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  1. lol. Shhhhhhh. Loose talk costs lives !
  2. Solved ! We Know who done it ! But stopped?????
  3. The kettle has an orange handle
  4. " People with poor health" everywhere !
  5. So attempts to divert cash were curtailed?
  6. You offer confirmation of so much. Enjoy your utopical sense of superiority. My daily interaction is 99.9 % with Thai and I use my limited vocab in Thai and Kymer. I am referred to either as Uncle or younger brother either socially or while working physically alongside in my north eastern rural environment as ever I have done for the last 15 years. I have no jealousy. I have moved away from plastic as much as possible.
  7. Aha! New definition for Suicide Jockeys !
  8. You chose to overlook the satirical comparative. Your original narrative reads with such very pretentious impression I suffered chills and goosebumps ! You will have to excuse me if I do not believe that although it is more expedient to go out to eat at no greater cost than providing musical entertainment that somewhere somehow there is or has been some lavish expenditure to provide the apparent status you claim. I can assure you that I am no colonialist. In fact quite the opposite. "Class" is a reference that I find abhorrent!
  9. Exactly that ! Deposits and withdrawals via Teller always have a signed or stamped receipt. Regardless of what happened with physical cash the Pet Shop owner should surely be able to wave one as proof?
  10. Maybe spirited away to some place like Dubai to assist in psychopathic plans for a second coming ?
  11. Why a President? A Parliamentary system can answer to its electors.
  12. Is this "foot and mouth" or "hand,foot and mouth disease? There is a very significant difference! To my knowledge the latter is limited to coven hoofed livestock. Human Hand foot and mouth disease is not usually considered dangerous and is actually quite common in children. Also very contagious and so easily spread in places like Kindergartens. Never before heard of it causing death.
  13. Which goes nowhere at all to explain why I routinely pass ( illegally) slow moving relic vehicles, over loaded trucks, etc etc, by use of the left hand slow lane which is invariably empty.!
  14. I am closely related to other humans. Can I use that fact to also declare a rather illustrious all encompassing rapport with the charmingly subservient natives from an advantaged position? Or should I resign myself to the current situation which is that I do not and can not sing for my supper. I cook it.