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  1. rickudon

    Tea vs. Coffee

    Not heard of that one, Mind you, it is hard enough to squeeze a bottle of milk in the fridge, full of Thai leftovers left to rot!
  2. rickudon

    Tea vs. Coffee

    At an exorbitant cost. Anyway, i like Earl Grey. The other finest teas are also pretty good. Don't have quite the same degree of choice in Udon. What surprises me is that Villa Market doesn't stock any of the common British brands of tea, just the 'posh' and expensive ones. As for leaf tea, OK, but bags are so much easier, especially if only want a cup or 2.
  3. You may be able to buy travellers cheques, but Thai banks charge extortionate fees to cash them ...... 180 baht each PLUS commission last time i tried (a few years ago).
  4. As i told my son when he was enthused by the Arab spring. I told him it was only Gaddafi who kept the country under control, and it wouldn't end well. The west then tried to impose democracy on a country who have never had it and mainly didn't understand the concept. After Iraq, you would have thought they would have learned something. Politicians have no connection to the real world.
  5. rickudon

    Tea vs. Coffee

    I might start my day with a 3 in 1 coffee (no point having the real stuff in our house, if you only drink one cup a day) but during the day i drink Tesco finest earl grey (about 1.5 baht a bag). It makes a pot so get 2 cups out of it. With a bit of milk and sugar, cost about 1 baht a cup (Britmantoo was right). Liptons only used in a dire emergency, and costs twice as much a bag and will only make one cup. After a trip to the UK, i will bring back Tetleys, Typhoo or PG Tips, They cost even less than 1 baht a bag ...... Have little use for instant coffee in Thailand as unless you finish a jar quickly, it solidifies, and is expensive. In the UK drink Nescafe Alta Rica.
  6. So what diesel blends are better? Or, perhaps say which are more practical? Palm oil has a much higher yield per hectare than most other oil crops. Other oils may give better emissions, but would require more land area and probably more expensive?
  7. Plenty of jobs now making bags for life or environmentally friendly bags. Any left over, can be set to work cleaning up all that plastic litter, work for years there alone
  8. Currently, i remit my money using a foreign ATM card (fee free, apart from the Thai ATM fee). This has proven to be the the cheapest and most convenient way for me up to now. So i decided to test out an agency who promise fee free foreign transfers (converted by them into baht, at a reasonable rate) I was intending using them in future. However i was hit by a large fee (500 baht) for it to be actually deposited into my Thai bank. I can do 3 ATM withdrawals for that, or even a swift transfer from my home bank to a Thai bank. As this has just happened, no chance yet to find out why (and i WILL be asking). Just another example of the appalling service provided by Thai banks compared to the UK. When i looked at the Thai banks fees, it was updated last month and their were over 4 pages of fees .... (Some people slag off banks in their home countries, but apart from foreign exchange conversions done by them, all the services i use are either free or they PAY ME. In Thailand very little is free)
  9. It has to be cold , hard cash (or travellers cheques. but they are pretty useless these days).
  10. I tried to sleep without air conditioning for one year, but sleeping naked in front of a fan with a bowl of ice-water and a wet towel to rub yourself down with during April cured me of that belief!
  11. Lovely at last ..... have been able to do 6 hours work in the garden instead of 30 minutes!
  12. On a bridge in Dorset, there is a sign saying 'Anyone found defacing this bridge will be transported for life'. Not sure when that was last done, maybe it is still on the books .....
  13. rickudon

    Govt’s VAT refund plan encounters opposition

    And who would benefit from this VAT refund? Not the poor. that is for certain.
  14. rickudon

    Winter in Bangkok??? 36 C today

    Those Bangkok average temperatures are lower than what we have been getting in Udon this year. Only had 3 days below 30 since beginning of November, high of 35,5 C and often still 26-27 at Midnight. When first here in 2008-2010, had some DAYS when you needed a jacket, let alone evenings. And overnight you used a quilt. Running about 5 degrees centigrade warmer than 8 years ago. I cannot even dig the garden after 10 a.m. without shade.