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  1. He bought some souvenhirs and was so smart to test it first. Why is this in the newspaper? Because he's chinese i bet...Which Thai sold this thing to him and is that illegal? I see Thai smoking e-cigarettes just in public spaces like malls (smoking area) or piers..nobody cares.
  2. Would be nice if the tmd weather radar website worked properly 24 hours. So we can see the rain coming and know when to go out. http://weather.tmd.go.th/bma_ncLoop.php
  3. Leaking pipe question

    I would take a course file and make some dust from the blue pipe material....stick it in the gap with a screwdriver or so and brush some glue...stick some more dust in and glue more... I would try to fix it anyway before taking it apart.
  4. And what about all the farang who got scammed and call it "land of scams" now??? I bet even the jetski-scam in Pattaya is still going on, so does the "temple/palace is closed" scam...or all those gold/gemshops who have double prices...
  5. But the Highwaypolice is doing great work since some days in BKK.
  6. Here on the market they sell the same 2, big one is booth and smaller is pollock i guess? They were from pakchong. 90 baht a kg, last try for me...if no good i'll only buy from new zealand.
  7. Thailands biggest problem is the (lack of) police.
  8. ooooohh chai krab, Isan same same Nana....
  9. Don't need to kill somebody for his fingerprint...feed him drunk or make him asleep and use his finger to get access..
  10. My new laptop has one which works great..It also has the camera for recognition but i don't use that since i don't like camera's. But for criminals it would be easy to make somebody KO (unconscious) and use his fingerprint to go to the bankaccount me thinks.
  11. Can you use the fingerprintreader on the laptop for that?
  12. The flooded roads are not in the financial district which is highly protected with the new canals. So it seems they do their job well.
  13. I just ask them in english what kind of scam they're trying. I've been tried loads of times before, if you dress like a tourist and have very white skin you are target.
  14. No mate, it was his wife/gf who bought them...don't blame him for that or can we also blame you for what your gf has done in the past?
  15. And the US is about (much) more than double that of the European countries. So what are you trying to say?