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  1. Note about mobileapp came from one Pattaya juristicperson so i do not know either more about this..
  2. PEA Mobile Application is one way to pay also, i was informed today. Never heard that one before.. Someone knows here?
  3. First day every month i do receive sms from sender "PEA1129" saying: Please deposit payment for electric bill amount xxx.xx into your account by 06/09/17 (last received). This message is for my autodebit which is handled by SCB. Not sure is this bank sending or PEA. I have had this autodebit plan about 6 years with my bank and i do not remember signing any smart system plans for this.. So this works o.k when i am in Thailand.. However when i am outside i do not always receive this sms, like the latest sms it seems i have missed telling about next payment.. Edit: I noticed that this message has not always come the first day but anyway between 1-4 from start of the month.
  4. As i see, only possible problem for direct debit is PEA mistake and you will be debited huge amount money and after that you have quite hassle to get your money back. That is why i have autodebit account which has low balance all the time..
  5. Yes, direct debit is good for place you live, i agree and i have that setup for my thaihome, where i keep my stuff..
  6. I am in in europe now and i just paid 2 sebtember electricbills with https://epay.pea.co.th/epay/ service. I usually use krungsri payment channel to pay but that did not work this time so first time i used SCB. Interesting, scb payment channel only asked login/password not the extra password sent to thai mobile. Service fee was 20 baht for 2 electricbills. When i am in Thailand, i will one time test if i can pay also when bill is late.. That i do not know and not going to test thousand of kilometres away from Pattaya.. :)
  7. Yes, you have to register. Not sure if tenant can but i think it is possible. It is also possible to manage many condos under one online account. As you can see it is thai only and i do not speak or read thai but with chrome inside translator i managed to register, add condos and do my stuff there..
  8. https://epay.pea.co.th/epay/ and you can pay anywhere in the world if you have thai mobile and online account.
  9. Border Run from Pattaya

    This is the way to go, if price matters like OP suggests, 1class and 5star is way to go if fat/old/have extra money
  10. Condo's with high speed internet

    Unixx has fibre, provider can give more details, how fast they can offer for this building http://www.planet-fiber.com/?lang=en More than enough for "normal people". If you some special case ask..
  11. I wonder if there is also trademark issue with "angry birds"
  12. Condo's with Fiber internet Pattaya or Jomtien?

    As far as know VT 1 do not have fibre option. If i am wrong, what provider?
  13. Google seems to tell it is lastname for some. Other than that it means nothing at all, not road anyway,,,
  14. Well, I will wait for first actual report. If this visa works like O-A with only difference that stamps are 5 not 1 year then this visa is better than first thought..
  15. It may be so that you get always 5-year stamp when crossing the border and to have "extra 5 years" you can make borderhop just before expirydate and apply re-entrypermit if needed outside trips for the last 5 years. Is this correct?