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  1. You don't go to jail for killing a copper, not going to happen for killing a cat.
  2. Thai Embassy London

    Still the same. Always going to be a bit of a wait, but its nothing worth worrying about.
  3. When you pass this page it then asks on page 2 for your home and phone + email details.
  4. Just another wnaker on the road. At least this one wasn't driving.
  5. I could imagine a policeman at a crossing after a pedestrian has been run over. "Sir you are aware this is a Zebra Crossing ? Are you a Zebra Sir ? No Sir you are not a Zebra" So that's a 5000 baht fine for the person using the crossing and the car driver can go off on his way.
  6. I blame the entire population, the government and all the soi dogs. They don't know how to drive and are not taught how to drive. You cannot learn how to drive if the person trying to show you has never been shown. Thousands are killed in accidents like that every year. And yes I know it happens in other countries too. And those other countries also don't have a clue how to drive. And does it make the driving better in Thailand because other countries have people that cant drive ?
  7. No I don't choose to leave. I have to leave to do a 90 day report or my yearly renewal. There is no difference.
  8. I live in my condo but have to go out to do things most days. Does that mean I don't live there ?
  9. Living 3 years on tourist visa's isn't being a tourist, its called living in the country.
  10. Your post doesn't make much sense. You have been to Thailand 3 times in the past 4 years, but have not been here for over a year, which means you spent 3 years living in Thailand doing border runs. Not really surprising you got stopped.
  11. Union Pay problems?

    Go to the ATM and withdraw money. Some people don't seem to realize not everything has to be done with a card.
  12. Power out in Thonglor.

    Yes that was the one. Fella should have turned in before soi 36 and past the motor taxi guys, sadly he turned into 36 and pulled all the wires down. There was another lorry behind him that was tangled up too.
  13. Get an Elite Visa and give away 500,000k to save having 800,000k in the bank for 3 months. If there was ever a plan not to follow that would be it.
  14. People need to realize that no matter how much money they have within 5 minutes of being in Thailand they will have a heart attack which will wipe out a lot of their money. And when they leave the hospital after recovery they will be hit by an ambulance on the way out. That will be the rest of the money gone. This has happened to every single person that has ever retired to Thailand. I have had it happen to me 3 times so far and I've been killed dead 4 times also. Make sure you work 'til you are 150 years old and have good medical cover when you get here. Then like me you can get killed often without having to worry to much.