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  1. Thanks Kickstart, very informative best info I've had here, most locals still doing what their great grand dad did. Will do your suggestions. Near same cost doing away with molasses and rice bran and increasing the amount of concentrate.
  2. Look up patipong.com they are near Future Park Rangsit. Not sure of the price but I think about 72000 THB I'm only guessing what the wife has come back with after a phone call, you'll know what I mean. I'm going down in a few weeks so will know more then.
  3. Has anybody had any experience, good and bad, with the Patipong PRK 2005 H grass mower like the attached photo also the model with ride on attachment. Thanks
  4. Photos of cows with thin hips.
  5. Some of our beef cattle have bony hips and ribs showing. They get 85% cut and curry Napier or Ruzi grass and 15% natural grasses either grazed or cut and carry day and night, in the morning on average the get 1 KG each of formulated cattle feed and very fine rice waste from a mill ( don't know the name looks like laying mash ) both mixed with 30% molassas 70% water. There is ample water 24 hours. The vet has given them worming & hormone needles but some just wont fill out in the hips and ribs. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  6. My ife is told by people in our village there is a suppler of Spent Brewers Yeast Kantharalak in Si Sa Ket province but they can not tell actually where. Does anybody know of a supplier around there or anywhere else in Si Sa Ket or nearby provinces. Thanks in advance.
  7. BHW


    Can a Farang father move out of house and take his 6 year old child with him to live in good accommodation in another town without the Thai mothers permission if not are there ways to over come this.
  8. BHW

    Use of old parts

    Anybody know the cost of a rebuilt or good used engine for a 2003 Dmax TFS77 old engine No. BJ0072.
  9. My medicare card expired about 15 months ago, I'm going back to Australia later this year for a few weeks, does anybody know what is required to re new the card etc. Thanks in advance.