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  1. berybert


    As far as we know 1 person has died in that cave in the last 100 years. How many millions of people have died on the roads in the same time. Would you close all roads too ?
  2. berybert


    The Thai diver Saman Gunan certainly didn't die in vain if what one of the British rescuers has said is true. http://bangkokjack.com/2018/07/15/incredible-truth-thailand-cave-rescue/
  3. They just need the tracks, trains and stations and it's done. No problemo.
  4. These guy would have settled for being bought a round of Leo for their efforts. No need for the other stuff. Not everyone wants to be a hero. Sadly for these guys they cant get away from it
  5. berybert

    Construction beam crushes vendor

    From the picture it appears the blue table fell against the post causing it to fall over. Find the person who owns the blue table and it's sorted.
  6. They have been stopping and fining people under the Phrom Phong BTS station for the past couple of months. So it seems you are a tiny bit off.
  7. How can it be a waste of manpower ? These guy either fine people riding bikes on the pavement or people littering, that's what they are paid to do. Would you rather they sit in their huts watching T.V. ?
  8. One of the first posts I made after a week of this story was that I expected the boys to be found safe and well. I thought that because they are a team and knew they would pull though for each other. It's nice to be right once in a lifetime.
  9. berybert

    Wild Boars cheered on by football elite

    “From everyone at Facebook – your bravery has been amazing and congratulations on the successful rescue of eight Wild Boars. Best of luck as you work to get the remaining three players and their coach to safety" That's when you know these people really don't have a clue and just feel the need for a bit of publicity. What a …...
  10. Some divers and a doctor still in the cave waiting to come out from what it says on the live twitter report.
  11. It brings a tear to my eye every time I think of how those kids must have felt after all that time not having a clue what was going on outside, then seeing the divers just pop up out of the water. Magic moment for them.
  12. They think its all over.... It is now !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Basically sums it up in 1 picture. Everyone a hero.
  14. berybert

    0-A Renewal today.

    I am well aware I can get a re-entry permit. I was making the point simply because you decide to correct me for mentioning a visa (which I didn't) and then made a mistake yourself.
  15. A very well placed friend of mine who is Thai was thanking me for what the Brits had done. I had to remind him it was a team effort and no one was any better or worse than anyone else. The Thai nation well never forget about all the heroes involved.