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  1. Yep sounds like they are using the same appointments system that UKVI were using for fast track visa applications. Never any appointments. Its called incompentance.
  2. Ok not a lot of point making too much of this particular form then.
  3. Took a look at the form yesterday. Q 9.13 asks how long the applicant has lived in the UK then asks about periods of absence from the UK in that time. It only gives 4 boxes (over a 5year period) which makes me think that they aren't after periods of holiday, only periods that that applicant wasn't actually residing in the UK. Given the wife goes back to Thailand a couple of times a year to see her family then I would have to list 10 absences if they want short visits. She had one stay of a few months when there was a family illness. I assume that there will be no problem about that. Anybody have a view of what they are looking for here. Guidance notes don't help. Also I assumed that the £18600 earnings rule appplied. Is that not the case? The form hardly goes into earnings at all and as far as I can see doesn't ask anthing about unearned income from a business. It does say that you must privide evidense "that your partner" is able to adequately maintain you and any dependents in the UK without recourse to public funds. Why after 5 years am I alone expected to provide the funding for my wife who herself is earning. Why doesn't it specify jointly support the applicant? My didvidend income exceeds wmy earned income but there is no questions about dividend income. I changed the company financial year to January to December so that at the end of 2017 I can have all the company accounts done and finished for a May ILR application. Seems that I needn't have bothered.
  4. I am going to get one of the books. I gather that there is a limited pool of questions otherwise the amount of trivia would be impossible to learn. I only scored 18 out of 24 which was a pass but given a lot of the 18 I got correct were guesses does seem to make it a little dificult for a non native English speaker.
  5. I am sure even a Thai worker would have moved the dead cat.
  6. How about a thread When English is your first language. Many many more. The B'lox was brilliant.
  7. Has that always been the case for the ILR? Just as well I found this it now as I have a year for my wife to get ready and take the test next year. What a pathetic stupid test anyway. How old was Mary Quuen of Scots when she became queen. Even the Scottish guy in the office from Edinburgh didn't know that but he did know that the longest dry ski slope in Europe was in Edinburgh, well he would know wouldn't he. Who cares when St Pancras station was built. Life in the UK great but a test to see how much trivia you know seems a bit much.
  8. I thought that the life in the UK test was onlt for citizenship. Thought I would take a look at what was required on the ILR application form and the web site is telling me that my wife must pass the Life in the UK test. Is that correct, I thought it was just B1?
  9. The test centre was Trinity at Holborn.
  10. Nice to see that in 2014 Croydon actually replied to letters. Now they just throw them straight in the bin.
  11. Can I clarify that a Grade 5 Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Speaking and listening) (Entry 3)* CEFR Level B1.1 is the correct certificate for a UK ILR visa application.
  12. Not sure if I picked the right cost of an ILR visa but if thos rates continue then an ILR visa in 10 years time will be over £9000. Imagine getting the bank loan to pay for that then getting the application rejected? I suppose the next thing will be we see that you earn £18600 per year and meet the earnings requirement however we reject yout appliaction on the basis that you can't afford the visa fee.
  13. I know that this was 2014 but only 16 million tourists flying in each year? England is a constituational monachy, should that be Great Britain?