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  1. Bill Miller

    Throw Away Your Western Manliness!

    I think "dignity" is an artificial construct that allows some folks to feel superior in an elevated nose sort of way. It quickly goes out the window if you find yourself in situations where you have no control, like temporarily paralyzed, or pinned down on a battlefield. I think DJT has amply demonstrated that it is an outdated notion.
  2. Bill Miller

    Throw Away Your Western Manliness!

    I thought it was fairly amusing, and informative about the "it" bit. I don't know enough Thai to know if I am an "it". I am a "pum pui farang". I do give the missus roughly half of the money regularly. I would hand over nearly all if we lived together full time. When it is time to pay I usually just hand her my wallet, which has received some approving glances. Sometimes just a wad of money, from which I may or may not get change. If not I will ask if she has enough in her pocket. Frankly a new experience, late in life, of sharing the finances this way in a domestic situation, but which I remember my dad doing much the same.
  3. Bill Miller

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    "Small" does not always mean harmless, and I would d say the specimen exhibited is not exactly a kid's aquarium comet. From "About animals, .com": "The Needlefish can reach speeds of 60 km/h and can jump out of the water. They are known to jump over small boats, instead of swimming underneath. Needlefish have been reported to be responsible for two deaths so far, but usually, they are not harmful to humans.Jan 2, 2016". So, yes, two reported human fatalities prior to this unlucky young man. Imagine a foot long fish with an added six inch very pointy snout smacking into your carotid artery at 60 kph. RIP young man.
  4. Bill Miller

    Thai Navy Recon Trainee Killed By Fish

    That would do the job.
  5. Bill Miller

    Lactose free milk has a strange colour and taste.

    Look for mMilk brand lactose free. Light brown label on a square bottle.. I tried it once (not lactose intolerant) and thought it was OK. I have seen it at Tesco Lotus and Big C.
  6. I just spent a night in Pattaya, and for fun walked the maybe 1 1/2 clicks to Walking Street to view the "flesh pots" of Pattaya. Well, not complexly deserted and empty at 21:00. but fairly quiet and subdued compared to what I have been led to expect. Lots of euro families getting ice cream for kiddies, flag led Chinese groups taking many photos, but not noticeably spending money at the mostly empty venues. About 22:30 I staggered in ( somewhat disabled) to a New York establishment and found a four topper with no trouble, had my 39 baht Singha and some tasty onion rings, and hobbled back to my hotel. Maybe it just doesn't get started until the Witching Hour? A little tame even for this old Papa, though I did have to turn down several offered "extras" when I went for a massage. I did okay a finger nail trim.
  7. Bill Miller

    Side Effects of Marrying a Much Older Man

    I am 14 years older than my dearest. She does not, IMO. look her age, as many Thai ladies do not. She is happy that I cannot pester her much in the bedroom department. As she puts it, "I am old for Thai lady. Not feel for that!. Not want younger man. Worry about your healthy, 'coz want together long time." I did not have many preconceived notions about Thai women, thinking much had changed since the Vietnam era. I met her on FB, and we chatted for a year or so when I said, "Heck. I like her. Why not go visit instead of passively waiting here to die?" That was in 2014. I love her, and hope she still loves me, because by Thai standards I can be a real jerk.; "You loudly at me! I not like!" But also, by Thai lady's standards. I can be very good. "You would carry wife and children, even if not together". I told her it is not universal, but yeah, I would. She had the experience of raising a child alone for 26 years.
  8. Bill Miller

    Tea vs. Coffee

    I have on hand Thailand Three Horses Brand loose leaf Chinese tea, pleasant but not exceptional, Typhoo Black Tea in the round bags, which I like two bags in my medium teapot, (must measure the capacity some day!), to which I will add additional hot water several times during a "bout", and Lipton Yellow label which I like if brewing a single mug. Pooh on all the anti-Lipton folks, 555. I also normally keep a few fresh bergamot around in case i feel "Earl Grey-ish", some camomile, and probably a couple of other odds and bobs. There are some Buddy Dean sachets around which the Lady prefers to American drip style, which I like best when made from espresso roasted beans from Huay Hom. I used to buy 20 kilos of Blue Hills beans from Vietnam and roast them myself, but that is kind of a PITA ( roasting by hand). In balance I think I am mostly a coffee nerd. HOT water defo a must.
  9. Bill Miller

    Border Run Alternatives

    I got my last non-o multi entry based on retirement in Savan. in early September. The counter man asked to see my bank book, which I did not have with me. He asked for a copy of my last year's visa instead. Copy guy across the street made a copy for us at no charge, and the consulate was satisfied.
  10. Bill Miller

    Noise, there has to be noise!

    Yeah! Glass packs on my 1965 GTO! Straight pipes on my 1968 Chevelle SS stock car! My Beemer R90S, though, was quiet and smooth as silk.
  11. While you are, evidently, primarily fascist and misogynistic. The man murdered someone via vehicular homicide, and had the lack of sense to admit it during monitored phone calls with his mother. The prosecution proved the case, and none of your BNP type muttering is going to change that.