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  1. I think your doctor told you not to smoke, don't you take any notice of him/her???
  2. I think it is only appropriate that all people who think bad things about us Aussies should go to his link and listen to the words of wisdom, it really apply to Aussies (only)
  3. On a recent trip to Chaing mia before departing Australia I arranged an appointment with an ENT specialist to have and endoscopic examination of my nasal passages, maybe I have some polyps which my GP had prescribed a nasal spray during the previous 8 years. I had to have a referral from from a GP ($75 Aus) and then a 4 month wait to see the specialist. Payment of $425 Aus was required before seeing the ENT for the expected 15 min appointment. As I was going to Chaing mia the next month and appointment was not urgent I cancelled. Maybe when I come back I'll try again. After a month into my trip to Chaing mia I accompanied a friend to a large Thai govt. hospital north of the Old City on the super hwy. While waiting for his appointment my friend suggested I go up to the counter with his Thai wife and arrange and appointment to see an ENT, she did all the talking but the receptionist could speak quite good English. "I said how long before appointment" hoping it would be within 4 weeks as I had to return to Aus. She apologized and said "maybe 1 hour" I nearly laughed. "gosh 1 hour how terrible" in Australia 4 months. OK after 1 hour I was called in. The ENT specialist he "said you wait a minute while I finish report for last patient" yes yes OK. I looked at his qualifications on the wall. He was trained in the USA at a large LA hospital as ENT , he spoke perfect English. About 35 y/o and very pleasant. The doctor asked me as he was probing with the endoscope why you not have your GP in Australia to look in my nose. I say "he not allowed only specialist like you allowed to do that in Australia" The doctor then said " any GP can do this do this, very easy, only takes 2 mins", he added "look look on the monitor very easy". The doctor then said "why you using this nasal spray, It's for polyps and you haven't got any. Who told you to use that." I said "my GP in Aus" the Thai doctor then asked me "what sort stupid doctors do you have in Australia why didn't he look" I said "my GP thinks I could have polyps so after 8 years he say I should see a ENT back in Australia". The doctor was not very polite about USA or Australian doctors he had a bit to say. Unprintable here. The Thai Doctor then asked me "how much do you have to pay to see a specialist to do this examination in Australia". When I told him Aus $425 he nearly fell off the chair laughing. He then in a joking way said "you pay all that money you not only have stupid doctors but stupid patients as well" 55555. So after about 15 min of discussion of what I should do about my non existent polyps I left went to the receptionist counter for the bill...wait for,,,,wait for it...it was Aus $14...I rest my case
  4. I think this post is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
  5. For Australians returning to Aus your medicare Govt cover is reinstated the moment you go through customs. This is during the 1st 2 years of absents. After 5 years things get complicated in that you cover has lapsed. I live near Perth Aus and travel to Thailand 3 months on 3 months off at a time, just love it. As I leave Aus and go through customs my Govt medicare cover is automatically suspended and reinstated when I return after 3 months Medicare is linked to customs. My Medibank Private (MBP)cover (top up cover) I have to advise them when I am leaving and returning, my contributions stop for my time of absence. All my benefits are recommenced with no waiting time when I arrive back in Aus. Thailand if fairly close to Aus, and free Govt Medicare will be reinstated as you arrive back in Aus. There is a very strong temptations not to have travel insurance when visiting Thailand. Travel insurance only requires the insurer to fix you up enough to get you back to Aus so you are then covered by Medicare.
  6. Are there many laws in Thailand that are correctly enforced???
  7. There is not enough room on this site to name all the locations in Thailand which have lots and lots of mongrel wild dogs that often bite tourists, they belong to no one. In my experience here are a few places I have experienced the problem, Nong Khai (real bad), Chiang Mia, Ban Phai, Rayong, Hue Hin, Cha-am(really really very bad, hundreds) and more. These are just a few places I've stayed in. I like to go for a 6 km walk around town each morning as I do back in Australia. I will not give up so I take a good whacking stick, wear good kicking shoes and a pocket full of throwing rock as standard equipment ...Cha-am where I stay mostly has several hundred. " we will never give up? we will fight them in the hills and in the streets, we will fight them on the beaches we will never give in to Thailand's mongrel dogs" once said by a famous Englishman...(sort of)...Thais think it's funny when tourists get bitten by these inbred wild mongrel dogs. Some infected with rabies.
  8. Your idea is very good...but travel insurance is medicine for profit. In Australia we have very good Govt Medicare and you can have extra private top up cover with a private company. Unfortunately all this cover stops the moment you leave Australia. If you take out travel insurance almost anything you have ever suffered from in the past will likely be excluded from cover. When you go to make the claim that's usually when you find out. So like me at 75 Y/O and in fairly good health and having few things in the past fixed I am never sure if I'm covered. Certainly if at some time in the past the person in question in this post had any treatment on his knee it is unlikely he would be indemnified for his costs under travel insurance The insurance company is likely to just refuse to pay. To be covered for pre-existing matters the loading can up to the sky. Most travel insurance available in Australia only covers you to the extent that the insurer is only required to fix you up enough to get you home so that Australia's Medicare system can take over care and treatment once you are back on Australian soil...I suspect other countries including UK have similar conditions??? That is they will not pay for any ongoing treatment in other countries, so as soon as you can get on a plane that's what will happen.
  9. Electrical faults traps are common all over Thailand. I don't know what the figures are Bangkok for electrocution but is it is anything like Manila in the Philippines they have on average 6 people a day through crappy wiring.
  10. Tell me any 13/14/15 y/o boy that lived near a railway line that hasn't put a few coins on the track just to see what happens ...I did lots of times 60 years ago and so did my mates at the time.
  11. I haven't seen anyone use the victims name on this site, Mr Roger Hussey is his name, comes from where I come from Perth, Western Australia nor have I seen any mention of the 30 or so Thais that would have been killed or badly injured on roads in Thailand that day....RIP all of them.
  12. Why not be like most other countries in S/E Asia...like you arrive without notice at KL, go to the immigration line, wait just a while, put your passport in the slot, your thumb on the mark, smile a bit, not to much and look at the camera "click" and the officer stamps your passport with a 3 months tourist visa, no charge and have a good holiday. Perhaps that's to easy???
  13. You should know advice given to Thais by farangs is considered as defamation.
  14. Trying to get any country with socialised medicine (not US they only have commercialised medicine) to use their money to pay for treatment in a 3rd country is a pipe dream. In Australia we have quite good nearly free socialised medicine (Govt Medicare). You can have additional private top up cover from a private insurance health provider, you pay extra for this. It only works in Australia, the moment you leave Australia your Govt Medicare stops until you return. If you have private top up cover that is also suspended until you return, You can suspend your private top up cover premium if leaving Aus for 2 months or more. Under no circumstances will the Govt Medicare or a private health insurer pay for any treatment whilst you are out of Australia, not a penny. Except, some countries have a reciprocal agreement with Australia about 22 now, unfortunately Thailand is not one of these. So you have to have travel insurance which has lots of conditions, like any pre-existing treatments are not covered. If you have this cover the insurance companies only obligation is to patch you up enough to get you back to Australia where your free Govt Medicare cover will be available...not much good for Aussies living long term in Thailand. There is nothing available for me in Thailand not for love nor money, I'm 75 y/o.