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  1. Jokes asides, i hope whatever his problems were, that he makes a speedy recovery.
  2. Set the motion sensor detection to off so that it doesn't gets startle by movement.
  3. hi I bought the A119. I didn't want the A119s. For me A119 is better.
  4. Here you go guys. Footage from my Dashcam. Rmb to set to 1080HD for highest quality.
  5. I m sorry guys. Will tonight asap. Got so busy with work
  6. Really? It shouldnt be. It is still on sale
  7. Its about time, my Thai security guard at my condo was getting tired of rolling my ciggarettes for me...
  8. Cmon Guys Its a Family Restaurant for goodness sake!
  9. Just like how MBK is full of fakes and all elsewhere in Thailand. These businesses and retailers keeps the cops on the take. Why break your own rice bowl?
  10. Chinese tourist really dont spend much and are driving the real good spending ones away. Big tourist numbers does not equate good quality.
  11. RIP to the dead girl but stopping for selfie on the side of expressway <deleted>? Her friends didnt have the common sense to stop her?
  12. i agree, that is why the buffoons running the show now has to go real quick
  13. 28. Acting as an agent or representative (except in contact with foreign companies) this means I can still be a pimp if I send my girls to Farangs... whew..Thank God I have not broken any laws so far
  14. I am glad, there is finally hope for Thailand. EVen if we crash, there are Amulets to save us all...