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  1. rickudon

    Fake marriage to foreigners scandal: A job for Big Joke?

    A pretty offensive claim. It is a lot of hassle faking all those pension letters for the British embassy i will let you know. Getting the paper just right is a pain! So much easier to go to an embassy, think of a figure and claim that's your income .....
  2. One off use magnetic cards (like the British rail tickets) ARE damaged by mobile phones after about one hour of proximity, have had it happen many times. But permanent cards not in my experience (never had a bank card become unreadable, and would presume passport would be the same). One day i will experiment with a strong magnet and a bank card and see what happens ....
  3. No-one should ever be allowed to die from an easily treatable disease or injury just because they do not have money. That is just immoral. But, on the other hand, there has to be an upper limit. It is wrong to spend one million dollars to save one person if that money could alleviate the suffering of 10 others. Governments should allocate a set amount of money (as a percentage of GDP, or government income, whatever) and then needs to decide what is and isn't covered, or maybe partially covered. Spending money on treating self inflicted health issues like obesity, alcoholism etc. needs to be capped - you may get some treatment but only if it is cost effective. The money raised should come from direct taxation (VAT or income tax) so that if more money is needed it can be voted on (by referendum?) and people know exactly how much more it would cost them before they vote.
  4. I do not think that would be acceptable. Six years ago when doing a visa application at the Hull consulate i was turned down because they would only count BGC deposits in my bank statement, not any interbank transfers. I had money coming from many different sources into several bank accounts, so had enough, but insufficient information for them to verify ....
  5. I have emailed the Guardian. Always a chance they are having a slow day ......
  6. Obviously the most helpful thing would be for the BE to continue issuing Embassy letters, and this needs to be pressed for. Alternatively Immigration need to say they will accept proof (e.g. pension letters, payslips) but however this would put the onus of verification (and adding it up!) on to immigration and i cannot see this being readily entertained. If this impasse continues, we could be left in a difficult situation. Hopefully it will be resolved before next spring, when the crunch comes and income letters will be out of date. As a backup plan, which may be open to those of us who still maintain UK addresses and banks, is to borrow money in the UK. Currently there are some really good deals. I just borrowed enough to top up my Thai account to the 400,000 baht mark for the Marriage extension, at only 3% per annum over 7 years. OK, i will have to cut expenditure by 5,000 baht a month for the next 7 years, but at least will have that money in the bank for good (hopefully). I know it will not help many, but if it solves the problem for a few, it helps .......
  7. On the topic of BSE, the reason why the GOVERNMENT said beef was safe (before people started dying) was purely economic - the cost to the beef trade would have been astronomical (as it eventually did when people started dying). If you have ever heard of Kuru (a disease of cannibals in New Guinea) you would have soon realised that this wasn't completely new. I gave up beef for 20 years, starting in about 1989 and encouraged my children to not eat it as well. i would now judge UK beef to have only minimal risk, so do eat occasionally. As for likelihood of getting BSE (or new variant CJD if you want to be pedantic) during that period, well the sister of one of my staff died of it. Obviously at the time little was known about the dangers of BSE to humans, you couldn't PROVE it was dangerous, just it was a possibility. There is a similar disease called Scrapie in sheep - but this has never been transmitted (as far as we know) to Humans or other animals. But when the first zoo animals died of BSE my alarm bells began ringing. As for vaccinations - as said herd immunity. If you do not get vaccinated, you provide a pool of susceptible hosts and this prevents the disease from dying out and risks further epidemics. If people had not been vaccinated against Small Pox it would still be with us today - Small Pox still killed between 300-500 MILLION people in the 20th century. So measles is not dangerous? this is from Wikipedia: - Anti-vaxers are not just stupid, they are accessories to murder.
  8. Obviously not desirable, but lets be practical - how are the kids going to get to school? Many families do not have transport other than motorbikes, and not one for every person. Certainly around our way no buses and just Songthaews, which run only on main routes and always overloaded during rush hours.
  9. rickudon

    Measles claim six in Yala

    Vaccination prevents measles epidemics. The death rate is proportional to how many catch the disease. I do not think vaccination is much of an issue in Thailand, my daughter from birth had a book to record vaccinations. Ours were done privately, but wife said they do come to the village about once a year to do child vaccinations for free. But you still have to turn up for them .... As said, might be a Muslim thing down south. But they come running for them when people start dying!
  10. Unfortunately seeds in Thailand are not the best - usually grow ok but germination rates often poor. Probably due to lack of cool storage.
  11. rickudon

    Do Thais know about the blind spot?

    Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Thai translation - Maybe signal, Manoeuvre, oh, maybe check my mirror now! My wife learned how to drive at a Thai driving school. Only problems, all in an automatic and 95% done on private training ground. Also they GUARANTEED a licence at the end of the course. My wife cannot drive in traffic - any traffic - as she never got used to it and is afraid of all other drivers (with some justification....) and cannot cope with manual gears. Now only ever moves the car at home, like when she wants to wash it, or rarely drives to the farm (200 metres away!). But she is happy to ride on her scooter?
  12. Udon Thani has built an international terminal ....... all it needs is some international flights!
  13. That will be the day. I hand over my passport with landing slip in the appropriate page for visa ...... IO removes slip and checks name etc against passport ........ 15 seconds gone ....... IO tries to find Visa (now that he closed the original page)...at least 15 more seconds gone ..... IO looks for original visa (i am on extension) ............. usually another 30 seconds plus ..... IO rechecks landing card against visa stamp .............. another 10 seconds or more... IO takes photo and works out how long to give me ... Another 30 seconds, or more ....... Bravo! Only 2 minutes, it is a good day .......
  14. rickudon

    Help... I Am Infested With Ticks

    Ticks do not lay eggs on you - they usually lay them on the ground. And they usually drop off after feeding. And they also often have different hosts at different stages of their life cycle (dog ticks are an exception). Seems like you are sharing your room with a tick infested dog ..... Clean everything.
  15. Lucky he didn't do his research in Egypt, you just turn up dead ........