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  1. Yes, its a 2 year tourist visa she has and yes, we would need to enter Ireland through UK. Guess only sure fire way to know for sure would be take a visit to Irish embassy in BKK and ask them.
  2. Yes, I have clicked further and it keeps coming back to the piece I posted and Thailand is one of the countries listed. I have contacted embassy but still waiting on reply.
  3. Thai wife has 2 year UK Visa, reckon its a tourist visa, not sure, just says visa. Anyway, can she travel to Ireland using this visa, as I just found this on Irish Embassy website? Short stay visa waiver programme You may not need a visa to visit Ireland for less than 90 days if: You hold a UK short stay visa (as described below) You are a national of a country listed below Your visit to Ireland ends before your UK 'leave to remain' ends Check if you need a visa for Ireland.
  4. Is there a motorbike hire shop at/near Samui Airport. I want to hire a bike at Airport, keep it for a week, then return it to Airport. This will save a couple of Taxi fares also.
  5. WOW, you must live in a dodgy neighborhood.
  6. Yes, that's the one. I love that 'bought for wife"
  7. Anyone know if KARCHER window cleaning machines are available to buy in Thailand?
  8. By my reckoning, that's 6 so far off the payroll, Izzy, Toure, Commons, Ambrose, O'Connell and Roberts. Hard to figure as to how much thes guys were on but a ballpark estimate, I would say 15K a week averages, so that's approx. 90K a week freed up. There are a few more I would like to see go.
  9. Chez Bernards closed about a year ago, loved that place, since his Soi 3 days.
  10. Chez Bernard done a great mussel dish, Soi 1. I wonder what ever happened to him? Nathans in Jomtiem do a nice mussel starter dish.
  11. What a show of pure passion by poor Tierney when he got to lift the cup, makes it so special when one of your star players comes from the terraces.
  12. I think Celtic would pay 8M for Roberts, if City would sell.
  13. I guess its that time of year where transfer rumors aplenty. Jozo to the Geordies for 8M. If Van Dyke is worth 50M, Joso cant be far off that valuation, although unproven in PL. But certainly more than 8M. A similar fee reported for Armstrong, I would have thought starting price nearer 20M. As for Roberts, would be a good piece of business at 6M, if Pep decides he does not want to give him a chance. There's also talk of Hayes from Aberdeen, would be a good addition, perfect cover for SS & KT-Surely better than GMS, would be a good piece of business if he were shipped out to Aberdeen in part exchange. Always speculation about Dembele, would be good if he stayed put till CL qualification, then sold for 40M. As for a replacement, kid from Chelsea would not be too big a gamble and also the Brazilian on a free from Liverpool, although his wage demands might be too high. All speculation, certainly would not like to loose Jozo or SA. Next up PT on Thursday night, hope to see a few players rested, Armstrong looks like he could do with a rest. What's become of Kouassi, would have expected him to see some game time?
  14. Difficult game for BR, not wanting to show his hand, blistering first 15min. Celtic seem to concede far to easy after scoring. Aberdeen totally controlled second half, winning everything in the center circle, would not happened if Brown was there. BR needs to get grip of Griffiths and get him to mature, he's starting to be an embarrassment.
  15. Will be some changes for saints game, brown on rest time, so would hope to see Kouassi get his chance. I am sure BR will make a few more changes, rest some players, maybe Sinclair?? As end of season approaches, looks like SS will get player of the year-Brown would be mine. I would expect around a dozen players to be moved on. My hit list: De Viers, Gamboa, Izzy, Toure, Janko Bitton, Efie, O;Connell, Allen, Ciftci, Commons, GMS-Have I missed anyone? Of the fringe players, I would persist with Christie & Ajer. And be replaced by 3 or 4 better quality. First priority would be right side, with Roberts on his way back to Man City, Forrest too inconsistent, we need a right sided Scott Sinclair, also a dynamic right back and BR has mentioned a midfielder. As for Rangers, I reckon Aberdeen will provide stiffer competition over the next few years, They are way ahead of Rangers-although they seem to have a mental block when it comes to beating them. How obvious is it that D. McInnes is the man to rebuild Rangers, but not our problem.