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  1. Doesn't bother me at all. I realized what a dump the place was and left. There's no ocean to swim in. 'Good' food is overpriced. Everyone is greedy and corrupt. Yep, let's complain about our choice on where we pucked to live. Even beer is overpriced. Most of the women aren't worth a second look. Really found nothing great about living there.
  2. Aw, c'mon. It's just a start of a new coffee chain...Starbutts!
  3. I think if a That's wife or girlfriend wants a White willie..... She should call me. I work for drinks and dinner. We can even skip the movie.
  4. Joebuzz

    8-year German expat with no passport deported

    The USA should contract with Thai immigration to work Los Angeles for a year. I like the pick 'em up and put them on a plane tactic.
  5. It is best to prepay your autopsy prior to setting foot in Thailand.
  6. I look forward to America stopping taxpayer money going to the whole damn world, ESPECIALLY countries that clearly hate America. WE DON'T NEED THEM. America is one of the youngest countries in the world. Why are we one of the most advanced? Because the rest have been ruled by corrupt regiems or absurd religions....and still are. American taxpayers are sick of footing the bill to drag 3rd world countries into the future. Let them eat sticks.
  7. FUN? Nothing but booze and hookers. Two things I enjoy but they are EVERYWHERE. World class resort? Not even close.
  8. Tried to retire in Thailand. After 3 years I had had enough of the BS. I had been scammed at every turn, 7/11 teenagers trying to overcharge me, condo renters and MANAGEMENT extorting me, airport personnel intentionally sending me off in the wrong direction, little Chinese old man trying to shove me off the sidewalk, ladyboys hounding me, Big C employees sending me off in the wrong direction, cell phone employees ignoring me, and on and on. The people have no concept of customer service, they don't realize that some of us are trying to be good retirees and they just wear us down. I met people from all over the planet and 80% of them knew some English and Google translate did the rest but the Thai people, for the most part, couldn't care less about non-Thai visitors. In other words...the place as a whole just ain't that friendly and just when it seems like you're getting along, you get stabbed in the back again. And you are wrong about Mexico. Spent many, many years there and if it weren't for Trump pissing them off, I'd go back. AND, the food beats the hell out of Thai food. However, if I ever visit Thailand again I won't be leaving the airport.... I'll be on my way somewhere else.
  9. I've done everything I can..... I left.
  10. Joebuzz

    Long-time homeless American deported

    I once met an American living in Mexico. The neighbors took him in to help him. I gave him sheets, a pillow, some food and clothing. Within a few days I got to know him. Two years prior his house had been robbed an he was severely beaten. When he woke up in a Red Cross hospital he didn't remember much about anything prior to the beating. I went through his wallet with him and found some information I could use. Within a week his family was there to pick him up and take him home. They thought he was gone for good. He was only 35. Two years a bum in Mexico will retard you even without a beating. As it turned out his family was wealthy enough and he had just rented a trailer on the beach to surf and have fun for a year. So....Do not judge...lest ye be judged.
  11. You failed to mention the "HiSo" wealthy single women coming to Pattaya for the yachting.
  12. Religion is the root of all evil. And by the way, when will we get a badly needed hammer, machete, axe, and hatchet ban?
  13. Nope, because I won't go back. Retirement VISA has been "retired".
  14. Yeah, don't bother to mention the 1.5 million times a year that firearms prevented crime or death. I carry everywhere. I do enjoy reading about dumb <deleted> doing a home invasion and not living to tell about it. Or the carjacking where the perp ends up dead in the street. Best yet...three Taco Bell employees open fire on an armed robber. Loved it. The most used weapon on earth for murder? The machete. You...call 911. Me...I'll live most likely. The police, most all the time, show up to count bodies and take notes. They actually "save" very few.
  15. I took my "girlfriend" for a scooter ride. We hit 105 kph. She said that was way, way too fast. Calling something a "bullet" doesn't make it fast. I'd prefer a high speed hydrofoil ride down the coast from BKK. Of course the price has to compete with the bus ride, which is practically free.