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  1. Hi, another USA man and I are looking for a place in kanchanaburi to watch the NFL Super Bowl on Monday morning. Do any of you know if that will be shown in a public place? Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I may have to use a different dealership though it seems that in this town each Honda dealership specializes in something different. I do have the correct Visa and can get a certificate of residence. I told her that and she understood. She said that they would sell the bike but then I would have to have it in a Thai person's name. I had a foreigner try to tell me the same thing once so it makes me think that at one time there was a rule like that. If anyone knows the history I would like to hear it. Take care and have a good day. Thanks again.
  3. The OP used the word prison. In the state that I'm from a person would only go to prison if they were sentenced to a felony crime and they were actually going to be incarcerated for a year or more. If you spent two months in the county jail, you have not gone to prison. And if you say you've gone to prison, the person hearing it might think that your crime is a lot more serious than maybe it was.
  4. Hi everyone. I went to a Honda dealership in kanchanaburi today to inquire about getting a Honda CRF250L. There was no one who spoke English there so they put me on the phone with a woman who did. She said that the motorcycle could only be registered to a Thai person. I told her that I looked into buying the bike in Pattaya and that they didn't say anything about that. She said that I could buy it but that it would have to be registered in a Thai person's name. She said this is a Thai government rule. I've never heard of any such thing. Does anyone out there know what the rule is, if any? Thanks a lot.
  5. Any kindles in bkk?

    Wow, that is an old device. I'm surprised it's lasted this long.
  6. Any kindles in bkk?

    Thanks for the photo. My Kindle voyage broke recently. 11900 baht to replace. That is nearly double what I paid for it in the USA, 18 months ago. I miss it a lot.
  7. Hi, I wanted to report that I just did this. I went to the River Guest House and got the noon minibus to the border (200 baht, one way; there is also one at 10am). It dropped us off in front of the Thai border checkpoint. I quickly checked out of Thailand. I was then aporoached by a woman and was offered the visa service for the Cambodian side. I had never done that and would not have done it had I not read in this thread that it was pretty easy. I said okay and for 1700 baht they dealt with it all and it was fast. 15 minutes. I waited at a table between the border checkpoints. After getting my passport back I walked around the corner to the Thai entry window and checked back into Thailand. (The officer gave me a month instead of a year entry (I have an O-A visa) which I quickly pointed out. He fixed it. He was pleasant about it.) So now I'm sitting here waiting to get the van to go back to chanthaburi. Thanks to the previous posters of this info for making my visa run easy.
  8. Watch a Bunch of Lemurs Hilariously Swarm This TV News Reporter

    That is funny.
  9. I have an O-A Visa and I do 90 day reports. Russel17au, with O-A visa you get stamped in for a year each time that you enter Thailand during the 1-year validity period.
  10. Ow. I am glad that you're okay.
  11. If you are in your home country get an OA visa. That's what I have and I'm glad I did it.
  12. Shoe repair in Trat?

    Thanks very much, mauGR1!
  13. Shoe repair in Trat?

    Hi, I need a pair of shoes glued and sewn. I'm going to Trat tomorrow from Koh Kood. If any of you know of a shoe repair place there I would appreciate the info. Thanks a lot.
  14. Honda CRF 250L

    Do you like it so far? Any differences with the 2018 model? Congrats.
  15. Internal Travel

    I'd take my passport, for sure.