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  1. cost of 1 month holiday to Thailand?

    MDMayes is about right US$10,000 should give you a nice and reasonably comfortable holiday. It is not nearly as cheap as it once was - thks in part to the very strong baht, but overall we think it is good value and the food/people/weather can't be beat. But that is a personal opinion and one man's meat...
  2. Sounds like you are becoming a GOM. As Jingthing suggests, go home for a month or so (maybe in winter), and then see how you feel.
  3. <deleted> did he not TELL someone where he was going?
  4. Grip strength and ageing

    Julian B Tong has the right idea. Pool work - any pool work - is very good. Lots of suggestions on the Net.
  5. HTF can you be "friends' if you've never even met her. The mind boggles at the stupidity of some blokes.
  6. Why use one word when 100 will do? The usual verbal diarrhoea.......
  7. Expat Oil Worker has it in One. Malaysia not for us, the Thais are very nice folks.
  8. Buy when everyone else is selling, and sell when everyone else is buying.
  9. You'll be dinged 500 thb in Phuket, but they are very nice and polite about it!
  10. There used to be a [email protected] born every minute. Now it is 1,000 per second. And getting worse.
  11. IMHO Apple is a foul and greedy company - they claim they only "Want our Trust". All they really want is our money - but sadly their products are good (as Richard-Smith237 says above) and their Operating System is - for me - much superior to that of e.g. Samsung or Microsoft, so we - er, me - are stuck with them. Sigh.
  12. CNX355 has it in one. Good luck! But be prepared for a long haul, and some disappointment(s).
  13. Leave or stay?

    Make up your own mind Pal - don't ask for advice from all of us! How the heck can we know the full score! Suggest you grow up a bit too.
  14. Advice about wedding

    You really need your head read. Take the kids to your Home Land.
  15. Good for Pattaya! Now to enforce it and make sure it is a success so other Provinces can do the same. Smokers - the most inconsiderate, disgusting and thoughtless lot on the planet. A plague on them all.