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  1. MartinBangkok

    Video: Motorists get a fountain show on the motorway

    How do you "turn off" a valve?
  2. I'll tell you what guys. This incident, and all the other incidents lately that have been caught on video, sure has made me tell myself to drive more carefully (read: slower) than I - at times - have been doing..
  3. What about discreetly complaining to the province authorities about the situation (the drug-family). Or is that a dumb idea?
  4. I'd volunteer any time to give Ms. Phosawang free driving lessons....
  5. It's a tricky one. Left evasive turn could be catastrophe as could slamming the brakes like you say. Maybe the best option would have been slamming the brakes and a right evasive turn into the center ditch?
  6. I wouldn't have tried doing a left evasive turn. You never know what could be coming in the left lane and no time to check...
  7. Overbraking? In a BMW with state of the art ABS? She should have slammed the brakes as hard as she could. Probably would have stooped before impacting the truck. The truck driver is at fault. But the lady is also at fault. I have a dash cam in my BMW and my guess is she was doing at least 100 km/h. Maybe even 120 km/h. On a wet road with U-turns. So both at fault. Two moron Thai drivers.
  8. 200 Baht a day for loan of 5000 Baht. A quick calculation: Thats equivalent of an annual interest rent of 1440% Wow
  9. MartinBangkok

    VIDEO: New Mercedes-Benz taxis hit Bangkok streets

    Why the heck are so many posters talking about taxis in Singapore, Denmark and Germany? This is a thread about a new taxi service in Bangkok! Anyway, I installed and checked out DLTs new taxi app OK Taxi. Totally crap. Unusable. Deinstalled it right away. Thai authorities should stay away from any tasks that require know-how..
  10. After 9 years in Thailand this country still "amazes" me. Is there anything that isn't totally corrupt?
  11. Thai police arresting chinese tour guides. What about Thai police arresting all the Thais that are in in this scam. For example the owners of all the shops that are exclusively for these zero-dollar chinese tourists. A 'large' gem store in north Pattaya as an example. To their credit, the police have actually got one of the Thai-companies involved in this, namely OA Transport.
  12. MartinBangkok

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Great sarcasm. Totally agree. Try getting help in a hotel in Thailand by complaining. 555555! Best thing you can do is check your room out thoroughly before you pay. Or stay somewhere you know.
  13. Completely agree. Very lax security. Anyone could get inside. I lived there.
  14. MartinBangkok

    Bein Sports streaming

    HD Prime is crap - low quality picture, buffering endlessly - and it is illegal. Useless. Should have been closed down a long time ago. Since Thai authorities and police are just as useless, HD Prime can continue broadcasting their stolen pictures. Welcome to Thailand. I am surprised Bein Sports hasn´t sued them yet.
  15. Do not rent from Thais. It's not like they are honest or have a genuine smile. Just saying