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  1. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Well what you say is right about strict enforcement of rules and laws for taxi drivers. But honestly do you think it can happened anytime soon? The laws are already in place I believe ages ago. Even with Uber, the traditional taxi drivers behaviour are still the same. Thats why as a consumer, it is to our benefit that with apps like uber and grab, the traditional taxi companys' can no longer monopolize the market. I believe with more options these Thai taxi companies will be force in the near future to upgrade their services for the consumers, which will only add to our benefit. Even in Singapore, where taxi drivers follow the law, turn on meters and almost never refuse a customer, the taxi companies are changing their strategy and adopting new tech for their drivers to be competitive. They have apps now like uber where u can opt for meter or an pre agreed price for travelling. Thai taxi companies have to upgrade themselves tech and service wise if they want to stay relevant and competitive. If not all they do is try and beat up uber drivers everytime they see 1, then like it or not, this kind of attitude will only cause their own demise.
  2. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    I dont know about London, but in BKK, ride sharing apps like uber has certainly improve transport standards in my personal experience. I have 2 shops in BKK n Samut Prakan and sometimes need to move some goods around. Used to use the minivans to do that which they would charge alot and have very bad service attitude. Now there is lalamove and the delivery guys from this app are courteous and much cheaper. Does all these new technology help improve Thai service standards? They certainly do.
  3. Why cover his eyes? Show him fully so everyone can identify him properly.
  4. These chutes have been around for ages. I rmb playing with em when the firemen came to our neighbourhood for a exhibition fire drill as a kid 30 years ago.
  5. Everytime I come home late, I would pray in front of the Buddha Statue for a good half an hour. Works everytime..
  6. I QUIT!!! ....... buying. Thats what i tell my friends everytime I see when I bump em for a smoke hehehe
  7. Not dream come true for thai women, did they interview the Farangs' about the "nightmares" they had?
  8. This government is all talk no walk. The only thing they are good at is adjusting attitudes thats all.
  9. What!!? She did not even spare truck!!?? Heartless
  10. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    Yes Justice for All. Rich Or Poor. Rich gets Rich Justice, While the Poor gets Poor Justice. We unlerstan you perfectly Khun Prayuth Krub
  11. The BIB have to clear away all other competition 1st and be the sole supplier when the Samui Festival begins.
  12. Girl died saving her sister in motorbike crash

    It is really sad. Brave Big sister giving her life for the younger one. RIP God Bless her soul. Hope standard and educated way of life improves in Thailand. 5 on a motorbike is really no way to travel especially for young children.
  13. Double standards.
  14. I am 5th generation SG chinese, take it from me. Sharks Fins are tasteless goo without pepper and vinegar. There is absolutely no need to eat them. Status my bum bum