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  1. Perhaps Mexico will suffer an influx of illegal US peeps who all have a serious nasal problem?
  2. The pretext for war on Iraq was false. It was a manipulated litany of half truths about a defunct capacity that were the residuals of munitions that the US in fact assisted and encouraged production and use of in the previous "war" with Iran. How much credibility can there now be in speculative and probably contrived claims against a regime that in simple terms primarily "does not suit" the objectives of the USA ! That a sector of French Intelligence is now brown nosing that objective is suspect. How stupidly fascinating is it that the world will still commit people to the mass destruction of war on manipulated speculation while even an individual who commits and confesses murder still has to go through the process of a trial where undeniable evidential proof and not speculation is required!
  3. Two cents worth. After repeated problems with a Samsung AC requiring regular re gassing even though all piping unions have been tested negative for leaks and having similar problems with a large commercial refrigerator a friend of a friend who has long experience in refrigeration systems mentioned that often such problems are actually because of porosity in the unit specifically in the bends of the condensor coil . As such it is a manufacturing problem rather than an installation problem. If that can be indentified within the warranty period the solution is replacement. But often repeated service calls are made until the warranty is invalid. On my refrigeration unit it was not difficult to demonstrate gas escaping from 3 bends even though there were no visible cracks. Basically due to bending stress of tubing material causing microscopic fractures. Not difficult to demonstrate on a refrigerator but definitely not so easy on an AC unit because of the construction of the whole unit.
  4. My ex wife was Brazilian and I lived north of Sao Paulo for 5 years. I do have some small insight to the Brazilian system.
  5. Tinges of the " Homeland Security Bill"? But just a tinge !
  6. When ? Perhaps when the Vegetables are prepared and ready !
  7. Valid comment. Surges and spikes common in some areas have the potential to cause electronic control errors that can lead on to mechanical stresses. Also a common issue with any electronic controlled unit in houses that have not been installed with protective supply boards. Even then there is no absolute guarantee.
  8. I know I will suffer flack but I agree with your overall sentiment. Here we also have cats and dogs in the household. We also feed a couple of strays across the road. But to feed the multitude of starving dogs that come to test their luck would invite bankruptcy ! The number of "soi" dogs has decreased locally but the number of claimed but unfed has increased ! At moments of despair I often think too many Thai adopt an attitude to having children, dogs, cats chickens,cows,buffalo, etc is rolled into " All care but no responsibility ! "
  9. Can not disagree ! It has become an open source of sensationalized items which due to the apparent " difficulty" in either policy or procedure is feeding the demise in social attitudes. While debate over what is acceptable across the public domain it has to be acknowledged that social media provides a social context. Does the world need to be desensitized to chaos? Or is it a strategy for ?
  10. The "eva" bit.
  11. Wonderful ! Really.
  12. Because there are people that believe a Big Mac is a real hamburger it seems that they also believe that everybody should like them. And that they should only be able to use Big Mac English language. No surprise when their school books come sponsored with the Golden Arches logo on every page !
  13. Chihuahua? Breed as a food dog. Clever ducks ! lol