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  1. Suggestion to the big uncle: Ban any group of Thais more than 1 person. Otherwise gambling might occur
  2. I agree with you KMartinHandyman. I also smell an insurance scam. Several 10.000 Bahts in a bag?? Why not in your wallet or handbag?
  3. Can somebody please educate Thais that not everything in life is about making the extra 5 Baht. What did I just write..? ..talk about Mission Impossible..
  4. Police chief touts reuse of uniforms by poor farmers

    A little bit of experience after 18 months in the Norwegian army and 10 years as an officer in the home guard. I find denim as tough as army clothes, though perhaps a bit more stiffer (less flexible) The worst thing though is denim takes an eternity to dry...
  5. Police chief touts reuse of uniforms by poor farmers

    So any clothing item is more durable then denim - as long as it is camouflaged? How about a camouflaged baby pyjamas?
  6. Why aren't you naming the place? Are you on overstay or something..?
  7. I know someone who makes 7063 US dollars a monrh. Speaking for a friend
  8. Yes, a diesel. More precisely the BMW B47 2.0 diesel engine. Originally 190hp. After tuning ECU at ECU Thailand 225hp.
  9. This is the .... I have ever read on Thai Visa. Are you from this planet hottrader77? Just to comment on one of your "brilliant" theories: 10 million Baht is not a big sum of savings for a 50 or 60 year old Norwegian. And yes, I am a Norwegian. How long have you been in Thailand hottrader77? Have you read the numerous similiar stories of farangs beeig ripped off in Thailand with joint efforts from wives, corrupt police, corrupt lawyers and corrupt state officials? Or do you need me to point you too them? And do you think you will receive fair treatment from the Thai justice-system (what a joke that word is) if you ever encounter a problem with a Thai?
  10. My car has a 2.0 litre engine with 225 hp. Runs smooth as silk at all speeds.
  11. Yeah, really smart. When do you reckon you should be able to enjoy the same benefits as the locals. After living here how many years? Do you reckon you have to be born here to have that right? What country do you come from? How are immigrants treated in your country? In my country a legal immigrant will get free medical treatment, full pension rights (minimum pension), free education and the right to work from day one. After three years working he/she will be able to vote in an election and after five years a citizenship. What should be the time limits in Thailand?
  12. Why didn´t you take a short video and post it online - for example on Facebook. You could have been the most "viral" farang in Thailand today.....