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  1. I am willing to bet that most of the TV users equally have no clue how money is created. Many still think the the government “prints” money. Frightening when you see the willingness to dismantle the Dodd Franks act.
  2. chilli42

    How to break a Facebook addiction?

    It’s a sad story and I can understand how you must feel. Facebook is the least of their problems. It’s just too late for an intervention by a relative (you). It’s best that you cut them loose. You could offer to support them in pursuing a better life under your supervision but do you reallly need that in your life, would they really be interested?
  3. No security camera at the Jeweler? It’s a Jeweler so of course they have loads of security cameras. Let me guess it was not working on the particular two occasions the woman attempted to buy the ring.
  4. I have to agree that a fine of 50,000 for not having a license is going to do nothing to improve road safety. What the country needs is a comprehensive plan to improve road safety in all areas including the granting of a drivers license. Passing new ad hoc regulations like this is at best a band aid and at worst is a distraction and waste of energy from addressing the core issue(s). There are so many “rules” governing everyday life in Thailand they are impossible for anyone to keep track of and so many of them are completely ineffective in achieving a meaningful outcome ... enforced or not.
  5. chilli42

    Understanding Thai Ladies

    In my experience, any time you find yourself asking this question it’s because moving on is already overdue overdue.
  6. chilli42

    The Truth about trans fats

    “Margarin, butter and shortening which are produced from partially hydrogenated oil have been used in bakery items for decades but will be banned from January next year.” This is the second article where butter is mentioned as being hydrogenated (containing trans fat). If they want to avoid confusing the public then they need to get their facts straight. Butter is saturated fat, no trans fat.
  7. Well it confirms my 25 years experience. In Thailand ... never loan a Thai anything unless you have something in your possession that becomes yours on default. They just seem to have a mindset the does not take debt responsibility seriously. It’s always about short term need/gratification over the long term.
  8. Lot of nonsense here. its true you have no “ownership” rights. You do have the right to assign who that title is transferred to (one year), you could be compensated for this. From the info you have supplied, the daughter is next of kin so would by default inherit. Your point about doing this before her marriage is important. You would not want the fiancée of your step daughter having a right to this land on divorce. It seems to me that it should be a simple matter to transfer the land title now to her (before the legal/government marriage date). This can be done at the land office in a couple of hours. That said you will need the right documents with you when you and your step daughter show up at the land office. One final thought ... did your wife have a brother or sister ... might they be interested parties (be careful here)? See a lawyer, get the necessary documents in order, do the transfer.
  9. "It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space," Great, the militarization of space. This is bound to engender understanding and cooperation among countries. Likely the right organizational decision vs Airforce. Start buying stock in those space contractors.
  10. Who said the Germans have no sense of humor?
  11. I always stay way back from tucks with these kinds of things loaded up and ready to fly. Had not considered that these things could attack from behind! I guess the only thing one can count on these days is a good amulet.
  12. Ah, those pesky Russians. The bible had their number thousands of years ago. Not exactly on the doorstep of their 6 country coalition.
  13. How do you know when a politician is lying? HIs/her lips are moving. Netanyahu is no exception to this rule. He can safely be ignored ... as can the mischief makers in Iran.
  14. chilli42

    Alibaba deal no monopoly threat, Prayut assures

    The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  15. chilli42

    Alibaba deal no monopoly threat, Prayut assures

    Clearly the PM is either clueless or flat out dishonest. The Thai gov made this deal with China that presumably the Thai gov thought was in their favor. Well just wait a bit to see the unintended consequences. All those mom and pop businesses that get by selling small items will be gone. Say what you like about the inefficiency of these businesses but they keep people employed. The ‘Amixinificstionn” of Thailand is going to be painful for a lot of people. The Thai gov has nothing better to say than don’t Rorey about the tidal wave that is coming to flatten you.