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  1. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Where can I get Nitrogen in Chiang Mai

    Unless you are filling jet aircraft tyres or sponsoring F1 Chiang Mai you are wasting your money. A scam!
  2. American guilty as charged. ANYBODY with a history of social offenses (from UK AUS, AUS, etc.) should be barred from the Kingdom, permanently. Thai Immigration is not up to speed with communicating foreign countries that is why overrun with crims. Do you know Americans with as little as a drink driving charge are barred from Canada?? This would keep out 99 percent of the dross and many serious crimes would be avoided.
  3. They have it already. It is called Thailand Elite. A brilliant programme, been a member for several years.
  4. Why not? Just hand a gift bag of Black spray can paint to defile another monument? Or Perhaps some alcopops to jive them up for the inevitable bar fight on Khao San later ?
  5. Nationals qualified for visa exempts should be able to get “multiple entries”, like they used to. Just set a six month per year limit for tourism like any other country the problem of tourists living illegally finished!
  6. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    Go look at the dumpy somtam lady down the soi and compare to the hottest uni student in a tight skirt you saw yesterday. Without the skin treatments mostly same same. 90 percent five foot to five foot five. They don’t have large breasts, elf noses (again surgery) long legs or glamour curves. Few Thai women take serious exercise you won’t find many really sportive types with good muscle tone the one gym rat I know is a tiny little short haired Tom, cute as a bug, can’t be bothered by the constant farang fawning over at the Coffee shop. It is all illusion, surgery and make-up. No sympathy for those surprisingly awakened by a todger in their face. You have been warned.
  7. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Legally, Thailand is free of sexual harassment [Editorial]

    Totally true. I didn’t say or do anything like that. What about the about incompetent people being promoted over their punching weight for diversity? Then the huge problem using false accusations and harassment to cover failures and right perceived wrongs committed by the so-called white male patriarchy? SAD. Peoples lives are being ruined by this. So just as there is nothing such as reverse racism, harassment is harassment! By the way they can dish it out, but they can’t take it! Not fair.
  8. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Legally, Thailand is free of sexual harassment [Editorial]

    A stretch but the woman (of course) could say you leered, stared, “Made a face” it in any way caused her to be uncomfortable. Now it’s your problem. Good rule of thumb in today’s workplace is never comment on anothers appearance (compliment or otherwise), and avoid if being in a one on one situation with a woman or any so called “minority”. As that is all but impossible now I’m glad I retired!
  9. There are a few exceptions but usually long as you don’t make yourself worth more dead than alive.
  10. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Rules for names in Thailand

    I’m talking about female university professors and members of electrical Engineering societies not Bar-Girls!
  11. This topic comes up from time to time only “to stir the pot” as nobody pays tax on foreign earned pensions here. Yes that is what people would say. You only bring in that which is earned the previous year, indeed many have no fungible pile of monies abroad to draw from and are living hand to mouth on the pensions. Then there is the “don’t trust Thai banks” brigade. In other words , those who can’t stump up 800,000 for a retirement extension.
  12. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Police given incriminating iPad in Chiang Mai upskirt case

    Nothing to see in Thailand even the grannie panties are covered by shorts here it is not Japan or USA.
  13. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    So let the smoggers clock out if they need extra breaks then? They should also be in their own insurance pools not dragging down normal people who live healthy ok !
  14. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    Wonderful!, 100 percent in favor! Public smoking of tobacco is by FAR the worst thing about Thailand (then followed by Soi dogs and dual pricing). Encountering Cigarette smoke must be made a rare and highly restricted condition in the Kingdom. Foreigners who wish to smoke publicly should stay in their country or go elsewhere. BRAVO THAILAND BRAVO! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk