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  1. Lots of Sociopaths seem to be reading Thai Visa...
  2. Truck driver is at fault, so is the Mercedes. Sorry for those guys... Hope this video sorts out this mess! Let us know!
  3. No water, heat, boot camp situation. And that is what happens.
  4. I don't drink so never go to bars. It's not illegal to carry a machete in your vehicle. It's also not against the law if you use a legal weapon for protection.
  5. I've seen this sort of thing happen with Fitness centers before in other countries. Sometimes, people would show up in the morning to find the store gone, after the stores were selling yearly memberships the day before...
  6. Air brakes are not supposed to fail, unless they are not maintained or adjusted properly.
  7. Typical Thai blaming game again. Sounds like an aneurism, made worse by taking a massive dose of blood thinner...
  8. I do carry a smallish very sharp machete in my truck... Just in case.
  9. If car rental can run a pre-tab on someone's credit card, why the hospitals can't do the same?
  10. Losing face is not an option in Thailand...
  11. There seem to be a lot of this in Thailand... Where are all this children taken?
  12. DRUNK driver, DRUNK driving...
  13. Charged for bad driving? In Thailand???