and again and again...
  2. Seems to be the most fitting vehicle for songkhran!!!
  3. Ahm...so tell me: you don't agree, that -with many people going "home" upcountry over Songkhran, Bangkok is not a lot quieter? And on what planet are the areas around Silom, Charoen Khrung, Saphan Taksin (because that is "my road") safe and quiet? I get it: Songkhran has to be celebrated quiet with respect for Buddha and your elders...and everybody should wear "period pieces", where ever they venture, right?!
  4. A) the streets in Bangkok are much quieter during the days of Songkhran (at least where I am- between Wongwien Yai, Asiatique and Silom) B ) "groups of people congregating on streets" = potential water- throwing, don't you agree? C) all streets are not lined endlessly with people...not even during Songkhran!
  5. Just my 2 satang: in a country, where domestic violence and rape is being part of everyday life as a kind of "traditional" behavior, it should not surprise anyone, that the groping rate (or worse) goes up, when alcohol is involved! Instead of - like always- blaming it on alcohol and Songkhran, how about re- thinking the role and picture of women in Thai- society and teach men some respect and that a woman is not your personal possession,for them to "use" as ever you please! Maybe, if there would be a better education on the role of women in the 21st (yes, Thailand...that's what it is!) century, you wouldn't have to come up with this BS every Valentine's Day or Songkhran!
  6. Lynching or being beaten to death in an act of self- justice...pretty much the same, isn't it? Why the interest in the specifics? (Not that I don't have an idea about your motives, but...)
  7. ...as if THAT was needed, to rig "elections" (if they are ever to be) in Thailand!
  8. Oh come on...get real! During Songkhran, you usually can see groups of "water- throwers" from miles away! It is not like someone is hiding behind a tree or a house- corner and jumps out, when a speeding bullet- rider appears!
  9. Kind of! It's a lot about making laws and enforcing them! And you are right: Never happen here!
  10. So...here we go again! All the grumpies will celebrate this inane BS, because they can't deal with or plan for a few days of mayhem! May I point out one thing about my homecountry? Every year in February, especially the western part of the country celebrates Fasching or Karneval! That would be 4- 6 days of costumes, music and lots and lots of alcohol! The number of accidents rises (surely) but there are very few deaths. Very few as in ...close to none! Why is that? Because in my homecountry, you get caught drunk -driving...you loose your license and you are fined! And in my homecountry, if you want to get out of your self- inflicted mess and you would hand the friendly police- officer a 50 Euro- note...you'd be in more trouble, then you were before! I am 100% sure - having lived here for 10 years- that it is not really a matter of water- splashing, but of sensible and sober driving! If you are sober and can adjust to the situation quickly. you would be (mostly ) aware of a gang of party- people, throwing water at everything that moves. You might slow down, let them have their fun and then go your way! But if you are hammered, driving with three persons and at unreasonable speed and are not aware of things, going on a few meters ahead...that's when the trouble starts! And IF you are on a motocy on Songhkhran and you absolutely HAVE to go somewhere at high - speed...well...you should not be on a motocy! All these [email protected]$ed measures, that will now be taken, are just to save face for the police. And all you people who go "finally...something will be done about those unruly party- people", play right into the hands of these face- saving morons!
  11. Wait...are you telling me, that Thai- government agencies lie to the people or that they have no clue what they are talking about? Well...I am shocked!