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  1. Meeting someone else back home

    You sound like a total Di*khead. Get a life mate!
  2. Good ol' Ubon Joe. His replies are always spot on, concise and apposite. He should/could be an Immigration lawyer - tho' I know he gives all his sage advice for free on these Forums. I am positive there are hundreds of people in debt to him. Well Done Joe!!!
  3. Quite a few e.g. airline pilots/oil workers etc. etc. commute to work here and there. It is really no issue at all - just as long as you are not working in the LoS.
  4. Kiwibatch and Minnehaha are right in their posts - Maca Root is very good - but it costs about 20% more in Thailand than it does in North America. I have used it for 20+ years, and it is better than the Crabtree and Evelyn product, as well Taylor's of Bond street - both being a lot more costly than the Maca. If you use a brush rather than e.g. scoop out a dob of the Maca root and put it on your face, you will only get 4-5 months out of it. I use Fusion Gillette - silly price (a Gillette guy told me it is 'cos with beards being in fashion, they have had to up their prices thro' diminishing sales - tanx a laht Gillette)! A blade can last me 6 weeks - Gillette try get you to use one a week with their misleading "blue stripe" on it, that goes white when the blade is "kaput". But it is not! But I shall try Maca root does not smell at all, the Crabtree and Taylor's have a scent. I will try the Tesco blades etc. just for fun.
  5. Charity boss stole £1.3 million donated to help homeless people

    This is why I am inclined to give mainly to the Salvation Army, and Rotary. Where 90% of the donations go to the people to whom it is meant to go. This was a reputable survey, done by creditable Accountants I believe. Many of the other "Charities", who e.g. post harrowing videos of starving and fly-blown kids on TV, took 90% for themselves - and 10% for the kids. A wicked world I fear.
  6. Same problem. Docs in Phuket said do not worry. Laxatives a no-no. Had a colonoscopy - few diverticulae - but no real worries. I eat lots of fibre (oats and stuff) and so on. Feel fine. Exercise pretty well daily. Tried a thing called "Peg" here in Canada that did work. But I am 79 now, and I think (hope??) it is a function of age. This getting old.... no fun. I'd not worry too much. Drink lots of water as other Posters have said. Hang in there Mate - all will be OK!! Mark my words.
  7. Returning To The UK

    ColinNeil's post - good on yer. Spot on Mate!
  8. SuperAl is my new Hero. Tank de Lawd for humour guys!
  9. It is nice to be a "kept man" - is it not? Stay where your wife is happy, it is not all about Me Me Me.
  10. Thai Advertisement on Google Homepage

    Try: https://www.google.ca/?gws_rd=ssl#q=adguard works OK for me.
  11. Getting an International Driving License

    One can get an IDL in Phuket - for periods of up to 10 years. Quite painless. Look on line for details and location.
  12. Suradit 69 has it taped. Listen to his wise words People.
  13. Benefits of joining the military

    I met the boss of the CBI (Confederate of British Industry) once - he said the people they liked best were ex-Military. The discipline, the training in skills (be it a trade, or leadership). Just being punctual he said!! He said he'd take e.g. a Sandhurst-trained guy over a University grad any day. The RAF Apprentice scheme was second to none. The British Army and the Royal Navy are tops too. Our foul politicians (Jezza!!) are doing their level best to screw the Services. The Tories are only marginally better! I was in the military (RAF pilot) for 17 years, I owe it a debt I can never repay. I look back on it and think how damn lucky I was.
  14. Rent is good - if you are getting it....... Not so good if you are paying it.