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  1. Test drive a Honda City

    No, the market isn't manipulated, it's much more about cheap labor coasts. In my home country i only bought 2nd or even 3rd hand cars, they had been very cheap. I bought my first new car here in Thailand because it keeps its value, 2nd hand cars are quiet expensive. Buying an old car without a test drive is stupid, but nowadays with the internet, all the youtube videos and other stuff it's not really mandatory anymore.
  2. Yeah, ok, I'm somewhat confused about the "age related problems are best resolved back home". Fairly good doctors and hospitals here, age related problems like rheumatism or arthritis are much easier dealt with in warm/hot climate - and, besides, I couldn't afford a decent health insurance in my home country anymore (and no, i'm well funded here, no financal problems..).
  3. First malls in Thailand had been opened in the early eighties and as tonray said, many Thais go there for familiy entertainment and free A/C - as still the majority of Thais can't affort A/C.The use of the same technology doesn't mean, that all different ethnicities will become the same.
  4. No, chubby is a good translation, fat is rather like "ouen", they even use words like "thoum", meaning barrel. Don't teach Thais that let driving their 10 years old kids a bike is a bad idea, they won't like it, but no problem to tell them that they are fat as (whatever) ..
  5. Ok, most points have been discussed already, so to one thing, that has not yet been mentioned. You, resp. your wife, don't have to sell the house/property to be able to change the adress to an other blue book. She can keep the blue book of the old property without anybody beeing registered in it.
  6. Just a walking in the rain.

    Puyai is right, it's not about the wet hair, many Thais are afraid to get sick because of the polluted air over the big cities and rainwater is cleaning the air.
  7. He he, first i haven't seen it because i always stood directly at the door, but with some distance i saw it and was relieved.
  8. Hmm, have a good look at your car door or the instruction manual, all Honda's have a keyhole, even 2017-models, installed exactly for that reason (battery weekness). As mentioned above, i haven't seen it at the first glance too, but i found it.. (civic). Besides, when you start your car you will get a warning before the battery is getting too week.
  9. The key is hidden in the remote, the keyhole is visible (but i didn't find it at the first glance..).
  10. Help...Gecko Droppings On My Car

    Cana car creme, cleans excellently and waxes too.
  11. I disagree. I've seen most of my male Thai friends and relatives crying, not in public and not because of physical pain, but in emotional stress situations, and never ever anybody got a strange feeling because of that. All grown up men, no softies.
  12. Newbie Land Purchase

    Absolutely agree with your post, except, that for the determination of the ownership there is no need for a lawyer, OP, do it like the banks, ask for a certified copy of the chanote from the land office.
  13. Sawadeeken, there is no train connection and has never been to songkhla, ja99, as phuketjock wrote, crossing the border is and has never been possible at night. OP, you may have had a bad feeling or impression, but that doesn't mean that it's generally bad. I have crossed this border many times and am living now between Hat Yei and Pattanti, the only problem are ordinary criminals and traffic as everywhere in Thailand.