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  1. Mass pigeon kidnapping??!!

    They have installed a birdscarer at Thapae - it goes off twice daily and scares the pigeons away, at least for a while
  2. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    These gals are paid bugger all mind
  3. Inpatient experience at Chiang Mai Ram

    Unless you're a big fan of cold bland hospital food, I'd make your own catering arrangements
  4. I see Kata beach is a bit different to when I was last there in 1978 and not in a good way
  5. If not for women

    The main reason I live here is that my wife doesn't know where I am
  6. Sometimes called the Chinese pheasant, one flew into an electrical transformer outside my house this morning and shorted out the neighbourhood. Very messy
  7. st patricks day at the u n irish

    Thanks idman I'll check out O'Malleys, as I love a proper Irish stew,. BTW the one at UNI is OK, but with beef and a piece carrot o two it's definitely not Irish stew
  8. st patricks day at the u n irish

    Their 'Irish stew' isn't Irish stew
  9. Update on CM nightlife...

    I stopped playing golf; could never get past that stupid windmill
  10. Update on CM nightlife...

    Thanks for the suggestions Heybruce; think we'll stick to Loy Kroh, as it's walkable. While I'm not into the ladyboys, I suppose he might be, as he lives in Brighton ...
  11. Update on CM nightlife...

    I have an old friend from my university days arriving on Wednesday, who will expect to be taken out on the town, i.e. 'girly bar' or something Any suggestions would most welcome, as I haven't a clue
  12. Policeman

    So you know him then
  13. Policeman

    I have an elderly Farang neighbour who like to dress up as a policeman. Should I be worried?
  14. HIP

    Thanks Christian, I've passed on your recommendation
  15. HIP

    A friend in need of an artificial hip replacement is in town looking for recommendations. I suggested the Ram, but any cheaper options anyone? Many thanks