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  1. I am guesses you have lost the argument and tried to divert. Go bore someone else.
  2. Just to save you the bother of trying to prove me wrong. Now what was you saying about spewing endless nonsense ?
  3. If you are going to find something on the internet, find something that that isn't gobbledegook. Sukhumvit isn't an area its a fooooking long road. In fact have a look at a link off your link, Sukhumvit hotel Soi 50 In case you're wondering soi 50 is way past where I live soi 38. In the boonies or as your point of reference to prove where the area of Sukhumvit is. Ha ha So tell me when I dig in my wallet what way is Sukhumvit ?
  4. Wow took your time to find out where it was on GOOGLE MAPS. Oh and just so you are aware your original post you wanted somewhere in the Sukhumwit area. There is no such place as Sukhumwit. The road called Sukhumvit is one of the longest roads in the world. So you really are pretty clueless.
  5. Use Allied Pickfords they have deports in Australia and one in Bangkok. Its good to keep with the same company all the way though the move. Will be more affordable if you are prepared to share a container with other customers although that will take longer.
  6. Thai kids grow up to be Thai adults. Have you been reading the stories on here about Thai adults. Resilient isn't a word I would use to describe them.
  7. You tell me not to assume, then assume I cant afford a BTS ride. Thonglor is part of the big city. You really shouldn't talk about a place you have never been to.
  8. I assume no one has ever accused you of being funny. Your Grandad jokes are just that.
  9. 'Until the money runs out' has nothing to with the finding hotels in Bangkok, it was in response to you believing the ladies will all fall in love with you. I am 55 can afford to live in Bangkok in a top area in nice condo, no need to work and no need to worry about money. You on the other hand cant afford 2000 baht for a hotel room. You think Thonglor is out in the sticks, go take a look at a map of Bangkok. And looking at a map is probably as close as you will ever get to being in Bangkok.
  10. Can you tell me where I mentioned money ? I mentioned moving 3 stops on the BTS so as to get away from the madhouse of central Bangkok. You should stay where you are, I don't think you are ready for the real world.
  11. I'm not the one looking for a cheap hotel and thinking all the women think I'm a sexy man. Was you meaning to quote yourself rather than me ?
  12. Ah you will find the one who is different. She will really love you. Well until the money runs out. Try the rooms on the top floor. Less chance of surviving when you try to fly.
  13. It was missed by you so I'm sure the driver would have missed it also.
  14. He has no issues now. But I am sure he would be pleased to know that you are making excuses for him killing himself. Did you know him ? Or is it ok for you to make people believe he had mental issues ?