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  1. IT'S OVER BUT STILL PERPLEXING: My daughter went down to the local chase bank with a power of attorney (which has never been used before). After an hour they decided they cou;dn't handle it (because it required notarizing a form) and sent her to the main branch. The main branch fixed it but it took a few phone calls and another two hours before i was back on their website at 1:10am my time. Now the following info is 3rd hand (i am telling you what the bank employees told my daughter) AND it is not consistent: 1. the wire transfer from a foreign ip address triggered the alert 2. the ip address switched from usa to thailand in the course of the wire transfer session and that triggered the alert. 3. the account was never frozen, only online access was denied 4. if you want to make a wire transfer from abroad, call the bank first and let them know. then it won't trigger the alert. i'll see how this all sits with me in a few days.
  2. wire transfer was within the us (california to michigan) BUT i have a virtual phone not a "real" one. i am fairly sure (not 100%) that i was using a vpn at the time.
  3. they wouldn't tell me why but it happened as i got an email that my wire transfer was rejected
  4. here's a related issue: do i take this personally? am i wasting my time looking for better service elsewhere or should i just knuckle under and schmooze the people who work there?
  5. fraud was closed according to the lady i just spoke to at 713–262–3300 (at least for me). will try them again tomorrow). yes! there is a chase in bangkok (i had been told there wasn't but even a web search would have shown it). i have some money squirreled away in other banks but chase handled all my automated payments so it's very tough on me if they won't honor those payments. AND yes, i will make friends at my bank when i go back.
  6. many thanks to everyone. does anyone have any idea why the wire transfer might have triggered the freeze?
  7. i have had a chase account for about 8 years and lived in thailand on and off for the last 4. never had any problems handling my accounts from here. i had rented a place in berkeley, ca for when i go back in a month's time. the new landlord wanted a wire transfer. so i did a wire transfer for $4,800. for whatever reason (chase refuses to say) the wire transfer was rejected and chase froze all my accounts. "all you have to do is come into any branch and show two pieces of id". pointing out the impracticality of this instruction to someone 9,000 miles from his nearest branch when you just nixed his debit card was no use. i went through maybe 4 different supervisors with all of them giving me that unflappable "i'm sorry sir" and ending with "have a nice day, thank you for allowing us to serve you". my daughter will go down to her local branch on monday and maybe it'll get squared away but maybe not. i have a few dollars in other accounts but i have bills to pay that all go thru chase (it's the end of the month) and it looks like a catastrophe. in the mean time, does anyone have any realistic advice that could help?
  8. i need a real estate document notarized at the us embassy in bkk. i have a uk passport and a green card. how early should i arrive at the embassy before my 10.15am appointment? I have been told to allow several hours in line! is that right?
  9. There are alternatives besides Western medicine. I had an attack of shingles around 2000 before the shingles vaccine existed. There was nothing the hospital could offer. I was in California and went to an acupuncturist for treatment. Dr Ou (of Grand Ave, Oakland) put me on a bizarre diet (no flowering vegetables, no spicy food, no wine...) and gave me acupuncture. The symptoms (a stabbing pain from inside) went down daily. I even gave it a test, after about 6 days and ate a chorizo (spicy sausage): the stabbing pains came back within an hour. Eventually after 10 days and about 4 acupuncture sessions I was symptom free. I think its best to keep your options open, Western and Eastern medicine.
  10. many, many thanx for all your answers. the picture is getting clearer. have booked an interview at the us embassy. will let you know if i learn anything further than what has been said (which is largely consistent with "NO" you can't renew your green card from outside the US.
  11. I am a British citizen but have lived in the USA for over 40 years. I married an American -- that's how I qualified for a Green Card (aka Permanent Resident Card). Now divorced but with children, grandchildren, property and taxes in the US. I am in Thailand now and would like to stay until the summer however my Green Card expires in April. Can it be renewed from Thailand? Does anyone know or have experience with this question. Thanks.
  12. daij1944

    How much time took you to learn Thai?

    having spent 6 months in school and studying on my own, i have to admit that there was a certain shock when i realized there was no magic bullet, no moment at which thai would suddenly become easy. nevertheless: does anyone have any recommendations? what did make a difference? or do you just have to put an awful lot of time in? for most of us, it's clearly a far harder slog than any european language and, the 64K question: is there a best way to learn the tones?
  13. daij1944

    Semi Retirement

    1. I am a legal US resident, I have a green card (permanent resident) and am over 60. I can prove adequate income to qualify. 2. I presume, not absolutely certain, that I am talking about a " Non-Immigrant O-A Retirement/Long-Stay Visa" 3. I will be in Los Angeles (where there is a consulate) 4. I also am presuming that if I come back to Thailand on a tourist visa and apply for an O-A here, that I would again have to leave the LOS to get the O-A visa? Do I save myself a trip if I get this all done in the US? 5. Are there any other factors I should take into consideration? Thanx to everyone
  14. daij1944

    Semi Retirement

    I qualify for a thai retirement visa. I have UK citizenship but I have to go to the US for the summer and I have more than enough US income to qualify for a retirement visa. I lived in the US for many years. Can I apply for a retirement visa in the US given that I am not a US citizen?
  15. daij1944

    CPAP machines

    many thanx for the comments so far is there a sleep clinic/doctor (ideally us licensed) in chiang mai or bangkok?