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  1. Strange and yet Thais r working as car cleaners and construction workers in more developed countries. Its not Thais cannot get down n dirty, its the pay that determines if they want to get down to it or not.
  2. Ding Ding Ding, Where are the Brits and Yanks? Waiting for comments eagerly.
  3. I am wrong, she lost her appeal. I thought i had read somewhere she won the case.
  4. She has already got millions compensation in SGD from SMRT in Singapore after her mishap. Unlucky for her for the accident, but still lucky it was in Singapore where they actually do compensate after the court judgement awarded her. If it was in Thailand, she would probably got 20,000 Baht compensation thats all.
  5. Nice time to bring the family there.
  6. I expect Prayut will use section 44 to make sure there is election. NOT!
  7. no way, every night closing time after business, street vendors, retail shops anyone and everyone will throw their red sodas for prayers into the drains making it stink like the 18 levels of hell. And that is only 1 of the stinky they throw in there. I can go on n on...
  8. Well Done, Psss..lets meet on BangNa Trad and Prasert Manukitch tonight for the regular road races again...
  9. My friend who sells stuff on her Facebook got her account hacked once, what was her password? Her phone number which was all over her facebook post and profile.... Don't laugh many Thais use that as their passwords, their birth dates, their phone numbers, their names... many simply don't know what is account security.
  10. I just saw this fight live on youtube. Sia Po all big talk n towering over his opponent just wants to play hugging cuddly games round the ring. The smaller guy got a good few leg kicks in and after a few minutes, Sia Po pussied out cos he was out of gas. Technical KO win to the little Mafia guy.
  11. Lol this is what Thai social media likes, 2 mafia sluggin it out.
  12. What next? Build a victory monument somewhere to congratulate themselves?
  13. always check n check n check n check. Keep money in 1 bank account with no internet banking capabilities and no visa no mastercard at all except for ATM withdrawals and another for online banking transactions and deposit only the amount you need when you need to make a transfer. Not only kasikorn. My Bangkok Bank got double charged when I bought air tickets, when I called in to the Bank Hotline, they told me it was by the airline. Called the Airline and they told me they did not charge me twice only once. No sms sent either for the double charge. Only when I went down to the Bank next day then I was told sometimes it happens. Bank customer service officer on the phone gave wrong info to me. No sms sent when amount from my bank was charged. Luckily the Branch Manager and staff were really nice and helpful and made me feel good that I did not close my account with them.