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  1. @mommysboy can u point out the social benefit amount the chap would be entitled to once back in the uk as resident ??? wbr roobaa01
  2. @mitch82 why dont u have ya foreign marriage not registered at ya local amphur ?? wbr roobaa01
  3. @mapguy my certificate of residence confirming my address in pattaya, issued by jontiem immigration. wbr roobaa01
  4. @mommysboy thats it as soon as he would be back to the uk social security entitlements cutting in for him as a british national. wbr roobaa01
  5. 1. ok the gentleman might not be entitled to a uk state pension, in that respect what other uk social security benefits would cut in instead ?? 2. why not set up a task force here to help the chap through with for example fill in forms etc...??? wbr roobaa01
  6. @meatboy yes currently lhbank offers the best farang solution although a bit fuzzy when one wants to open an account. however, when keep pressing they give normally in passport plus certificate of residence. wbr roobaa01
  7. as it looks like rayong is following jomtien with the witness requirements for childless marriages. wbr roobaa01
  8. so he would be entitled to 636 quid monthly approx. 28 k vice versa his wife and kids to thong far pharath card . wbrroobaa01
  9. britain should kick merkel right away in the face and bump as germany is to fear losing its second largest export market with 9 %. wbr roobaa01
  10. the only responsiblility for australia is to send the illegals home, god bless oz. wbr roobaa01
  11. the gentleman worked 30 yrs. in thailand, hence he should be entitled to access the thai social security system ( hospital visit, sickness benefits) although his company not paying him they have to pay social security contribution for him. wbr roobaa01
  12. what is the credit rating THAI CREDIT UNION ??? is a thai credit union account accepted by thai immigration ??? wbr roobaa01
  13. go to joimtien immi to the desk where the immi officer is handling the conversion from visa to extension of stay based on retirement 12 months. the officer will point out an agent to u who will charge about 20 k thb. however success will be guaranteed. good luck wbr roobaa01
  14. oh how to convert a "prai " person into an "amart " person solution marry a farang then wondering of to the "menuang" farang. wbr roobaa01
  15. we had seen the 180 day rule abolished . wbr roobaa01