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  1. yep , he aint going to LOS, to face a trial . human rights , forget about his human wrongs.
  2. "the near imminent collapse" ? SKY NEWS , today the credit rating gency Fitch said, it was giving france a negative outlook , after the rhetoric of french prime minister francois fillon, over the euro zone crisis . i think we can expect the artificial high of the euro to gradually fall. you have been warned . :jap:
  3. The fat lady hasn't finished singing. The French socialists will renegotiate the treaty if they win. Merkel is getting stick for allowing herself to be involved in French domestic politics. imo, merkel will be voted out ,of the french bed,in the next election. the industreous german people must be fed up of supporting the weaker european countries. bttopic, i really dont think it will effect the thai economy , the japanese / chinese industrial investors , are the main players in thailand. :jap:
  4. the euro is like a turd in a sewer cant go back cant get out of the mess more <deleted> ahead . :jap:
  5. what about the BIB , less farangs to fine . i really like the salute they give me after handing over 200 bht . kop koun kap . :jap:
  6. elliss

    Help Me Wire My House

    really good info, what about any tests that can be done before switch on . continuity / insulation . RIP. :jap:
  7. Too me this sounds like another way to kill tourism. noooooooooooooo the 30 day/ mounthly millionaire is allways more than welcome , in the kingdom. the thai immigrtation , do not want farang living in thailan on the cheap .
  8. If he gets put in a Thai prison, he may wish he had received the death sentence instead. where is your compassion, this man is a british citisen . bring him back home , to enjoy the luxuries @ one of the queen liz hotels . :jap: hang em high
  9. bald is beautiful dude.. So true .I started to go bald in my 20's.never been so stupidly obsessed with my personal appearance. I am a person . I have a personality , So do you ,People will like you for what you are,not for some artificial crap.Like a hair transplant dont think so , look what the new topper has done for wayne rooney. simply the best , topper n all .. op, hope you have some informed replies . :jap:
  10. Thanks for the comments... really appreciate it. the weight / power ratio of the phantom . it is a heavy bike for town riding , and not easy to bob n weave , in traffic. however on the flat open roads , it is a reliable plodder @ 80 km/hr. they certainly hold their value , and is a site to behold , with pride . i look forward to the new phantom. :jap:
  11. If he gets put in a Thai prison, he may wish he had received the death sentence instead. yep, your only executed once . :jap:
  12. It has been unlimited for a couple of years. They might ask a few questions after a while though. if it means using a page of your passport up , laos visa etc ,every time you leave los . this is going to fill your passport up rapido. fly like a bird . :jap:
  13. I can not understand farangs who live her make no real effort to learn Thai. If they did so they would never have any problems in this country many farang are off the opinion , their prescence in los , is the best thing that has ever happened to thailand , and thai people, should be learning to speak english , in order to join the civilised world .KRAP. bttopic , only 2000 bht in his arse pocket , poor farang . thailand not want you , ANYMORE. :jap:
  14. If that is how they will handle it you should be fine - did you obtain? no way oshea, i tried to have a 14 day extension on a 30 day tourist , immigration would only give me a 7 day one off . for the extra 14 days , i had to do the visa run to friendship bridge , non kai .. i went on the day my 30 day expired . keep thind simple as poss .. TiT,,,,,,,,,,,,, this is thailand.