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  1. What a nonsense strawman and rubbish. There was no such “former law”. Freedom means most things are allowed unless they are specifically prohibited. If Bhutan would give me a long term visa maybe I’d move there though, tobacco completely banned.
  2. Are the national parks still being strict with fees for foreigners?

    10 times price for Foreigners is Thai law. Often complaining about corruption, now the moaners want Park staff to cut them a deal just because they have a work permit or support a family, live here 35 years, and speak Thai fluently. It does not matter what you accomplished here if you don’t get Thai citizenship you are a foreigner, so 10 x Thai price. Asking sombody to break the law for you is not fair.
  3. 15 pages of moaning will change nothing. Do you respect Thai law or not? Smoke on Pattaya beaches 1 year jail or 100,000 Bahts fine. If you have a problem with this go back to your country, or go to Cambodia or Vietnam. Good riddance you are not wanted here on beaches with a ciggy dangling from your stinking gob.
  4. Two of the nags are dragging a long lead. The 15 year old Burmese groom or new Army recruit what can't tie reefer knot is gonna have some splainin' to do I'd reckon!
  5. Maybe you need a remedial course of reading comprehension. I did not say this is my country, or is your submission a just a troll post? I said they, the foreign smokers should smoke on a beach in their own country. It may be illegal there already for good reason. I suggested also they go elsewhere. Cambodia and Vietnam await smokers foul body odour and breath, and wafting toxic smoke. Thailand is slowly going to become like everywhere else. I guarantee in 15 - 20 years a Foreigner will not be able to take a prostitute here, and then we will see the back end of the traveling farang sexpests and mongers. I don't want sex tourists coming here anymore either. It's called progress.
  6. The only thing wrong with this is it will never be applied to Thais, who we have enough smoking already. L&M some of the foulest smelling cig odour in the world. I don’t want foreign smokers coming here they should smoke on a beach in their own country or go elsewhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So it is “the jew” who has “the money”, eh? Amazing staying power this ancient vileness has on certain people. And lately plenty of thanks to fake news, conspiracy theory and anonymous web forums. Despite your multiple likes other sites would be more welcoming to this particular ignorance and bigotry so do us a favor please could you take it there? As for this particular work of radical performance art not very impressed.
  8. I’m making good money. Next time I go to BKK I will pay two sluts from a bar 5000 baht each to flash their tits at a Wat. Lets see what the reaction is? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Biology, yes if course. Bonobos, lions, dogs, and penguins engage in homosexuality Please feel free to continue. The angry geezers of Thai Visa are big fans of sophomoric humour and homophobic bigotry. You got pwwned.
  10. I'm getting quizzed a lot!

    US is bad, I have heard stories about Thai women with visa, and wealthy french lady detained (because she was born in Algeria). My own Mum was strip searched in the 1990’s coming back from Brazil. “ suspected drug mule”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. invest in BITCOIN or not ?

    Currency investing is based on technical Analysis of gdp, trades balances, interest rates. What will you use to guide your Bitcoin investment or is it just a bubble of hype? Tulip bulbs come to mind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Promised I was out of here but I can’t avoid this one. There are far more heterosexual couples having anal sex than the minority population of gays. Social research going back to Masters and Johnson, so “penis in the bottom” does not equal homosexual. Amazing it is 2017 and still people are this ignorant.
  13. Congratulations to the Happy couple!
  14. I have heard of cops in suburbs of Houston Texas years ago coming into bars (not called by manager) and arresting people for drunk in public, they were trying to drive the bars out out. Also if you do the right thing and take a taxi home they will tow your car away, from a strip mall with hundreds of open spots. Offense, for "overnight parking", but that is a common in the states. Tow trucks are a huge racket. The Continental Airlines lounge at IAH also does not serve alcohol until noon on Sundays, a very strange place.
  15. Public indecency 500 baht x 10 times Farang tax. A fair punishment next time they come to Thailand they will be greeted as heroes in the traveller community , AND act more respectably. Who wouldn't be happy to buy these blokes a beer? Next.