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  1. Guess they are on a diet to loose weight so they can fit in the bahtbus.
  2. I thought that Phuket still didn't have official lifeguards, they can't find a budget for it. So why would they get their feet wet for an intoxicated naked farang man?
  3. 22% what that is?? We can't eat that...Come on, how many billions is 22%???? That's the only way to wake up the Thai...
  4. Thian

    Unlimited Bacon

    At Sizzlers you can bring the salad home and scoop it yourself...i've seen Thai filling their box half full with bacon chips, she just poured the baconbowl in her box and paid 139? baht for her salad.
  5. Thian

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    One day in the Makro i bought some booze from the lady in the booze-department...i asked her if it was okay to buy at that time, yes okay... So i came at the cashiers and was told i couldn't buy that booze since it was 5 minutes too late....i walked straight from the booze-lady to the cashiers... Very frustrating
  6. The link doesn't work, thanks but no thanks...
  7. So how many millions did Thailand loose because of the drop of chinese tourists?
  8. Thian

    Saw this odd Toyota yesterday

    Will the headlights pop up by a button?
  9. Chickens will probably eat them....and a net (from ikea) will keep all bugs out...
  10. Europe has it all but not all countries speak english well. And not all are affordable ...For ones who like european standards it sure is cheaper there than in thailand. Now Turkey is in the sale, i read that loads of beach appartments are half price or less at this moment, if you have foreign cash though.
  11. I was impressed by the clean water on koh larn, it's a beautifull island with many very nice beaches.
  12. So Ford confirmed that the cars had production faults....were they built in Thailand??
  13. My mangotree (consisting out of 25 different grafted varieties) didn't give much fruit, i had all the mangodiseases one can imagine. I sprayed for a while but got tired of that. After cleaning the litter the next year i got more fruit. I culled that mangotree though, it still didn't give enough fruit for the space it was using. It's the same for durian in thailand, the professionals claim that the tree's can't get organic fertilizers because it might kill the tree's by fungus in the soil. They give them loads of chemical ferts. My duriantree keeps all leaves and even gets extra litter...it's still alive and looks good.
  14. Thian

    Coffee emergency help a bro out

    Tsss what a question...they have them and also percolators in every Central department store, ikea also has percolators.
  15. Collecting the leaves is to prevent the crop from getting attacked by the typical mangodiseases. So you don't have to spray copper or sulfur or see your mango's getting ruined. The pathogens live in the old leaves on the ground and will infect the tree next season.