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  1. I saw that too and there was an email address where to send tm30 form??
  2. Law says tm30 can be submitted by HOUSE-MASTER, OWNER OR THE POSSESSOR OF THE RESIDENCE. So if your friend has long term contract it is better to listen to landlord. Landlords have better things to do than go immigration everytime when their tenants decide to take holiday away and come back.
  3. Mpay app for mobile maby is one option too..Not sure if it works outside of country. They have both PEA and PWA listed.
  4. With PEA i have used to pay when outside of country.
  5. Many Finnish with thai wifes do annual visits to homeland. No financial proof needed for the 1-Year Multiple Entry Non-O based on marriage there either.
  6. No problem but during that time best to avoid night discos or places your status maby checked by ordinary police..
  7. I have had 20K cash sewed hidden into my backpack for about 3 years now.. Purpose: This immigration rule and also emergency money if something else unexpected happens
  8. Where do you take your bike when it is time for bike cleaning ? I used to go before to some place on thepparasit next to gastation but maby try this time something else.. Preferably a place i can do something nice within walking distance(good massage, eating place..) while waiting..
  9. PP have been like that long time with people having many stamps on their passport.. PP is the only place i have asked to have this "interview" in order to get visa. I did not bother, i jus flew back BKK without visa then. This was about 3 years ago.. Similar cases i have heard also from others..
  10. With motorbike beeing late was not problem today at Big C. For people who have not done this before: These transportation office people can be found 2 floor in front of actual big c shop.
  11. Thanks for the tips, PM and here.. Visited AA-insurance today. Had to wait a bit..When it was my turn lady sold me this obligatory insurance. Did not want take my greenbook so i have to take care that myself. As i understood correctly it is not always sure somebody comes to BIG C for this service...Some minor hiccup with service was that servicelady insisted that my bike is over 5 year old and needs this testcerticate..With help of another employee she finally got it right.. So saturday i will try this big C and if it does not work i will go to nearest "test center" and maby they will handle this taxstamp for me. I noticed that sign above very near from big c on pattaya tai/soi4. I will check out that first.. As for Global insurance, i visited that place first. They did not sell this obligatory goverment insurance but it is possible i got it wrong..We did not speak "same language" there at all. I tried to explain why i am there and they insisted i have to write my name down to some piece of paper to "check something".. Very odd, well both of us did not speak english as first language.. Maby it was just that..TiT
  12. O.k, good to know.. Last time when renewing i did this at AAinsurance near this bigC I quess i will try that again first. I would rather not drive so far as transportation office with nonlegal scooter..
  13. O.k thanks,, I checked the actual date when i received my bike and it was dec 2012 so i quess i will get stamps until dec 2017.. Let see how it goes next saturday.. What time there is this service? O.k to go without thaispeaking help?
  14. Thanks for the info.. How they calculate this 5 years? My bike will be 5 years old this year sebtember but it is not yet.. So for me visiting big c is enough?