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  1. BHW

    Use of old parts

    Anybody know the cost of a rebuilt or good used engine for a 2003 Dmax TFS77 old engine No. BJ0072.
  2. BHW


    A good friend of mine, both Aussies, has a big domestic problem. If not for a 5 & half year son, easy to solve. Without going into details his situation has now become untenable, going worse to worse of the years, the boy's mother has pulled a knife on the father twice in the last 3 days, at 4 AM Wednesday the boy's mother came home demanding 2000 THB which he gave her to keep the peace she then returned at 6 AM demanding another 2000 when refused she pulled a knife on him poking him in the belly. I suggested going to the police & make a police report ( they know her form ) but he is worried if he makes a report which will be in Thai so he wont know what it says but signs it. He in an English teacher, with WP, well respected in the community, talks reasonable Thai but can't read. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. BHW


    Yes sure is crazy, we are going to expand as well problem is 15 - 18 months until fruit. When we had more than could sell threw out the brown & ones on the ground, next year we'll juice & freeze them did do 12 lts but could sell 120 lts. I see you planted your's straight in the ground, we did the Thai way plant in cement tanks this time will plant straight in the ground, will make a mix of sand / burnt rice husk / cow poo / coconut husk & rice husk worked OK first lot, what did you use to plant in.
  4. BHW


    About 3 months ago I posted that we had more Limes than we needed, well now we have established a client base we cannot supply at the moment. We live near Samrong Thap on highway 226 between Sisaket & Surin, if anybody has say 50 KG + we may be interested in buying of course the distance could be an issue, we also have a market for limes that have a brownish skin, of course both must be very juicey. Thanks Guys.
  5. My medicare card expired about 15 months ago, I'm going back to Australia later this year for a few weeks, does anybody know what is required to re new the card etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. BHW


    Anybody know of a good print shop for stickers, like on a fruit juice bottle, in Si Sa Ket or Surin, a place that talks & understands English would even be better. Thanks Guys.
  7. I did mine in Si Sa Ket no problems at all have had 2 renewals also no problem, the 90 day reporting very fast even if busy with other work they'll fit you in between the longest wait I have had would be no longer than half an hour. I think it's an office by office thing some efficient others not as.
  8. I did 5 years ago at Bangkok Bank head office Silom Road gave my address as Pullman G hotel Silom Road.
  9. BHW


    For me I draw my fortnightly Aussie pension using my CBA debit mastercard over the counter at either of 2 Bangkok Banks near us up country, CBA charge about 3% the exchange rate is about 1.2 BATH above the advertised local bank rates Bangkok Bank charge no fees. The CBA exchange rate is also above their advertised rate for an international transfer. Other banks near us will not do over the counter they want you to use the ATM so they get better return also the exchange will be lower the advertised rate.
  10. BHW

    5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    When is this weak kneed government going to do something about these traffic accidents. Earlier this year they banned overloaded pick up's etc only to bow to complaints from locals.
  11. Just back from Khukhan all within the hour, bike & side car did U turn in front of us when he saw a police check point if not for my wife's quick reaction & good brakes would have cleaned him up, 2 trips from the hospital come to red light first time 2 bikes went against it & one the 2nd time, on the main road home sat behind a truck with trailer on a long bend then a rust bucket pick up passed us & the truck. Is it any wonder !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BHW

    When did you last eat lamb chops?

    If you live near Korat, Surin, Nong Ki, Khon Kaen etc there's a guy has lamb chops, roast, sausage, mince as well as very good beef, sausages plus other goodies. His web site nookiesdelights.3baht.net quality good prices very reasonable. If in Pattaya a business there has it also, it's site primefoodservice.net Both much cheaper than outlets in Bangkok & supermarkets.
  13. Hi, Anybody know where I can buy Capsicum seeds, I live in Surin / Si Sa Ket area, so On Line maybe best. Thanks
  14. Centrelink found out I am married to a Thai they reduced my pension & started taking out re payments from the over pay, I discussed this with then, they said because my wife is of working age the pension was reduced, to cut a long story short, I filled in some forms stating we live in a remote area where there is no paid work for women, list of her assets which is only the land I built a house on, cost of the house build, list of my monthly expenses, I'm not in the best of health etc plus other minor information they required, once they received all this info my full pension was immediately restored & the repayments reimbursed. They guy I dealt with at international services said during a phone call, if my wife traveled to Australia they'd find out as agencies share this sort of information also when I fall off The Perch they find out & if I have any assets in Australia they would claim back payments from my estate. From my experience I am relaxed knowing nothing ( I hope ) is hanging over my head.
  15. BHW


    Hi All We are producing 50 + KG of Limes a week, average 14 to the Kilo, our promised buyer did not live up to his promise, we sell a few locally but have heaps left over. We live between Surin & Si Sa Ket. Any ideas where we may be able to sell this fruit would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for replies.