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  1. Reporting Overstay

    Let your wife to file charges at the local police station. When they call him in for questioning, they will discover his overstay. Good chance, that the police will turn to the immigration, as it can be a bonus for the career of the concerned police officer.
  2. Where to go, special occassion

    Khao Lak Paradise Resort is a wunderful place to celebrate a wedding anniversary, easy reachable from Phuket. Advance booking necessary.
  3. New Mazda CX3

    No problem with new cars these days, but not very smart to do this here in Thailand.
  4. A visit from the BIB

    Try to be friends with them, not enemies, helps a lot, they are human too.
  5. They do it exactly the same way here in the deep south, nearly 2000km from Chiang Rai..
  6. Southern COMFORTS

  7. Setting up internet...

    Liked the one about 3BB/TOT/True Move.. I recently moved from BKK down to rural Songkhla province, far distance WiFi had been very slow, in the end i got a contract with 3BB. At the phone they said, not possible because responders are to far away, but i had them come by and finally we got a line (50/20) without guarantee of speed. Works fine, some interruptions, but surely enough for an online teaching job, maybe not for a daytrader. No installation costs. They said, free installation for a secured line requires at least five households (the electricity poles i had to pay myself).
  8. No, here is Thailand, not Tibet, Thais don't hit dogs, but they do poison them.
  9. Test drive a Honda City

    No, the market isn't manipulated, it's much more about cheap labor coasts. In my home country i only bought 2nd or even 3rd hand cars, they had been very cheap. I bought my first new car here in Thailand because it keeps its value, 2nd hand cars are quiet expensive. Buying an old car without a test drive is stupid, but nowadays with the internet, all the youtube videos and other stuff it's not really mandatory anymore.
  10. Yeah, ok, I'm somewhat confused about the "age related problems are best resolved back home". Fairly good doctors and hospitals here, age related problems like rheumatism or arthritis are much easier dealt with in warm/hot climate - and, besides, I couldn't afford a decent health insurance in my home country anymore (and no, i'm well funded here, no financal problems..).
  11. First malls in Thailand had been opened in the early eighties and as tonray said, many Thais go there for familiy entertainment and free A/C - as still the majority of Thais can't affort A/C.The use of the same technology doesn't mean, that all different ethnicities will become the same.
  12. No, chubby is a good translation, fat is rather like "ouen", they even use words like "thoum", meaning barrel. Don't teach Thais that let driving their 10 years old kids a bike is a bad idea, they won't like it, but no problem to tell them that they are fat as (whatever) ..
  13. Ok, most points have been discussed already, so to one thing, that has not yet been mentioned. You, resp. your wife, don't have to sell the house/property to be able to change the adress to an other blue book. She can keep the blue book of the old property without anybody beeing registered in it.