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  1. Any proof this was a hit and run ? Or maybe just a drunk idiot who fell off his bike as he was unable to control it.
  2. Love the fact he is allowed to hide his face, so that when he is back out on the street no one will have a clue what he looks like and he can carry on robbing people. Wouldn't surprise me if they give him his uniform back too.
  3. They used a canary, they went looking for it after it failed to return. These people have very little respect for their own lives let alone others.
  4. Selling arms is probably the best money spinner for every government in the world. What is there to wonder about ?
  5. They are now married to 'nasty black skinned people' That should be punishment enough. You got to love the terminology used.
  6. To pedestrians….. Would you mind staying on the sidewalks and using pedestrian overpasses. If you have to cross the road try looking…..using those eyes I spoke about earlier. Jaywalking and appearing suddenly in a biker’s path is likely to result in your serious injury – and our death as likely as not. +++++++++++++ And if we are walking on a Zebra crossing will you be using those eyes you spoke about earlier, or will you be rushing in between cars that have slowed to allow us to cross (unlikely I know) or will you also slow down before smashing in to us ?+++++++++++
  7. No evidence, so whats all that stuff on the table in front of them ?
  8. Read the story again. This happened on the 11th of June. Had to wait for bad news before releasing the good news. Surprised it wasn't the same driver.
  9. Crush the bikes. If they can afford new ones then they can be crushed in the future, if they cant then they wont be doing it again.
  10. My last accident in Paris was some guy could'nt be bothered to wait in the queue to leave the motorway like everyone else and decided to drive to the front and push in at the last minute. He mistake was to try and pull in front of me. He drove in to my wheel nuts and ripped the side of his car wide open. He then asked me to pull over so we could sort it out. I told him I would stay where I was and wait for the police to come, with that he jumped in his car and departed. It was an accident that wasn't my fault but one I could easy have avoided. Most accidents involving trucks are not the truck drivers fault. it is impatient car drivers who think because a lorry is big it isn't going as fast as the rest of the traffic. Oh and next time you are in Paris take a look at the cars, most of them are battered because French people are horrendous drivers.
  11. Image the sound of a one armed man clapping.
  12. Driving in Paris. I have probably had more accidents driving in Paris than you have had hot dinners. Try driving a wagon and drag around any city in Europe then tell me again how hard it is to drive a car on the motorway.
  13. I spend most of my days driving in and around London. I have no problems with the way that guy was driving. Yes both drivers moved over before he overtook them but he had moved over so as to not have to slow himself down. How do you know he is inexperienced ? Is it because you would have no problem in driving like the MB driver did. One the one hand you are saying he shouldn't have moved over but he should have slowed down and stayed in the middle lane. Then you seem to be defending the MB driver who could have slowed down and waited to pass. Basically you are saying someone in a posh car has the right of way.
  14. We are looking at different videos ?. I see two cars moving over in front of the cam driver. Sure he could have sat behind them but how would he have known they were moving off the middle lane. The middle lane wasn't empty when he pulled out. That is a fact. Even you point out the cars moved over. You drive along a road and if it is two/three lanes you indicate and pull over or out giving plenty of notice to other road users. That is exactly what he did.