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  1. Are they sitting in front of the door? That's VERY illegal, i hope some foreigner will tell em...And they are hammering on safety for boats in Phuket since a few weeks.
  2. And at least another Thai (who filmed it) could understand that this was dangerous and not done. So it's a win-win situation here....
  3. Thian

    Burning rubbish in middle of Bangkok?

    You can always try. Can also try calling the police. But they do it everywhere, even right next to expensive moobaans or even inside them. Thai don't care for their neighbours, it's all about me me me.
  4. Where did i say so? But most Thai in a decent house can afford waterfilters and they use them.
  5. Yes good pickpockets can steal watches/jewelry that way. But the staff in the goldshop should be more professional. She even handed the 100.000 baht item to him and he still could steal it. I'm still amazed that there aren't many more goldshop robberies or atm/bank robbers in Thailand since the guards they hire are not trained at all it seems. Have you ever seen how they fill atm's in a mall? No guns to be seen, not even a guard with them.
  6. These idiots should get a huge fine for what they did. They blocked the road for that car. Now i wonder if their insurance will cover all the damage..and what happens if they are not even insured....they even didn't wear a helmet while putting their lives at risk.
  7. Some lucky spots in BKK have thousands of zebra's in all sizes....they also like red fanta..
  8. So you installed a bullbar on the car?
  9. I see 4 salespeople and 2 customers...ALL the gold is behind glass and still they manage to steal an item?
  10. Thian

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Well done Thailand...in the West we tried to "cure" idiots like this and release them after a while so they can and will do it again. That doesn't work, just get rid of them works well.
  11. Thai coffee is another example of being far too expensive for the worldmarket. In the Makro Thai i buy 500 gram very good coffee for 160 baht. Thai brands cost double that and are not as good. Thailand could be the world supplier for mango's or durian. They sell mango's for 30 baht a kg (good ones) but if they made wine/jam/candy/juice they could get a much higher price. Same goes for rubber, how can a latex Thai mattress cost more than from Ikea?? There's loads of rubber in Thailand. This is the Thai farmer... This is the worldmarket farmer
  12. You probably don't live in a decent house...all our neighbours have a waterfilter and drink tapwater.
  13. It's not my hobby to lift/carry 18litre waterbottles...filter works much easyier.
  14. I just saw the video of the Senegalese supporters cleaning up the stadium after they won the match...unbelievable.