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  1. Glasgow Celtic

    Shambolic defending in the second half, all over the shop, Bitton got found out and should not be played there again. A big worry for me was so many players crumbled/hid when they came at us. What a risk to use up all 3 subs with 25min left on the clock, imagine if Gordon got injured or sent off? Showed poor decision making also when in on goal, when a square pass would have been a better option that wild shooting. A bit of a wake up call for all. Anyway, got there eventually, for the first time saw the qualities of Oliver going forward. Lets hope Liverpool get humped tomorrow night and we then go into 3rd pot.
  2. Glasgow Celtic

    Yes, hope he gets a decent run.
  3. Glasgow Celtic

    Hope Killie get relegated - what a disaster that pitch is and a pathetic home crowd, looked like they had 500 fans there yesterday. Great news PR is coming back, should prevent the need to sign another striker, as he has played upfront, as has James, Would have been good if we had signed him permanently but the loan deal is fine for now. His arrival will give great options for manager on that right flank, Forrest needs to kick on after a promising start and get into double goal figures for the first time ever, he is no longer the new kid on the block. Not sure what's the score with Armstrong's new deal, looks like we will be in the same position at the end os the season-a year left on his contract and the circus will start over again. He looked ordinary against Killi.
  4. Glasgow Celtic

    Manager made lots of changes, bringing some young lads. Always nervy at 1-0, eventually got the comfortable second, both goals made by Aussie Tom. Miller was the best of the young lads, Benyu showed some nice touches, got potential. I do like the look of Ajer at the back. Ralston looked nervous but seemed to settle when moved to left back late on. Great finish by McGregor, who is still struggling for form, also good finish by Forrest, who is on a good run of form. Aussie Tom just oozes class, Brown was his usual enforcer self, saw a lot of the ball, everything seems to go through him. Between Tom and Miller for Man of the match.
  5. Glasgow Celtic

    And I guess it puts BR in a good position now to go to the board with a wish list, they should test Man City's resolve with a bid for PR.
  6. Glasgow Celtic

    Great result, some luck with some of the goals. Griffiths and Brown outstanding. Oliver looks the part. Great man management by BR bringing on SA, kind of saying to him "do you want to walk away from nights like this". Deliveries from set pieces poor.
  7. Glasgow Celtic

    Yes, we are not in a good place right now-but not that bad either. The whole Armstrong circus should have been sorted one way or another before pre season started. His head is not right, see how many misplaced pass he plays now. Unlucky to loose 2 center half's with injury, and Toure retired, but now looks like he is going to run with Bitton-and I worry. Sometimes wonder what's the point in having young prospects like Ajer on the books and then not throwing him in when needed. I do think Oliver will be a good acquisition, but remember he is young and will take time to get to grips with the Scottish game but there is no excuse for Hayes. I reckon Aussie Tom will start against Astana, Bitton at the back, SB & Oliver, with Forrest, SS & LG in attack. McGregor is better coming off the bench with his direct running, especially when the game opens up.
  8. Glasgow Celtic

    Poor performance but 3 points in the bag, Lucky to get away with Penalty call in added time, just as well the guy made a meal of it. Again no number 9 and team suffered. What's the story with Cifti, surely he could a job against that sort of opposition?? Starting to loose patients big time with Hayes, maybe that kid from Ipswich would be worth a run. KT was back to his best but Sinclair seems a bit gun shy, he will come good. Fingers crossed Griffiths stays fit for Wednesday night.
  9. Glasgow Celtic

    What channel showing game tonight?
  10. Glasgow Celtic

    See Celtic youth/reserve team hammered Killy last night-did not know it was on, is that the League cup?? What channel was it on? Back 4 with an average age of 19.5 is impressive, I have high hopes for Ralston in a position that we could do with some dynamics, hopefully both him and Miller get plenty of opportunities to be the next Tierney. Also great to see Ajer get a start. Hayes starting will do his confidence as he struggles to regain the form of past seasons. Shame about Koussai getting hurt again, feel for the boy.
  11. Glasgow Celtic

    Griffiths was class, Forrest worked hard. Oliver got some valuable game time, looked comfortable but too negative for me-always went sideways or back, he looks too similar to Brown. We really need a midfielder who can spot or not be afraid to try that killer pass, like Bittons pass for the first goal. Brown strolled through the game, picking up customary yellow card. Bitton may be a good find in the center half position against this type opposition, not much defending so can step up. He actually did well against that animal, Lurch Lafferty-who will ever forget his "head-butt" on Mulgrew. Gordon should have done better for their goal. I do wish the whole Armstrong issue would get sorted one way or the other. Its so important that both Griffiths and Joso stay fit for the 2 European ties. Again, not impressed with Hayes, guess he is just finding his feet but to come on when we were so in control, its an ideal situation for him-no pressure. I do think he will come good.
  12. 6 months here 6 months Spain.

    Yes Seville is the most beautiful place we have visited in Spain.
  13. Glasgow Celtic

    My head sank when I saw Bitton on as a center back, was sure he would be his clumsy self and give away free kicks-but in fact he was solid enough. I was sure BR would draft in Lustig and bring on Gamboa but he came up trumps again. Not a lot for Celtic to fear in the draw.
  14. Glasgow Celtic

    Made hard work of it but got through eventually, thanks to a wonder strike by the hard working Forrest. LG made a big difference when he came in, Jozo was outstanding at the back, Brown ran the show, KT had a good game. Armstrong is not with it at the moment and Hayes seems frightened. Interesting to see the draw on Friday, will be a step up, Rosenberg were poor, cant remember CG making a save, although they did create chances in Glasgow.
  15. Exactly what do you need when applying for a retirement visa renewal?