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  1. Religion is the root of all evil. And by the way, when will we get a badly needed hammer, machete, axe, and hatchet ban?
  2. Nope, because I won't go back. Retirement VISA has been "retired".
  3. Yeah, don't bother to mention the 1.5 million times a year that firearms prevented crime or death. I carry everywhere. I do enjoy reading about dumb <deleted> doing a home invasion and not living to tell about it. Or the carjacking where the perp ends up dead in the street. Best yet...three Taco Bell employees open fire on an armed robber. Loved it. The most used weapon on earth for murder? The machete. You...call 911. Me...I'll live most likely. The police, most all the time, show up to count bodies and take notes. They actually "save" very few.
  4. I took my "girlfriend" for a scooter ride. We hit 105 kph. She said that was way, way too fast. Calling something a "bullet" doesn't make it fast. I'd prefer a high speed hydrofoil ride down the coast from BKK. Of course the price has to compete with the bus ride, which is practically free.
  5. Probably for the same reason I do....they CONSTANTLY SCAM US! From the 16 year old 7/11 cashier to the police and EVERYONE in between.
  6. That's at Soi Now and it's "recent" construction. The hotels on that Street regularly tell tourists to go swimming at the beach when they know raw sewage is pumped every night just a few hundred meters offshore. Wonderful place.
  7. And you all give me crap when I comment that most everyone I dealt with from landlords to 7/11 cashiers treated me dishonestly. I could fill PAGES with FACTS. Bottom line, EXPECT to get swindled in Thailand.
  8. Can't think of much that isn't a scam. Most all the clothes I bought the are, or have, fallen apart. The beer was only a rental.
  9. Or you could realize that you're just another target and buy a plane ticket.
  10. It's nothing more than a tourist money grab Jack. I guess you better quit taking a crap because you're polluting the ocean just as much as everyone else.
  11. You obviously pay more for your fish than I did. But sooner or later you find out how close to the bottom you are.
  12. Time is ripe for a new Thai political movement

    ROTFLMFAO ! ! ! What have you been smokin'? Do you actually think that ANY EDUCATED THAI cares what a farang thinks? The only thing that will change is you growing old waiting for Thailand to wake up.
  13. Honestly, I spent enough time there to know that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I ever marry a Thai, even in my home country. They simply are not to be trusted.
  14. Not to worry. Soon all the hi-so western women will be flocking in for the yachting....per TAT's months old prediction.