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    Can a Farang father move out of house and take his 6 year old child with him to live in good accommodation in another town without the Thai mothers permission if not are there ways to over come this.
  2. BHW

    Use of old parts

    Anybody know the cost of a rebuilt or good used engine for a 2003 Dmax TFS77 old engine No. BJ0072.
  3. BHW


    A good friend of mine, both Aussies, has a big domestic problem. If not for a 5 & half year son, easy to solve. Without going into details his situation has now become untenable, going worse to worse of the years, the boy's mother has pulled a knife on the father twice in the last 3 days, at 4 AM Wednesday the boy's mother came home demanding 2000 THB which he gave her to keep the peace she then returned at 6 AM demanding another 2000 when refused she pulled a knife on him poking him in the belly. I suggested going to the police & make a police report ( they know her form ) but he is worried if he makes a report which will be in Thai so he wont know what it says but signs it. He in an English teacher, with WP, well respected in the community, talks reasonable Thai but can't read. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. BHW


    Yes sure is crazy, we are going to expand as well problem is 15 - 18 months until fruit. When we had more than could sell threw out the brown & ones on the ground, next year we'll juice & freeze them did do 12 lts but could sell 120 lts. I see you planted your's straight in the ground, we did the Thai way plant in cement tanks this time will plant straight in the ground, will make a mix of sand / burnt rice husk / cow poo / coconut husk & rice husk worked OK first lot, what did you use to plant in.
  5. BHW


    About 3 months ago I posted that we had more Limes than we needed, well now we have established a client base we cannot supply at the moment. We live near Samrong Thap on highway 226 between Sisaket & Surin, if anybody has say 50 KG + we may be interested in buying of course the distance could be an issue, we also have a market for limes that have a brownish skin, of course both must be very juicey. Thanks Guys.
  6. My medicare card expired about 15 months ago, I'm going back to Australia later this year for a few weeks, does anybody know what is required to re new the card etc. Thanks in advance.