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  1. My friend Carl lost his house in Paradise. Sad. Nice guy.
  2. I got an income affidavit letter in Chiang Mai yesterday. I don't live in Chiang Mai, I was just passing through. The guy in line in front of me was also getting an affidavit letter. He put $4000 on his affidavit. The Thai lady behind the window told him that he should be precise with his dollar amount because Immigration will want to have supporting documents that confirm the amount. She said that if the amounts were different that they wouldn't accept it. At the next window, the American woman who was doing the actual notary told him the same thing. He seemed unsure but elected not to change it. "It varies," he said. The comments by the women surprised me as I thought that if one had the affidavit letter that it was accepted without any further documentations. I thought I would pass the observation along to you all, for what it's worth.
  3. Too bad. I opened a Bangkok Bank account in April so that I can do these transfers. I've only done one transfer. Oh well.
  4. I was walking around earlier listening to Rush 2112 and Biffy Clyro's Revoutions, live at Wembeley.
  5. Goldbear

    Khon Kaen U academics win awards overseas

    Congrats to the young scientists.
  6. Goldbear

    20,000 Baht

    Because it wasn't mentioned, I will add that the requirement is 20,000 Thai baht or its equivalent in a major convertible currency (e.g., US dollars, British pounds, Euro). Large bills in western currency don't take up much room. Have a good flight.
  7. Maybe Immigration will come up with a "Verification Division" and instead of paying $50 to the Embassy for an income affidavit, Immigration will charge the same and will "verify" income. That should be easy for some pensions, like US Social Security. Then those people can make up any difference with funds in the bank. Yeah, I might be dreaming...
  8. Goldbear

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    I always enjoy the occasional cost of living thread. Canarysun must still be gone as he hasn't chimed in.