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  1. Several wounded in Russian knife attack, attacker shot dead

    I believe the suggestion is that the focus of the hate is a manipulation for ulterior motive on both sides.
  2. The seating arrangements at this conference don't convey much confidence in any announcements !
  3. Perhaps your last paragraph identifies the nub of my comment. :)
  4. The distractions of all of this will culminate in events that go well beyond the egotistical aspirations of Trump.
  5. Be interested in the relative employment attrition rates re' such international employment consultancy outcomes. ! lol Despite all efforts cultural/social conformity often defies the robotic expectations of corporate or similar philosophy.
  6. That may be so. But! In the event of nuclear conflict there can and will be no specific limitation of effect or control . Nor initiation of other involvement on similar lines. It is not too late to shut down the contrivement ! Better it be done sooner than too late ! The world is too small for a snake with two heads !
  7. So sad that another child is another victim . Equally sad are the majority of the responses I have read.here. I can only wonder as to their speculative victims. Because the distortion in mentality is equivalent to the issue of the topic. Scarce in any empathy for the life reality of others. What horror stories are hidden behind that?
  8. I do not watch him. Do you? The reality is that he is an embarrassment to people Thai and all. It is that which attracts you and I alike to comment here. Not for his content but for his insults !
  9. Is that any justification for being an immature prat?
  10. Yingluck plans to make her own closing statement

    Dumping is a term where I come from that is generally understood to involve excrement. I can understand rice would easily be involved in that scenario. For sure no problem for some when it is other peoples rice that gets eaten and dumped !
  11. Specify which country lost territory to China? The global economy is being maintained by multiple bandaids. The west has more of them now and more to come before too long. At that time the east will have to apply a few of its own but will probably heal fastest. I see well because I constantly remove illusion from my glasses. I would add that as a dependent on income from the status quo of the global economy I do not relish the inevitable mayhem that will definitely ensue. Then again I Do have relatives in both the USA and China. If only I could rummage up a Russian cousin! lmao !
  12. Maybe not. Maybe he is just annoying instead of entertaining or funny? It would seem he is only known for his controversy rather than something of value. Maybe of benefit to himself via and to his funded backhanding from social media but is that enough reason to extend him a work permit? If tens of thousands object and he stays I would ask why even one anonymous complaint against other mere mortal farang is enough to ensure very quick compulsory exit ? Regardless of that I think his antics are non beneficial to Thailand or anywhere else.
  13. Matter of time? Quite likely. But because real diplomacy has been forsaken for the sake of prolonging the economic stumbling and demise in the west and the east making good observation of that have reacted defensively. On the pretext of interpreting that as an aggressive threat rather than rational defense it is more likely that the west will incite until such time as a serious something will happen. The outcome will not satisfy the intent. More likely it will hasten the opposite.
  14. Where is the PDRC showing aggression? At most it could only be honestly described as assertion. Any aggression seems to be from locales who belatedly object. International concerns about shipping lanes have been groundless. Driving off poaching fishing vessels happens in many places. Ironically such events often involve Chinese fishing vessels but most certainly not exclusively. Is is a sad feature of that industry in these times. In terms of military assertion it is the USA which contradicts itself in being adamant it has the right to operate in recognized EEZ areas while refusing any such rights to other states in both air space and maritime. In addition it asserts very extended claim to waters and airspace by comparison to most international conventions. To my knowledge the USA is an absentee from the UNCLOS agreement. Yet in another contradiction it has often involved itself in the defence of other foreign states where claims of unagreed invasions or abuse of convention have been made. Many observers of that stance question the motivation. Is it because it reads as " Do as we say but not as we do"? Which is interesting when it asserts it has the (exclusive? ) right to question or ignore the UNCLOS signatury rights of other states.