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  1. Great news that we will have our captain in the team tomorrow.
  2. Totally outplayed and dominated them but lacked a final product far too often. That tackle by Halliday in the first few minutes was worse than Browns last week. Dembeles injury should present LG with enough opportunities to stake a final place, MD seems to be gone off the boil lately. Delighted CMcG getting an old firm goal, will do him the world of good. On this form, should give them a good pasting next week.
  3. He is at Kilmarnock-and getting good reviews. They are playing him center half.
  4. Brown free to face Rangers on Sunday, the Ross County player, whatever his name is, only gets 2 game ban. Got to be the most blatant dive I have seen in a long time. Why did the linesman not call over the Ref and tell him what he saw. Brown would be my first name on team sheet when playing Rangers-and Craig Gordon second. Without Brown, Rangers would take liberties-get on the ball, take time to pick out a pass. With enforcer Brown on the park, there is no way they will dwell on the ball. I bet Lennon was first name on O'Neill's team sheet when going into battle against Rangers. What a lift they would get if they knew Brown was out. Horses for courses. He should have screwed the nut after penalty, so stupid to loose it when the game was done and dusted. Saying that, if that tackle had happened in the first half, he would have got a yellow. I reckon that injustice in Dingwall will spur us on to victory on Sunday.
  5. Great news indeed. Just need a few players to follow now. Lots of transfer speculation-Erik to England-Leicester? Izzy to Costa Rican side, Dembele to Liverpool now-guess he will always be linked to a top six side. Erik has been poor for the past few months, was poor against Rangers and PT a few days ago. He is an honest type defender but not the ball playing type center half-the type who can carry the ball out of defense, just seems that more is now expected of a center half at Celtic, playing the BR way. Not sure how much we should expect if he goes-5m??? There are many schools of thought on MD-some think cash in now, more want another season. I would like to see him stay another season, which would allow time to bring in and blood a replacement, as opposed to a stop gap/panic type replacement. I do hope LG can get fit and hope he has a big future at Celtic, on his day, guy is awesome. Izzy looks like his time is up-a good piece of business would be a quality versatile defender who could cover at left back if needed.
  6. 2 points dropped but no big deal, bit of a hangover result. 5 changes meant BR found out more about squad. Kouassi looks the part and hope he gets a decent run and remember, he is only 19. The performance was more important than the result. I actually thought we played well up to the goal and when they equalized, then the game opened up which normally suites us but it never happened. PT were well organized worked hard, we just could not brake them down. Eric the Dane continues to look unsure but Joso was outstanding. Great to see Aussie Tom back, good to rest Brown, maybe Kouassi can be long term replacement.
  7. PR will be back at Man City at the end of the season to try make a go of it. Not sure he will make it there, teams like MC demand instant results, hard to see him dislodge RS or KDeB, although he would be a great impact player to bring on. He has potential but needs to step up now, a season in MC reserves will set him back the way. Being selfish, I hope he does not make it at City and would welcome him back at Celtic. Always felt with DB, that there s a decent player in there. And as I always say, players need a run in the side-and that's what he has got over the past few months and he has done well. I am starting to like him and think at 1m, it is money well spent. If he is not first choice, then he is a good back up to have. Right now, he seems to be first choice center half, so well done to him for taking his chance. As a center half with Celtic, needs to be a better ball player and step into midfield and pick out a pass-that's one of his weakness, not great distribution.
  8. No MD or LG up front. First 25 min Hearts gave a good account of themselves, pressing Celtic, not allowing midfield to control the game, both sides had chances-CG bailed us out with some top drawer goalkeeping, showing his worth to the side. Celtic turned the screws with class moments from PR & SS to give 2 goal advantage at break. Added 3 more in commanding second half display, SS netting penalty - now that's the way to take a penalty. One unsavory incident saw a Jambo having a pop at ML, who never reacted. That's the second one this season- a punch was thrown at SS earlier in the season. Their mouthy Chairperson normally has quiet a bit to say about fans behavior in general, lets hear what she comes out with this time. I, for one, don't give a dam about records like unbeaten runs/points totals etc., so if big guns are rested, so be it. Saying that, if the like of Gambo, Izzy, Biton, Toure, Henderson were to come in midweek, I would still expect us to beat the like of PT. Good to see CMcG getting a few game run under his belt, certainly more dynamic than NB.
  9. While Retox would not be classed as good cuisine, it sure is dam good pub grub/comfort food. Just what a good sports bar should offer
  10. Great display by all 6 Celts last night for Scotland. I cannot remember 6 players from the same club starting for an international team. Set up now for a cracker against the English in June.
  11. Indeed, and would echo the opinion of most Celtic fans I come in contact with. At the end of the day, we all have an opinion of who should play/where a guy should play/who should move on etc. etc....... its the beauty of football. But BR knows best, so in BR we trust and support whoever he puts on the park. Saying that, if a player underperforms, as fans, it will be highlighted, especially if there are better options available. We are in a good place-sure there will be setbacks from time to time. Great times to be a Celtic fan, club is in a good position on and off the park, future looks rosy. We only have to look across the city to see what a shambolic mess miss management can leave a club in. We were nearly there to, not so long ago but for a fan called McCann.
  12. Next up is Dundee, would expect a tough game, can clinch title if Aberdeen loose at home to the Jambos. Hope to see McGregor get a run of games and see what he can do, I have high hopes for him, just needs a run of games. Am sure BR has learned from Rangers game, a few were found wanting, would also like to see LG get some more game time.
  13. Not a good performance by Celtic and in the end, draw fair result. CG saved our bacon a few times and was unlucky for equalizer. Browner had a good game but most of the usual suspects did not perform. Center half's looked unsure at times, our tempo was OK but lots of over cooked passes. Bit of a reality check. Sure we had a shout for a penalty at the death but no joy. Result will lift Rangers for cup tie.
  14. Yes, I had a poor meal there a few years ago, should try again soon.
  15. Any info on overseas dollar accounts, like Singapore or HK?