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  1. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    kiting is an extreme sport, accidents can happen and they can happen fast thats why you have safety systems on all equipment. there are roughly 100m worth of lines between the rider and the kite, if you crash the kite badly these can be all around you before you know it and can easily get tangled up on things in the water like marker buoys, which i believe is what happened in this case. although the wind was strong for hua hin the last week, its normal for other kite spots. pretty sure this guy would have been out in similar conditions in Ireland.
  2. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    ^^^ classic example
  3. Irish kiteboarder, 40, drowns at Hua Hin

    typical comments from TV members with no clue as to the subject they are commenting on. you have no idea about kiting so why not say nothing other then RIP to someone that has died!! he was kiting not swimming....you need wind to kite hence the name! people kite in a lot stronger wind and waves than there was, you change kite sizes to suit the wind. this guy was just unlucky with the buoys
  4. Swiss man gets bashed after turning off noisy bike

    pattaya...what a nice place that is!!!
  5. calling others a team while liking each other posts??
  6. you mean a whats commonly know as a difference of opinion? these threads always go in circles...because there is nothing new to add, this thread originally was about the appeal but its barely been mentioned anywhere everyone is guilty of the same thing , but it always seems to be the same few that cry foul or try to blame others. i have not a clue as to what actually happened that night on Tao, which is exactly the same as 100% of TV posters, but i don't claim too unlike 80% of TV posters! i take issue with the utter BS i have read from many of a place where i expect the majority of that same 80% have never even visited or know nothing about apart from whats they've read on csi or samui times, which in turn possibly have their own vested interests!
  7. but still part of the international cover up
  8. and the uk cops, they are not cheap, but you can get a deal on bulk
  9. so everyone's in on it, from the top down, to international cover up...
  10. so thats your theory for people on KT, what about the friends that were all in the picture from that night? they are all safe in their home countries....but not said anything in all this time? the only articles posted are the repeated drivel from the hag at samui times n the aussie real estate guy *hack
  11. yes, sean mc anna, the attention seeking peado, he should be taken as gospel, the story form the sun is once again an old story reprinted trying to look like its something new.
  12. not really, country to popular belief none of the boats were stopped that morning, even in the afternoon. so its actually totally possible.
  13. really.... if you're so adamant you know who did it they why don't you save these guys and take your proof and show it...or do you really have just gossip and hearsay like everyone else here??
  14. Italian man found dead in Phuket hotel

    this is the 9th article I've seen relating to a death in Phuket in 2 months.... people in glass houses as they say!!