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  1. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Big Kahuna closing time is 7pm? If so, that's retarded
  2. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    For me, P & R was one of the best Pizza I had in Pattaya, was sad to see it go, so hopefully, this place will be something similar.
  3. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    WOW, cant believe how negative some folk are, talk about not giving a place a chance.
  4. Changing sand

    Dont know/understand much about pools, got chemical pool. So for the past few weeks, pool water has been a bit cloudy, just not crystal clear. So the boss from the guy that always cleans pool rocks up, tries a few different things and then yesterday tells me that the sand needs changing, will need 5 sacks and will cost 2,000 B. So does this seem reasonable solution and is 2K reasonable price? Also, what does the sand do, I take it that it is stored inside that big dome in the pump house.
  5. Liverpool F.c.

    RIP Tommy
  6. Glasgow Celtic

    Transfer window is upon us now, with lots of hot air, newspapers with lots of speculation etc. Banked over 6 M from VVD to Liverpool and snapped up Morgan from St Mirren. A talented player by all accounts, 2 footed and plays on the wing, so should be a good long term prospect.. Injury to Ralston must have been more serious than first reports, as he has been out for a long period. Shame, as he would have seen a lot of game time, especially as Lustig has looked jaded. Not sure what the latested update is but if it is long term, a full back would then become priority, preferably one that can play both flanks. God forbid if anything were to happen to KT, as we dont have cover and he will also need to be rested at some point, I am sure BR will never risk burn out for one of our best player. Hayes unlucky with injury, as it is believed that Cardiff were lining him up with a 1M bid, would have suited all concerned. Armstrong to Southampton for 10 M is another story but would be a good piece of business, as he does not seem committed and his form overall has not been great. Joso to EPL would be a loss but seems that BR does not fancy him, I think he would be a better option that Boyata but he does seem injury prone. Usual stories about Dembele, will see, must say that he has not kicked a ball for us this season. Good to see Roberts back in training, not sure about Aussie Tom, both were sorely missed in the last few games, would have been great to be able to spring both from the bench. Interesting to hear BR praise forgotten man Eboue, saying he can be SB long term successor. I like what little I have seen of him so far but BR also said he may be shipped out on loan. Surely he should be able to deputize for Brown in the second half of the season, with rest time/suspensions and maybe injuries??? I also see that kid we signed from Ipswich has been farmed out to Oldham. Not many takers for Ciftci, what a dud, might be better to just pay him out as I can never see him in a Celtic top again.
  7. Diabetic / What type of sweeteners to use?

    For sweetener with tea, I use EQUAL Classic, is this OK for someone with Type 2???
  8. Glasgow Celtic

    Dominated first half, presented Rangers with a few chances, mainly by gifting possession, Gordon bailed out Lustig with a good save. Up front, some wayward shooting and some less than convincing finishing by Sinclair saw us go in level at half time. Dembele seemed too laid back to me. Brown totally dominated first half. Second half another gift from Sinclair saw Gordon bail him out, who then produced a magical save from Colombian to keep us in it as Rangers dominated the half, Ollie came on and immediately bring some composure. I don remember their keeper making a save in the second half. Ajer again impressed, Boyata played well too, Forrest had a chance in first half but was so poor otherwise. Happy to get away with a draw in the end.
  9. Glasgow Celtic

    Totally dominated the game and should have been 4 or 5 nil, never got that third goal to totally kill the game. Yes, we did seem to want to walk the ball into net, especially when faced with too many bodies in front. That booking summed up Boyata. Right now, I would prefer to run with Joso and Ajer. Thats 3 clean sheets since Ajer came in. Armstrong was all over the shop when he came on, looked pissed. Again, Forrest was at his best, Nicham is starting to come onto a game, gaining in confidence and is starting to control the game, he excites me and is the perfect partner to Brown. Griff took his goal so well, quality first touch and deadly finish. For me, he should start on 30th. Cant see any reason why we cant play 3 at the back and MD and Griff up front against the likes of Dundee. Lustig is a good defender, international class but offers little going forward, and to get the best out of Forrest, I feel we need an overlapping dynamic full back, just like Tierney on the left.
  10. Glasgow Celtic

    Yes, finally seems to have convinced manager, he is still a bit raw, lacks that upper body strength, but at only 19, should develop into a fine player. Has great ability on the ball, hopefully see a lot more of him. Apart from his goal, Hayes was poor, had over half an hour mid week and over an hour yesterday, he runs around aimlessly when without the ball, just does not seem to fit into Celtics style. I am sure he was about to be hooked just as he scored yesterday and that would have been it, now he will get a few more chances. Next up is Dundee on boxing day, then its Rangers in final game before well earned rest.
  11. Glasgow Celtic

    A very important 3 points. Not really at it in the first half, 3 times I counted Boyata gifting opposition the ball. Lustig, with a slice of fortune, had us 1 up at the break. Different side in second half. Just as Hayes was about to get hooked, he pops up with his first goal, after great work by Ajer. Ollie put the game to bed with a third, all 3 goals had a touch of fortune but we deserved to win after a much better performance. With our 3 midfielders dominating, we started to open up Aberdeen, was pathetic to see McLean try to compete with Brown, talk about man against boy.
  12. Liverpool F.c.

    How long more is manager going to persist with Mignolet? Turkey he is, he cost Rodgers the title a few years ago. Is it just me, but all Liverpool need is a top keeper and a commanding center half.
  13. Manchester United

    He got a yellow card, he is a total tool, what a drama queen,
  14. UK pensions

    So the goalposts must have changed recently, as, from memory, last correspondence with Newcastle informed me that I had reached quota for full state pension and am sure it was 65, and that correspondence was about 3 years ago.
  15. Glasgow Celtic

    So another 3 points, such an important result after weekend performance. Not a vintage performance but got there in the end. Partick were very poor and should have been put to the sword. Both goals were well taken and came from left side. KT was outstanding again. Ajer played well and should keep his place. Armstrong took his goal well and the goal gave him confidence to drive forward. On the transfer front, just been confirmed that Marvin C has signed, apparently a player who can play out from the back, so that's good news. One thing to remember, is he has not had any me time this season. We are crying out for full back cover for KT and Lustig needs a rest, good defender but offers little going forward. What's the score with Ralston?