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  1. There are no known connections between the southern insurgency and the IS. The Malaysian government would be better off controlling these guys relations to arabien countries than to southern Thailand. Generally Malaysians (especially men) come to Thailand for other porposes..
  2. There is not only tap water or bottled water. I'm using filtered water from our well now, but over many years in different locations we used the 20-litre canisters with reprocessed water for about 10 Baht, available nearly everywhere in Thailand. Like tap water quality and taste is different from place to place, but most Thais i know, especially the ones with large families, can't affort bottled water.
  3. Just wanted to write the same and it's not only easier and safer, it's also cheap, cashier cheques cost only a few baht.
  4. Looking forward, clear sight and clean air here in Songkhla province, not keen to take any pictures, but good time for a barbecue.
  5. Yes, if your name is in the blue book, it's your's. No other possibilities when you buy it first hand from a car dealer.
  6. I've never lived in a condo, so no blue house book, they made a copy of my Thai driving license too, but that was not mandatory.
  7. Affirmation of residence letter from my embassy, as they didn't accept one from the immigration, and yes, it's only one of them.
  8. I agree with most of your post, but there is no need to be registered in the house book as it is not possible. I've never cared about a yellow one and never had a problem to register a car in my name.
  9. Wow, you're a very smart guy, aren't you? After living 10 years in the western outskirts of BKK i moved down to Songkhla province; sorry, no bar girls here and there. I'm fluent in Thai since 30 years, living with Thais and some Burmese only, but yeah, you're right, i don't know nothing..
  10. I hate and fear this container truck drivers, they drive as hell. That's why i don't like the road from Hat Yai to Sadao, one of the most dangerous and deadliest of Thailand, lots of these bersekers going after smaller vehicles.
  11. Wow, 3 million views, Thais like this sort of slapstick, at least men. Drunk and young, ha ha, he is quiet fluent, but rather Bangkok slang than Isaan dialect.
  12. Editor is right, you're wrong, this is a tuk-tuk and they are very small, not nice to sleep on this benches for sure. Songtaews are modified pick-up trucks and much biger.
  13. 90 day report by wife

    Hat Yai requires TM.47 and all the copies as for an extension escept the bankletter. Before in Nakhon Pathom for quiet some years only passport with previous 90-days-receipt.
  14. Funeral / Cremation Costs

    Some years ago an in-law died here in Songkhla province, 7 days and many people. No village fund, no insurance, but all coasts had been covered by participants (envelopes). 2 weeks ago my wife's sister died, 3 days funeral in Bankok, had not much family/friends left, about 60000 Baht all in all (the upcoming 100-days-event included). Could be arranged for about 20000 Baht, no upper limit.
  15. Please Help

    In every prison in Thailand it should be possible to deposit money for inmates, you can't give it personally though. You have to pay it to prison officials who book it on a personal account of the prisoner. He will be able to use this money for purchases from the prison store only, but still can be quiet helpful.