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  1. Ireland braces as tropical storm Ophelia approaches

    Irish tropical Storm? The Atlantic should be ashamed of itself!
  2. Ok. Some regional differences and maybe a change in policies? Not so long ago it was a nominal 10g per transaction with 200Bht applied. I am a Gigilo so I only make withdrawals when I am forced to. lol
  3. Just as of today my Bangkok bank debit card was refused at an ATM again at insert. But at another Bangkok Bank ATM only 20 metres away it was no problem. I deliberately tried the other because this topic came to mind. I have no idea what the problem is really and I am unwilling to go to my local Branch to ask because I always get the hard word on buying into a Savings/ Insurance scheme whenever the Manager sees me! lol. BTW, I have found there is one Bank ATM that will happily dispense 20,000 from an offshore debit card for the same fee as for the usual 10,000 max per transaction. But for the moment I cannot remember which Bank !
  4. Don't feel bad. My replacement Bangkok Bank chip debit card will not work in many Bangkok Bank ATMs but is fine in any other Bank's ATM. No problem. I just use any ATM that does not add a withdrawal fee. I suspect Bangkok Bank is being a bit pedantic and selective as to which ATM locations get technology upgraded first. Possibly the other Banks too?
  5. 200mm of rain is not an event street drains could ever easily cope with cope with !
  6. Earthlings test warning system as asteroid flies by

    If the system relies on data that gives 50/50 odds on impact the Bookies will have a field day ! Identical odds on spending the profits ! lol
  7. U.S. white nationalists sued over Virginia protest violence

    Terrorists. Don't sue em, do em !
  8. Hooked either way but maybe the healthy way? lol
  9. Fugitive ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra seeks asylum in UK

    Yes. In reference. And as such protects the right to peaceful protest. I do not know of any written constitution that does not limit that. But still often an abused right if it offends the money grubbers.
  10. Fugitive ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra seeks asylum in UK

    The UK and most of the Commonwealth countries ( if not all) have no written constitution. Instead the understanding of what is considered a Constitution is the recognition of law and regulations as passed by any elected Government. That is apart from long standing conditions related to the British Royalty as protocol.
  11. Fugitive ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra seeks asylum in UK

    The UK has a written constitution?
  12. Bitcoin trades above $5,000 for first time ever

    That statement is a contradiction in and of itself. The use of "If" is the marker of some panic by the conventional currency manipulators etc. Why can it not be both? As a tradeable currency it is capable of quintupling in tradeable value and can be also traded where is there any disadvantage except to the plasticized paper equivelant that comes well under the control of too many who have no real relationship to the trade. How much emphasis is there on the trade in non existent gold?Digital metal versus digitable digits? lol Looks like it will be Bitcoin or no coins in not too long. Chipped inplants for credit/debit transactions. Every newborn mandatorily gifted 100 credit points for initial existence and mortgaged ever after? ! lol
  13. Transformer exploding at Pattaya hospital

    What preventative maint.. is there for a working transformer?
  14. That view would be valid only if the the perception of the threat of sociological feminization of men blinds the reality to the historical situation where the discouragement of freedom of expression by females was the norm. The counter reaction to that has done some damage for sure. But then again the confused gender element has certainly confused the expectations of balance. lol