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  1. the surat governor said they were starting with ST first...maybe he will be next
  2. utter BS .....the group came back in and hans was missing, i saw the people from the dive school franticly running round looking for him, i believe he might have even had a heart condition, the police were there also. only people the regard it as suspicious are people like you and your merry bunch.
  3. maybe thats because they wee contacted by a Thai Visa member and FB troll!!! low is that, a key board warrior with absolutely nothing in the way off evidence whatsoever has the audacity to contact and harass members of a greeving family....for what...thier own sick pleasure...what a POS!!
  4. oh on, i think you will find there are many many that have 'beef' with the samui times, that would be the reason for them being sued...
  5. i thought there is a 4 month amnesty now? the rules changed, but many have still gone
  6. no, it was around the same time.
  7. vested interests..YAWN!! and what about all the TV posters from Phuket, samui, CM etc etc??? with bars, resorts, business are they all just here for the truth to prevail.??...and lets not mention miss buchanan of the samui times vested interests in trashing Koh Tao...all this building up for her soon to be released book !! like i said, i have a difference of opinion than others, my opinion is based on actually spending time on Koh Tao, not just picking up information from crappy news articles. isn't this thread now about the body of a woman found in samui ??..nothing to do with KT anymore,
  8. i thought the mother was here and took the ashes back with her? thats what i read, is this now changed?
  9. and by the do you know these deaths are suspicious? because the press say so?
  10. are you referring to the russian girl and the dive buddy?? if so the ex boyfriend 1st posted on FB looking for her, it was also him that mentioned the dive buddy (i cannot remember the whole post) before she was actually classed as missing, he also said that most russians don't use FB, hence the reason nobody on Tao knew anyone was missing.
  11. and what would be the point of all that effort? its been claimed many times that these guys who control tao are all powerful (to an international level by some ) , so why would they need to bother with all that? what heavy activities do you mean? there are no cults on Tao, its a small place and pretty sure a cult of any description would stand out or quickly be heard of.