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  1. Are those 100 buses parked somewhere now? And the other 400 which were on a vessel before the coast, have they ever been on land here? Don't hear anything about the buses lately, it's a year ago now since they were "bought".
  2. I have never ever seen a free ticket window at Paragon...always long qeueu's there and they won't improve it.
  3. I only smoke tax-free ciggies bought abroad by me or one of my thai friends. One is stewardess and brings me a lot. They are cheaper but also taste better and don't burn so fast. The thai farmers don't care though, they sell their tobacco on the markets now, 70 baht a kg.
  4. Well that sounds good actually, in Holland i get no interest on savings...maybe 0.2% or so or even negativ interest, that was the plan i read. I will ask the Thai banks how much interest i can get, maybe that makes it more interesting. Thanks for all the info guys, i'll see what i do next...First fly return to singapore tomorrow and some shopping there..
  5. Because i don't even know if i need a visa for Laos but i just learned you can buy? one at arrival. Also i don't know what language they speak and whatever can happen there..i don't know anything about Laos and i heard it's Thailand but 20 years back in time. I don't want to end up stuck in some village in Laos without cellphone, internet and issues like that. Even my thai wife won't go there.
  6. I'm not 50 yet so that option won't work. The 40k baht income i can easy do. Also the 400k baht on a thai bankaccount i can do but i read here that i'm not allowed to ever book it back to European bank, is that right? And for the year after that i can just book it to my thai bankaccount 2 months before applying for the multiple visa and they will accept it? I can also try my luck in Savanahket , it's weird that they have such different rules there. Also i don't understand why my wife can't be my guarantee, they only care for 400k baht all the time, well that is on my own bankaccount and my wife also has it on hers. But they won't accept it. Still need loads of paperwork for me to print out and bring to the Hague in Holland. When she comes to Holland i can be her guarantee so she doesn't need to show any funds.
  7. Oh that's also news for me, have never known that. I always plan it very carefully so i have max. staytime in Thailand. Holland has a new website now i noticed but the info there is still doesn't mention how many entries a multiple visa is. In the past we had single, double, triple and multiple which was 5 iirc. It's good that i started this thread, i learned a lot. I also read that there is a visa with which you can stay for 1 year, could i apply for that as well?
  8. I guessed you had the retirement visa, you didn't write it...and nope english is my 2nd language out of 5. This is from our embassy, i don't understand which one you have.... i have the one for being married to a Thai and applied for a multiple of 5. For all the non-o's we have to show bankaccounts and for some you have to be older than 50 yo. http://www.thaiembassy.org/hague/th/services/76465-Types-of-Visa.html Non-Immigrant Visa O (others) NON-IMMIGRANT VISA Category "O" (Other) This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom to perform other activities as follows: (1) to perform duty or mission in the family of an alien who enters to stay temporarily in Thailand in accordance with Section 34 (1) (2) (5) (6) (7) (10) (11) (12) (13) and (14) of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979) as the parents, spouse or child under patronage or being a part of the household of the said person or being a private servant under Section 15 (7) (2) to provide or receive support from the person whose nationality is Thai or the alien who has been granted and has taken up permanent residence in Thailand as the parents, spouse or child under patronage and being a part of the household of the said person (3) to perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations (4) to stay in Thailand after retirement for the elderly (5) A person who used to be a Thai who would like to visit relatives or to return to live in Thailand (6) to receive medical treatment for more than 60 days (7) to be a sport trainer as required by the Thai Government (8) to be a contestant or a witness for the judicial process
  9. Oh i see, well it IS confusing...yes a single visa is much easyier to get than a multiple of 5. I wonder what happens if i didn't had sufficient funds on the bank but my wife has, would they still let me go to Thailand to see her? We are officially married in Thailand. They also call my wife in Thailand when i apply for visa in Holland. She has been in Holland many times as well and they know everything about both of us.
  10. I don't believe all the info on this forum, if UbonJoe with the Kwai avatar writes it i'll believe it haha. Yes i would like to do it in Savanahket as well but if it gets refused for whatever reason i have a big problem, have all my paperwork in Holland. But it's very strange that they are superstrict in Holland (even the photograph has to be less than few months old or gets refused) while in Lao they even don't ask for funds. I have to show them loads of bankaccounts and nothing else is accepted, nothing which has a lot of value. Also i have to show them my income and they question about it. It's a real pain and very humiliating...then when all is accepted they still can send emails that they need more paperwork that i have to bring asap. I never did anything wrong, have sufficient funds, never overstayed, no criminal records, own companies, have a house, solid income...but still treat me as i were a criminal on the run. I don't need that 60 day extension, have plenty visa's and really don't like to go to immigration.
  11. Yes a marriage visa, i thought that was non-o but i might be wrong...if i put the money on a thai bank i don't have to leave every 90 days but i don't trust the thai banks so won't do that. Also the euro-rate is far too low, if i put 500k baht on a thai bank you'll see the euro goes up a lot. Guess you have the retirement-visa? I'm too young for that. To get the marriage non O is a real pain, have to bring sooo many papers plus real ticket (nothing else accepted, also not payment for ticket) and have to come back many days later to get it. That's 2 hours from my home so it takes a lot of time and paperwork to get it. I have a non-O with 5 entries of 90 days ...costed 150 euro.
  12. Did that many times, KLIA is great but the other one is terrible...Penang is better and also nice to stay some days. But to KLIA one has to go to Suvarnhabhumi mostly and that's far away. Going there by skytrains is also no fun. I dont understand why this december is so expensive, are the Asians all on holiday or what's going on this year?
  13. The problems you can read in the replies before yours.....that not all borders treat you the same way, also i won't go in a minivan, won't give my passport while i am in a neighbouring country (like myanmar wants) and won't haggle with the immigration (i 'll pay the fixed price in thai baht, don't have us-$ and only billiets of 50 euro). So singapore always was a good option for me but not if airtickets cost 12000 baht and i still sit in crappy air asia. I also do visaruns for 15 years now and mostly we go on holiday to japan or singapore or Bali or so. That's great but my wife has to work this time. Also i don't like the strange rules like 20k baht cash on you, i had to show them 500.000 baht cash to get my non-o and think that's more than enough. They can also look at who my wife is (and her bankaccount) but won't do so.
  14. I never heard of that option, only of the 30 day extension at the immigration. But that takes a whole day waiting, pay 1800 or so and my wife has to take a day off for it because they can't spea inlit at that immigration here. I don't like to wait many hours on that small plastic chair. When i fly i go with my wife, she drops me at don muang, goes to work and picks me up there after work...easy peasy. Landborder crossing is not bad but i refuse to sit in a mini-van, did it once in a big coach which was okay. But since there aren't many farangs left in BKK i don't know if they still do it by coach.
  15. Just like all airflight passengers who pay an extra fee now for "security" but there still is NOT a well trained armed securityguard to be seen on the Thai airports. On other asian airports you see them everywhere, 24hrs nonstop....