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  1. Charged for bad driving? In Thailand???
  2. He was definitely on a mission...
  3. You can get them "illegal" taxis at the departure level... Usually cheaper..., and a lot quicker.
  4. 3 strikes out. Time to amputate.
  5. I married a very nice woman in Thailand 7 years ago. As far as I know, she loves me and is not cheating on me. As for her family, the typical BS that I should support them but I don't, except for her aging mom. I know other men who don't have any problems in Thailand so it's not all bad like you seem to think. I don't go to bars...
  6. If you are Thai, NEVER use a foreign passport. Thailand is very anal about it. Just keep the Thai passport to enter or leave Thailand, and countries that don't require a VISA with it.
  7. Isn't the united Nation seriously question the legitimacy of Prayut's Prime Minister self proclamation after removing an elected government???
  8. Udon Thani, I installed the pump at 46 meters and it's pumping a lot of water so all is good! Left it on for 24 hours at full flow to clean up the well and it never ran out of water. I'm very happy with the results.
  9. It's OK for the multi-rich to run over cops, run away with no legal consequences, but the poor can't get a ride in the back of a pick up truck or they will get fined...
  10. Sure got off the hook easy... Sure looks like a prime Japanese suspect for murder. Maybe she jumped to get away from him because he was beating her up...
  11. Just another gimmick for the cops to make money on the side...
  12. "He said he had left the country for almost three years and didn’t understand why he was still subjected to injustice and false charges." That is the way politics and the justice system works in Thailand...
  13. Police have no credibility. Why should we believe them? Could this been another attempt to discredit the Red Shirt organization?