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  1. That's what I call a "Cash Cow"! 😎😎😎😎
  2. Yeap i know, my comment states prostituition is. I did not touch on massage or karaoke.
  3. He is not Joey Boy. He is from a popular boy band in the 90s. His name is just Joe. TV should correct his name for proper reporting and respect. RIP
  4. Correction, his name is Joe, not Joy.
  5. Amazing Thailand strikes again, just when I thought I have seen it all, they come up with this new marathon scam...
  6. And they want to clean up pattaya... btw prostituition is illegal in Thailand.. oh make up your mind aldy , roadmap is for 20years.
  7. In all honesty, I dont see no check point in this video. The Thai law n police regulation states clearly a check point must have clear visible signs and cones to be set up. This check point is clearly illegal and the police is just covering their own asses by saying there is permission. If one is travelling down at night at moderate speed, it would be hard to see. The policeman was in the dark and waving a small light and the other jump into the bike's way. Even if the biker had no license and should be prosecuted for that, it was the policemen that cause the accident. Total idiots.
  8. You know why they do that? Even if the license plate was in full view and if the police catch up to em, the culprit will just deny and claim his vehicle was stolen or lend to a friend. Any lies will be told deflect responsibility. That's the mentality here.
  9. Oh dear... be careful as safety standards here are not as good as some of ours' back home. Some big major shopping centres which (I will not named) I had visited; I had been electrocuted before holding on to handrails or metal barricades of escalators though it is nothing serious here but still... if accidents do happened, nothing much can be done as laws and regulations here are pretty lax. Take care.
  10. Saw this news from other day and many TVers were calling them out. Good on the RTP for evidence and all those here that smelt the fish from a mile away.
  11. Winter Beer Gardens Returning To Bangkok

    Nice, i love these. Used to play in a Thai band and getting gigs for beer gardens were always one of the highlights. Good atmosphere, good weather, good money.
  12. Toon is running the whole thing by himself with his team. No relays. Only stops for rest and nourishments.
  13. The boy is a technical student. Most prob he was killed becos of school rivalry. Too common in Thailand. N yet the authorities have done nothing to stop it.