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  1. swissbie

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    proper restaurant i wanted to say..
  2. swissbie

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Just wanted to say the same and also to Mike; i pack my things myself in my bag, it's a lot of work for the cashiers to do so as supermarket checkouts aren't built for that purpose. I would never bring my own water bottles in a proper as i wouldn't do it in the west (try that..).
  3. Still better than 30 on a small song thaew..
  4. Dazinoz, your friend should use fb or line to ask friends to get a good agent. Most of my friends from Myanmar with a passport used agents. Consulates and embassie are no big help as most immigrants here are no "ethnic Bema", they are more likley Tai Yei, Shan, Karen and other ethnics. If she doesn't have any proof of origin, the only legal way to get it would be a trip home first.
  5. swissbie

    Pets other than cat and dog?

    I don't know exactly as our daughter bought them. Chatuchak and Sanam Luang 2 have them for sure, but i think they are sold at many smaller places like zoo shops too.
  6. swissbie

    Pets other than cat and dog?

    OP, if you're working daytime, get a pair of sugar gliders, very lovely animals, but be aware, they can live up to 10 years, don't buy them just for a short period of time.
  7. swissbie

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    No, the war on drugs wasn't one of the decent things Thaksin has done. It didn't change anything and in fact many innocent people got killed too. A war on drugs nowhere and never ever had been won, even the horrible Duderte didn't change the situation in his country at all. TH gets flooded by incredible amounts of drugs mainly from Myanmar, from parts of the country wich aren't even under government control.
  8. swissbie

    Re-entry permit - now with TM30 and Lease

    It's open when ever international flights are on schedule.
  9. swissbie

    Police Patrol Surprise Visit

    I think this is rather unusual, such a visit should have been preannounced. I have lived 10 years at the westside of BKK, dealt with Samut Songkharn and Nakorn Pathom IO's. Never got visited (extensions based on marriage, but changed this 2 years ago to retirement). Last year we moved to Songkhla province and this year had to extend in Hat Yei. Being under consideration i got visited by two IO's, but it was cleary announced and i even met them at the IO the other day. Never mind if IO's or ordinary police; it should be preannounced.
  10. swissbie

    Muscle spasms/cramps

    If you'll have to see a doctor more frequently then once every ten years, i would recommand you Thonburi 2 hospital, very easy to get there from Bang Kae.
  11. swissbie

    Riding madness: a true story

    Not only when it's raining, also used as sun protection..
  12. 1. Different prices 2. Money laundering
  13. Yep, no surprise, i had been wondering for quiet some time why petrol (and diesel-) prices haven't risen here for a long time meanwhile they went up in most other countries worldwide.
  14. It's about economics, nothing to do with fighting the insurgency. Besides, most soldiers maybe couldn't care less about lung cancer as long as they are stationed in the deep south..
  15. swissbie

    YET ANOTHER Beer Tax Hike?

    It's part of the new tax system, but for me Chang got a little bit cheaper recently, 285 got more expensiv. I don't drink Archa, but a hike uf 15 Baht per bottle is a fake for sure.