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  1. Most bar girls are there by choice as is the way in all aspects of life. You should take good advice I received in my young days "if you can't beat'em join 'em." After you will feel much better. I hope so???
  2. Like many married men there are some single men that pay for sex that are pathetic. In my experience most of the men I socialize with in Thailand have never paid for sex in their lives until they have moved to Thailand. Most bar girls if they like you will spend some time with you and after a few drinks (yes you pay) will ask if you would like to "bar fine them". That means you will mostly pay the bar a fee for you to take them away and they will spend the night with you for a payment to be agreed upon (not like short time Western Girls). They will be your lover for the night or longer and mostly they are good at it. If both are happy and there is no victim all is well. If they are happy with the payment and enjoy the experience (important) and you are happy with the product they will be available all over again and soon. often these events lead into long term relationships (sometimes?) Yes as long as the money is available...so whats new in Western Society . If there is no victim what's the problem. Most of the girls are lovely, a few not so good...yes a bit like Western Society. Hey what's wrong with this, pathetic or just part of life???
  3. I'm getting on a bit. In the little Thai Town I live in there are 2 brothels in the Soi, one on each side of a nice bar I and other older gents frequent. Now these brothels only cater for local Thai men and not for westerners they go other places if required. Most nights if we are still at he bar at midnight or on a very early walk there is usually often streams of law enforcement people making visits to these places getting their free shots and with big smiles on their face, only to return an another time. TIT.
  4. That a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? When I get all those succors lined to invest in "Dave's Stock Exchange", and when things go belly up with my wonderful advice I'll just say "sorry but I lied" (just like the rest of the gamblers) and off to Bullamakanka (a mythical place somewhere on earth). With the money of course.
  5. You wanna bet the Australian Government insisted 4 years ago that they were going to reduce the value of the Australian dollar from 104 US cents to about 75 cents US, it said it would help the mining and farming industry, increase domestic manufacturing, make overseas holiday dearer and boost domestic holiday activity, so by your comment it must be a miracle that that is just what happened? It's up a little today 78 US cents to Aus dollar. Oh well these thing do happen? Facts are just amazing hey what!!!
  6. I'm not sure that into to days financial world there is much choice investments are a gamble. Usually I don't gamble and I've only ever been to one horse races in my (long) life. I had 2 bets a pure stab in the dark. My 1st winner was "Jackman" came home at 7 to 2, got my money back plus 3 pound 10 shilling (that's how long ago). The second horse was called "Down and Out" about 500 yards from the winning post there was a bad fall in the race "down and out" who was coming last jumped over the favorite and went around the mess to come home 2 length ahead of the second favorite and one the race at 14 to 1. I've never put a bet on any horse since, for the outlay of 3 pounds 10 shillings I got 40 something pounds back. $80 for $7 outlay in to-days money. Not having put a dollar on any horse since I just might be one of the most successful punters ever. Anyhow that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Wish I could do the same with money exchanges today. I always be a horse race winner.
  7. You may be right, you maybe wrong. Guess what, it seems everybody hates Trump at the moment but the the price of shares in the US is going gangbusters at present. Yes the price is going up and the dividends are going down. The US share market requires about 40 years of dividends to recover an investment. If you had Coca Cola shares only a few years ago it took 62 years to get your investment back, all base on sentiment. There are many other shares with high values and not paying dividends (that's why you invest, dividends) The Dow share market value exceeds the price of shares listed in 2008 collapse by lots. It is now 3.5 times the value of 2008 after the meltdown, i.e. It got down to 7000 then, it is now around 25,000, lots of fairy floss there. The dividends are very low. By comparison the Australian share market still has not reach the value ASX 200 that it was before the financial meltdown in 2008 it was 6700 approx then, It is about 6200 today. My modest personal across the board investments have had a dividend for the last 4 years of around 7/8% plus 3/4% capital gains making the value increase by about 11% P/A (OK). A similar portfolio in the US would likely return about 3/4% P/A. The value of my modest investments is nearing the 2008 value before the meltdown. (6700). Lost nearly half in that fiasco. There are plenty of traps for young and old share market players today. It is my belief the Dow index the US share market is over valued by 2.2 of its real value with dividends paid. Many retirement funds in the US are paying out pensions to its members by cashing in over valued shares not dividends...not good. Selling fairy floss again. I believe the real value of the US Dow share market is about 12,000 it is over valued when compared to other countries (Aus and others). We are not there yet and some time may be available for a slow correction. I believe the Dow US share market is over valued by 13,000 point. If it keeps going this way the dollar and share market is on track for a big nose dive , when will they ever learn (1929 again). I hope I'm wrong? Don't think so. It will also bring the Aussie market down also, not looking forward to that either. ( shit not again). The value of the US dollar is in the hands of many who have no idea what to do. PS...you heard the one ... The army captain said to the cook "another 20 men coming for lunch. Put another bucket of water in the stew" I think the same thing is happening in the US and Aus share market and the US dollar. Sooner or later you'll stave to death eating (army stew).
  8. Any more then a handful is too much.
  9. I do think you know just a little bit about "Photoshop" but I won't go into how I can see. If your going to do BS with "Photoshop" you need more practice? 5555
  10. It's not the size of the nail that counts but the gentleness and the passion of the hammer that drives the nail.
  11. I caught a songton (pick up bus) from 25 km out of town in Chaing mia to down town in the morning busy rush. When we got onto the Super Hwy it was doing 100 kph it had 31 people on it, a driver, 22 adults, 8 children, 6 of the passengers where young men hanging onto the rear of the bus without a care in the world, seems normal...this practice is quite common in Chang Mia. Stand by the Super Hwy any morning and you will see similar each day. The death rate in Thailand roads is about 7 times what it is Australia and most western countries...I wonder why?
  12. Yes Old Hippy, I know you are smart , intelligent and know how how to put a dollar on every horse in a 3 horse race... Surely you will win and you always be able to say you backed a winner, just like all those investment advisers around the world who have little interest or information in successful investment advice as long as they get their commission. Sometimes they make it all up.(often I think)...I know you are very smart, intelligent, resourceful and modest man because your views are very much the same as mine...5555 Stories abound from investment advisers who tell of their great successes never to mention all the useless advice given out as well "sorry you blew it".
  13. It seem that of all the experts in financial matters and all the other people who have posted on this site "Baht depreciation expected" have absolutely no idea what the new rate will be in relation to the US dollar...I think there is about 100+ post none of you have any idea what so ever...5555 It might go up?
  14. They say the best things in life are free...but you can for them if you like.