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  1. SSI benefits and living in Thailand

    Don't make up what you don't know. Are you an American ? I'm sure you are not. It was just matter of luck until 4 or 5 years ago. SS checked randomly. Ever since I'm not sure if things have changed. This is the way they check most: your doctor visits and using your Medical/Medicare account. If you have not used it for long it will becomes suspicious. There could be some other factors as well such as "not using your account for medications. They just cut the supplemental. What ever the extra supplemental amonth was already paid has to be paid back by monthly deductions (could be $100-200) from monthly pay checks. Penalty could be waved by visiting SS office (1st timers). Now it is all up to you to take the risks.
  2. Leave or stay?

    I would do this if i was in that situation: 1- I would go back and build my life on a solid ground in my country. You could come back later with better shape and find a right girl out of bars. Don't try hard to be a slave, If you think this marriage is the key for staying in the country. This story never ends.
  3. Tm-30 fine

    I changed my address to my gf house. We went to CW together. The IO told me that there is no need for tm-28. I must report 90 day only with my new address at CW (then next 90 day could be done online), but my gf submitted tm-30 to report a farang living at her house. The IO said that there is no need to report anything (90 day report only) unless you change your address again. No need to report when you come back to Thailand from your trip with re-entry permit either. Only 90 day report required.
  4. Let's say it : "It's.fake" The easiest way to ignor the fact.
  5. He is in trouble himself and "endorsed" another who is in the same trouble. You guys better look for solution for your common problem together before endorsing each other. 😀 I feel we are back to 1930s.
  6. I'm afraid that it won't happen (no budget) to go to moon anymore after your "tax reform". By the budget at the time perhaps astronauts will only reach the Earth orbit. Nothing beyond that.
  7. Different factors could cause Taichung behaviors. Perhaps she was on monthly period, not feeling good, bad business, personal problems, next door many customers (parking problem everyday) or she did not like farang, perhaps particularly "you". I suggest op to keep it peaceful and friendly in such cases.
  8. You are absolutely right, but any major job can not be done by one man (owner) anyway (or at least I can not do it alone). Worker or workers need to be hired. Minor jobs won't be noticed. And having good friendship with neighbors = less trouble
  9. In that case, those foreign who do beach cleaning or fixing roads will be in trouble as well, right ! At own house work for major works we need to hire some people. It won't be accomplished by one man anyway. Just don't make anyone upset in the neiborhood by selfishness. Nothing is certain for farang in LOS.
  10. School is not your own house !!! we are talking about "own" house. Will you get paid for your house work ? i guess not.
  11. My gf is not an angel and she is just like some others, but she tells me that: don't buy any property, keep your money where it is and live here in my house. I guess she knows better.
  12. I believe working on your own property does not count as "work" since you won't get paid for it and it is not business related. Working on your own business would be a different story, never do it you could get in trouble. I have done very major adding to my girlfriend's. No problem. Basicly nothing becomes problem as long as you do not cross others and makeing some unhappy.
  13. Couple sue Nigerian Prince who ‘left them £1,800,000 out of pocket’

    We got some Nigerian prince here as well.