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  1. when has any politician kept any promises anyway...
  2. And they complain against Grab and Uber...
  3. Well Vaping could get you 10 years in jail, equivalent to rape in Thailand
  4. Alcohol consumption increase more probably
  5. I give him 6 months. He will discover thaivisa.com, ask about tourist visa, 90 days, sinsod for buffaloes, and start his thai bashing soon enough lol
  6. remember the salmon sperm soap? it was by magic skin ... catch them all.
  7. They can't even keep their place of worship clean... how to expect Buddha's Blessing?
  8. i like women with on clothes and without clothes. All is damn FINE by me
  9. even if the government culls, the problem will not go away. Too many unlicensed and unregulated pet dogs sellers, best eg. chatuchak market. so many sick puppies on display on sale from dog farm mills. This problem has overflowed to online facebook selling as well. Not enough education on spaying or neutering. So many of my Thai friends after getting a pup when it grows up decides they have to get it another partner to mate. After the female dog has pups, they sell it or give it away to new owners and new homes. H How many of these pups when they grow up end up on the streets? My friend used to spay and neuter the strays around her house. till now she has no kids. Her mother in law blames it as karma on her for spaying and neutering dogs. The final solution is not a solution at all. Regulate and give out license to sale of dogs from only good recognised breeders in Thailand, making it harder to people to get a pet here. Make sure every dog is neutered and spay when or after they go to their homes.
  10. Moonmoon

    Pattaya to repair long-broken CCTV cameras

    Just an excuse to fleece more money, that was why they were broken in the first place. Same like Thai Roads, they keep repairing it and never seem to be able to get the roads good once n for all.. why? So that they can keep repairing n get money out of it.
  11. The dominican lady might be a gold diggee but she has kids n no time for romance and has to be practical No sympathies for the Brit here. Take care of yourself 1st then think about providing for others.
  12. I have been in the same situation before, jetstar, whether if it is low cost or budget, it is at least jetstar deceny and responsibility to take care of their customers during the delay. 250 baht is not enough for a meal once pass the custom inside the airport departure area. Speaking from personal experience. Some restaurants dont even accept the vouchers. The man definitely has the right to voice his displeasure. I thought jetstar would improve on this but no..
  13. Yeap i know, my comment states prostituition is. I did not touch on massage or karaoke.