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  1. I only see a surfboard, where's the guard? Is that the big boy sunbathing with his wife? Don't think so. And is that a red flag on the pole? Why are people swimming near that red flag?
  2. Takashimaya and Don Quijote are nice shops, good that Central gets some serious competition now. Tokyo also has huge snackshops where all thai go to buy loads of snacks. I wished they came to BKK as well..
  3. This is not fair for the tv-members who only have a Tesco at 1 hour from their home....
  4. They call that homes? Constructionworkers build that in 2 hours when they squat a piece of land here in BKK. And they only have a hammer as their tool.
  5. I also fell there very hard...those stones are slippery and there's nothing to hold yourself. But i went up the waterfall because we couldn't swim in the lower basin. They should make it deeper so we can swim there, that's what tourists do on holiday.
  6. Sukhumvit Road drainage canal dredged

    Don't they have a big vacuumtruck with a long hose to suck all the plants out?
  7. I got it once when i flew to dubai and had 6 hours delay in amsterdam. I got 5 or 600 euro...for 3-4 hours you get less something like 300 euro. We got a few crappy sandwiches while waiting at the gate which was far too small, the delay was for a boeing A380 with 600 pax and the gate was for a normal plane with 300 pax. So i had to sit on the floor between loads of crying babies for many hours....no info was given...when i claimed the money Emirates also didn't even reply but after some weeks they suddenly booked me that money. When i arrived in BKK i asked the Emirates-staff where the claimforms were to claim my 600 euro and they laughed at me like i was an idiot to think i could claim money for a delay... But this is ONLY if you depart from Europe, on the way back you can't claim it if departing from outside Europe.
  8. Guess his nickname will be Goofy from now on, teacher Goofy that is but i bet he won't be a teacher for long anymore.
  9. Soundproofing condo hallway door

    I just replaced my doors, the old one was made of cardboard 5555, (serious)...and very thin. The new one isn't much better though, all is hollow or filled with tempex. If money is not an issue you ask the owner to replace the door for one of solid thick teakwood or so...but that costs 10-15K for the door only. To stop noise in a hallway where it all echo's around you can hang rugs on the wall or a carpet on the floor...or a large rubber mat but cleaning isn't easy. To stop noise going beside the doors you can use draftstrips from rubber-aluminium but again need to ask the owner. A real door will be your solution i guess, and the heavier the material is the better it works. We have fire-doors in Europe which are very heavy and perfect to block noises. I huge mirror or window all over the door will also help. You need dense materials to block noise going through.
  10. If thailand is allowed to protest they will block mainroads in BKK first (again), build forts on them from cartires, make fires from cartires and so on...have seen it all and am very glad that it's over.
  11. Stabbed in the back from behind? That's as low as it can go....not even a chance to give your belongings to them. Well the government is doing housesearches on a large scale to the farang to check their visa's and so....so not much manpower left to fight yaba...it's about priorities.
  12. Prices of food can't cost more than 25% extra on the airport, but water will cost 30 baht Water should be for free in this climate. And the toilets should be more clean, boy does it smell bad in there.
  13. Only a 500cc+ superbike can park in the guarded parking in the mall. In Europe a 500cc is a girliebicycle but here it's a supabike
  14. That's just the starter. 😆😆 We got food in the 4* hotels, was already paid..the starter was green lettuce (with nothing else) and vinegar/oil.... After that we got pasta (with nothing else), only with green pesto is nice.... Then we got fish/meat/cuttlefish with some frozen vegy....not nice. Sometimes some soup, not nice (minestrone). Desert was nice, pannacotta or tiramisu... All in all very disappointing, and they also can't speak english. And 4* hotels are the same as in Thailand 2 *...but the country is beautifull and the pizza, panini's are great. Or a huge kebab dish for 6 euro, also great.
  15. They better see the army owning the government than riots/fires/bombs/shootings/roadblocks like it was before the army took control. Yes education is bad in Thailand but they all have cellphones now and anybody can learn anything from youtube movies. Thailand should promote sporting nationwide so they can be proud if they win olympic medals or world championships. It will also change their mentality of not being so selfish a lot.