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  1. That's not necessarily correct, the primary reason for skipping immigration and security screening could be (devils advocate, sorry OP) he was trying to smuggle something dangerous on board an international flight. I used to frequently fly out of small airports to large airports like San Bernadino to SFO or LAX, and then on to my final destination, it was always the small airports where the weak link was, sometimes you would have one guy, doing the baggage off loading, loading and handling the X Ray machine, hence the need in S.E. Asia anyway for secondary inspections in Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei etc. I think that's probably the worst scenario and I know it's now tightened up. With that in mind the OP will need to understand nobody's going to admit to this mistake, he owns it, and must have every single one of his ducks in a row. Hope the OP just slides through this situation with no problem, which of course is the best scenario and quite likely.
  2. Happened to me once only in reverse, I was coming into Toronto Canada on an international flight and the airside staff opened the wrong door allowing me into domestic departures instead of international arrivals, fortunately for me I had checked baggage so had to go back through security and into the International arrivals to get my baggage, but it was a heck of a rigmarole and lots of explanations before I was allowed to go through Immigration and then clear my luggage. Good luck OP with that one, but it is something best faced now if you ever want to come back into Thailand without grief. Just take all the proof plus kitchen sink that you have saying you left Thailand on the date you say you did.
  3. You're not alone with that one, it can be annoying. In my circles anyway if you don't use "Line" you're a dinosaur.
  4. When he finds the solution, hope he lets us know, because in the news media particularly all I see is biased reporting from political party yes men/women. Perhaps BBC is the only English speaking news channel I see with unbiased (mostly) stories and the opinion segments are labelled as just that. In terms of entertainment it's a free for all scenario which inevitably is ending with mediocrity.
  5. Whiling away the days....

    The arkel is a given, but the whole grommet? You're bragging again... It's when your Gonad goes through the posts that would bother me. farnarkeling Fictitious sport invented by New Zealand/Aussie genius John Clarke, in his persona of NZ sheep farmer Fred Dagg. To quote his website "In essence, Farnarkeling is engaged in by two teams whose purpose is to arkle, and to prevent the other team from arkeling, using a flukem to propel a gonad through sets of posts situated at random around the periphery of a grommet. Arkeling is not permissible, however, from any position adjacent to the phlange (or leiderkrantz) or from within 15 yards of the wiffenwacker at the point where the shifting tube abuts the centre-line on either side of the 34 metre mark, measured from the valve at the back of the defending side's transom-housing."
  6. Whiling away the days....

    That's a trifle cynical.
  7. Like me you've obviously spent time in NYC. What I find helpful when switching sides is to keep my watch strap on the right wrist when I'm supposed to drive on the left, then remember to keep the watch towards the middle of the road.
  8. Lost $1,000.00 in the Montreal Casino a few years ago... Don't gamble anymore :) hehe. Two types of gamblers, those who lose, those who lie.
  9. Like driving in Manhattan, cars there have no brakes, just an accelerator and very large horn. What a heart rending story and picture, RIP to all. I remember going back to the UK after years in the States, coming out of driveways was at first confusing and dangerous, both to me, and those on the road.
  10. No point arguing, hates people who have gone. like his namesake, spreads pestilence and disease. Far worse than Chinese tourists in the OP saluting Hitler.
  11. I prefer the motto, "I can forgive, but I will never forget." Perhaps something you could try doing yourself. I was born in the UK, but none of your long memories content happened on my watch, and I'm not responsible. Sorry it happened, yes. However I'm definitely not responsible for my ancestors shortcomings. How far would you like to go back, should I blame todays Scandinavians (Vikings) for their terrible slaughter of Britons, or the French, Spanish, Germans? Those people who caused my Ancestor's harm have all gone and I hold no grudges, so forgive and move on. There's too much hate in this world and I have no time for it.
  12. Absolutely, but that doesn't answer the original question, there are still plenty of murderers "to be," where the death penalty is not on their mind when they decide to kill and therefore it's not a deterrent.
  13. Murder rates 3-4 years ago by country according to the UN. USA 4.88 per 100k has death penalty in many States Thailand 3.51 per 100k has death penalty Canada 1.68 per 100k does not have death penalty UK 0.92 per 100k does not have death penalty If you just use statistics, then it seems the death penalty had little to no deterrence. Perhaps the real question should be why the huge gap between US, Thailand at the higher end and then the Uk and Canada at the lower end in murder rates? BTW, there are many countries whose murder rate is far higher.
  14. Agreed, but it's a bit like bolting the gate after the horse is gone. That murderer will not commit the crime again, true, but what about the next guy, and the next. Why is Britains and many other countries murder rate so much less than the US? Some say it's the relative absence of guns, maybe it's also education, history and other factors. Britain no longer has the death penalty and the murder rate hasn't changed to a large extent. So what's different? Certainly not Britains care more about life or are in some way superior. I don't have the answer, wish I did.
  15. Correct, The very fact the murderer who committed the crime committed murder in a death penalty jurisdiction proves beyond doubt the death penalty did not deter that murder. Anyone suggesting otherwise is someone who can be told the bare truth, but cannot be made to accept it.