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  1. My son bought me a subscription to MLB.TV for fathers day and I love it. Haven't missed a Dodger game ever since,, bleed blue, go Dodgers.
  2. Tourist Driving Licence

    Yes it does.
  3. I have a friend from Canada coming to Thailand for a 3 month vacation. He wants to rent a car and has a Canadian license. Is this good enough or does he need an international license ?
  4. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    All I know is up until a week ago I could watch streaming baseball live on True Online. Now the signal is so weak it stalls all the time and is very frustrating. Is anyone else in the Pattaya area experiencing these same problems with True and what can we do about it.
  5. Where do you live

    Pattaya for 7 years.
  6. What can he do ?

    Thank-you ubonjoe and all others for your help,, you have made his day.
  7. What can he do ?

    Yes he fly's back to China Feb 23.
  8. What can he do ?

    He is staying at a hotel just down the road from me. He is checked in for 2 months. Does he need to take anything from the hotel to immigration and when can he get the 30 day extention,,,,, does he have to wait till the 30 days are up ?
  9. My son arrived in Pattaya this morning from China where he teaches English. He is Canadian. His return air ticket is in 2 months and he did not know he needed a tourist visa to stay more than 30 days. What are his options to stay in Thailand for 60 days. Thank-you in advance, any help here would be appreciated. Can he possibly just get a 30 extension at Jomtien immigration ?
  10. Book Store

    Up till a couple of months ago there was a Book Store down by the soi Bukouw market,,, they moved. Anyone have any idea where they moved to ??
  11. Plumbers

    Does anyone know a good plumber in the east pattaya area ??
  12. Pattaya plumbers

    Thank-you monsieurhappy for your reply. I have 2 toilets in the house. One is American Standard which is working fine,,, the other is a Thai toilet,,, Karat,, and it appears to be leaking in the tank and at the seal on the floor. I think I will buy a new American Standard toilet. Do you know anyone who would install a new toilet ?
  13. Pattaya plumbers

    Does anyone know a good plumber in the East Pattaya area ? My water pump is coming on every minute and no taps are turned on,,, must be a leak somewhere. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. We have no TV cable this morning in East Pattaya. Anyone know why ?