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  1. A pregnant Thai lady was today shot dead in Big C , Udon Thani, today, by her estranged husband , a soldier, who then shot himself. RIP. Contact local forums UT/ UM , for more info.
  2. Quite right , it was a cracker , of a left hook , in self defence . 555
  3. Foreigners, those nasty, unwashed visitors on thirty day visa exempt . I actually live here , this is now my homeland ??. 555
  4. Yep, two years should sort out the men from the boys, with pocket money. Have a nice day in LOS , weather is improving, at last.
  5. elliss

    Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    Uniforms of respectability/ conformity , are often used as a disguise, to hide a person of dubious character . I should know. PS , who is hiding under their beards .555
  6. elliss

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    What , Civil servants, never get it right ,no common sense, and UK workers pay their salaries , and index linked , etc . Give me a gun ..
  7. When i first visited LOS , some fifteen years ago , sex was on the back of my mind. Time changes everything . Thanks for the sexy photos , went well with my scrambled eggs .555
  8. elliss

    Very scared Surgery or no surgery

    Return to your home country , for a valid medical examination , with no financial motives involved . Hope and pray , that you are from the UK, good luck .
  9. elliss

    May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Zero hour contracts soon to be the norm, shameful. Civil servants, the brown tie brigade, of course will continue to be protected . I fondly remember the days of company pensions for the working man , thanks BP.
  10. Your wife is from issan ?. You are indeed blessed , a fighter for the poor uneducated thai females . Not same same Thai lady . God bless you Sir .
  11. Sex with a thai lady over fourty, really. Pervert . 555