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  1. would anyone happen to know when i apply for a METV in person and pick it up in person, does it take 5 days or is it less? i'll be heading to D.C. soon and i need to start planning
  2. i have black cabinets, and everyday when i wake up they are full of dust. wipe them off again and the next day its the same, all dust air conditioning units were supposedly cleaned before i moved in, and it looks as if that is true from the way the filters look. i keep my doors shut all day long as well. i've lived in three different apartments over the past 3 years and i have to say only one of them was dusty alike this and unlivable.. i wake up with allergy symptoms almost every morning now for the past two weeks is there a solution to this? i will continue to wear a charcoal mask inside my house, and take ceterizine everyday, but wow its crazy! help much appreciated thank you all !
  3. does anyone have any recent information? otherwise if i send all of my documents to the office in washington DC, what is the processing time? any additional information would be greatly appreciated thank you all
  4. will be leaving for one month , how can i pay in advance for electricity to make sure they won’t shut me down? Is it possible to do this through 7-11 or K bank mobile etc? last time i had to drag my thai friend to help me out, it seemed like they didn't speak a lick of english when i went with her too. Also what is the leniency period in which i have to pay after a due date? For example my due date for my bill is usually the 18th of every month. I won’t be back until the 25th. im assuming i need to do this with TRUE phone bills/internet/tv bills as well? thanks everybody
  5. All great stuff here. thanks everyone, i will ask the juristic person if my work done does not suffice. The owners know of this smell and will indefinltey not pay for a whole new wall I'm sure of it.. I just started renting the place not long ago. I have bought a spray bottle , bleach, and Effective Microorganisms(EM) . I have laid out cat litter , baking soda all around the house. When i am back tomorrow lets see the difference. I will start to rid the damage tomorrow with (EM) or bleach first spraying the ceilings where i see it is cracked a bit.. Also i saw a mold spot on top of the air conditioner a little bit I would like to add there was a water damaged area in the bedroom wall, and someone fixed/patched that up before i arrived. looks brand new.. Does that do absolutely nothing for the problem? I do live in a condominium, and a very nice one at that. so this is definitely a problem. it is drywall i think? i'm not very hands on and don't know a lot.. The landlord doesnt seem to mind the smell, so he certainly will not be any help to me. But i will for sure show him and the agents some documentation showing them the damage if there is some..I'm not sure how the water got in the house, but before i rented it out the landord told me "make sure you don't keep the doors open when it rains because it comes right in the house" . Dumbest thing I've heard in a while, he knows of the smell. trust me Also the agent told me it was clearly the smell from the drainage, but I've been running the water constantly for two days now. Sales people can be a hoot huh!
  6. hi tonray, today i was inside of the apartment for merely 6 hours and i sneezed about 15 times during my stay. i had left the air conditioning unit on with the windows and slider door open. it has to be water damage. when the air conditioner is on the smell lessened. Granted it is still there, it is a little bit less. I just for the life of me cannot find the water damage... I think i see cracks or brown areas in the corners of the ceiling walls and around those areas. I cannot see any affected areas on the still wall though. should i spray that with bleach for a few days then go from there? do you happen to know what this looks like in a thai brand EM? i don't speak thai so it could be difficult? secondly, do i spray the area with this or just the whole room? thanks everyone
  7. thank you for the curteous suggestions.. i'm certain that the water damage was on the celling and/or wall. So ill have to evaluate how i can bleach that out TSP is available at tesco/big c/villa or home pro? -- Do you suggest buying a real dehumidifier that will lower my temperature inside my household to below 50% humidity? Is so if anyone has any suggestions as to where i can buy one.... much appreciated!
  8. I am looking for some professionals in bangkok to give it a look. are their any companies? otherwise for now i will lay out baking soda, cat litter, deodorizers, all around the house until the smell goes.. any other tips and recommendations welcome thank you all
  9. So i can still get a METV is washington DC , correct?
  10. I have had DHL shipped to me numerous times and never have gotten taxed on anything , small or large packages. Why is that guys? Due to the fact that the sender knows what he is doing, correct? merry christmas everyone
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I've been fooled in the past it seems so i have ask these types of questions
  12. In my passport my single entry tourist visa now allows me to stay until december 10th. I want to get my first extension on that entry, although if i go to immigration this week would they mark down a stamp from december 10th - January 6th (4 weeks or 30 days) ? or would they mark it from the date that i want the extension to 4 more weeks? Last time i went to immigration a week early for my visa extension and if i'm not mistaken they marked it down earlier than the said stamp date. thanks everyone
  13. I see in thailand that cars do not depreciate as fast as they do in the states, and that the tax's on some of the cars are astronomical!! I am buying another car but this time it is a 2013 honda city, all tinted windows with 25,000 km on it. about mint condition, leather seats, no bluetooth or navigation but has USB ports. buyer wants 400,000 . i think he said he bought for 600,000+ not negotiatiable is this reasonable? thoughts and opinions welcome
  14. Tinting the entire windshield at a very light film, yup. Sunglasses don't help me a lot in the car, its blinding almost. Also i like some privacy. Yeah i did lots of googling and searching. I see more tinted windshields than non-tinted in thailand though.. At night i have to wear glasses because i can't see well, which is why i wanted a very light film just to protect me during the day. I also never drive at night in bkk , by the way
  15. Oops, excuse me . I meant exterior windows. Nice catch thanks I have trouble driving at night and need to wear my glasses, but the reflection is quite awful. Always wanted to get a windshield film in the states but you need a prescription for it. Besides solarfx, any other places i could get quality film installation? My girlfriend said we could do it at her dealership, is this true?