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  1. yes but there will be be plenty of jobs picking fruit and veg from the fields of englands green and pleasant land after the poles and slovaks have returned home because the pound is so weak they can make more money sweeping the streets of warsaw,maybe comrade corbyn will model the nation on comrade Pot's agrarian society when he inherits the brexit mess or will he play safe and just try and make things better with a comrade chavez style of socialism,somewhere in the middle is my guess
  2. Cheap labour haha ..your mad the benefit system pays more for many and will pay even better with JC pulling the strings
  3. wars are different to politics and bizzness if you hadnt noticed,also we didnt do very well on our own in WW2,we were kicked from pillar to post and saved by an ocean and the USA,the state of the UK today is even worse,we had to get the help of the Japs/Germans to save our motor industry,rolls royce is about the only great british engineering company left and it has welcomed the deal,airbus will go (14000 jobs) as will nissan,toyota,bmw etc with a no deal (100,000 jobs) never mind JC will re open the mines and pay £50k pa to the miners and we will sell the coal cheap to poland,china,veneuzuala,cuba and North Korea,all will be well
  4. think of the savings the UK people from this to spend as they pleased instead of subsidising the overpaid striking miner wanting money for doing nowt,if these miners has gotten their way they would probably be on about £45k pa now for 35 hours work per week,perhaps JC will reopen the pits next year when he takes over and pay these men a proper salary...£50k pa
  5. deep down i think the majority of brexiteers know now it just isnt possible without causing huge problems for the UK economy and jobs,hence you dont hear much from BJ these days,if may goes i would love to see him as leader but iam afraid he is a fake and knows its pointless as a no deal will send the economy into reverse and a JC victory,even if may survives and it all gets passed the damage is done,Labour will win the election comfortably.
  6. labour left the country bankrupt despite selling off nearly half the nations gold reserves and they even left a letter to confirm it,it cannot be any clearer than that,the credit crunch was a different matter totally irrelevent as to whoever was in power,altho entering it during labours squandering made it even more difficult.
  7. Yes,but JC is the messiah,and all will be well thanks again brexit voters
  8. last time out they saved <deleted> all up for a rainy day and the man who claims to of saved the world flogged off a huge part of the UKs gold reserves for peanuts,thanks labour,but dont worry JC can easily borrow to rebuild the brexit mess,all will be well
  9. if ya think brexit was bad,you aint seen nothing like the mess JC and Labour will bring,but regrettably this is what brexit is going to give us,a double whammy <deleted>,dont think many will enjoy Thailand on when the £ is worth 30bt,never mind it seemed like a good idea at the time
  10. you add the spanish brexiteers to that,i was amazed watching a TV report before the vote how many wanted to leave the EU,they were warned of a 12-17% fall in sterling which as it turned out was about the only thing predicted before hand that actually was correct,they probably thought it wouldnt happen ,well 2.5 years later they are probably £10k-15k worse off and counting,cannot see how a few less poles in london could affect their live's in spain so much,i wonder what they would vote knowing what they know now,on another note had the UK took the euro as its currency it would of joined at a rate of about £=€1.55 a no deal and they could be looking at less that €1.00 oh dear
  11. may's successor wont get the lickings of a dog off the EU,why do you think she is saying its whats on offer or no deal,any tory clown who thinks he can go into a meeting with them shouting i want this that and tudther is living in a dream world,they dont have to give ground on anything they hold all the aces,they will make mincemeat of him/her,i said it on here months ago,its damage limitation,a no deal is a bad deal,the country has just pulled itself together and was looking in decent shape,as i said it "WAS"
  12. many ex pats jumped at 50,30 will see more deaths and the ones that can stomach a return to the UK wont be holidaying in anything much better than a shop doorway, haha help britain restart it seems your suggesting its at deaths door,JC will put it nicely in to its coffin,help pay for the mistakes people have made is a more correct term.
  13. JC is ready and waiting to stroll into number 10 via a landslide,the £ will be worth 36-37bt,less than €1.00,and $1.10 inflation,taxes and unemployment will rise as will oversea's aid,thanks brexiteers and enjoy your 5-6 years of labour,you will be begging to rejoin the EU after JC screws you good and proper.