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  1. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Einstein’s Travel Diaries Reveal His Shockingly Racist Views On Asians

    Einsteins a travel diary in the 1920s. Some of the musings are unpleasant, are any of them untrue? Pointing out the obvious now is called "Racism". A reason to discount Einstein completely Political correctness and doctrinaire multiculturalism will be the downfall of civilization, not wars or environment issues.
  2. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Israeli army kills Palestinian nurse in Gaza border protest - medics

    It’s not fair Dexterm and Hamas or anybody else who sent her against the IDF snipers to render medical aid is not her friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Doctors Hygine is this acceptable

    Don’t remember had a good laugh about it and everyone’ remembers years later. Totally disgusting smell.
  4. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Thai child separation anxiety

    Idiot. Never get involved with Thai women With kids there are Plenty who have never been knocked up. I myself had a vasectomy on my 30th birthday. The most liberating experience ever. I will not breed or be bred to anybody for any reason. I don’t hate children, I just don’t want one of my own to pay for is that OK? And yes they sleep with thekr kids I have refused sex with MILFs several times because I will not bang a lady with a small child sleeping in the same room!(Japanese). That would be wrong. By the way as a cocksman who has bedded hundreds I Can confirm pregnancy destroys women’s bodies 90 percent of the time.
  5. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Zoe Complex.

    How can it be that Land inside the walls of the old city sells at valuations more than Manhattan but nothing can be built there?
  6. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Israeli army kills Palestinian nurse in Gaza border protest - medics

    If the Gazans give up their aggression and terror they will soon have all the safety and security they need. No they are not getting their land back. My personal belief is “Israel” should never have been created all the Jews could have been accommodated in the USA after the war but that was not going to happen, thanks to anti Semitic attitudes, fear of communists and the failed colonial edicts of the British Empire (what everyone knew would fail). Now here is the reality on the ground. There is one tiny little country in the whole world where a Jew can be a Jew without appologizing to anyone. Also there is a whole Arc of the Earth Island from North Africa to Indonesia where anyone can be safe and live freely as an Arab. It is not “fair” The truth is every country in the world except for Iceland and part of Japan was stolen from the indigenous inhabitants (in recent history) and that is just the way it is. “Tough titties”. Hamas is not helping anybody. They exist only though the futile struggle and conflict.
  7. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    International to Domestic transfer airside

    I recently fled from SFO-SIN on United(business class) arriving without checked baggage. I then had a ticket on Scoot from SIN-CNX. The uninterested dot head Indian lady at the Scoot connecting counter blew me off as a nuisance and said I had to go to SIN immigration and go their ticket counter to get a boarding pass. It was all Automated but I still had to go through “document check” which involved opening my passport. They did not check if I had a visa or why I was Flying to Thailand on a one way ticket, never asked. Big waste of time and a joke.
  8. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Car insurance

    Any such insurance would be invalid, not worth anything and against “Thai Law”. You need a Thai drivers license if you live here more that 90 days.
  9. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Doctors Hygine is this acceptable

    No problem at my Condo any shoes left overnight are “thrown away” by 5AM. Managress pet peeve. One of the worst thing I have every smelled was the Zories of a large former American clolleague who resemble actor John Goodman. A combination of vomit, sweat and a bucket full of Indian food diarrhea.
  10. While ago in Chiang Mai it was reported half the Hotels, including big ones, don’t have licenses let alone Guest Houses. I have no problem with the Airbnb concept, I would offer my own unit just that people who come to Thailand on vacation WILL NOT behave in a neighborly fashion and cause all kinds of problems. They were driven out of my building largely after many complaints of noise and not following simple rules. (Don’t slam doors and scream in hallway at 5AM, put rubbish in the bins not outside your door to stink and attract vermin Don’t have all night Karioki parties while people are trying to rest for school/work) I read on Facebook just today by the way almost all the listings in Japan have been removed overnight as the government passed a law there all Airbnb style rentals MUST go through a registered management company starting this month. Airbnb should do the same, cancel all condo and house rentals, as it is illegal in Thailand, as conformed by the courts to rent condos and houses short Term and these APPS are facilities of criminal conspiracy of tax evasion and harboring unreported foreign guests.
  11. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    SURVEY: Do you agree with the crackdown on illegals?

    The story is utter tosh no interpretation of Islam requires a sick person to fast during Ramadan in fact is is opposite.
  12. In most places assault causing grievous bodily injury attracts a mandatory custodial sentence. Here the Police sympathize with the culprit. Seen as protecting his "earner" from ludricris APPs that offer the outrage of a ride without racist pricing schemes and Mafia tactics.
  13. ChiangMaiLightning2143

    Israeli army kills Palestinian nurse in Gaza border protest - medics

    Really ? Why not? Elor Azaria is a national hero for shooting dead a Palestinian motionless on the ground. I am Firmly on the side of Israel and against terrorism and aggression but with the current government and situation one must call a spade a spade.
  14. True. I saw a Tomcat recently in front of a convenience store on SUK soi 11 holding court resplendently. Looked big and healthy enough but his face and ears were scarred from battle. Bangkok cat must be tough, still no match for big rats they are huge.
  15. There is nothing wrong with advertising Hotels and Guesthouses on Airbnb. Renting out condos is illegal. I recently saw a Facebook post of a guy I don’t know offering a unit in MY building for short term rental so I sent him a message advising him to take down the Facebook post or I would advise CM immigration and have advised management already. He replied with a threat and calling me a “Richard”.