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  1. Go to hospital and let them help with your medical problems. They also can help you with extensions with medical reason if needed.
  2. Do not book that bus. Even if you make it, it will be tight..Life Planning like that will get you early grey hair, not good,,,
  3. Just go restaraunt near the embassy, take some beers, eat and enjoy..:) People going in and out, ask them what number is up. It is o.k to miss your number and go to line if number is higher...
  4. To get visa one does not need to be regular reader on thaivisa. Since he submitted application with paperwork what it states on the form and was not asked anything else, he will most likely get the visa..
  5. Recommend a good dentist for cleaning, please?

    I have noticed that people usually recommend someone which is painless cleaning and that means dentist did not do his job properly..
  6. 90 days. That is the permission status on the day you arrive
  7. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    I have a very small condo 22 sgm at popular new unixx building. Unfurnished, Never lived and rented. I may be interested to let it go with deal like this.. Send PM if interested..
  8. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    You should fill tm 30 form at immigration. Receipt of that form with your address will be stapled to your passport.
  9. Accommodation close to Pattaya immargration

    Ask Simple Simon http://simplesimonthailand.com/rooms
  10. Condominium unable to transfer tittle deeds

    Moved in and no keys ??? And never see other residents ? Google, facebook and other social media search gives nothing with project name ?
  11. No, but i do not think that is the problem because i tested and tried to login in with microsoft edge and i got the same message. I use chrome normally. As far as i know edge and chrome do not have same cookiedatabase. Maby the problem is that i am out of Thailand and this some security issue since i have made a lot of transfers lately..
  12. When i try to login in scbeasy.com with my user / password i receive errormessage below. Clicking logout button do not let me logout so i only i get is this erromessage if i try to login again. Any tips before contacting bank? [ - Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum session idle time or already logged out.If you wish to use SCB Easy Net again, please click 'Log out' before login to SCB Easy Net again.]
  13. Condo Rents Dropping?

    VT 1 maintance is good..You also get pdf-reports with clear pictures to your email almost monthly what has been done lately :)
  14. Good Scandinavian restaurants?

    New steaks , swedish place Pricey but daily lunchdeals are worth of paid bahts http://newssteaks.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Best-Corner-Pattaya-Hotel-Restaurant--478434445516207/ Best corner has finnish dishes on their menu also..
  15. Good Scandinavian restaurants?

    Linda is Norvegian, If i remember right she has one place at pratnamk also.. Ok food, a bit too much "fine dining" setup for my taste but sometimes a nice place to visit.. One another finnish place is https://goo.gl/maps/QTz6fd5PPVJ2 river hotel where you can also have your meatballs, salmon soups, rye bread, etc :)