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  1. One of many reasons I would never consider living in Thai-dominated neighbourhood
  2. Great guy. Nice story. Wish him and his kids all the best ?
  3. I suggest that all foreigners do it the Thai way if in an accident. Even if it's your fault, blame the other party (most likely a Thai)
  4. MartinBangkok

    Which car / brand should I choose?

    Of all the answers so far I'd go for: Get your neighbour to carry you in exchange for Pokemon cards ?
  5. MartinBangkok

    Grab Taxi 410 baht for 800 meters?

    It's difficult to believe this post. A Thai Visa Forum member asking fellow members to pay double the going rate. Ridiculous post peterb7
  6. MartinBangkok

    Dash Cams in rental cars

    Of course they are. They are trying to 'milk the farang'. He should'nt have to pay up anything. The police should fine the motorcycle guy for driving with no license and no insurance. If they don't your friend can file a complaint against the police for not doing their duty and also report them for false claim against your friend. 99% your friend will never hear from the police again. If he does, get a lawyer to contact the police (this small job shouldn''t cost much. After the police get their first letter or phone call from the lawyer 100% he will never hear from the police again.
  7. MartinBangkok

    Dash Cams in rental cars

    You should tell the police you will report them for deriliction of duty and the motorcycle guy for false claim. And say 'see you in court' whilst leaving the police office. You will never hear from them again.
  8. MartinBangkok

    Grab Taxi 410 baht for 800 meters?

    The rip offs in Phuket are a disgrace. Glad I'm living in Bangkok and don't have to deal with the obnoxious taxi mafia down there. Yesterday I paid 249 Baht from DonMuang airport to my home in Bangna. 40 kilometers. Metered taxi. (Grab in Bangkok gives roughly the same price)
  9. What is liquid net worth?
  10. They don't check if you've you done 90 day reporting when you annually renew your work permit. When they see you have a recent entry stamp in your passport (maximim 90 days old) thats all they check.
  11. I cried when I saw this Thankfully it was only crocodile tears
  12. MartinBangkok

    Ford Everest reliability ... again.

    I was just teasing. I would have bought a Fortuner myself if the Toyota dealer in Bangkok had given me finance. So I ended up with BMW - they gave me finance, even though it cost 1.3 million Baht more than the Fortuner. Thailand = LOL (The Land of Logic) :-0
  13. MartinBangkok

    Student-loan guarantor gets reprieve

    So whats wrong with 10*52+52? That way you're actually understanding the calculation
  14. MartinBangkok

    Alcohol sales ban tightened for Asanha Bucha, Lent

    I started reading this thread at 23.05 pm. Now I am on my second Chang after rushing to nearest 7/11 to stock up (10 minutes walk each way). Thanks Thai Visa. And yes, I am a slow drinker.
  15. MartinBangkok

    Ford Everest reliability ... again.

    This goes to all the Everest-owners, and Fortuners, and Pajero-owners: Why do you guys like driving around in a truck?? My 2 litre diesel saloon has 507 NM of torque, burns 0.5 litre per 10km and is a real car..