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  1. Which one...the liar, the cheat, the backstabber or the thief?
  2. Better news for all Thailand's neighbors that actually WANT expat spending.
  3. We need that rule in America along with "If you're born here you're NOT an American by birth". If you can't support them they're just welfare cases.
  4. Ye Yep, then watch them all go take a 3 minute "swim" to take a piss.
  5. Since when is getting on a packed ferry to Ko Larn "yachting"? Oh, being beat to death in a speed boat made of plywood going to Ko Larn must be " yachting". Then you can swim in the "crystal blue water" with 5000 other people of which half, or more, just walked out to take a piss. ROTFLMFAO!
  6. Retired expats are leaving in droves looking for better places, which do exist. In 2015 LOS was listed as #18. They're going downhill from there. Thailand is well on it's way to authoritarian rule as corruption is a way of life and the ability of a foreigner to trust anything in their "new home" erodes to zero. A new stab-in-the-back tax will fill the airport for a long time, no short time.
  7. They are both guilty of driving in Thailand.
  8. Yes, you are correct. We actually have to pick up those short people and throw tem over the rail.
  9. The dark sunglasses and lack of headlight may have been an issue.
  10. Religion is the root of all evil.
  11. This IS the way! This little turd will never get his gang bang mentality on a weapon. Darwinism works.
  12. Central Road dig on schedule

    It's quick and easy to tear things apart "on schedule". Putting them back together always seems to be the problem.
  13. Yeah, but they love to lie about everything to embellish OR save face which means that for every situation you'll get a differed story from everyone involved.
  14. Nation on edge

    Oh, so this is BS...https://www.worlddata.info/iq-by-country.php? It is a compilation of nine studies.