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  1. Wife got a 6 month holiday visa about 3 years ago. Then when we applied again, we got a 2 year holiday visa. This visa is due to expire next month. We intend going to UK in October. So my questions are: 1/ Are we better applying for the new visa now-before current one expires- or should we just wait till a month before we intend to travel? Or does it make any difference? 2/ Can someone supply link to application form. 3/ Has anything changed since we applied 2 years ago? 4/ And will we automatically be granted another 2 year visa? (If successful with application) Thanks in advance.
  2. hackjam

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Murphy's and Tropical both on Darkside.
  3. hackjam

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Murphy's and Tropical on the darkside
  4. hackjam

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    Congrats to Chelsea, Jose sore looser as usual. Was a crap game for the neutral, surely end of season, both teams should be going for it. I am slowly loosing interest when it comes to some of the top teams, too cagey and negative. Do like to watch the likes of Spurs Liverpool and Man City. Am looking forward to the Villa game, hoping for a cracker, is it at Wembley? Another disgusting aspect of the game, when Ref gave penalty & yellow card, to see 3 Chelsea players surround the Ref and demand a red, as if the Ref is going to say " OK lads, you are right, I will change that to red". He should have yellow carded all 3. And the sight of the manager going mental on the sideline, demanding a red. So sad, would not happen in rugby.
  5. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Holy Grail of a double treble, never done before.......Great times to be a Celt. Totally dominant first half performance, saw Celtic go in 2 up at HT, with 2 cracking goals. Back men were standing up to the steelmens physicality, Midfielders were over running them and Dembele was sharp. Only downside was 3 dreadful brutal tackles on Tierney, Referees have got to offer this lad more protection. Second half Motherwell played better than they did in first half, Gordon did have to make an outstanding save, as did their keeper when Dembele looked to have scored with a header. Madrid reps cannot but have been impressed with Tierneys outstanding display. Skipper Brown was my MOM, outstanding vision, leadership, works so hard for the team.
  6. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Yes indeed, good news about Tom. Here's my take on who should go. Goalkeeper seems settled now, a good bit of business Bain signed for free and DDV contract up. Bain has looked good, and should be able to push CG. I note a lot of fellow Celtic fans seem unconvinced by CG, but I think he is as good as we can expect to attract. Defense seems totally unpredictable. Eric the Dane seems to be on the way out. Joso could follow, Boyata I think has a year left on his contract. Marvin-who knows, should be playing but looks like not cutting the mustard, Gamboa out of picture. Lustig in decline and 1 year left on contract-I believe he is top earner too. KT, Ajer and Hendry seem certain to stay, Ralston back from loan, Boyata to stay because BR likes him. Midfield sees SA with uncertain future- I hope he is offered improved contract and stay. Biton seems to want to stay and run down his contract, looks out of the picture. Don’t understand why Eboue not getting game time??? Allen to go to Hibs fulltime. Ollie, SB, CMcG seem certain to stay. Christie to get a chance. Wingmen, Hayes to be moved on, PR gone back to Man city. That leaves JF, Morgan & Sinclair- not performed this season so may go if a good offer comes in. Strikers MD should cash in now, sometimes his heart does not seem in it, especially if we can get Eddie. LG to stay and hopefully get fit. Ciftci has a year left, should be punted if we find some sucker. That would leave a vacancy for a striker. So all these out: DDV, Gamboa, Lustig, Eric, Marvin, Bitton, Hayes, Allen, Cifti, Dembele, Sinclair, Paddy & Musonda. And what about incomers: Dynamic right back and a strong street wise center half. McGinn only if SA go, experienced striker.
  7. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Indeed he has, lad has potential, for mot of recent game against Aberdeen, he was our greatest threat going forward. Has ability to carry ball out from defense. Hopefully, can gain some upper body strength, saying that, sometimes forget that the lad is only 19.
  8. hackjam

    Gerrard to Rangers?

    Interesting to hear Rangers Chairman talking during the week, Celtic this-Celtic that. He really needs to get his own house in order and stop focusing on Celtic. SG is a bold appointment, but he has a big task on his hands. Firstly, he has a lot of high earning deadbeats on the books that nobody will take. They will have to be moved on. He should be able to attract some promising talent from England, youngsters who cannot get a game with a big club down south. But he will need money to sign some seasoned pros. And where is that money going to come from? Maybe there are some investors waiting to invest and SG is the green light for that investment. He has a mighty task in front of him. And a string of poor results could see him being run out of town and that would have long lasting impact on his managerial career.
  9. hackjam

    Liverpool F.c.

    Well done Liverpool, should be a cracking final, RM are in decline, Ramos will be taken to the cleaners and Ronaldo is not firing on all cylinders lately. Liverpool will score goals against them, that I am sure of. But to concede 4 goals in a European cup semi final is criminal. But my big fear is defense and keeper. That kid at full back had a nightmare last night, he looks good going forward but is clueless in the art of defending. A goalkeeper to palm the ball the way he did for their second goal, into path of the forward, totally amateurish. And then there is Lovren.
  10. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Great times indeed to be a Celtic fan and never tire of beating that lot-they are at an all time low. Some brilliant comic by the fans, Morelos getting an ovation when coming on, singing Halliday's name and then big Listig with the coppers lid. 2 brilliant individual goals by Eddie and Forrest-he finally gets off the mark against Rangers after 16 games. All and all, an outstanding team performance. Been a lot of unconvincing performances this campaign but when it really mattered, BR has had them right up for it. Got a couple of totally irrelevant games coming up, then Aberdeen before cup final. Should see some of fringe players in those 2 games. Will be some interesting development's with regard to players in/out over the next few months. I guess 7 million for Eddie would be a no brainer, especially when you see players that you never heard of, in the Championship, being quoted at 15-20million.
  11. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Or maybe ha has been offered the Rangers job.
  12. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Hibs wanted this more than Celtic. We did create enough chances but wayward finishing. Ollie was hooked at HT, was not at it. Should have brought on Eboue to help Brown, as we were getting over run in midfield. Gordon played a part in first goal, with a hospital pass to Hendry. Could then see Brown pointing out the goal scorer to Boyata just before cross came in. Forrest has not kicked a ball for the past few months. All will be forgiven next week if we turn up.
  13. hackjam

    Who's your Player of the Year

    Does Alonso play for Chelsea?
  14. hackjam

    Who's your Player of the Year

    Scott Brown
  15. hackjam

    Glasgow Celtic

    Having looked at a replay of the game, Boyata got totally bullied by the Columbian for the 2 headers. Hibs up next, would not be a big deal if we lost-helping hand for brother Neil. Then shove it up the SFA and have title party the following Sunday. In fact, BR could field a totally different starting 11 and still get a result against Rangers: Bain Gamboa, Hendry, Joso and Marvin. SA and Eboue, with Paddy and SS on the wings LG and Eddie up front.