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    ultracet and sleeping

    Thanks Sheryl, I finally found a sleeping position good for me, which goes a long way to easing my concerns since a few days without sleep can be dismaying and disorienting to say the least. I'm also managing to keep my Ultracet consumption down to between 5 or 6 a day, I don't think my body likes the stuff at all, for a couple of days I took 8 which resulted in huge headaches and the onset of cold sweats. I cannot understand how people can deliberately abuse this medicine but for me personally I will welcome the day I don't need it. I also of course do know the difference between a bodies addiction and a mental addiction. I will keep the Pain Management scenario for future reference should things change drastically. I'm not made of money so I really can't afford a large hospital bill every week. Once again thanks Sheryl you've been a big help.
  2. PeCeDe

    ultracet and sleeping

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Ultram ER or equivalent, I'm in Bangna and Mega Bangna would be nice, failing that how about downtown somewhere close to Asok BTS? Second question, is it possible to get a decent nights sleep sitting upright?
  3. had a lower back injury a couple of weeks ago, after xrays it shows a newly formed wedge to one of the lower vertebrae, Doctor prescribed Ultracet amongst other drugs. this is an extremely painful condition and I cannot walk without the ultracet. As I've already read this is an unpredictable drug. during the day I appear to be able to function almost normally for about 7 hours on just 1 tab but at bedtime i take one and it lasts only a couple hours before waking me with pain. Is this normal and should I look at the e r version for nighttime relief? The Doctor says this could last upwards of 3 months. It also appears 2, 37.5 ultracet have no better or longer relief. Oh for good old Tylenol 3, oh well.