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  1. Thanks for your input Ubonjoe, I do appreciate your help. I know now why I always got away from paying a penalty fee for failure of reporting, and that was because my trip abroad I was always doing quite soon after being at the immigration.
  2. Mr. Lopburi, thanks for your answer. A friend of mine asked me, and suddenly I became unsure, that is why I was posting here. And after reading your reply, maybe he was correct in what he was saying, 90 days doesn't reset by visiting immigration for an extension. I can just recall to my own situation: always in the past when I was visiting the immigration (applying for an extension), I would start to calculate from 1 from that day, just like it would be day 1 when arriving from a trip abroad (re-entry permit). I would also sometimes go abroad, and when coming back, I would start to count from 1. I was at Chaengwattana immigration quite recently.
  3. Hello everyone. Just a quick question. I didn't want to create a new thread for this, so I hope it's OK to post it here. Anyway, I am aware that 90 day resets after a trip abroad. But what about a visit to an immigration office, for example applying for an extension? Isn't my 90 day then reset by this visit, and I will calculate from that day at the immigration?
  4. Bertil


    Thanks all for your advice.
  5. Can a 30 day overstay be cleared by doing a border run? (Not myself) Requirements, except the 15,000 baht fee? Which borders to be recommended near Bangkok? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for answer ubonjoe.
  7. All right, thanks anyway.
  8. One of my friends, who is from Kenya, is wondering whether there are some restrictions in place at borders for Kenyans. And which border/country is the most friendly to Kenyans; Myanmar, Cambodia, or Laos. I told her that I was only aware of Ugandans treated differently at immigration, not getting 30 days extensions on tourist visas, but instead only seven days. But that I have never heard of Kenyans being given a hard time at borders, except for a bit of questioning, perhaps.