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  1. So you're happy he keeps the soi dog populace high so they can continue attacking humans, cause traffic accidents, shitting and peeing all over the place, depriving people of their sleep and spreading rabies?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good BMW thesedays?

    I think you might want to add 12 months to that. The G20 is expected to hit markets mid or late 2019. Though it will have the same engines for the most part, It will have much upgraded interior, a more daring loook on the outside and most importantly: It will be almost 100kg lighter thanks to the CLAR-chassis.
  3. " ...the second revolution in Thai rail transport history.." What? Has there been a first Thai train revolution? Or any transport revolution of any kind?
  4. Can anyone recommend a good BMW thesedays?

    I am driving a 320d LCI (facelift) F30 2016-model which I bought 1.5 years ago from Millennium Auto Lat Phrao. Amazing car, it drives so well. I have been to my home country Norway three times since I bought the BMW. On each occasion I have rented a car. Volvo V40, Audi A3 and Mercedes GLA. Rubbish all of them compared to my BMW. I am amazed at the difference in handling and driving experience. The BMW is far far superior. My 320d has 190 bhp (not at the wheel) and 400 NM of tourqe as standard. An Austrian guy in West Bangkok has a rolling road dyno. He adjustet my ECU and now I have 225 hp measured on the wheel. And 507 NM of torque also at the weel. Freaking amazing (almost the torque of a supercar!) I am guessing I now do 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.0 seconds or even less (7.2 seconds before tuning) The power now is awesome. I paid 2.8m for the car. 25% cash and the rest on 5 year BMW finance. My plan is to sell when three years old and buy the upcoming new 3-series G20. It will also be a diesel. I just love the BMW B47 diesel engine. Perhaps the best diesel engine in the world. And so efficient and powerful at the same time. My average is 0.5 litres per 10 kilometers! This is the first diesel car I have owned. I will never change back to petrol again! PS: The cost of the rolling road dyno-tuning was 18.000 Baht.
  5. Are you freaking nuts?? She had no chance to react. Can't you see that??
  6. Human rights advice for Thais who invest abroad

    "...First, it is suggested that destination countries prepare guidelines for Thai investors to make sure that their investments will have good governance, respect human rights and provide proper compensation to mitigate any impacts from the investment. Second, Thai investors are told to respect the rights of local communities and people, and allow public participation to determine the terms of the investment..." When pigs fly.
  7. You are completely wrong. The number of vehicles in Thailand, especially trucks, with no rear lights beggars belief. I have driven 36.000 km last 18 months all over Thailand.
  8. That's what I did after phoning BMW dealer in London and also in Oslo Norway. My main dealer here in Bangkok wanted to pick up my car in a truck and work on it for 8 days!!!! 5555! Up yours I told'em
  9. Great idea. I'm gonna start doing this
  10. I was out of diesel last week and a parking attendent offered to go and buy me a few litres. I underlined the word diesel 3 times. He came back with four litres and emptied the can into my tank. F$#%$#@..ing gasohol!!! I discovered soon after. There is no hope for this country!
  11. The saddest thing is Thais are happy as long as they have food to eat... Quote from German philosopher Johan Wolfgang von Goethe: "The best slave is the slave who doesn't realize he's a slave"
  12. I'm Norwegian. Getting this Norwegian guy to head it all is not good. Norwegian's getting high profile roles in the UN is a result of disguised corruption by the Norwegian government. He's as corrupt as they come. The scary thing is nobody believes this as everybody thinks Norwegians are not corrupt..
  13. 555555! Fantastic comment :-)!
  14. BMW sets sales record, launches new hybrid

    I bought a 320d one and a half years ago from Millennium Auto Lad Phrao. What a car! Had the ECU tuned on a rolling road dyno by an Austrian BMW-specialist in Thonburi. So it's way more powerful than the official specs (which are good). Now 517 NM of torque (before 400 measured on engine) and 225 horsepower (before 190 (measured on engine not wheel)) on the wheel! And 0.51 liters of diesel on average per 10 kilometers). Fantastic! My next car will hopefully be a BMW 2 liter diesel 5-series.
  15. Never trust a used car salesman in Thailand. Good advice. Just saying.