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  1. The name worm invokes thoughts of slow moving creatures, if this guy is the same I've seen, the blighters can move like greased lightning. Startled the heck out of me. Sent from my SM-G925F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Well said Jingthing and a couple of others here. If there's one constant thread in all this it's the incompetent bumbling or even outright dishonesty and greed of the current free worlds leadership. Russia, China and others must be collectively slapping themselves on their backs at their shear good fortune. Reminds me of a long gone time, allow me to quote from Google a little history. Rome's emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.” The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Neroplay music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis.
  3. I fully agree with your comments, I suffer from sarcasm thus sometimes say things that can be mis-understood. Unfortunately it's not due to Ethyl Alcohol due to my dangerous liking for the stuff but that's for a different forum. I sometimes think we set the bar too high for our politicians, we honestly cannot expect them to be so much more honest and trustworthy than most of us (voters) are. At this point in time the only person I can think of who has the morals and behaviours we are demanding of our politicians is God and I don't believe he wants the job. That having been said we as voters do deserve and demand to be told the truth and have someone who defends the Constitution however inconvenient that may be. Neither Trump or Hilary can rise to that level or even come close.
  4. What's with this Hilary nonsense, you'll find many, maybe even a majority of Dems wish she would go away and the reason so many of them turned against their own party in 2016. Trump for all his failings has some good ideas, lowering taxes, improving health care, support for the military being a few. Pity he's a proven bare faced liar in the first degree, and a Russian footstool. Hope I'm wrong but it would seem you have fallen into his and your Russian friends trap. I should be horrified at Americas gullibility and willingness to accept that which is patently untrue but no I just shake my head and continue exercising my right to free speech, while I still have it of course, and until Trump figures out a way to suppress it. I hold to Winston Churchill's words, "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after they've tried everything else," I hope he was right. Highest taxed nation on earth eh? Let's control what the DOJ does and says, let's eliminate the first amendment, it's so inconvenient... huh? Please pass me another martini, at least that keeps me sane.
  5. Thanks for your reply, it's good to get an intelligent reply to a topic that has attracted so much nonsense. I assume you would agree then with the statements that, Obama is a Muslim, or was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, or Obama started ISIS. or that it's Ok to jail or even kill reporters for reporting the news as they see it? How about it's Ok to jail or kill any serious contender for leadership, or perhaps it's alright to quietly whisper anti Semitic sentiments behind peoples backs. Maybe it's justified to go after news agencies that don't agree with you calling them "Fake News." Or There are areas in Birmingham England, Toronto, Canada amongst many that are No Go even to the police because of Muslims, Russia did not buy thousands of Ad's on Facebook etc. Russia did not try to incite hatred between US blacks and whites with "Heart of Texas" and other fictions. Yes, you are right, the United States still has terrible things wrong with it but I'd much rather have what we have now and still have the chance to change it for the good than be born into a Country that determines my every move through ruthless suppression. Don't know who said it but for me it's true and it should be for you. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Now, please tell me that can happen in Russia, no it can't. Courtesy of a free Country we need to be thankful for our right to express what we want, when we want, that is the difference between the US and Russia, I'd hate to see the privilege disappear. Make no mistake Russia is our enemy.
  6. Very true... Hopefully they will be given much misinformation and confusion hiding the real tactics should a war become "hot."
  7. The free worlds old nemesis is riding back to challenge our Democracies. It can change it's spots but is still our enemy. The once mighty USSR now Russia is up to it's old tricks but, as it seems to me, has much more palatable and fatal poisons in its political medicine bag. A good friend of mine hails from the US and is a firm conspiracist. He constantly commented back in July, August, September 2016 what a great Country Russia was and how well it looked after its citizens, even giving them free land, He told me Russians are treated far better than the US looks after it's own, he also stands firm with the idea that Russia just wants to be friends. I have to tip my hat to the great job the Russians have done building a strong and totally servile "fifth column" in The United States even gaining control of the worlds most powerful man, Trump. I'm not swearing when I say, "God help us all" when we begin to see our enemies as friends and our friends as people to be banished to nether land.
  8. Just a quick note. What I went through is absolutely not for everyone and AA is a great place to start the process. If you think you have PTSD symptoms there's very good tests on the net. Since my diagnosis I've used lot's of VA resources to great effect, here's a great place to start, https://www.ptsd.va.gov/apps/decisionaid/how-can-this-help.aspx I take an SRI religiously. I thank my version of God I found that UK Doctor, both he and my Sister saved my life. So there's always a first step and it has to be you that takes it.
  9. Thanks for the question. Here's a brief recap. I was in the military (Vietnam) but after the war I moved to Canada in disgust over what had happened, then tried to forget. Which consciously I did, but of course you never forget hence my drinking. 30 years later I was in such a mess I had to go to the only person who would help, my sister in the UK. There I accidentally saw a retired British Military Doctor who asked if I'd ever been in the military to which I replied No. He then gave me a questionnaire to fill out, which I scored 100%. Bluntly he told me he thought I was lying. He enrolled me in a UK military PTSD group, that's when the memories started to flood back and after all the years of denial I felt free of the need because the cause had been dealt with.
  10. As most know there are many reasons we can become "alcoholic" or at least behave like one. The AA movement has been a wonderful success around the world and saved many from destruction, it cannot be faulted. That having been said many members can be rather pedantic with "it's our way or no way." My point is there are many reasons we start drinking out of control, one common reason is to forget and if we don't come to terms with the reason, the drinking won't stop, AA or not. In my case I had one damn good reason to forget and was set to kill myself with the stuff until my symptoms were recognized and I came to terms with the problem. This was all done without the aid of AA. I for one had been an AA member for years but the underlying reason was never addressed thus my eventual falling back into my old drinking pattern.
  11. Jeab 1980 does bring up good points. I belonged to an AA group for many years and brought quite a few drunks into the "fold" and then sadly I lost my grip and was gone for six more excruciating years. I had to fly to the UK to get the treatment I needed, got sober again and returned to Canada and to my original AA group only to be greeted by the most obnoxious group of "Told you so's" you could imagine, people I had nursed into sobriety years prior. AA people can be so pedantic and dare I say uncaring and proud of their accomplishments that they forget where they came from and have absolutely no right to criticize.
  12. Is english your first language, because if it is I would guess you're not sober now. I do agree with with what you're saying, but the spelling is a distraction.
  13. Obviously the degree that your psychiatrist had was not worth the paper it was written on. I strongly hold the opposite view to you and our MD's should be amongst the first people we contact when trying to get sober but mainly for advice on who to get help from, because often many hours of one on one or group therapy are needed and an MD is too busy for that. An MD can also recommend programs such as medically supervised withdrawal, if allowed in your country.
  14. My Canadian GP was hot on my trail long before I was ready to admit it. During an annual he noticed my red blood cells were out of kilter, saying alcohol kills red blood cells leaving a predominance of young cells, then he asked how much I drank? To which I answered oh, 2 or 3.. No idea how many in a 750ml bottle of vodka, but you know the story. By the time I got to the UK I was desperate and "finally" outright told my UK Doctor exactly how much, by then one and a half bottles a day, he was ex military and knew right away it was PTSD. If only I'd been honest years previous I'd have saved all kinds of heartaches for myself and those around me... spilt milk, but at least I'm alive now and enjoying life in good ole Thailand.