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  1. however good the laws are, the Thai population will never respect and obey them, becos the ones enforcing the laws are breaking and corrupting them everyday.
  2. Sounds legit, pls kindly share your gofundme site.
  3. relevant or irrelevant, its your opinion. I know myself and what i would do to protect my love ones. kudos to u for protecting your dog.
  4. my Dog was surrounded by 2 other Soi Dogs while I let her run around without the lease. When they started attacking her. I ran n kick (not proud of it) the other 2 dogs till they ran away tail tuck between their legs. Just last night my neighbours beagle was being attacked by the neighbourhood Black Thai Dog. Again I ran kick the black dog away cos my neighbour was swimming in the pool and he didnt know. My neighbour was a Chinese Uni Student, So I drove him n the beagle to the hospital last night for injection.
  5. RIP Kind Lady, I would have done the same for my Dogs too.
  6. I wish The True South Project Thailand Success :)
  7. Junta approved or Thailand approved? Perhaps we should have TV poll.
  8. few months ago, street vendors along huay kwang were all cleared up n the pavements were kinda nice to walk along. The retail shops n good food were stilk there. I m here now n the street vendors r slowly n surely back again on the pavements. The police are just right infront of the street everyday n night catching motorcyclist with no helmets on. Surely someone is taking money n bribes allowing this to happen. So i see all this government clearing up the streets n returning the pavement as BS and a way to collect more money n bribes from these street vendors. Thats all. BS
  9. her mum has been trying to get police in suphanburi to accept her case for 4 months but was threaten to drop it instead because of the pooyai and gang involved. she has been placed in the shelter because her mental state of health is not good. she needs professional help and 24hr attention becos she would attempt suicide many times. Please kindly look at the facebook อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ V.4 yak dang deaw jat hai V.4 and all other major news site in Thai for details of the case. TV alone is not in depth enough. agree all should be given life sentences for ruining a bright young girl's future. she was a good girl doing well with good grades in school. read my above comment.
  10. All these big news agency seems to forget or fail to mention that it was through the good detective work of a certain facebook page อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ V.4 yak dang deaw jat hai V.4 that exposed these horrid crimes of those involved when the police refused to take in this case. The mum even had to hide herself for 4months due to threats from the police till she finally found the facebook page and finally enlisted the help. Due to overwhelming evidence collected of photos, videos and online chat conversations of the crimes by the Facebook อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ V.4 yak dang deaw jat hai V.4 page owner, RTP was finally forced to take action. Lawyer Songkran just got a free pass in this case. Now its up to the courts to return justice to the 14 year old victim and her mother. give credit where credit is due.
  11. I lived in Abac BangNa and there is a nice little green grove behind my condo which I bring my dogs out for a walk everyday. Since the influx of chinese tourist, the tour buses has brought them to another condo beside mine for the night and park their buses around the grove every night. The nice clean grove is now littered with trash, left over food and human waste from the tour bus drivers. The trash cans are just 5 metres away from where they parked.
  12. have you been to Yaowarat recently? The traffic standstill at night is a result of vehicles parking by the roadside 2 to 3 lanes out. This has been solved by the police wheel clamping any vehicles that does so. all vehicles has been forced to look for parking either inside the temple parking or grand china hotel parking. the midnight traffic has already been solved since mid of last year. I go there almost every month. The day situation is just everyone is there for business and work thats why the traffic situation is bad. even if there are street food vendors, they do not contribute in anyway to the traffic situation at all.
  13. Yes, most street food vendors should be banned from occupying any public place. thats my choice. And the comment from Fairfield is exactly what I feel.
  14. Poor Lamp Post. I wish you a speedy recovery.