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  1. There seems to be so many negative comments about the en masse arrival of Mainlanders for Chinese New Year. Am I the only person who sees the upside in this? The speak good English, they have got money to burn and they want to party. I am amazed that so many farangs are still haemorrhaging cash on Thai hookers when there are so many Chinese girls in town looking for a holiday romance. It is easy to impress them with a bit of the local lingo and they are quite happy to eat at even the cheapest street stalls. Thai food is light years ahead of anything in China and they cannot get enough of the stuff. They relish the opportunity to show that they can be as polite and as charming as any other nationality once they have escaped the cultural norms of the Mainland. Best of all, Thailand is cheap for them compared to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and so they are happy to flash their cash while they are on their vacation. The media seems filled with reports of badly behaved Chinese but compared to a lot of the white trash that are already here, they are like angels, especially the girls. I don't about you but I am very happy to see them take the place of all those miserable Ruskies, arrogant Arabs and binge-drinking Brits. I am off out again tonight to meet some more. Surely I cannot be the only guy who feels like he has won the lottery?