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  1. rickudon

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    Done a bit of Hydrology ....... and studied and worked in water management.
  2. rickudon

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    If you anchor a line of water pushing boats across a river, do the boats not impede the flow with the volume of the boat that is submerged? And any push downstream is soon dissipated by turbulence and friction .... If the boats did actually work, all it does is make the flooding downstream a little bit worse! Nothing but an ineffective bit of propaganda (see, we are doing something). What is needed is infrastructural works which are started, and hopefully finished, before the wet season gets properly underway. Of course, you can never effectively prevent all flooding, but a lot of it does seem to be due to lack of maintenance and shoddy work to begin with. A big problem is the building of dikes and embankments on flood plains, as it reduces the ability of the river to deal with flood water.
  3. Ah, that 85,000 is total UK national residents, i was concentrating on those on retirement (and possibly marriage extensions). I would assume many of the rest are working and have health insurance as part of their employment package.
  4. Imran Khan USED to be married to an English woman, has had 2 pakistani wives since.
  5. During my first visit to Thailand, 10 years ago, i was given lifts 3 times in 10 days (without asking). After that i usually had access to a vehicle. So, I do not think this a rare event - at least it didn't used to be.
  6. In Udon, have always (last 5 years) required the witness (any Thai) and the photos of you and wife. Only got a visit on first application. Maybe some new hoops next year .....
  7. Can quite believe that. I was just doing a quick conservative scale up from my local knowledge. I did think maybe 50,000 too, but didn't have enough evidence.
  8. That sounds like a reasonable premium at age 67. Could you please tell me which company? One observation on the article. British Embassy said there were 10,000 Brits on retirement visas. Wonder where they got that figure from, because i think 10% of them live in my town! I would put it at more like 25,000.
  9. Pay equality in the UK is little better than the USA. Last year median pay of CEO's increased by 11%, that for all workers by 1.7%. Between 2000 and 2014, pay of CEO's rose 6 times faster than their employees. This disgraceful increase in inequality took place while most workers saw pay increases below the inflation rate in the UK. And the productivity in the UK has hardly been impressive, the rich just keep increasing their cut. Change is coming in the UK. And those at the top will not like it. Or the big companies.
  10. Anning is your is your usual right wing product. Anti (most) Immigrants, anti-muslim, anti gay marriage, anti abortion. Likes guns and weapons. No real political experience and comes from a small town in Queensland (Queensland was always well known for it's right wing penchant - hence their longtime previous dubious premier, Bjelke-Petersen.)
  11. Dave, no more room, she needs an extension first.
  12. The wife expanded her shop to include a small laundrette. Just not so many customers as she was hoping for! Still, one load a day from the wife, every day. That will teach her not to invest her lottery money, after the extra water and electricity are paid, it will take her about 4 years to get her money back .....
  13. The Brexiteers either hope to make a killing out of it, or in the case of their followers, just hope it will hurt the remainers more than them. What a surprise they have coming ...... It would be nice if that yougov poll is right. I don't want to become a Brexit refugee returning to the UK ......
  14. What is the legal rate for loans on land? Just asking because a relative got a loan from one of those money lenders arrested a couple of weeks ago. Maybe he will get his chanote from Prawit .......
  15. Our air-con is set to 27 centigrade, mainly just on at night. only 12.000 BTU. Washing machines not heavily used maybe 100 washes a month. Drink fridges only on 12 hours a day. lights all LED now. Cooking mainly gas but do have microwave, toaster, halogen oven, and electric barbeque used about once a month. Before shop and aircon bill under 1,000 baht, when we got aircon bill still under 2000 baht. Only had a 3,000 baht bill in April or May this year. July bill was 2,500 baht (just checked), June a bit less. Before the extra washing machines our bill in cold season was under 2,000 baht, although didn't use air-con every night.