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  1. Whatever happens, glad I will not be there.
  2. Weep on ! Pee on your own boots and want to whine on and blame some one else ! The world already knows your choices.. Learn to be team player or get nasty.....the greater expectation. Right? But, being the greater expectation means most know you are coming. Will be unpleasant all round. just don't expect a favourable outcome. For anyone ! Take it onboard before you screw us all !
  3. Small earthquake hits Britain, strongest for 10 years

    But was it fun? :)
  4. Why should it be that the victims are not in front of an open court and able to express all? It disgusts me that a business organization should be permitted intervention in a justice system.
  5. This link provides no more clarity for me than any previous commentary. From my brief check on the current conditions accepted for abortion foetal deformity/abnormality was no included but mental stress for the pregnant mother has long been accepted. Perhaps there is some finer definition for medical practioners that allows that if such a condition is deemed to be threat to the mother. Personally i can find no agreement for abortion on demand. But in proven and indisputable cases of victims of genuine rape or severe deformity of an unborn infant I can accept. I spent 20 years in the health arena of support and assistance to the latter such people from infancy to lifetime outcome. In the majority of cases there was minimal parental responsibility, little life quality, and a huge social service cost and huge profit to suppliers to it!. If in the question of abortion it was guaranteed to be in the genuine best interests of the unborn infant rather than the selfish interests of both parental responsibility and less in industry profit perhaps it would be less controversial. "Morals and Ethics" are too often unthinkingly quoted as the blanket justification as applied to everybody regardless. Not considered are the huge number of infants and mothers who survive pregnancy and birth due to medical intervention that otherwise would die but go on to live normal lives. Also ignored are the "natural" spontaneous miscarriages which not so rarely occur at late stage of pregnancy that leave the mother permanently damaged and/or result in death of one and/or other. Too often it is the unthinking moralists who want to play god yet accuse doctors who try to accord to practical intervention of behalf of justifiable medical and social outcome. By any means those that abuse from any perspective should be stopped. But callous disregard of actual circumstances which occurs from the uninvolved from any perspective I find objectionable. And for those that may suggest I include myself....I say no. I have been there.
  6. Subject to specific circumstances which are probably not difficult to satisfy. Sadly fetal deformity is not included.
  7. I am unconvinced it is a good thing. I have witnessed the trick of reconstructing the secondary seal with the tip of a soldering iron ! Almost undetectable. Not so easy to replace the shrink wrap outer seal.
  8. Perhaps not entirely unfounded but certainly reserved for sympathy for the children until such time as the circumstances are known.
  9. So is this actually about "defence" or defence "spending" with the inference that of course it will mandatory to buy from the USA ? It would be a kick in the guts if theses European countries went eastwards and bought Chinese equipment. After all the USA itself contract sources a fair percentage of military components from China anyway.
  10. Tax changes for expats

    The nominal tax on "un earned " income is usually about that. Earned income varies between 20 and over 32 depending on income level. Then add GST when you come to spend what you have already paid tax on !!unless you are a rich basket and get tax breaks and/or lower income tax on anything over and above what the average sucker gets. The Australian Government is demonstrating it's objection to anyone who spends $ outside of the tax net. After all you can just imagine what a struggle it is to balance out the cost of housing and feeding boat people etc and increasing Parliamentary salaries for doing such a fine job without doing financial damage to the rich who keep you in place ! Now that would just not be fair dinkum !
  11. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    Nah ! I live for today ! And I enjoy every one of them. lol
  12. An entrapment announcement ! The wealthy fat baskets will be allowed to parade their companions of favour while the "Religious Pleace " will continue to subjugate the less privaleged ! Human rights ! F in joke !
  13. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    Concealing . OOPS! Is that a lobotomy scar?
  14. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    Male baldness is a natural process that happens at various ages. Accept it as such. The wigs, the transplants, the rarely effective medicals that suck money, etc never disguise the fact. Be yourself as you are.
  15. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    Financial advantage too? lol