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  1. After the FLR I actually changed the financial year as it used to run April to March. With an ILR in May I would not have got the year end accounts done between 31 March and the ILR application. I coudn't see UKVI accepting accounts over one year old but as you say that is the rules. I wasn't prepared to risk it. It also seems odd that you could be self employed and not actually working but have previous accounts exceeding the limit but an employee made redundant but exceeded the annual limit on previous earning would fail as they wouldn't be able to provide 6 month's worth of pay slips. " The way I understand it is if you have a limited company you are an employee of that company and not self employed but I am not an accountant. " Correct in the eyes of HMRC but not in the eyes of UKVI bizarrely.
  2. I work as a freelance engineer through a limited company. For anybody who know what IR35 is the work is usually outside IR35. Company year ended 31 Dec 2017 and accountant is preping accounts ready for wife's ILR application in May 2018. I will have the P60s in time for the application. My last contract finished in December. Annual profits are well over the £18600 limit. My salary, wife's salary and pension take me well over the £18600 limit without the profit being taken into account. Now looking for a new contract and I have the possibility of working for a Government agency but that will be inside IR35. That means I can't work through my own limited company and 3 months before the ILR I will have to work PAYE through the agent or an umbrella company. In essence I will change employers 3 months before the ILR application. How will this affect the application? Must I show 6 months payslips through the same employer of can they be with different employers. There is cash in the company to continue paying me a salary if I need to say that I am still with the same employer. But since I am classed as self employed by the Home Office but not by HMRC should the visa application even take wage slips into account? It seems if you are a freelancer you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Rather ironically there is another job in the pipeline with the Home Office no less.
  3. I was a bit surprised not to see any reference to this https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/nov/14/eu-citizens-become-british-non-eu-spouses-live-with-them-court here. It would seem to confer more rights to a naturalised UK citizen from the EU with a non EU partner or have I missed something?
  4. All I can do it is learn from the experience. This time I took a phtoo of every page of the application hence knowing the date offered was their mistake and not mine. I will have to drum into my wife Settlement Visa, Biometric Residense Permit and the post code and get her to memorise her permit number and hope she repeats it digit perfect. They will think of something else to ask I am sure. "use a different question more aligned with simply verifying the applicant is exactly who they claim to be" If a UK Government issued biometric residense permit isn't enough why are they bothering to issue them. And why a few years ago was the Government keen for all of us to have id cards if they don't trust an id card when shown one. If I can get airside into Heathrow daily on the basis of photo id then surely photo id to take a taking a damn test is good enough.
  5. There wasn't a problem with booking the test. It was because she couldn't say which visa she was applying for. I am confused about quoting the id number. The test centre said that they don't expect the applicants to know the number but she was never the less asked for it. She got confused and rattled off her Thai id number. I guess most Thais know that off by heart. I knew that you had to wait 3 days to re-take the test and they mentioned this. But when you go on line to book you can't book a test less than 7 days ahead. We have had to re-book a test for January as my wife is off to Thailand next week and I will join her over Christmas then returning in January so we booked a test a few days after we return. So back comes confirmation today for test on the 23 December. This time I took a photo of every page at the time of booking so I know for fact that the date requested was not the 23 Dec. Is it too much to ask for test within a few days of the preferred date. The same month would be nice, but not even in the same year? So now I am trying to get them to change the test date to the date requested not one the month before. And the test is now £75, a 50% increase on the previous price.
  6. Well despite being as prepared as possible my wife was not allowed to take the test. She was able to state why she was taking the test, ie which visa. Now I would have said ILR but upon re-booking the options were, citizenship, other and settlement. I fail to see the reason why you need to state why you are taking the test. My be to weed out people who have a fetish for enduring this kind of stress. So the visa type is settlement I take it, I thought is was ILR since Life in the UK is nor required for FLR or the initial settlement visa. I was able to ask the reason for the failure and they went on to say that they don't expect people to know the number of the residence permit number however my wife was asked the number. Is she really expected to memorise her permit number. I doubt I could remember my driving licence number or passport number. Is this required or not. It definitely looks like if they don't get you on one reason they will get you on another. It rather annoying to spend time going through the trial tests that bang on about the rights of residents, democracy, respecting individuals etc then the applicants are subjected to this kind of treatment. Before anybody mentions fraud, surely the ID is sufficient to weed out fraudsters taking the test on behalf of another.
  7. Can I assume that a utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement can be in joint names or must it be in the sole name of the person taking the test. Everything is in joint names. My wife does have sole bank account but doesn't use it very much so any transactions on it will be months old. We could get an up to date endorsed statement from the branch but the transactions will be old.
  8. If this job is offered I am going to have to run this past a solicitor. The last thing I want is to complicate the ILR application. In theory if the client pays through my existing limited company then UKVI would not have any knowledge of where I was physically doing the work. The surinder singh route will be my last option. I would hope that the ILR goes smoothly.
  9. My wife's ILR is coming up next May. My contract job via a limited company is ending this month and one possibility is too remain with same client upgrading Schiphol airport based in the Netherlands. Do I assume that working within the EU will not impact my wife's ILR application. I don't know at this point in time whether I would be paid UK pounds into a UK bank account or Euros to a Dutch account. I do not wish to complicate the ILR application but I am assuming that the single market EU citizen stuff doesn't affect the application. There again who knows with the British Home Office. I would not physically relocate but remain UK resident working M-F in the Netherlands.
  10. Life in the UK test

    This is the page to edit the account: https://www.lituktestbooking.co.uk/lituk-web/manage-account
  11. Life in the UK test

    Right I have now got some more information. I managed to find a help line number. They said that I can go into my wife's registration and the select edit details and it pulls up the id that was specified at the time of registration. It is the BRP so we must have done this at the time she enrolled for the English and not the FLR as she didn't have the BRP then. I have printed off the full details now to keep for reference as I can't ever remember doing the registration
  12. Life in the UK test

    On second thoughts she may have had to register for the English test which she took back in April. Hopefully she can remember what she used for ID then.
  13. Life in the UK test

    Yes it asked me to register, or rather my wife. When I tried to register it told me that there was already and account for my email address. I assume this was when she registerd at the FLR stage to pay the NHS surcharge. She did not have a BRP then. If that is the case then I have no idea what they will ask to see as the registration was done in July 2015. At they time she was on a prvious passport and did not have the BRP. I have now received the receipt from Learn Direct so I have sent them an email. I also intend to go in the local test center to ask them what they are expecting to see. If the FLR application was anything to go by this does not look good. " Whatever it was, she must use that as her ID when she attends the centre for her test. " That is my concern but id can only be passport or BRP so she will need to take both plus the expired passport just in case.
  14. Life in the UK test

    "Surely if you didn't get asked to supply the name of the ID document she will be using when you booked she will use her BRP? Just make sure she knows how to say it properly" Yes it seems obvious that they mean that the ID is the BRP so why do they use such obtuse wording as bring the ID that you used to book with?
  15. Life in the UK test

    Surely it does matter. If it says bring the ID document that you used to make the booking than I assume that is what they want to see. Unless they mean something else. It is they that are pedantic, not me. I can make sure she takes her BRP, passport, driving licence, library ticket and make sure she knows preceisely what each of them is thn just hope they don't ask to see the TV licence.