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  1. Glasgow Celtic

    Agree about Ayer, and I also dreading extra time. Brown, KT & SS all looked tired. McInnes in Glasgow anyway to support his team today.
  2. Glasgow Celtic

    Finally shook off gallant Hibs challenge to reach the League cup final. Disgraceful to see so many empty seats, with Celtic fans crying out for tickets. Cant understand the issue here, beyond belief. Was surprised to see the 3 subs from BM game still on the bench. Controlled first half with Lustig capitalizing on some poor defending and goalkeeping. And finally, we score from a corner. Started 2nd half well enough but Boyata gifted possession in midfield and then was rather harshly adjudged to have committed a foul and they scored a penalty. Game on, subs dispatched and MD finishes well to restore 2 goal advantage but Hibs strike gain with a good goal but the lively Dembele has final say with a break away goal. Gordons kicking was again suspect, team played well enough considering short rest time between games. Little rest again with a trip to Aberdeen in a few days time.
  3. Glasgow Celtic

    Well beaten and lucky to get off the hook with 3 nil. Seems to be a hell of a gulf of class between us and the likes of PSG & BM. It seems to me we need different tactics when we come up against these standard of teams-maybe pack the midfield with tacklers, as we cant seem to get possession. Realistically, we never expected to get anything against PSG & BM but we should be able to do better competing with them, we are like lambs to the slaughter. Gamboa is getting it big time on social media, I think Gordon made some good saves but his kicking/passing was piss poor. We seemed to improve when our 3 subs came on but I reckon it was more of BM taking foot off gas. Felt so sorry for Griff up front, on a hiding to nothing. Need to park this one quickly as we have so many big games in the next few days.
  4. Glasgow Celtic

    Another 3 points, thanks mainly to keeper. Controlled first half, missed lots of chances, final pass a let down, gave away possession far too cheaply. Second half started well, got the goal then just stood off Dundee, and allowed them too much time on the ball, crying out for someone to put in a tackle in midfield and had to rely on some brilliant goalkeeping to secure the win. Gamboa had a decent game, as did PR, so missed Brown. Hopefully, we will have him and others back for Munich. Piss poor decision to have us play on Saturday instead of Sunday, extra day would have been well appreciated, especially as it is an away CL game. Still, squad should be able to cope.
  5. Am thinking of buying a property in the UK, Edinburgh, as an investment, just to rent out. Something for around 400K. As I don't have any kids and missus will be well healed when I die-from other investments, I was thinking about equity release, as I am just 55. So how does it work? If the figures were healthy, I would have no hesitation to sign over property to an equity release company.
  6. Itchy arms.

    For the past month, I have an area on both arms, around the elbow, about 3" wide by 6" long, very itchy. Its not possible to tell if I have a rash there, because of suntan. I don't think its sun related, as other parts of my arms are similarly tanned with the sun but not itchy. There are also some-not many-pimples on the itchy area. I have tried a few different creams and powders but to no avail. It seems worse at night time and first thing in the morning.
  7. Unable to download music

    Is it possible to unblock? Or is there any other way for me to download music?
  8. Unable to download music

    Since I got my iPhone 6 a few months ago, I have been downloading music no problem. I just go to "VIDEO LIKE" then "BROWSE" and this takes me to a youtube like page and I just pick whatever songs and they are saved in "DOWNLOADS" (which is now called FILES) But last week, when I go to "BROWSE" it takes me to a google homepage. Then when I type in youtube, it goes access denied???? Anyone help?
  9. Glasgow Celtic

    2 points dropped against Hibs, good strikes by McGinn, both from outside the box, don't expect international keeper to be beaten twice like that. New guy up front was poor, Hayes worked hard but just does not seem to be happening for him. As ever, when SB missing, we struggle, at times Hibs over ran us in midfield, would not happen if SB was in position. I was sure Bitton would have started instead of SB, as he seems to be the most obvious like for like player to SB. 2 very composed strikes by C.McG. More worrying right now is the ever increasing injury list. Aside from SB, SA & Kouassi, we have now got Joso out with a hamstring tear, LG is still struggling with calf strain, Ralston is nursing an ankle knock and now news that Listing has a problem?? Only good news is Eric S is now back in training, so fingers crossed that the likes of KT & DB return unscathed from international duty. Maybe time for the like of Gamboa to step up-and if we cannot rely on players like him, he needs to be shipped out & replaced.
  10. Glasgow Celtic

    Yes indeed, a terrific win, could be a coming of age night in terms of European football development-and goves a great platform for a difficult trip to Munich but I believe we can get something from trip to Germany, last nights result will be a massive confidence boaster for the Germany trip. The win was built on a strong defense who all played well. Oliver had me cursing his inability to maintain possession in the first half, he must have gifted possession half a dozen times in the first half and then produces that sublime pass for KT, who had the presence of mind to look up and pick out LG who had peeled off his marker at the back post for an excellent worked goal. Oliver did improve in the second half and I do believe he will come good but at this level, cannot gift possession like he did in first half. Was surprised SA did not start after great performance at weekend, and TR was poor last night. PR got reward for a hard shift mostly tracking back, with a slightly fortunate deflection but deserved. And it was Oliver who set up SS for third in injury time to seal magnificent night. CG did spill one shot that he should have held or parried away from danger area, otherwise, he was solid. Only downside was seeing SB leave with injury, lets hope its nothing serious, as he, for me, is our most important player, in fact, if I had to pick SPL player of the year now, it would be SB. Also, again, small few idiot fans damaged our reputation with scuffles in town. Next up the Hibbes at weekend, BR may rest Brown and a few others.
  11. Glasgow Celtic

    Outstanding midfield display by both Brown and SA, totally dominant. Front 3 were well held in the first half but eventually wore down their markers. Joso could have shipped a penalty in first half and CG made a great save second half, apart from that, defended well, Boyata was impressive after long lay off. Encouraging to look at Celtic bench strength, so many options, had to laugh at the Stewarts marking the posts at full time, sad. Cant see too many changes for mid week must win game, as we head over with lots of confidence.
  12. Glasgow Celtic

    Should be a good game with the open space at Hampden Watched Motherwell game last night, well impressed with the Well. Getting sick of listening to that <deleted> Sutton, and as for Fat Sally, looked like something the cat dragged in. Although its great to hear him having to praise Celtic, must turn his gut.
  13. Glasgow Celtic

    Celts sent out a very strong side. First half saw 2 goals from SS & Forrest, good to see DB back, understandable looked rusty, he gifted Dundee 2 goal chances, Brown bailed him out first time and then Dundee missed a sitter when he missed a header he should have got something on. Overall, a comfortable first half. Second half did not create much-Forrest hit one straight at keeper before a great break saw a neat finish by C.McG after great work by the outstanding SS, and a double for JF, all 4 goals came from play down the dynamic left.
  14. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Great, indeed.
  15. Glasgow Celtic

    Yes indeed, a comfortable workout ahead of PSG. SS & PR were outstanding. New guy took a while to get going but in fairness to the kid, must be satisfied with debut, he looks like he has potential, will take a while to get used to SPL, new teammates, lego pitch etc. The goal will do a lot for his confidence, should make the bench for PSG game. Looks like BR will start with a back 4 against PSG, with Bitton included, and it is a worry. While we are healthy in midfield options and also upfront, we are thin on the ground at the back. Guess its a toss up between TR,SA & C.McG for a midfield berth, alongside SB & Oliver. I know I keep harping on about corner kicks, we must have had a dozen last night and never once looked like making keeper work. Hayes too is testing my patience, was happy to hear rumors of interest from Cardiff.