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  1. the op wrote he had been employed by the same company for 12 yrs, thus the op had filed 11 tax returns . hence he might present this history together with a letter from the taxation deptm to the labour deptm. to ask for the wp. wbr roobaa0
  2. @dallen52 you should read the reports on thai visa about the expats trying in vain to have their tourist visa converted into a non-o status tm 86, tm 87 in pattaya. the guys were running around in circles for the immi officer kept asking every time for new documents. the immi officer wanted the guys to use a specific agent. save yourself headaches for you are not going to succeed in pattaya doing it yourself. the second step non-o status to 12 months extension of stay easy goin.. no problem at all u are doin it yourself. wbr roobaa01
  3. in jomtien the op will not be successfully implement the tr conversion to non-o by himself, he will be requested to use a specific agent for thb 15.000. we had several stories here on thai visa. wbr roobaa01
  4. @jojothai maybe of assistance to u the singaporean uk embassy offers a standard letter confirming the certification etc. service was not any longer available. hence the uk embassy in bkk should offer the same thus taking the letter to thai immi might make them change their mind. wbr roobaa01
  5. does the certification process apply also to the uk embassy in singapore, malaysia ??? wbr roobaa01
  6. maybe immi allows for visiting his and issue a non-o 60 days that would satisfy also the money rule. wbr roobaa01
  7. @pattayadgw prior to maintanance it is to be accounted for proper planning and projecting ..... for example high speed domes installed in many places lacking proper cooling mechanism plus ip protection grade. thereto they are often installed in places diretly exposed to the blazing sun. moreover most cctv coming from china without proper spare part backup, meaning only price counts better would be quality like pelco, vicon, panasonic, wbr roobaa01
  8. simple reasons why cctv does not work for when projecting and planning is conduct most people miss out on compatible items suitable for the climate for example installing outdoor camera housings ip 65 instead ip 66 with a ventilation inside. wbr roobaa01
  9. it is written in the koran...betray the unbelievers the infidels. wbr roobaa01
  10. and who would issue a tax invoice stating "horizontal refreshment" ?? wbr roobaa01
  11. the op mentioned that he was concerned about the usd $ low exchange rate towards the thai bath, well it is not necessary to change funds. one can present to thai immigration a foreign currency account in usd $ at a thai bank holding a usd $ deposit equal to thb 800k, that would be accepted by thai immigration for the extension of stay based on retirement. wbr roobaa01
  12. im seeking to volunteer in a private company my status extension of stay based on marriage. what matters are to be considered apart from a letter issued by the company ??? wbr roobaa01
  13. SURVEY: TERRORISM -- How real is the threat?

    good morning, 1. like we saw in new york city islam terrorism is immanent because islam is a political doctrine promoting violence, terrror through the koran. 2. mr. president trump is right to ban muslims from the usa because they dont assimilate into western society. 3. to protect our children the koran must be prohibited by law as youth endangering. wbr roobaa01
  14. the ops question reminds me about the a gentleman here. he applied for extension of stay based on retirement. his funds 800k were dposited in a thai savings cooperative paying 4.2 %, his application for the extension was rejected as the immi officer requested the funds to be in a bank account.thus isnt a building society similar ??? wbr roobaa01
  15. well done donald keep the unwanted out like oz has been doin successfully. wbr roobaa01