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  1. FIVE Months Smoke-Free, WHOOHOO!

    It has been eight years for me now. All it took was a helicopter ride to a heart hospital. I messed about with cigars for about a month, but soon figured that was not helping much. Decision finally made it was not really too hard. I remember my grandmother and father struggling for years. That memory may have helped, along with chewing a ton of gum. If I had quit sooner maybe I would have avoided the subsequent MI that resulted in a triple bypass in addition to the stent placed the first time. In any event, good luck to all engaged in quitting now!
  2. One principle of writing is to "write what you know". Would you be happier if he wrote about the societal norms of the Bushmen of the Kalihari?
  3. A difference in that in most cases the older foreigners are carrying the load financialy.
  4. Rare animal – a moonrat – found in Krabi

    Cool! Seems they are a kind of hedgehog without spines. I am glad it was a conservation minded chap who discovered it, and it got released back into the wild.
  5. Complete foolishness. Lets remove all warning signs of sny kind of danger then. What need for road signs warning of dangerous curves? Why post about dangerous riptides? Everybody should just automatically and magically be aware of every hazard according to your logic.
  6. Are there notices posted warning of the danger so that tourists know to be careful?
  7. Goos to learn new things. The USA has no authority to "order" Interpol to do anything. No nation does. And Interpol has no agents with arrest powers.
  8. Nanny in three year old physical abuse case claims child self harmed

    A quick scan of articles indicates that while very unusual it is not unknown for toddlers that young to self harm. Yes, investigation is in order. Even if the nanny is in the clear a self harming toddler needs care beyond the scope of the average 6,000 baht nanny, I expect. I hope something can be done to help this baby.
  9. Similar experience within a government hospital. I show my hospital ID card, and get asked the same questions every time I go, or see a new doctor. Sometimes they look and find my information, but IT is not well developed here yet. At the time the UC was extended to foreigners I have read that it was quite variable from hospital to hospital. I have no problem believing that a given hospital continues to honor the scheme, especially if it is an area without hordes of frail farangs seriously battering their bottom line. I was just the other day at the government hospital in Mae Hong Son to see an opthamologist for a diabetic eye exam. I was charged 220 baht. I paid 520 baht for my fan who had a couple of additional tests.... not all services are covered under the 30 baht scheme, it seems. Still, less than $25 for both of us, I ain't complaining! As I have said before, if the Thai government would bring back coverage for foreigners under the UC scheme, but at a reasonable premium, i.e. enough to sustain the system, and maybe a co-pay arrangement, I would be very happy.
  10. Thailand to announce itself free of IUU fishing

    Hey, it is the latest thing for national leaders to compete in who can tell the biggest whoppers.
  11. Are you saying that the UK ignores treaties now in order to satisfy the whims of a military junta? Why do I ask, because that is exactly what you said. Glad you are such an expert in international law.
  12. The "respect" spoken of is a two way street, not just "I want what I want". The criminals previously extradited were actual criminals, under Thai law as well. The Shins are obviously political fugitives. You cannot "convict" someone, in absentia, in a special court for political "criminals" and then claim it is not political. The treaty governing extradition between Thailand and the UK particularly prohibits cases where conviction takes place in absentia. Also Interpol has their own bylaws which prohibit issuance of a Red Notice on say so. Please do not respond with relatively recent statutes in Thai law. They do not affect international treaties. They are in effect only in Thailand.
  13. We are travelling to CM from Bkk (DM airport) within the week. 1 1/2 hours flight time, cost under 4000 baht for two people. Current train , 11 hours, second class tickets 1,800 baht for two. What do you suppose the cost would be for the new non bullet bullet train? The chug chug might be fun on the daytime run. I have travelled across North America this way a few times. Great way to see a country, IMO. We are going to visit family, however, and my partner has limited holiday time from work. If they could somehow improve the bureaucratic bottlenecks at the airports, that would perhaps be a better use of funds.
  14. Really. My BMW motorbike would go 200 kph... auf der Autobahn, not on Thai roads!
  15. Why do you say that? Do you have documentation? One of the issues in the EU threat to ban Thai fisheries products in 2015 was the use of destructive fishing methods, including blast and cyanide fishing.