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  1. A friend is looking to adopt a guard-type dog for her house. One that watches out for bad guys but also is playful and friendly with children and other dogs (she has two small dogs). She would like to visit different dog adoption places in Bangkok and see what's available. Should be a reputable place and have dogs on site to view. Can someone with recent experience recommend such? Thanks.
  2. An EKG during an annual health exam at Chula Hosp turned up a premature ventricular contraction, which can be entirely harmless, but the doc says I should see a cardiologist and do a 24-hour test to see if the contractions are frequent. Has anyone here seen a cardiologist at Chula recently and can recommend? At this stage, since PVCs are common, I have no symptoms, and I just need further testing, I'd rather not spend for a private hospital -- unless you know good reason to do so. Thank you.