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  1. Reading news on Thai visa everyday. 🙀
  2. Not really useful for Thailand
  3. A homeless on vacation. Need money for weeds and beers. Full moon parties at your cost. 🙄😀
  4. "I have experienced the phenomena of soi dogs attacking foreigners only. I suspect it is because we "smell" differently to the locals due to diet or genetics. Canines respond to strangers with barking and rushing behaviour ( in aggressive ones biting)." I guess we just need to cover our body by clay. Just like Predator movie. We will be safe. 🐕
  5. This is the resistance they were talking about. It will continue.
  6. Whether it is double insulated or not you have nothing to lose. Just Earth the body if you feel safer.
  7. Check the TV by a different input. Connect laptop or iPhone, DVD player, if you still have the problem it is the TV problem, but if picture is clear with other device then could be your TV box, cable from main supply, or wiring to the TV Antenna input.
  8. No but perhaps he had legally rubbed someone else though. 🙀 you never know
  9. I don't want to disrespect animals by calling him an animal. looks like caveman though. 🙄
  10. It seems They are going to the same direction now. congratulations, what waste of money to reach this point and now : ok guys lets go back home and leave another lonely Afghanistan.
  11. Lucky turtle, if was found by turtle meat eaters could be eaten by now.
  12. What's wrong with all these farang recently❗️They keep falling from balconies.
  13. "he's already running at a very high approval rate, right here on this forum, despite the Nate hating posts" Anyone could make some followers, but what kind of followers they could be❓ Same as him of course. ☠️
  14. Oh sure you are absolutely right. Congratulations