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  1. Terrorism is a heinous crime, usually inflicted on the most vulnerable. My vote is, those who commit these crimes should definitely be eligible for the death penalty. The fact those excuses for humanity gone wrong carry out these cowardly crimes actually wanting to die to gain access to Paradise is superfluous, because we know they will just rot (as they should) never to see another day.
  2. I too went to the Poipet/Aranyaphratet border yesterday in order to get the second entry on an METV. On exiting Thailand was told (I think) by the IO I may only get a one month entry on the way back, the IO's English was as incomplete as my Thai, so I think that's what she said. Anyway, coming back into Thailand, the IO gave me a 2 month stamp as I expected with no problems, however, in the Van I took for the round trip a lady was working as a Volunteer for an NGO, and only received a 1 month leave to stay stamp instead of the 2 months she expected, I don't know what visa she had.
  3. Hmm, the machines look like they're worth more than the buses I use in my neck of the woods.
  4. Ha Ha! Brings to mind a potential question and answer with UK School Principal 10 years from now. Mr Principal, what will my annual salary be? 1. 12 Wheelbarrows for undergrad degree. 2. Pickup truck full for Masters in Ed, 3) 7 ton truck full for Phd. Sorry if that's a bit disrespectful :-)
  5. hehe, Dene 16, yes I do live on a high floor, but joining the Bangkok Flying Club isn't on my agenda, I'm planning on letting Nature and Statistics do the job, apparently that works very well.
  6. I would add, the following word to your sentence, "Yet" "I'm just relieved that Corbyn did't get in yet. If he had,where would the £ be now?" And to answer your question about value... If you can, don't even think of betting on a meaningful GBP uptick. A couple of years ago, you could have made approx. 25% by selling GBP together with buying and keeping Thai Baht, my guess would be there isn't currently a GBP bottom in sight. I don't like predicting bad things, maybe I've had too many years on this earth, (soon to be fixed) :-)
  7. Fortunately for me, and due to no particular expertise in Foreign exchange, my pension funds come in three different currencies, GBP, CAD, and USD, as it has turned out, one seems to go up while another goes down thus offsetting, however the GBP fall has been quite dramatic, (50THB to 43THB), and affected my income more than I would like. I fail to understand why Brits keep on figuratively shooting themselves, don't they understand that gunshot wounds hurt like hell! With Brexit looming, potential trouble in N. Ireland, perhaps another Scottish referendum, now is not the time to be humming and hah'ing over who should govern them, but to quote Winston Churchill (not exactly) "When you walk through the gates of hell, the only thing you can do, is keep walking," Brits have created the Hell they're walking into, and I can only hope they miraculously find some brave soul that can safely bring them out the other side... Selfishly speaking, if only because one third of my pension depends on it.
  8. The OP question was, " In what ways would Thailand be affected economically if World War 3 starts?" I was being honest, and forthright, tell me it ain't so? To quote a famous American, "We hold these truths to be self evident." NYSE gone, Chicago Mercantile gone, Worlds financial capital (London) gone, Moscow gone, etc.etc. Of course it's negative. You want some good news, well, when confronted and fully understanding this potential for Mutually assured destruction, we can perhaps take a look around us and appreciate what we have 'today,' I think for most of us it's as close to paradise as we'll ever get. For me, I have a great family, far flung, yes, but they're all great people... I live well, nice condo, all I can eat, sometimes dodgy health, travel around the world, my Thai neighbours are great, I'm not thinking of jumping from the balcony, and I do it all on very little money... Go figure, so there's your positive. I can proudly say, "This, I/we will defend"
  9. I like Elon Musks ideas about getting the heck off this planet, and finally moving on to where we belong, The Stars.
  10. To be blunt, should WWIII occur Thailands economy would be decimated beyond anyones wildest nightmares, and assuming, no direct close by nuclear strikes, nuclear winter and/or rampant spreading radiation, we would drive us back to agrarian style, hunting, and fishing methods of existence, not a pretty thought. Being extremely cynical there is one brutal theory that we are just sophisticated carriers and inventions of our real Boss "DNA", in which case WWIII will merely be DNA's way of culling the herd so to speak, and which ever deity you subscribe to won't be of much help. Isn't that a terrible thought? Should we extinguish ourselves completely DNA will simply and cold heartedly go back to its drawing board and in a few millenia reinvent itself, and try again with another batch. That's one theory I definitely do not believe. Think I'll go back to listening to Coldplay and watching CNN.
  11. I wonder how long it would take for me to row to New Zealand. No, on second thoughts for 350 Baht a day I could hire someone to do the rowing, and I'll navigate, drink copious Chang, probably drown, oh well, nice thought.
  12. There could be one benefit, and that is we'll all stop worrying about that noisy Soi dog down the street.
  13. Good question Midas, just like why did nearly 50,000 Americans lose their lives in Vietnam, millions die in Cambodia, the Gulags, the first and second world war to name a few... seems to me it's pretty much always the greed of the few forced on the many.
  14. Interesting question, and one most of us shy away from, if only because of the horrifying scenes that cross through all our minds... That is why it's often referred to as "the Apocalypse". I know from a practical point of view my income would come to a complete and immediate stop, and I don't believe any amount of current assets, even if held here in LOS would be of value for very long due to human nature, massive hyperinflation, gouging, shortages, public mayhem etc. etc. There's an interesting book written back in 1957, envisioning just such a collapse, it's called "On the Beach" and takes place in Australia immediately after just such a conflagration in the Northern Hemisphere. (WWIII), I remember being terrified reading the book when I was 10 or 11 years old, nothings changed. If you're interested here's the Wiki on it,