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  1. Maybe arm them all, build a Thunderdome over the whole area and let them have at it. Anyone coming out the other side gets to keep the whole thing.
  2. All that the USA and NATO have done is make it manifestly clear that they fear the Russians and that Syria can carry on creating all the mischief it likes with impunity. It's always a bad idea to show weakness in the face of a bully and this is exactly what the USA and NATO have done. Mission accomplished!
  3. Would you mind posting the link to the iThrive docuseries you mention?
  4. The wife of a good friend has just undergone 8 weeks of chemo and radiation therapy for a stage 3 cancer. Its the first time I have witnessed suffering like that first hand. The only way that she was able to keep going was for her husband to buy medical marijuana ("imported" from Canada) illegally. We can joke all we want about recreational marijuana. The need for medical marijuana is no joke. It's cruel to withhold it from people in situations like this.
  5. They are almost there. ISIS run to ground. US rebel supported groups all but starved. All that is left is to grind down the Kurds. They won’t give in easily or quickly but with no support from anyone the end is in sight. So stability under Assad ensured by Russia, Iran and Turkey is in the cards. The US is long past caring about the removal of Assad. What a tragic mess. All that death and destruction only to end up back in the same place as it was before recent events unfolded.
  6. Trump attacks Amazon, again, over U.S. postal rates

    This is excellent! A few more day of this and it will be time to buy Amazon stock
  7. ... will support the government’s plan to make Thailand a ‘cashless society’ Well if they keep on with their current human development policy policy they just might attain that goal sooner than they think.
  8. Lots of issues with Putin. As least he behaves as a leader and shows up to face people at the site of the disaster. Trump just keeps playing golf, too busy to deal with tragedy in person.
  9. Why is anyone taking this seriously? There is no defamation case here.
  10. I don’t understand the journalistic practice here (Thailand) of putting “friend” in quotation marks and the need to describe ethnic origin or sexual preference etc. How is any of this relevant to the story?
  11. I would think that anyone holding a PR status for the required period of time is eligible for citizenship. The only real hurdle for a PR status to many is the requirement to have a work permit and pay taxes for five years. Never been able to convince myself that I needed more than a PR status though ... perhaps it’s the reverse if this fellows thinking.
  12. I can’t find the original article. A search of F18 UFO turns up loads of links. This is one of the 3:
  13. More confirmation for the wisdom of “No good deed goes unpunished”
  14. As these things go it’s not rock solid. The three separate videos recently released by the US Gov showing F-18’s in contact with UFO’s (video of the cockpit screen) are infinitely more convincing.
  15. I understand your point and “get” your frustration but do we really need more government/airline intervention in our lives .... having to prove I have not just insurance coverage but the “right” kind of coverage every time I travel. No thanks. The uninsured can live with the consequences of their short sighted actions and the Go Gund Me requests are easily ignored if you are so inclined. I admit, I hate the nanny state more than the though of a Thai hospital being out of pocket.