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  1. EU suspends funding for Cambodian election

    Sounds reasonable. But watch for compensatory increased funding in other areas in favour of international corporate interests! It is not so much about how you skin the cat as it is about the number of cat skins !
  2. This proposed proposal to a proposal is proposed supposedly by Insurance magnates who in acknowledgement that Thai drivers are no more capable but more likely to have purchased a policy they presume makes them additionally invincible from harm than an amulet from a dodgy monk on a back street which has radically increased the genuine risk of honouring a policy purchased from a driver who was genuinely not at fault. At the very least it may prevent the richer more influencial a - hole from shafting the lesser ignorant a -hole by virtue of recorded events. But regardless it will have little effect on the number of events. Take your time. ok? lol
  3. It must have all been started with the "suspicious Mitzubishi" ! I'm safe. I possess an e-cigarette but not such a suspicious vehicle !
  4. Elements of truth ! Globally !
  5. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Can't help but wonder if the decease in arctic ice has made it easier to actually see and count the number of polar bears rather than extrapolating a sample population as the premise of total distribution? lol
  6. lol. I would certainly have more respect for the person wearing a black belt than any monk wearing a yellow robe.
  7. Really? Any genuine proficient martial artist would expect some question as to Sempai or other verification if not by challenge at some point. For Monks it has been instituted in the population to respect the robes, not the person. Sadly that means that any male who chooses to escape into the role of being a Monk simply needs to acquire the robes. Any theology is irrelevant. So those that pretend the role are never challenged so long as they do not indulge in any activities that attract negative attention. Government attempts to ensure validity by way of Monk ID cards is some what pointless given the annual seasonal influx of the eldest son being inducted into the Monkhood at extraordinary cost for a duration often limited to days does nothing to reduce the farce. The general population who are satisfied by the image to which they pay homage for self merit actually only feed the ideal of the farce. But what difference is there from the Lay Preacher who is successful enough to attract customers to a regular television media event where if the punter sends cash will receive prayers for salvation?
  8. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    You are on a roll today ! lol
  9. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    You missed out Ministers of Religion !
  10. Pottering about "doing things" whilst keeping a low profile would ordinarily be no problem. But anything that is obviously beyond a days work could create some questions. If neighboring individuals are on good terms then the majority would be understanding. But at the same time a single anonymous complaint has the potential to cause issues. So not a good idea to be heard to justify your DIY for the reason that you have little regard for Thai workmanship. So beyond that asking this question has no definitive answer in individual situations.
  11. Whoa! Be fair ! Some women do have unequal breasts. Not just Thai women. I have never understood the preoccupation with female breasts by so many . As a body part they can be sensually important but they are not genitalia . Has about the same relative importance as to how hairy a man is. lol
  12. . I recall a European country did attempt a ban on obese women in bikinis on public beaches. Not sure if it worked. Have no idea why it did not include obese men in speedos. lol
  13. For the confused.... research the constitutional basis of old, it's real purpose.