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  1. mr.buffalo

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    I'll take it to Soi Cowboy. I am sure I will be pointed in the right direction.
  2. mr.buffalo

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    The thing is when I win where do I go to get my winnings?
  3. Where can I buy that type of drug they use to knock out the victim? Sometimes I need a deep sleep and could do with that type of inducement.
  4. mr.buffalo


    Not sure 137 million subscribers make the cc's more secure than 10 subscribers. Ask people that booked through BA, people that had facebook accounts hacked, the list goes on. What I meant was is the site genuine to give details to? I am a bit wary as I ordered some articles online before, luckily the bank intercepted the payment as fraud and blocked it. Then again I may be being a bit over cautious.
  5. mr.buffalo


    I am going to get netflix. Are the credit card details secure?
  6. mr.buffalo

    Appetite suppressants

    Are they available over the counter and if so which ones would be the best? A recommended chemist in Bangkok would be appreciated as that is where I will be. Thanks.
  7. mr.buffalo


    Thanks blackhorse. How much is it and does it work on a laptop? Where I am staying has wifi and a big flat screen telly so hopefully, I can hitch it up to the tv set.
  8. mr.buffalo


    I will be coming for my annual 5 months leave at the end of the month. Is Netflix available in Thailand and if not is there an alternative? Thanks for any answers.
  9. mr.buffalo

    6 month multi entry

    Thanks, ubonjoe.
  10. mr.buffalo

    6 month multi entry

    Thanks, PM. Does that mean I can get an extra 30 days after 6 months but still need to do 60-day border runs? Funny how it just got complicated.
  11. I will be getting a 6-month multi-entry visa from Hull shortly. After the first 60 days can I get the next 60 in Bangkok for 1900baht or do I have to leave on a border run? Thanks for any info.