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  1. Dumbastheycome

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Give up the "training " dream. At 54 you are already two times the age of progressive incremental atrophy. Just eat as healthy as you can afford to without excess. Think "maintainence". Nature can not be beaten. Just enjoy what you can keep of whatever you have.
  2. So the majority who are ignored in this survey have no legitimacy ? Quoting the lesser percentage of the lesser percentage who have some variation in overall expectation does nothing to lessen the very obvious desired impact of this presented result. Typical negative crapola content on TVF !
  3. The Bookies will be doing well then ! lmao
  4. Hmmm. Nothing new in that. Bahasa Indonesia has adopted some of the more decipherable aspects. Although "c" sounding as "ch" does take some getting used to. On a postive it would become much easier to understand EU speakers of English. lol
  5. Be it so as you wish it be then. Unto myself it be of little consequence other than such jugglery does give cause for slight contemplation of reason. Whereas I suggest sound cause in the formation of a colloquial English as a derivation that is no less legitimate than any other colonial derivative.
  6. Dumbastheycome

    Reform of drug laws begins as bill passes first reading

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/.../legal-marijuana-medical-use-crime-rate-plummet. https://www.washingtonpost.com/.../since-marijuana-legalization-highway-fatalities-in.. https://journalistsresource.org/studies/society/drug-policy/marijuana-legalization-crime-driving-research It is not easy to find genuine data that contradicts these and many more.
  7. For sure rote learning the Times Table and the letters of the alphabet are instances where it has some advantage. Maybe in individual instance also. However I can not understand how mimic or parroting a language provides any real comprehension. To learn to sing a song or say a poem in an unknown language simply by memorising it does not require any understanding of the words. I can happily sing along to a kareoke song in Thai but little comprehension of what I am singing. lol
  8. Dumbastheycome

    New York sues Trump and his charity over 'self-dealing'

    How long until he is up to his neck in his own s**t ? A stinking pile that big has the potential to leave a bad smell around for a long long time.
  9. Seems consistent with most of TVF content !
  10. Ok. I am going to stick my oar in. English as a language has evolved to be what it is from composite origins . The Grammar of it is contrary . But its origins are from England as based /derived from Germanic/Anglo Saxon etc . "American" English is derivation of that. Formulated by semi educated immigrant escapees from Europe due to various reasons including famine. Perhaps to some credit superfluous vowels became omitted from words such as honour, colour and others. But rather than deliberately as a consequence of reduced educational conventions of English spelling. Not dissimilar to the the reduction of the Imperial "gallon" in volume to the now accepted US gallon which could be accorded to best guess in setting the standard rather than a deliberate and blatant deception. That any American could/can/does attempt to argue some superiority in defence of Ameriglish could be seen as a demonstration of the basic inferiority complex so many have. Why not accept the concept of " International" English ? It just might add to some advantageous communication rather than arguementation. lol Ok. Nucular Me ! .
  11. In terms of communicative language seems to have been to an advantage !
  12. Not even in past tense? Past participle? British English accepts. It would be a big can of words to open to say American English was singularly correct ! lmao
  13. ERm.....by using words ? How does any child learn it's native language?
  14. English language only immersion classes. Combined with self explanatory inter activity. If the learned spoken language is grammatically correct then the written version for those that pursue it should be reasonably correct. Rote learning is suitable for the alphabet but limited for much more than that. As you have said the complexity ( and the contradictory element) of English grammar should mostly be left in the realm of Scholars rather than inflicted on young students. Those are my thoughts anyway.