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  1. andytyl

    Getting GF to leave condo

    I had a friend caught in the similar situation as you. He went to talk to the office and explain to then the situation then told them that he will pack all her stuffs and forcefully move her. Shld there be any drama of her trying to get in let the condo call the police. And yes he did change the lock.
  2. andytyl

    Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Does anyone know if these mask works?
  3. Not exactly 7card. But truemoney wallet,wechat pay and alipay. 7eleven have kick start ahead accepting mobile payment after seeing china success with mobile payment. For now we dont have access to wechat pay or alipay but the truemove wallet is accepted. I seen alot of china tourist paying via alipay or wechat pay. Few years down the road we may see more merchants accepting mobile payment
  4. You may have problem getting your deposit back from this kind of owner. Good luck on that if you are moving out.
  5. andytyl

    Long term parking at the airport

    The last time I Park at the multi storey carpark in June I park for 7days. Arrived back to phuket about 8pm when leaving the carpark, the male car park attendant at the exit look at my receipt and said 1000baht por liww. I'm sure he pocketed the money but I was happy to pay 1000bAht as I saved 400baht. Today I went back to park again when I entered the carpark I realised there is CCTV and some screen monitoring the entrance. Will I get into any trouble?
  6. I use travoka. They allow 7 eleven payment on most of major airlines or budget airlines on internetnational or domestic flights. Sometimes tickets are cheaper than the price on the airlines website if is there a on going promo.
  7. Dont need 300k to set up a small business selling clothes. Ex gf did it with less than 150k with a small unit at union mall level 3. Includes 3 months upfront rental, some small decorations, hangers, printing and 2xmannequin. First batch of stock was abt 80k. Not just clothes, with some small accessories necklace ear rings, small purse, coin bag, etc. She really needs to mend the shop herself and not hire any staff at all for the firsf year. Its very tiring and boring during day time from 11am to 4pm there maybe zero sales. People start coming in to shop after 5pm but in union mall the shop has to stay open from 11am. Every week for twice when she neeeds to restock she wakes up at 6am take mrt to yaowarat for accessories and handbag then to pratunam for clothes then back to open shop. Then after 10pm she needs to go back pratunam to collect her clothes stock and next day be at shop earlier to organize her new stock. I know its not easy at all because i spend about 2weeks with her everyday at the shop. But she was very very determined. After 2 years of struggling she is doing better now, she has a shop in union mall and suan lum night bazaar and in some certain night at some night market. Her typical day usually start from 7am to 11pm. She does most of everything by herself and hires 2 part timer now and makes only about max 40k a month. Ask yourself is your gf reallly hardworking or is she just thinking of hiring some staff to run the show. Its doable but don't expect it to be easy or will make lots of money.
  8. andytyl

    Moving to Phuket

    I live in kohkaew, gated with security has a nice small swimming pool and gym which i seldom see anyone using. There is 1 newly furnished unit opposite me. Rental used to be around 25,000/month but has been dropping since most of the unit are still empty. I have seen a few post on facebook going as low as 17,000baht/month. If you are interested i can pm you the name of the mooban, or send you some photos of unit with contact number hanging outside to call for rent.
  9. andytyl

    How much of this is BS? (Thai Marriage Money)

    Not just a thai thing. Alot of other Asian countries have this culture as well. Usually the amount depends on how much the guy could afford. But in some countries or some families they will demand higher amount, the chinese call it selling off their daughters. Ofcos they are alot of families who dosent mind any amount or value. They want the daughter to start a happy family. I have had a friend in Singapore. The wife mother wanted 50,000sgd cash which my friend couldnt afford. After lots of quarrel n fighting.. the wife suggest they call off all traditional ceremoney just sign on papers legally be husband n wife. N the mum gets nothing.
  10. andytyl

    Flooded roads /south

    Thank you for any updates. Im in phuket now waiting for rain or any flood to stop before heading to surat thani. Any updates is rry much appreciated!
  11. andytyl

    Flooded roads /south

    Anyone in surat thani able to very road condition now
  12. andytyl

    Storm & Flooding

    Anyone in surat thani now to verify road condition?
  13. andytyl

    Open bank account with 30 day stamp

    I did get a bangkok bank account yesterday on 30day tourist visa. Brought along rental contract and resident certificate from patong immigration (paid 500baht) First thing i said to the lady when i sat down is i dont have work permit. But i have these.. she take a look at the rental contract and said ok no further qurstion was asked. Requested for internet banking but was told if approved i will be notify by post. Whole process took abt 20minutes. It was a bangkok bank branch in town. On google map its along takuapa road towards T junction of phangnga road. Btw i also went to 2kasikorn and 2scb branch both rejected as soon as i mention i dont have work permit. But 1lady from kasikorn ask me to try patong kasikorn branch maybe can she mention. I will try kasikorn patong branch next week and update again.
  14. andytyl

    Car for rent in Phuket

    I am using phuket thai car rent. It's another company different from yours. http://phuketthaicarrent.com/contact.htm
  15. andytyl

    Car for rent in Phuket

    I use phuket thai car rent every time I fly into phuket international airport. each time I rented 3 or 4days. 900baht/day for vios or equivalent. What I like about this company is you pay cash and they don't collect any deposit + no credit card required. Give them a call once you land and they will pick you up from airport to their office 5min away. I must have use them more than 10times, now they don't even copy my passport and driving license. Also I like it I can order the car via line chat and they are always there to pick me up from airport. I think it's a small family run business but im not too sure. Hvnt had any problems with them or the cars.