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  1. When i try to login in scbeasy.com with my user / password i receive errormessage below. Clicking logout button do not let me logout so i only i get is this erromessage if i try to login again. Any tips before contacting bank? [ - Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum session idle time or already logged out.If you wish to use SCB Easy Net again, please click 'Log out' before login to SCB Easy Net again.]
  2. Condo Rents Dropping?

    VT 1 maintance is good..You also get pdf-reports with clear pictures to your email almost monthly what has been done lately :)
  3. Good Scandinavian restaurants?

    New steaks , swedish place Pricey but daily lunchdeals are worth of paid bahts http://newssteaks.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Best-Corner-Pattaya-Hotel-Restaurant--478434445516207/ Best corner has finnish dishes on their menu also..
  4. Good Scandinavian restaurants?

    Linda is Norvegian, If i remember right she has one place at pratnamk also.. Ok food, a bit too much "fine dining" setup for my taste but sometimes a nice place to visit.. One another finnish place is https://goo.gl/maps/QTz6fd5PPVJ2 river hotel where you can also have your meatballs, salmon soups, rye bread, etc :)
  5. Good Scandinavian restaurants?

    Basic finnish food https://www.facebook.com/majatalo/?rf=250920505023204 ( soi yume) https://www.facebook.com/ravintolahelmi/ (jomtien)
  6. When i am away Thailand several months, i usually go condo-office and pay deposit for waterbill, maby common fee etc.. They usually always ask how long i am going to be away,.. I never tell them, i am away long time.. Usually i say, I do not know, maby some days or some months.. I think it the best way, you never to who (maby wrong person) somebody from office tells that farang is away from his home,,
  7. At VT 1 A and 1 B lobbyarea there is a notice board where you can put your ad. Ask permission for this from poolhouse. I have a 32 sgm studio for sale there but not for that price. Good luck for your hunt, you are going to need that.. Btw VT 1 and 2 are not within Pratumnak area
  8. There were news that many fines are about to increase some time ago.. Of cource, if one can negotiate fine lower sounds fishy.... Maby there is some transition period, corruption or whatever.. Just life in Thailand,,:)
  9. I do not see any harm what you trying.. Do check hipflat website also,,Most of the listing are agents but not all.. https://www.hipflat.co.th/en/market/condo-pratumnak-kjgctt
  10. Note about mobileapp came from one Pattaya juristicperson so i do not know either more about this..
  11. PEA Mobile Application is one way to pay also, i was informed today. Never heard that one before.. Someone knows here?
  12. First day every month i do receive sms from sender "PEA1129" saying: Please deposit payment for electric bill amount xxx.xx into your account by 06/09/17 (last received). This message is for my autodebit which is handled by SCB. Not sure is this bank sending or PEA. I have had this autodebit plan about 6 years with my bank and i do not remember signing any smart system plans for this.. So this works o.k when i am in Thailand.. However when i am outside i do not always receive this sms, like the latest sms it seems i have missed telling about next payment.. Edit: I noticed that this message has not always come the first day but anyway between 1-4 from start of the month.
  13. As i see, only possible problem for direct debit is PEA mistake and you will be debited huge amount money and after that you have quite hassle to get your money back. That is why i have autodebit account which has low balance all the time..
  14. Yes, direct debit is good for place you live, i agree and i have that setup for my thaihome, where i keep my stuff..
  15. I am in in europe now and i just paid 2 sebtember electricbills with https://epay.pea.co.th/epay/ service. I usually use krungsri payment channel to pay but that did not work this time so first time i used SCB. Interesting, scb payment channel only asked login/password not the extra password sent to thai mobile. Service fee was 20 baht for 2 electricbills. When i am in Thailand, i will one time test if i can pay also when bill is late.. That i do not know and not going to test thousand of kilometres away from Pattaya.. :)