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  1. wallpaper

    Our wallpaper is about 7 years old now and done by contractor who built the house. It still looks good but at some edges it became yellow, guess from the glue. Our wallpaper also has been in the flooding but that didn't damage it...The plints lost their paint though, they should be waterproof as well for a flooding area. I know that in Europe they sell glue which doesn't get yellow by time.
  2. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    Years ago i tried making deepfried vietnamse springrolls with the ricesheets but they burned wasy i remember and were not crispy. So i found another wrapper later which worked better for deepfrying. I wished the springrolls were sold in every mall, love those. And i hope thailand and it's neighbours will do more activities like this, there's also A LOT of food in Indo/Malaysia that is not available in Thailand. Indonesian kitchen is also great.
  3. Reporting motorcyclists on pavement

    I never move for motocy's on the sidewalk...i just follow my way and expect them to give way to me which they do.
  4. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    Springroll and lumpia is same same sir...don't know where those words came from but both are used. The ricesheet springrolls are eaten raw iirc, the deepfried ones have another crust and those are the best. In BKK the vietnamese restaurants always look so clean, tidy and empty...so i rarely visit them...there's no atmosphere or nice decoration.
  5. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    That's fine, so the Taiwanese supermarkets can also open in BKK. Let the pricefighting begin!!
  6. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    Do they eat hot-dog saucages from rabies dogs? Vietnamese lumpia's are a great streetfood for on the go...with nice chilisauce..
  7. Central co-hosts second Vietnamese Goods Week

    Litchi, bamboo, dragonfruit....all same same krab. Why not ask them for milkfruit? Can those things travel well? Or vietnamese lumpia's.
  8. And a pickup with double cab in which category is that? That must be in the cheap tax-category since it's a pickup?
  9. Correct me if i'm wrong but i thought that in Thailand pickups (and also fortuners) fall into the category of agriculture vehicles which are lower taxed than saloon cars. So all fortunerdrivers are in fact farmers.
  10. Is that what a topmodel costs? Well they are good for driving in high water (or in the rivers like my friends did). But they are sure not comfortable. Also in BKK they are too large to park easy and fast.
  11. I have a better solution, i'll stay far away from the USA since i'm too stupid to see their tiny warningsigns.
  12. Once my friend drove us into the jungle in a topmodel fortuner...i've never felt so uncomfortable in a car while being offroad...so i went walking next to the car , walking was faster and much more fun.
  13. The other day i got kao pad in a cardboard (or so) container but it sucked all the juices out of the rice which had become very dry. For those containers we need a sheet of plastic under the food. In fact we need better containers, Thailand was the hub of bio degradable containers some years ago but i've never seen them. Those were made from sugarcane or corn iirc. Would be great if they started using bananaleaves as container again, just like in the past....
  14. What happened? Was the captain asleep or what? And the captain of that containership, what was he doing?
  15. Wait untill the millions of Indian visitors arrive, than we have even more sewagewater to clean. This is just a disadvantage from the more tourists is better plan...better have less tourists who spend more..