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  1. When one applies he/she will get paper with number for the next day pickup. That paper also states that pickup time is 13:30-16:00
  2. Pickup time is 13:30-16:00 and do note that if you choose a busy day (monday or thursday) to apply and you apply later in the morning you will get a "bad number" and you have to wait extra next day. Read my current report
  3. Flied wednesday 21.6 late evening from Bangkok to Vientiane using lao airlines. Almost Direct to bed at Douangpraseuth Hotel which is about nearest hotel to thaiconsulate. Next day go to apply about 9:30 Am. There was a line but it was well organized and did not took too much time.I had wrong/old form and i had to refill form again. I got number 465. Next day that number popped in the screen about 15:45 so i was glad i had 18:05 flightreservation not earlier flight. One guy told he is most likely going to miss his flight. I do not know what flight he had. There is a lao restaraunt other side of road where it was nice to drink laobeer and eat and while waiting. Food was really good.
  4. Yes you have to do TM30 report for yourself. I have done it in Jomtien and all what was needed, filled form and "cleaning receipt with my address on it" but that was year and half ago.. I was armed with bluebook from cityhall and chanote also but was not asked those so i did not show. However i suggest you take these papers also. You never know what they ask or not as for proof
  5. I think this quite possible what is going to happen. So everyone with current retirement system should keep their retirement extensions alive and if possible not to use Home country O-A visas because there might be case of old rules grandfathered and that only applies to extensions not visas.
  6. What you are talking is totally different thing. I only said that to have this option attractive one have to change the current retirement system. It is quite possible they do not want this option to be popular.. If so, what is the logic then..? Well this is thailand and no logic is needed or there is a hidden reason we do not know.. Time will tell..
  7. Only way to have this option attractive is to change current retirement system.
  8. If old retirement system stays as it is now, this one makes no sense at all.
  9. I suppose every country has different way but for my country if you have done some minor criminal 20 ++ years ago you will have clean record if asked..
  10. When you need to know current rules, google is not your best friend. Most likely you get hits to webpages with outdated info. There is visasection here on TV with people who knows how things are NOW. Ask there.
  11. It depends on your nationality what kind of exemptstamp ( coming without visa) you get. For example South koreans get 90 days. Most westerners get 30 days. At some point there was different rule if you belonged to so called G7 countries etc..For spesific visa question to your case i suggest visasection of this forum.
  12. Rules have changed. It used to be 15 days for my nationality when using landborder. Now it is 30 days
  13. If i had used, it would have been 30 days + 30 days extension. There is also annual 2 times landborderhop limit at the moment. However i decided this time to book 2 night SETV-trip to vientiane using lao airlines + agoda.. Less than 2 years until i hit magic 50. Then this visagame is over for me..
  14. Yes, Thank you for reminding. i remember once long time ago there was an american with one visatrip. After visatrip was finished he wanted to collect some tipmoney for driver from everybody. I told him, are you crazy, I am just glad i am alive, no tips from me.. This was indeed a bad idea. I just made another arrangements..
  15. Thank you for your replies. Next week i need to do a visarun. I am thinking between this and a trip to hanoi. If i use this method, i will update how it was..