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  1. Do UKVI guarantee not to blacklist anybody who doesn't give them a good satisfaction rating.
  2. Surely under the circumstances there should be grounds to grant and ILR on compassionate grounds bypassing all the language and earnings requirements. Mind you we are talking about the nasty party joining forces with the even nastier party.
  3. Well now we now. Difficult to know which was the most mind numbingly stupid thing to do, hold the referendum or the election. Now will the Conservatives be so deep into face saving and struggling with Brexit will they leave immigration of partners of non EU immigrants alone or will they out of spite and to be seen to be doing something that is easy to do and earn a lot of brownie points go all out for non EU partners. Good news that Amber Rudd nearly didn't make it.
  4. If we are debating fairness, all businesses are up in arms now that the pool of East European workers is about to dry up and they are campaigning to allow East European migrants to come here to work on minimum wage. Yet the £18600 is up somewhat on the minimum wage and there are the visa fees and the English tests. Where is the fairness in that. Also the pro immigration lobby bang on about the positive aspects of immigration until the immigrant is the spouse of British citizen. So a non EU health worker is keeping the NHS afloat but my theatre nurse on a spousal visa should be excluded if at all possible because we dont want those nasty spousal immigrants do we. Given that Labour would be a complete disaster faced with prospect of being forced to chose between living apart from my wife or being forced to live in Thailand I think I might vote for the UK to go down the pan. I was quite prepared to stay in the EU until the Conservatives well an truly screwed that up so the UK is half way there already.
  5. Dijon79 Thanks for clarifying however the LA was doing the check to issue the licence. 7by7 was referring to the check that an employer is legally obliged to do and he was then criticising me. This wasn't an employment check, not as I understand it. Just because somebody says something doesn't make it right or legal. The NHS surcharge for a 2.5 year visa is £500. ie UKVI must legally charge an applicant £500. I was charged £2000. Their excuse to the Ombudsman was "that it was the process at the time". ie the process as they implemented it. It didn't make it right or legal. Just because somebody interprets a law and implemnents as they see fit doesn't make it right. Otherwise UKVI could charge what ever they liked, well they do anyway.
  6. The op said " My partner has applied to be Licensed by our local Authority, and they have naturally checked the eligibility of her right to work in the UK. " The op's wife has an ILR visa and therefore a right to work. The LA for some reason to do with what ever the licensing is refused the accept the perfectly valid ILR ( valid for purpose of entering the country). We dont know what licensing the op's wife was asking for. This is nothing to do with an employer carrying out their legal responsibility to check an employee's right to work. Unless the op used the term licensing when what he meant was employment check.
  7. " Yes, it would appear that they are. Quite how and why there has been no publicity about this since 2014 is a mystery to us but, apparently, if your ILR is not in a current passport you can not be guaranteed to be allowed to work in the UK. This advice does not apply to travelling where separate documents for each is still acceptable " " Different departments? " I assume that the Local authourity authourising what ever the op wanted authouring is one and the Immigration Dept allowing entry to the UK is another, apparantly working to different rules unless I missed something.
  8. How typical on the BBC, there are 7.5 million voters who can't cant vote for a femaile candidate I am concerned that there is no candidate in my constituency that gives two hoots for voters with non EU partners and the BBC is telling me that I can't vote for a woman. What is there was a female candidate but she was a Conservative?
  9. It would still seem a good idea to contact your ne MP for legal clarification. How can you have one acceptable rule for travel purposes then a completely different rule for employment purposes? If the rule about having it in the current passport is required then it should be more widely known and the Government can charge a stonking great fee for doing it.
  10. Any chance of asking your employer for some compassion and delaying the termination of your employment for one month? They can still give you a letter of reference as an employee. Surely no employer can be that much of a bastard, can they? You would be on holiday for part of the month anyway.
  11. As time is of the element I guess that you have to go with what ever option gives you the quickest result. That to me means getting an Immigration solicitor on the case. Unfortunately being forced to incure legal expenses due to a Government/Local Authority C up isn't recoverable as I found to my cost after being overcharged on NHS surcharges.
  12. What has that got to do with settlement visas for non EU partners. If you banned every single settlement visa application to a British citizen how would that impact overall immigration, 1 or 2%. But weigh that against the votes gained from those with an ignorant perception, even so called educated people. Reminds me very much of the Conservatives assault on single parents back in the Thatcher era, until Cecil Parkinson knocked up his secretary.
  13. I doubt very much this will hault May. There are far too few British men or women with no EU partners for anybody to care. Equate the numbers to the 3 million odd East European migrants. Non of them can vote but they are far more important the the relative handfull of British voters with non EU partners.
  14. Is an MP still technically your representaive until the election? I would take it up with whoever is your current MP and ask for some sort of quick decision. It is not unknown for local authrities to make things up. What about an immigration solicitor if the alternative is hundreds of pounds on a fast track biometric card. Or pay the fees then make a complaint to the council then get an Ombudsman's adjudication.
  15. Whether it is £25000 pa, per month, per week or nothing at all. People not involved , and some people who should be intelligent enough to know the significance, always fail to grasp that the passport is stamped "no recourse to public funds". The earning limit is vindictive pure and simple.