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  1. Cuckoo in Thailand?

    Greater Coucal, sometimes known as Chinese pheasant
  2. Salt and vinegar crisps disappeared from 7/11 just after I arrived here 3 years ago and never seen since
  3. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    There are some very friendly people hanging out late at night around the moat near ThaPae Gate
  4. I almost died from the inoperable tumour near my heart in 1990 and am still unsure why I didn't, as were my doctors, so I regret nothing
  5. Just walk to work <deleted>, it's only 1 km and it'll keep you fit
  6. Living in a wooden house as I do, these aerial fireballs are an annual cause for concern
  7. music venues in chiang mai

    The Lost Hut on Moonmuang Soi 1 is good on Sunday nights
  8. Expat cops

    I have an elderly Farang neighbour in Chiang Mai who likes to dress up as a policeman
  9. Bar Closure during funeral week

    And the police came in our bar last night and informed us we do not have to close tonight either, provided there's no singing or dancing (as if)
  10. Bar Closure during funeral week

    This was also announced in today's Bangkok Post; everything closes on Thursday October 26, except emergency services
  11. lasik in Chiang Mai?

    No contradiction, just a suggestion, but you're obviously an expert in these matters
  12. lasik in Chiang Mai?

    For 12 years I attended and reported on an annual LASIK conference for a large well-known US eye care business; what always struck me was that around half the 200 or so delegates, who were all ophthalmic surgeons, wore spectacles. Perhaps they knew something we didn't about this relatively new procedure, such as no one knows what the long-term outcome might be
  13. Mass pigeon kidnapping??!!

    They have installed a birdscarer at Thapae - it goes off twice daily and scares the pigeons away, at least for a while
  14. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    These gals are paid bugger all mind
  15. Inpatient experience at Chiang Mai Ram

    Unless you're a big fan of cold bland hospital food, I'd make your own catering arrangements