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  1. Senators don't work for people, but they do work hard for their supporters such as insurance companies. Insurances put pressure on GOP to find a way to pass the best case scenario. Insurance companies are legal gangsters who suck people's blood for more profit. Gangesters deciced to work legally after losing battle over smogling alcohol. They began with insurances and casinos in LV.
  2. Distance of house to perimeter wall

    Yes, there are some around Min Buri.
  3. Are you a fortune teller ? Very intelligent. But no mention of age in my post ❗️
  4. This is what I consider it safest if you are not married(marriage could affect things differently and more complicated): I will buy a land on my gf's daughter name and then lease it for 30y on my name at the same time. I design/build a small (I really don't need more than 1 bedroom) modern nice house for not more than 1/2 mil. It will pay off itself in 15 year to compare to rent a room/a cheap house. If I lose all in case of unknown reason I won't regret since it did not cost me a fortune. People who you know them very well change in matter of one night. Never put your whole life/savings at risk.
  5. I always think the worst case (usually happens) scenario. Thai take 100%, farang 0% (specially land ownership). This is a safe possibility that you should always consider regarding a divorce. Sleep with peace of mind. Cheers
  6. "Act of god" will not be covered by many insurances.
  7. What do you expect ? 😀 They never admit until justic department bring them down. I can not wait to see that moment.
  8. Teenager dies after rolling onto broken iPhone cable in her sleep

    It must be aftermarket charger, not the cable problem. Hot wire goes through ground then the cable.
  9. Aluminum sliding windows are not really sound seal in Thailand even if they are double payn. PVC double payn would do a better job and stop both noise and heat. But about fixed windows (not sliding/not openable) there are great cheap project ideas around.
  10. Larger engin does not mean higher speed only. There are at least a few different factors involve. Stability, control, tire sizes, better breaks (discs in rear) and quicker if need to speed up in case. It is all depends on the rider. I drive scoters locally only.
  11. Where is the problem? 150cc is enough for one person, especially for beginner Ok. You may lose control by trucks passing by. Not really stable at high peed. It will do the job, but what about the risks. I even don't do that with a 300cc. Good luck.
  12. With 150cc to issan, With a 150cc bike ? You must be a brave man❗️⚠️
  13. Perhaps one of those charger cables with metal color fancy shield.