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  1. 5555! "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”" From an article by Dr. Isaac Asimov in 1980. The cult, sadly, is not limited to the U.S., but is taking hold everywhere that the LCD is outbreeding those of intelligence and education. Yes, I have been told that "Yer degrees and high IQ don' mean <deleted>". Sadly true.
  2. A bit obsessed with "radical liberals", aren't you. "...a radical liberal activist posing as a lawyer..." demonstrates your egregious disregard for facts, truth, etc. Ms. Katz is not "...posing as a lawyer..." but ipso facto has BEEN a lawyer for more than 25 years, and graduated summa cum laude from her law school, and has successfully handled a number of high profile cases. Your cavalier dismissal of her and her accomplishments does not put you in a good light at all, in my opinion. Typical arch conservative.
  3. CCTV might show her exiting the building with hair intact. If shaved it might corroborate her story, though how to prove that he did it? She could have stopped in a public loo, if the building has such, and cut her own hair. I am a bit suspicious, having once been falsely arrested in the US for domestic violence. Judge threw it out for lack of evidence in the photos the idiot cop took, and her refusal to see a doctor. You would think the bunghole could notice that there was no evidence of abuse when he took the photos, but swore out an arrest warrant anyway. Still cost me plenty, in bail. lawyer's fees, and emotional turmoil. I think I would rather they err that way than let someone be killed. though, which seems to happen with sad regularity. Sure am glad I could afford a good attorney rather than the "cop a plea" PD the bail judge assigned me! Not the Thai Hilton, but even a New Mexico jail is no country club!
  4. Bill Miller

    Restless legs driving me crazy.

    My partner has problems with it and cramping. Try to get her to take a magnesium/potassium supplement, but she is very anti pill of any kind. Hard to get her to drink more water, too. Massage helps some, and I am delighted to assist, though sometimes "I no pain there! Lower leg!" ? Yeah, I can be a pig. I recently have read some articles about sleeping with an unwrapped bar of soap under the sheet as a home remedy. Up to 45% of people who try it have reported success. Sounds goofy, but worth a try. Speculation that the soap may provide magnesium. Maybe lavender scented would be a good idea, too. I got some in for the next time she stays over. Good luck with it!
  5. Another one is Vietnamese dong. The strange name aside, it is only worth like 0.0041 baht each. I was in the airport looking to change my remaining currency for baht when my waan jai came bustling up from the duty free shops, asking for Viet money to buy chocolate for her daughter. "Sure darling, how much would you like?" "Oh. About one million." I still joke with her about the time I reached into my wallet and handed her a million. ?
  6. Just returned from Laos and indeed, Thai baht is also universally accepted. Shopkeepers even asked first if they could give change in kip. That is the only way I got any, and made sure to donate it all in tips, at temples, etc. before leaving as I recalled having trouble reconverting on previous occasions.
  7. 5555 Good guess! If I want something I tell her, and she can often find it at a lower rate.?
  8. Seems I know a good few more than you do, and some teachers as well.? From one report: "Thai university applicants scored an average 28.34 percent in English in recent university entrance exams. Thailand produces a "workforce with some of the world's weakest English-language skills." In a recent IMD World Competitiveness YearbookThailand was ranked 54th out of 56 countries globally for English proficiency. Singapore was third, Malaysia 28th and Korea 46th." My better half does not actually write much better than the example given, and she is a business college graduate and has paid to take additional English courses. She is also a senior level employee of one of the largest foreign owned retail establishments in Thailand. I suggest that your estimate of general Thai English language proficiency is at best inaccurate. Me with a secondary level English class, interviewing English speakers at Chatuchak.
  9. Not just in neighboring Asian countries. Tried to help get a visitor's visa to the US for a Thai lady friend. She is almost picture perfect for one, ten years in a responsible job, elderly parent, just purchased a new car, new house, etc. Everything that says she is going to come back. Learned after she was turned down that there had recently been a scandal involving a Thai "sex ring" in the US, and was told that embassy, Homeland, etc. personnel had been instructed to assume....
  10. Infantile reasoning. She is a Thai, not the product of a western school system. How many Thai people know any of the Roman alphabet at all?
  11. Never seen a monkey, nor an elephant? There are 264 mammal species in Thailand, all of which are to be found in the forest, unless you are going to try and quibble about whether "jungle" is considered "forest". The only way to avoid seeing any is A) To be blind, or B) To never go into anyplace that has trees.?
  12. No more than what is seen with a bathing suit. So what is the "wrong message"?
  13. "No money" can mean anything from "really no money" to "we really dig the hitching gig." I recall being in Tijuana one spring break, and was admiring an onyx xand alabaster chess set, The vendor talked himself down to 1/4 his original asking price, Sadly I was in category 1 above, "Really no..."?
  14. You completely changed the meaning by leaving out part of my post. Why do that? "The statement was about "bike hires" particularly, and I see that as the greater problem area, both for inexperienced foreigners and untrained Thai people.Most foreigners I am fairly confident have an auto driver's license." What I said. Simple enough for a fifth grader to read and understand. It was in response to somebody going on about auto rentals, when the OP was, indeed about bike rentals. Do you have scars still on your head? Why try to correct things that do not need correcting?
  15. The statement was about "bike hires" particularly, and I see that as the greater problem area, both for inexperienced foreigners and untrained Thai people. Most foreigners I am fairly confident have an auto driver's license. We see daily, direct evidence that many Thais do not have a motorbike licence. Many operators are simply too young to qualify for one, and I am fairly certain that four on a 125 CC bike and no helmets is not legal.