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  1. Goldbear

    What's your cost of living here in Thailand?

    I always enjoy the occasional cost of living thread. Canarysun must still be gone as he hasn't chimed in.
  2. Goldbear

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    I don't consider the word to be derogatory.
  3. Goldbear

    Help, buy Phone is USA or in Thailand?

    I read your original post wrong. Before I moved to Thailand last year, in the last months, I bought a Tracfone smart phone at Walmart. I think it cost $30 and was about $15 per month. It was pay as you go with no contract. Good value. I am not sure if it would work here. I brought mine but haven't tried putting a sim in it. It's cheap enough that it wouldn't matter, especially if you are not using one in TH anyway. Good luck.
  4. Goldbear

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    That's awful. RIP to the young woman.
  5. Goldbear

    Help, buy Phone is USA or in Thailand?

    Buy it in Thailand. Plenty of options. I bought a Samsung galaxy s8 in the USA in Sept. The screen broke. They can't fix it in Thailand because they don't have the parts. It's slightly different. If I had bought it in Thailand they could have fixed or replaced it here. I replaced the broken S8 with a B3000 smartphone here in Thailand and it's perfectly adequate. The photos aren't as good but it's good enough. 3000 baht is about $100. How long are you coming to Thailand for?
  6. I went there today. Thank you for posting that. (They charged me B150.)
  7. Goldbear

    Place In Thailand Without Dogs?

    Angels won't enter a house with a dog in it. Interesting. Thanks.
  8. Goldbear

    Place In Thailand Without Dogs?

    Not to derail the thread but why no dogs in Muslim areas?
  9. Goldbear

    Any kindles in bkk?

    Billing address in the USA. We're you trying Amazon International, specifically?
  10. Goldbear

    Any kindles in bkk?

    This was the breakdown on my Amazon order. $232.35 on my credit card. Order Summary Items: $154.98 Shipping & Handling: $32.18 Total Before Tax: $187.16 Estimated Tax Collected: $0.00 Import Fees Deposit $45.19 Order Total: $232.35
  11. Goldbear

    Any kindles in bkk?

    Thanks for that post. I was not aware that they would ship internationally. I ordered a Paperwhite and a case. They arrived today. It only took about 4 days and came via DHL. The overall cost, including the case, was about eight hundred baht less then it would have cost me to buy the Paperwhite in the store without a case. It was worth it. Thanks.