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  1. i have had a chase account for about 8 years and lived in thailand on and off for the last 4. never had any problems handling my accounts from here. i had rented a place in berkeley, ca for when i go back in a month's time. the new landlord wanted a wire transfer. so i did a wire transfer for $4,800. for whatever reason (chase refuses to say) the wire transfer was rejected and chase froze all my accounts. "all you have to do is come into any branch and show two pieces of id". pointing out the impracticality of this instruction to someone 9,000 miles from his nearest branch when you just nixed his debit card was no use. i went through maybe 4 different supervisors with all of them giving me that unflappable "i'm sorry sir" and ending with "have a nice day, thank you for allowing us to serve you". my daughter will go down to her local branch on monday and maybe it'll get squared away but maybe not. i have a few dollars in other accounts but i have bills to pay that all go thru chase (it's the end of the month) and it looks like a catastrophe. in the mean time, does anyone have any realistic advice that could help?