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    Doubletake mirrors in Thailand

    I have the Doubletake Adventure mirrors on my BMW R1200GS Adventure. What I discovered unique to my motorcycle was that the XL Ram arm interfered with the factory fog light switch housing located on top of the left hand controls. The switch housing limited the range of motion to the point that I purchased SW Motech mirror extenders to increase the range of motion and not interfere with the fog light switch housing. In order to get the SW Motech mirror extender to also not interfere with the fog light switch housing I had to adjust the angle of depression/elevation of the left hand controls. This wasn't a universally wonderful solution, but somewhat workable. I also discovered that the range of motion for the Doubletake mirrors is limited by the Ram arm itself. The range of motion is quite good when adjustments are made in the same plane as the opening between the two clamping sides of the Ram arm. However the range of motion is limited when adjustments are attempted in a plane not completely parallel (moving towards perpendicular) to the opening between the clamping sides of the Ram arm. Finally, I could make fairly good adjustments to my stock BMW mirrors with one hand even while on the move. The Doubletake mirror requires all adjustments to be made with two hands (one hand loosens the Ram arm wing nut and the other hand moves the mirror and or Ram arm itself) and I had to stop in order to make the adjustments. The Doubletake mirrors have some advantages when going off road. If the bike is dropped then the mirror may rotate out of the way without breaking anything. I haven't tested this but I say "may" because when the Ram arm is tightened down it is still fairly tight and I'm not totally convinced that there will be no damage in a fall. Having said that, these mirrors can be adjusted to a much safer position for riding off road whereas the stock mirrors cannot and must be totally removed. One more thing to note. When I received the Doubletake Adventure mirrors and mounting hardware, one of the Ram ball stud bases wasn't the same as the other. The thread pitch was slightly different than the other Ram ball stud base. The difference was so slight that I didn't notice it and it ended up damaging the threads in the aluminum BMW mirror bracket. It took weeks for me to get a replacement mirror bracket. I'm not sure if there was a manufacturing quality control issue with this one particular Ram ball stud base or a packing mistake and that Ram ball stud base was actually for a different motorcycle and mirror bracket with different thread pitch. I ended up getting a replacement Ram ball stud base with the proper thread pitch and there were no issues.