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  1. Thank you for links to American propaganda.They were deported because of supporting Nazi's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostlegionen. Fortunately I know a lot of them personally..Not nice kind of people..I would never comments on events of American history because I sure that Americans know about it better just because they can see it by they own eyes. But for you is not problem to comments on events in other countries just because you read some articles in internet. .So you can continue to study history by reading your propaganda..Good Luck!
  2. So following your logic US treated them badly as well..Just remember about Tsarnaev's brothers..
  3. Erawan cave, Thailand by Alex Shcherbakov, on Flickr
  4. Nature

    My cat gave this little fella to me.I kept him for 3 days and when I was sure it's ok, I let him go..Unfortunately next morning I found 3 similar animals at my door.Already killed by my cat..She is born hunter.Everyday brings lizard, small animals and birds. And sometimes chickens..
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  11. Clouds

  12. August 2017 Photography Competition

    Khao Pun Cave, Kanchanabury.