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  1. Exact location or do you mean the place just before going up to the mountain?
  2. Two dead, six wounded in knife attack in Finland

  3. Two dead, six wounded in knife attack in Finland

    Quite good response time from police.. Police received alarm 16:02, Man was shot and down 16:05
  4. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    Left side There is a small office doing this stuff , i suggest asking there, not front desk
  5. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    I live in my own condo, applied extension today to Vientiane SETV. No problem altough i did not report coming back from vientiane. Copy of old tm30-receipt was o.k
  6. OCD & Anxiety Medication

    Generic name Escitalopram Following brand names in Thailand Lexapro , Esopam and Esidep Since price matters i think it is best to avoid the word lexapro when asking
  7. Tuesday i quess is a busy day, i wonder..
  8. Use your extensionmoney for planetickets to some neighbourcountry and have a nice day or two there and come back. No need for "special research" to do that..
  9. Reputable pharmacy that will not rip me off

    In Bangkok there are pharmacies direct under Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO). http://www.intergpomed.com/ Some kind of logic would suggest that these are safe and reasonable priced.. https://goo.gl/maps/9t7pA1Ufvfu and https://goo.gl/maps/RsX9aBLBxom ( near bkk immgration)
  10. He is a egyptian born businessman (realestate etc) with finnish passport. Hope he will be o.k..
  11. Valosine in Pattaya

    Yes, Fascino Nua is same as Fascino North pattaya and that is the first place to check. In Pattaya if one goes to smaller sidefascino and they do not have it, they will get it from nua branch.. Fascinoprices for effexor are far more more expensive than i quoted above what sc drug told.. If Thaivisa or someone would do price comparison section on medicin it would be very useful and popular..
  12. Valosine in Pattaya

    It seems no Valosine in Pattaya. So who knows place where to buy this from Bangkok? If someone knows the price also, it would be good info.. I asked popular Bangkok mailorder place SC Drug. Only Efexor available and their price for that is Efferxor XR 75 mg. 1 box 28 cap 1,700.- baht, 150 mg. 1 box 2,900 baht which is quite good price for efexor. Effexor is the orginal brand. I tried Sherylś contact. No reply to email and for phonecall, i had no idea what somebody was trying to talk with me
  13. They are targeting people who are short on money and force to work, peg, do minor crimes etc.. Flying business class means that most likely traveller do not belong to this targetgroup so IMO this experience prooves nothing at all if Average Joe should be worried or no..
  14. California Dreamer was suspected for working while in Thailand, He admitted that, No need to speculate more. Easy case this one..
  15. Can someone summarize if we have here something for other members?