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  1. It doesn't matter who did it. Justice in Thailand doesn't work as it does in most other countries in the world.
  2. What happens if a rescue is attempted and it goes wrong, meaning the bodies get washed out of the car and are never to be seen again. Who gets the blame ? Will it be the Thais who put pressure on for a rescue attempt. No chance.
  3. Ploenchit BTS closed due to titling building

    Really, I picked it up earlier on face book from a Thai person.
  4. Ploenchit BTS closed due to titling building

    I decided to take a walk past this building after my first comments, whist nothing was shut when I got there, there are without doubt bits of cladding that are hanging off one of the towers in a way they are not designed to do so.
  5. Ploenchit BTS closed due to titling building

    So you think that is how the building is designed to look ? And the BTS station is shut so I have read.
  6. Ploenchit BTS closed due to titling building

    Its a building built by TIT. One that wont stay up as it is supposed too. Not that hard to work out really.
  7. Keep away from the Ploenchit area. These building don't stay up on their own you know.
  8. Bangkok deluge

    Every year the floods catch them out. Same as the droughts do. It wont happen again. Well not until it rains again anyhow.
  9. Silom

    'The Bangkok Beatles had nowhere to play after the closure of Flann O’Brien’s on Silom Road but they soon fixed that and from this Friday will perform at Classic Bell, a restaurant near K-Village on Sukhumvit soi 26.' Closer to where I live now so that does me.
  10. Silom

    Flann O'brians. I do believe it has now shut down. Shame as I love going to see the Bangkok Beatles on a Friday night.
  11. Frustrated About Traffic In Bangkok

    You do realize its people like yourself who travel here there and everywhere who cause the traffic problems. If people didn't keep on driving to places they don't need to be the roads would be a whole lot quieter. Reminds me of a friend who used to drive to different supermarkets at the weekend then moan about the traffic. He never understood he was part of the problem.
  12. Global search for Red Bull heir draws a blank

    More likely laughing with them.
  13. Friends detained

    Sounds like someone is after an easy 200,000 baht.