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  1. "It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space," Great, the militarization of space. This is bound to engender understanding and cooperation among countries. Likely the right organizational decision vs Airforce. Start buying stock in those space contractors.
  2. Who said the Germans have no sense of humor?
  3. I always stay way back from tucks with these kinds of things loaded up and ready to fly. Had not considered that these things could attack from behind! I guess the only thing one can count on these days is a good amulet.
  4. Ah, those pesky Russians. The bible had their number thousands of years ago. Not exactly on the doorstep of their 6 country coalition.
  5. How do you know when a politician is lying? HIs/her lips are moving. Netanyahu is no exception to this rule. He can safely be ignored ... as can the mischief makers in Iran.
  6. chilli42

    Alibaba deal no monopoly threat, Prayut assures

    The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  7. chilli42

    Alibaba deal no monopoly threat, Prayut assures

    Clearly the PM is either clueless or flat out dishonest. The Thai gov made this deal with China that presumably the Thai gov thought was in their favor. Well just wait a bit to see the unintended consequences. All those mom and pop businesses that get by selling small items will be gone. Say what you like about the inefficiency of these businesses but they keep people employed. The ‘Amixinificstionn” of Thailand is going to be painful for a lot of people. The Thai gov has nothing better to say than don’t Rorey about the tidal wave that is coming to flatten you.
  8. Maybe arm them all, build a Thunderdome over the whole area and let them have at it. Anyone coming out the other side gets to keep the whole thing.
  9. All that the USA and NATO have done is make it manifestly clear that they fear the Russians and that Syria can carry on creating all the mischief it likes with impunity. It's always a bad idea to show weakness in the face of a bully and this is exactly what the USA and NATO have done. Mission accomplished!
  10. Would you mind posting the link to the iThrive docuseries you mention?
  11. The wife of a good friend has just undergone 8 weeks of chemo and radiation therapy for a stage 3 cancer. Its the first time I have witnessed suffering like that first hand. The only way that she was able to keep going was for her husband to buy medical marijuana ("imported" from Canada) illegally. We can joke all we want about recreational marijuana. The need for medical marijuana is no joke. It's cruel to withhold it from people in situations like this.
  12. They are almost there. ISIS run to ground. US rebel supported groups all but starved. All that is left is to grind down the Kurds. They won’t give in easily or quickly but with no support from anyone the end is in sight. So stability under Assad ensured by Russia, Iran and Turkey is in the cards. The US is long past caring about the removal of Assad. What a tragic mess. All that death and destruction only to end up back in the same place as it was before recent events unfolded.
  13. chilli42

    Trump attacks Amazon, again, over U.S. postal rates

    This is excellent! A few more day of this and it will be time to buy Amazon stock
  14. ... will support the government’s plan to make Thailand a ‘cashless society’ Well if they keep on with their current human development policy policy they just might attain that goal sooner than they think.
  15. Lots of issues with Putin. As least he behaves as a leader and shows up to face people at the site of the disaster. Trump just keeps playing golf, too busy to deal with tragedy in person.