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  1. Well you learn something new everyday. Why do you need anything other than the contract of where you are staying. Never read before you need copy of owners details etc. Also a map pin pointing to the location of the place you are staying !!! I read the requirements on the embassy website and you have added double to amount of things they tell you you need. Where on earth did you get all that from ?
  2. Capital Gains On Retirement Visa

    Why would any declare something they don't have too. Why do people make so much trouble for themselves. Just live here and relax, theres enough hassle with 90 days reports and yearly visa without giving yourself problems for no reason. All your earnings are outside of Thailand and nobody has any need or reason to know about it. No need to make it a problem.
  3. The D above his head in the photo needs straightening out.
  4. How Bangkok plans to tackle traffic jams

    Except I wasn't quoting anybody. Carry on being a snob :)
  5. How Bangkok plans to tackle traffic jams

    100's of clean busses parked at the port while the city is full of shitters spitting out toxic fumes day after day. Just a little hint Dr Supachai Tantikom. if you are serious about the air quality. Might not change a lot but every journey starts with a first step.
  6. Or not if you read the report.
  7. "The premier also unveiled plans to invest about Bt4 billion to improve Kalasin’s water resource management system and |implement other measures to reduce poverty as the province |is ranked among the country’s poorest". PM told them to drink more water when it rains a lot and drink less when its dry season. Bt4 billion for those wise words of wisdom. Now you know why he's got the dollar in the bank.
  8. Queen Victoria (Soi 23) no more

    By that token why are you on an English speaking website ?
  9. Queen Victoria (Soi 23) no more

    Strange as I often walk around different parts of Bangkok and never have a problem finding somewhere to sit outside and have a beer. Why just last Sunday I sat by the road at Klong Toey market and had a few beers with my mate. If you don't look you wont find.
  10. Seems you are not just wanting to drive the company car with company goods in it. Seems you will be delivering the goods to different places. So is it legal for you to work as a delivery driver without a work permit might have been a better question. But being as you know the answer would be no you chose to answer the question differently. If you were followed by someone in authority whilst delivering these computers what question would you put to him after the 5th or 6th delivery he had seen you make. Mind you 10 years in jail or 500 baht for a driver for the day. Tough choice.
  11. Work in Thailand for Thais is defined as something a Thai can do badly whilst sleeping. So just work around that and you will be fine.
  12. I had to change a couple of light bulbs a few weeks ago, went to Home pro to get new bulbs. Did I break the law by going shopping for the bulbs, did I break the law by fitting them myself. Is the shop breaking the law by selling the bulbs to me. I just do what I need to get on with my life here. Why worry about so much small stuff.
  13. Keep the new buses on the docks. Its part of Thai culture to have the shit busters out on the streets.
  14. Probably dropping him off there a few hours previous might have been a give away.
  15. Departure card. Think about it for a little while.