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  1. Then may be it is time to look at Amazon, Google, Apple et al. It certainly bugs me that a couple or years back I paid moor tax than the UK arm of Facebook with a turnover of circa £110 million.
  2. You said that you started self employment in April. That isn't very long to get going and to establish what you will have earned at the year end. I can't see why you are doing so badly. I am not up to date with minimum earnings but if you wife got minimumin a job that would equate to about £13000. Is your business going to less that £5600. Even you on a part time job and you wife on minimum you must get to £18600 surely. You are not going to have completed a full second year by the ILR so not sure how that will work. When I did my FLR I realised that with a March year end I would not be able to have a full year's accounts for the ILR in April. I got my accounrant to move the company year from April to May to January to December just so I would have a chance of getting a full year's worth of accounts in April for the ILR submission.
  3. I doubt very much that the Government would care given their reaction the recent events in London are anything to go by.
  4. I can never remember the specific dates that I met my wife so no great surprise if she was asked she would give a different answer.
  5. What is the relevance of the question that you asked. The test is Life in the UK. If it is as you test a test of reading then make it a readsing test. But then there is no point in be able to read without comprehension. In essance it is a memory test not a knowledge test. It is supposed to be a knowledge test, it says so in the title, Life in the UK. If this was an entrance test for Master Mind or University Challenge then I could understand the difficulty of some of the questions. But to be asking about artists that I have never heard of along side is it legal or illegal to gamble in the UK or which day are pancakes eaten on is a joke. I couldn't name one actor full stop in anything, well may be Brad Pitt. I have no interest in putting actor's names to characters. So I would be hopeless on Pointless celebratiies which is aimed at the knowledge base of the average celebrity.
  6. Did you know how old Mary Queen of Scots was when she ascended the throne or where the lonest dry ski slope in Europe is? I would rather my kids learn importany facts not useless junk. If you want to test peoples reading ability subject them to a reading test, not a memory test.
  7. Life in the UK. Holman Hunt, Mallaise and Rossetti were members of which important group of 19th century artists? a Abstract. b Expressionsists. c Pre-Raphaelites. d Impressionists. I rest my case.
  8. Why is it a scandal that British children don't have their minds crammed full of trivia and useless junk. Please explain why knowing that Mary Queen of Scots was 8 months old when she ascended the throne or that the longest dry ski slope in Europe is in Edinburgh. It is hardly a test of somebody's reading ability. It is a memory test pure and simple. Immigrants are subjected to an English test. If that is not fit for purpose then deal with it. Don't introduce another test that tests their ability to remember then paint it up as a reading test. As for testing knowledge of history, culture, instutions, it strikes me it is more a test of trivia aimed at keeping the numbers down. To my mind the two key questions about life in the UK at the moment are: 1. Why do we clad tower blocks in flammable materials? 2. When you have a majority in Parliament why do you throw that away on a whim? They don't put questions like that in the test.
  9. Yes what a pointless, stupid test. I did it the other day and got 50%. Very few of the questions actually related to life in the UK. Loads of very obscure historical questions. The Scot in my office didn't know how old Mary Quen of Scots was when she ascended the thrown (8 months) but as he was from Edinburgh did know that the longest dry ski slope in Europe is in Edinburgh. Just what every immigrant should know.
  10. UK ILR on 5 year route

    I see that they still reqire to see original divorce certificates. Is that really necessary having been through the settlement and the ILR stage? I guess it is, better get the wife onto that one as I don't think she had the original for the ILR but still granted it.
  11. I thought that the visa form for anybody applying for an ILR after 5 years in the UK was available now. I can only see the form for the 2 year route.
  12. Bungsamran to close

    Yes I couldn't work out why I couldn't find the place on Google Earth then I realises that the had converted the co-ordinates into a decimal number. Converted it back to minutes and found a very large construction site which looked very like the shape of the new lake on the new web site.
  13. UKVI survey

    Do UKVI guarantee not to blacklist anybody who doesn't give them a good satisfaction rating.
  14. Surely under the circumstances there should be grounds to grant and ILR on compassionate grounds bypassing all the language and earnings requirements. Mind you we are talking about the nasty party joining forces with the even nastier party.
  15. Well now we now. Difficult to know which was the most mind numbingly stupid thing to do, hold the referendum or the election. Now will the Conservatives be so deep into face saving and struggling with Brexit will they leave immigration of partners of non EU immigrants alone or will they out of spite and to be seen to be doing something that is easy to do and earn a lot of brownie points go all out for non EU partners. Good news that Amber Rudd nearly didn't make it.